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#rockbox log for 2014-06-24

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01:21:29[7][Saint]: I think you mentioned some people having trouble with ssds and classics... can you get hold of those somehow? I mighr have a possible fix for that...
01:21:50[7](although tarkan + sandisk still doesn't work, no matter what i try)
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09:59:30wodzpamaury: ping
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10:01:02wodzpamaury: I have problem with lua part of hwstub shell again. error: ./lua/rk27xx/lcdif.lua:19: attempt to index global 'HW' (a nil value)
10:01:26pamaurywith current master ?
10:01:45pamauryprobably you didn't give the register file in argument to the shell
10:01:53wodzah, right
10:02:26TheSevenwodz: bad news, some gpio probing suggests that the CE-ATA pin is taken care of inside the flex cable, not on the drive side
10:02:56TheSevenI mean the mode detection pin
10:03:14wodzTheSeven: you mean it is pulled down in flex itself?
10:03:43TheSeventhe PATA cable shorts it to ground internally
10:04:04wodzTheSeven: oh
10:04:46wodzwe can still craft init sequence which would distiguish ce-ata vs ata vs sd
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10:10:59erem_Hi all, I have encountered an issue with WPS. It is vital for me to see RATIG on WPS. However, this tag is not supported so I have modified tags in my music database so I have now rating in COMMENT tag. I use WMP and Tag&Rename ant I can see now RATING tag in COMMENT field: 1,2,3,4,5 or empty. So I modified WPS by adding line: %s%al%?iC<%iC|no rating>
10:12:57kugel says "%rr Song rating (0-10). This tag can also be used in a conditional tag, %?rr<0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10> "
10:13:00kugelerem_: ^
10:13:14erem_I was surprised to see "Excellent" instead of 5, and respectively so. More - it happens that when COMMENT tag is empty or has different text, it shows on WPS the value from RATING tag instead.
10:14:03kugelthough I think rating comes from the database (when you rate on the device), not tags
10:14:50erem_Yes - I am concerning WMP tag RATING - not the one from rockbox database
10:15:33erem_It seems that %iC translates 5 into "Excellent" and so.
10:15:58erem_I dont get it why. That's probably something I'm missing.
10:17:34kugelthis behavior is unkown to me
10:17:53wodzpamaury: If I have HW.LCDC.LCD_COMMAND.write() which 'width' this transfer will be? can I use .write32 to be sure?
10:18:16pamauryit's always 32-bit
10:18:28TheSevenwodz: can we do that safely, i.e. without confusing the card or disk, and without dribing any pins that should be hi-z for any variant?
10:18:36pamaurycurrently neither the tool nor the register description support registers <32-bit
10:19:22wodzTheSeven: don't know
10:20:40pamaurywodz: if you need 8-bit or 16-bit accesses for registers, tell me and I can add it
10:20:59wodzpamaury: I am just looking why the same sequence as in C doesn't work in hwstub
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10:54:32wodzhmm, lcdif registers are 16bit width but we treat it as 32bit in rb and that works just fine
10:56:16pamauryin doubt you can always use DEV.write16 and to get the register address use HW.LCDC.LCD_COMMAND.addr
10:56:22pamauryor .address, I don't remember
10:56:45wodzpamaury: what are delay functions in lua?
10:58:19pamaurywodz: what do you mean ? how hwstub.udelay works ?
10:59:17wodzah, I was missing this hwstub. part
11:06:37wodzI have no idea why lcd init doesn't work from hwstub :/
11:09:26pamauryare you missing some clock init or something ?
11:13:43wodzI can't spot anything obvious
11:18:35pamaurywodz: can you pastebin the lua code ?
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11:26:24pamauryare you confident in your lcdif write routine ?
11:26:53pamaurycould it be that the transfers are very slow and you need to wait a very long time ?
11:27:14pamaurystated differently: what do you expect and what do you get ?
