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#rockbox log for 2014-07-03

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04:00:15l2k-Shadowhey guys, any rockbox devs here?
04:02:26[Saint]Best to just ask your question directly.
04:02:47l2k-Shadowsorry. i have a question with m4a parser for long files.
04:03:19l2k-Shadowbasically i was able to make it work in the simulator by increasing CODEC_SIZE and adding 'M','4','A','\0' as a support format
04:03:26l2k-Shadow(this is a .m4b audiobook)
04:03:40l2k-Shadowbut i assume CODEC_SIZE cannot be increased on actual devices. at all?
04:04:24l2k-Shadowbecause it's strange to me that all devices use this arbitrary #define CODEC_SIZE 0x100000
04:05:09[Saint]on-device, that's overkill in most situations, I believe.
04:05:30[Saint]I'm not sure increasing it would go down too well, or would even be possible, on several targets.
04:05:52[Saint]We're already having some difficulties with the lowmem targets.
04:06:16l2k-Shadowyeah i figured
04:06:52l2k-Shadowthe actual issue is that it fails on allocating stco lookup table
04:07:15l2k-Shadowbecause CODEC_SIZE is too small.. so i assume this would require substantial rewrite?
04:07:23[Saint]how long is a "long" m4* file?
04:07:51l2k-Shadowit's 47,5 hours
04:08:19[Saint]Yeah....that well exceeds spec, to my knowledge.
04:09:00[Saint]The maximum allowable file length (varies with samplerate) is around 12 hours, from memory.
04:09:20JdGordonCODEC_SIZE is just the size of the buffer that the codec will live in when it is loaded from disk (and its stack/heap).... you could increase it and it will run fine but thats not neseccarily something we want to do
04:09:20l2k-Shadowah i see
04:09:51l2k-Shadow@JdGordon: yeah i know it wouldn't be production code worthy, i was asking just theoretically, could a device handle it
04:10:04[Saint]It could, sure.
04:10:15[Saint]But you'd be robbing from the audiobuffer.
04:10:41[Saint]Which could drastically decrease runtime.
04:10:57l2k-Shadowwhat do you mean?
04:11:04[Saint]Smart money is on splitting this audio file into sane, manageable chunks.
04:11:58l2k-Shadowit's a chaptered file, i'm not sure if that makes a difference internally
04:12:11[Saint]What I mean is, the more you increase the codec buffer, the less RAM you'll have available for the audio buffer, which means there will be more refills, and as such, more battery usage.
04:12:31[Saint]The audio buffer is what's left after all the static buffers have been allocated.
04:12:43[Saint]If you increase one of those, its got to come from somewhere. ;)
04:12:52l2k-Shadowah :) makes sense
04:13:06l2k-Shadowyeah today is my first day looking at this code so bare with me :)
04:13:40l2k-Shadowso could the rockbox parser be rewritten in such a way
04:13:47l2k-Shadowthat it splits the file internally
04:14:05l2k-Shadowor would that be completely outside of the spec of the file format?
04:14:53[Saint]It /could/, I _think_, but such tasks are better delegated to a much more capable machine.
04:14:57[Saint]ie. your home PC.
04:15:30[Saint]Splitting this file into manageable chunks is the best option here, IMO.
04:15:51[Saint]WHen you said "long" file, I was expecting maybe 8~10 hours.
04:15:59[Saint]But 42 is...well, yeah. :)
04:16:45l2k-Shadowyeah i thought that it loads only a part of the file at a time so length theoretically shouldn't matter
04:17:08[Saint]If this *did* work, I would be *very* surprised if the duration and chapter sizes were correctly reported.
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04:18:07l2k-Shadowbut AFAIK chapters aren't suppoted anyway are they?
04:19:30[Saint]In Rockbox, or in general?
04:19:40[Saint]The former - I dunno, the latter, yes.
04:20:45l2k-Shadowyou mean the former yes?
04:21:05[Saint]I'm running primarily off memory, I could be entirely wrong, but I'm fairly confident that 42 hours well exceeds the upper limit on duration, even at the lowest possible samplerate.
