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#rockbox log for 2014-06-30

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00:22:47franklinWould someone like to test my 2048 game? It works on c200 and iPod Classic.
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02:21:31[Saint]TheSeven: have you ever hit the "can't scroll when the disk is spinning up - but, only sometimes" bug on Classic?
02:21:55[Saint]Sometimes the UI just fucks out, and you have to wait for the disk to spin down before the scrollwheel comes back online.
02:23:58TheSevennever seen that, but then again I rarely actually use that device
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02:28:23*[Saint] sighs about people pointing to the manual to answer questions when the manual quite clearly doesn't answer the question asked
02:28:33[Saint]Read people.
02:29:51[Saint]TheSeven: its VERY similar to another, iPod specific, bug we have that pops up from time to time and seems impossible to squash.
02:29:58[Saint](and, believe me, I've tried)
02:30:21[Saint]You may recall the iPod bug "can't scroll after waking the device until at least one HW button has been pressed"
02:30:44[Saint]The scroll wheel input seems to get caught up waiting for...something.
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02:31:13[Saint]But speculation is as far as I got, as nothing in that area of the code looks abnormal or questionable to me.
02:31:25[Saint]And smarter people than me haven't found it when looking for it either.
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08:45:02JdGordonkugel: hey, just curious why you pushed the scroll-kill change? Did you actually see if fix anything?
08:45:37JdGordonI mean, that handle really sholdnt move very often (ever?) so after more thought I doubt it will do anything at all
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09:05:52JdGordonrunning the sim in valgind is painfully slow! :)
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09:34:13wodz[Saint]: I perfectly know why the bug "can't scroll until hw button is pressed" is there. The problem is it is not easy to fix cleanly
09:35:15wodz[Saint]: scrollwheel never reports REL event which breaks some assumptions on screen change (i.e when the playbacks ends and screen is automaticaly changed to main)
09:35:29kugelJdGordon: it's a good fix even if it doesn't do anything right now. but someone on gerrit reported it fixes crashes with another patch
09:36:10JdGordonyeah, im sceptical of that report :)
09:40:53kugelis there anything that militates against the change?
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09:58:43kugeli was asking you :)
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15:10:28ChidgettI'm having a problem, where my computer only shows my ipod when it's running the rockbox fallback image.
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18:27:29user890104is there an implementation of FFT somewhere in the RB source code?
18:28:40[Saint]Summon saratoga
18:29:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 895 seconds.
18:29:50bluebrotherthere are a couple of fft implementations. At least judging from the files containing fft in their filename :)
18:29:59[Saint]user890104: at a guess, I'd say /rockbox/apps/plugins/fft is a good bet
18:30:14*[Saint] just did the same as bluebrother he guesses
18:31:21bluebrotherhmm, I guess pushing a new Rockbox Utility wouldn't be a bad idea, given that the latest release has this ugly crash on autodetect if a player in MTP mode is connected
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19:12:58saratogauser890104: yeah, which type do you need?
19:26:10pamauryomg, my nwze360 lasted 26 hours with my backlight patch !! That's about 100% increase in battery life !
19:29:02pamauryyeah, what is more confusing is that I'm pretty sure I tried the very same patch some time ago without success but hey
19:29:14pamaurymaybe I'll ask you to confirm the result when it's committed ;)
19:31:24user890104saratoga: i'm trying to make a 3-band eq (using PWM and a led strip) using an AVR MCU
19:31:43saratogaoh i always wanted to do that
19:32:27saratoga3 bands is kind of trival for an FFT
19:32:36user890104well, i'm close. currently i'm using the chip's ADC to feed three PWM timers, and it's working fine
19:32:56saratogathe first is just the average value, the other two could easily just be 2 band pass filters
19:33:12saratogahmm although i guess you don't want the average
19:33:19saratogaso it'd be a 4 band FFT with the DC value dropped
19:34:14user890104my goal is to have the low frequencies on one channel, mid on other and high on the last
19:35:15saratogause the fft4 function, ignore the 0th value it returns
19:35:51user890104great, thanks!