11:32:13wodzpamaury: the double loop at the end of init sequence should clear the display. Thats what I expect and it doesn't change the leftover from samsung usb mode on the screen
11:34:35wodzI have a bad day :/ now the rockbox hangs on main screen despite the fact I didn't touch the code which worked last time :/
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12:00:33TheSevenwodz: try sending the 0x202 command multiple times as a quick test
12:02:02TheSevenbecause if that would get lost (due to timing or whatever), it would explain things
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12:05:45wodzgood idea
12:08:07wodzhaha, I changed PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE to 0 and this crashes or hard freezes main binary
12:11:02TheSevenwodz: is that buffer abused for something during init?
12:11:34wodzTheSeven: yes
12:12:48wodzhmm, need to check this but I thought that .init section overlaps with audiobuf not pluginbuf
12:13:37TheSevenI think there might be some code that uses it directly as a buffer
12:14:40wodzapparently something is using it somehow
12:24:22wodzkugel: does buflib allocs debug screen show mem allocs size in bytes or in blocks (aka 4bytes)?
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12:44:54pamaurysomething definitely uses it, the zen mx won't boot with plugin size set to 0 (which would be useful to save memory for testing)
12:55:00wodzpamaury: this is also something to consider when moving plugins to buflib allocated buffer (elfloader and friends)
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14:26:19wodzpamaury: do you have a tool to patch arbitrary binary with hwstub?
14:26:36wodzpamaury: can you share?
14:26:59pamaurysure, give me a few moment, I'll push it to master, that's where it belongs anyway
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14:56:26kugelwodz: blocks
14:56:55kugelpamaury: lots of core code uses the plugin buffer as temp buffer
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18:08:18pamaurywodz: I'm pushing my binary patcher
18:10:37pamauryit lacks quite a bit of polish but it works fine
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22:51:23kugelpamaury: you should have corrected (or removed) the comments in the target.h files
22:51:30kugel+#define LCD_DEPTH 24 /* 65536 colours */
22:51:32kugel+#define LCD_PIXELFORMAT RGB888 /* rgb565 */
22:51:39pamauryhum, I thought I did
22:51:56pamaurymaybe I forgot to cherry pick one commit from my branch
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22:54:10pamauryI'll fix that tomorrow, I'm too tired now
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23:11:24wodzpamaury: with your patcher (and some work) it should be possible to get rid of all custom firmware patchers used to install bootloaders
23:11:44RiDaw man people always get rid of me
23:12:49wodzpamaury: btw. small document describing the tool would be nice too
23:12:51pamaurywodz: possibly, but I'm not sure I like the idea of running lua script all over the place to do it, also it makes one more dependencies
23:12:59pamaurywodz: yeah definitely
23:13:41wodzpamaury: what for is hwp.make_addr() ?
23:14:46pamauryit's explained in lib.lua: an "address" is a table containg the address and the section
23:15:05pamauryfor raw binary section is useless but for elf and sb, it makes a lot of sense
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23:21:15wodzpamaury: btw. zen.lua and patch_viewbl.lua are empty
23:22:12pamauryah yeah, possibly stashed :-/ or never written, you asked the tool, I just went away and push it, it's alone in its own directory anyway ^^
23:23:25kugeldoes hwpatcher support compression?
23:23:55pamauryyou mean binary in zip for example ?
23:23:59kugelor do you just give it payload (compressed or not) and it doesnt care?
23:24:57kugelno, I was thinking of how mkamsboot patches compressed payload into the OF
23:25:28pamaurythe tool itself doesn't care, when you load a file, you can either load it as a raw binary, or as a structured format like elf, or sb (formats are easily added)
23:25:54pamaurythen you can do whatever you want with those, so compression is just a matter of adding a compression function I guess
23:28:20wodzIt is more a framework which provides some useful tools. You run patching lua script which can utilize ready functions or implement something new or whatever
23:28:37pamauryyeah exactly
23:29:27pamauryit's not reall mean to be very robust either, though I added a md5sum function to check files before running the tool if wanted
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