04:21:22[Saint]saratoga is one of our very knowledgeable codec guys
04:21:40[Saint]But I'm not sure if he's around persently, or available, timezones and such. etc.
04:21:45l2k-Shadowright of course
04:22:08l2k-Shadowbut exceeds upper limit duration of what? the codec spec?
04:22:28l2k-Shadowcause the file can be played normally by any player
04:22:41l2k-Shadowthat's not a problem
04:22:56l2k-Shadow(any player on PC)
04:23:20l2k-Shadowi haven't tried any less powerful players yet
04:23:30l2k-Shadowand like i said it works on rockbox as well with a small CODEC_SIZE increase
04:24:08[Saint]IS the duration correctly reported?
04:24:48l2k-Shadowit is
04:25:00[Saint]Hmmmm. I wouldn't have called that. Odd.
04:25:42l2k-Shadowbut thanks for your help
04:26:05l2k-Shadowi'll tinker with it some more perhaps wait for saratoga maybe i'll have a more concrete question set
04:26:45[Saint]If you can't idle here (he'll show up eventually), you may have some more luck in our forums.
04:27:00[Saint]saratoga is quite regular on the forums.
04:27:38[Saint](he's one of the very few developers I am aware of with a detailed understanding of audio codecs and sampling)
04:31:07[Saint]I seem to recall the maximum duration is limited by the total number of samples, which is..again from memory, a signed 32bit int?
04:32:13[Saint]So...errrr, 2^31 samples? Something like this.
04:32:24l2k-Shadownot sure :)
04:32:43l2k-Shadowbut i'll do my research sadly right now i gotta go
04:33:30l2k-Shadowthanks again!
04:34:03[Saint]Not a problem. I hope I'm at least vaguely correct. ;)
04:39:39JdGordonhaving a signed sample count seems pretty dumb
04:39:57JdGordonthis track is -32 samples :p
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04:46:41[Saint]I'm not confident about that, but I /believe/ that is the case.
04:47:06[Saint]M4* is one of the very few containers I have a vague understanding of.
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15:17:00JdGordonCan I get some help testing g#890 please? rearranging how the skins are managed. Hopefully fixes (or makes more obvious) the random skin crashes
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15:20:47gevaertsJdGordon: doesn't build for the recorder :)
15:21:02JdGordonthat was quick!
15:21:32JdGordonI don't have the sh toolchain installed so you'lll have to wait till sunday probably
15:21:38*gevaerts looks
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15:24:35*JdGordon goes to sleep
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18:41:02saratoga[Saint]: Buschel did most of the mp4 parsing work, but IIRC, he described the problem with long files as due to the need to build up a seek table from the header on the MP4 file
18:41:20saratogaits on flyspray somewhere, but IIRC you need a couple bytes of memory per second of audio
18:41:29saratogaso after 5-10 hours you eventually run out of memory on most devices
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19:10:39TheLemonManhello, does anyone happen to have a rockbox plugin in bFLT format ?
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23:50:40roj_anyone home?
23:51:32roj_i have a question on rockbox and the sansa fuze v1 8gb
23:53:12roj_boy, it was a lot easier to get a response in the linux mint forums
23:53:39gevaertsA response to what, exactly?
23:53:44gevaertsWe can't answer no question...
23:53:50roj_a question
23:54:17gevaertsAlso, you gave us *two* minutes before complaining we're too slow...
23:54:46roj_ok, let's try this again. i wanted to know rockbox battery life on the fuze v1 8gb model. all the data posted (and googled) is on the 2gb and 4g models
23:55:10roj_sorry - perhaps the mint forums are a lot more active
23:57:14roj_ahhh. if the size of the memory has no effect on the battery life why is there a major discrepancy between the life on the 2 and 4gb models?
23:57:48roj_that's the data posted on the site
23:58:36roj_and also why i was wondering if there was a similar discrepancy between the 4 and 8 models

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