19:36:12saratogano multiplies required either
19:36:13bertriksaratoga: but fft uses a uniform frequency grid, maybe you don't want that for an eq
19:36:28saratogayeah its not ideal!
19:36:49saratogayou could do fft8 and sum some of the bins if you want to be fancy
19:36:57saratogai would start with 4 though
19:37:18saratogasee how well it works
19:38:06bertrikinteresting that fft4 requires no multiplies though
19:38:15bertriklooks a bit like a haar transform
19:38:32saratogait does have multiplies, but only by +/- sqrt(+/-1)
19:38:58saratogaso you can factor them into adds/subs of complex values
19:53:56user890104FYI my code so far: (ATtiny85@8MHz)
19:56:13pamaurydamn, writing plugin keymap is sooooo boring
19:56:28pamauryat least it's the same for all nwz players
19:56:44pamauryeven if it doesn't make use of the volume keys of the nwz-e360
19:57:14bertrikhalf of the source code of most plugins now consists of keymap defines, right?
19:57:46pamauryfor some yeah
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20:34:26pamaurylebellium: I'm going to commit the plugin keymap work, feel free to try some of your favorite plugins
20:35:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ae9b78e, 253 builds, 13 clients.
20:36:07lebelliumpamaury: okay, I'll see that later or another day (hey, I need to know if France is going to play against Germany :P )
20:40:19saratogai always wanted to get a bunch of cold cathodes and a big mux and make a 6x6 EQ display that was 1 foot by 6 feet wide
20:41:02saratogathat'd only cost about $120 if you bought the CCLs in bulk, but the fanout and switching is tricky
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20:44:39coppersaratoga: I understood absolutely nothing of what you just said and it's slightly turning me on
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20:59:17fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6e575b6, 253 builds, 13 clients.
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21:20:17fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c9816f5, 253 builds, 13 clients.
21:25:36[7]hm, why aren't there any builds running on my box?
21:26:43[7]it seems to have dropped out between the 28th and 29th
21:27:49[7]also, does anyone know why roolku's build clients are gone?
21:27:59[7]is that intentional, or did they just go missing somehow?
21:28:08 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
21:28:25[7]looks like my client died because of some java problem...
21:29:20pamauryI will soon add a client from my lab, but I need to check with my sysadmon first
21:29:20[7]android nightlies seem to be dead since the 15th of may and nobody said a thing...
21:29:44*[7] has a quick look
21:30:46bertrikhm, probably there are not that many android builders
21:33:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 811 seconds.
21:34:05[7]daily builds seem to be fine
21:35:14[7]sim builds are fine as well
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21:35:31[7]so it's just the android builds that are broken, and that killed my buildclient as well
21:35:48 Join bcobco [0] (~bcobco@
21:36:07*[7] runs the daily build job again after fixing some java thing
21:38:35[7]hm, looks like we need a newer android sdk?
21:38:50[7]something is looking for 19.1.0 somewhere, while I only have 19.0.3
21:43:02[7]JdGordon: you broke the android nightlies!
21:43:31[7]please inform me if I any new build tools are required prior to committing ;)
21:44:21[7]I guess this is also something that the normal build clients don't check for and just mess up the builds if they don't have the right version
21:55:03pamaurylebellium: when you have time, can you do a benchmark of the battery life on your nwz-e360 (or e370, can't remember) please ?
21:56:11lebelliumbut I don't remember the result of the last benchmark for a reference
21:58:15pamauryI reached 24h
21:58:15pamauryI think my last bench was ~15h, so something definitely improved
21:59:05pamauryoh actually it was 10h, I still have the log
21:59:44lebellium"Unfortunately we face a battery life issue. I benchmarked ~32hrs with OF vs only 10hrs with Rockbox. Pamaury is trying to identify and fix the issue."
22:00:18pamauryyeah, so it's worth trying again, I don't know how long the OF last on mine, the battery is not brand new
22:00:38pamaury24h vs 32h would still be disappointing
22:01:26lebelliumI'll try that in the following days and let you know
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