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#rockbox log for 2014-07-04

00:00:02roj_sec - i'll go back to the site and dig it up
00:02:11saratogaas the batteries age battery life decreases, and generally as rockbox's support for a platform improves, so does battery life
00:03:15saratogayou can't directly compare two different devices running two different versions
00:04:30roj_i do understand all that. the info i got was from a battery life table on the site that listed original firmware life versus rockbox battery life. on the fuze v2, there was not much of a difference: 20 hours versus 22. on the v1 there was a much bigger difference on the 4gb model: 14 hours versus 22. the values for the 2gb model were more favourable than the 4gb model. still searching google to get the link back and post it here but it's the ro
00:04:31roj_ckbox site info i'm quoting.
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00:07:03gevaertsYou're not taking into account that the codecs on those different tests are different
00:07:38gevaertsYou can't assume that battery runtime differences between rockbox and the OF are the same for vorbis and mp3
00:10:37roj_found it:
00:11:17roj_i realise that some codecs are more "battery expensive" than others
00:12:43roj_and i also see that the test aren't linear, as in the mp3 bitrates are different. i didn't take that into account
00:13:32gevaertsAlso, different players with unknown history, so we don't know how bad the batteries are compared to each other
00:13:35roj_so essentially i'm safe in assuming that the one hour discrepance is sue to different bitrates, correct?
00:14:22gevaertsThat, or the EQ being used, or an older battery
00:14:32roj_kk. in may case i have four (yes 4) fuzes, three v1s (2 are 8gb and 1 is 4gb) and one 8gb v2
00:15:09saratogalike I said yesterday, there is no difference in battery life between devices of different capacities
00:15:09roj_i wanted to put rockbox on the 8gb v1 fuzes but didn't want to lower battery longevity by essentially 33 percent.
00:15:16roj_guess i'm out of luck
00:15:48gevaertsThe only way to be sure is to actually try
00:16:04roj_i wasn't sure if the flash size was the only difference in the v1 line.
00:16:40roj_and i was wondering if anyone else had tread that same path before me
00:16:54roj_no disrespect was intended
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00:21:29saratogaok i tried to do a git cherrypick from gerrit into a new branch
00:21:36saratoganow i can't get git to do anything
00:21:40saratogahow do i fix this
00:21:55saratogagit checkout master just complains that i have changes, i guess because the cherry pick failed halfway through
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00:24:27saratogagit is so terrible
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00:58:55franklinHello. Does rb->beep_play play via the piezo or the headphones?
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01:09:01saratogasince most devices don't have a piezo, probably the headphones on most players
01:09:43franklinThen how to use the piezo?
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01:19:01franklinWhere is the keyclick sound generated?
01:22:19saratogaapps/misc.c calls piezo_button_beep on devices that support it
01:22:37saratogawhich looks like just the ipods
01:24:15saratogawhat are you trying to do?
01:31:22franklinI would like to emulate the sounds in the 2048 game via the piezo. It would be quite cool if I could. :D
01:34:15franklinHow would I modify the plugin API for this (or anything)?
01:39:21saratogayou can add the function to the plugin.c/h files (IIRC), an ifdef so it still compiles if there is no piezo, and then increment the plugin api define (in the same file I believe)
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01:39:53franklinThank you.
01:40:12saratogaif you check the plugin.c/h logs, there are probably many commits over the years adding new functions
01:42:18franklinWhat should I call these new functions? Maybe piezo_click(void) for a keyclick and piezo_beep(cycles, periods) for a user-configurable tone?
01:47:40franklinWhere would I define the piezo_click and piezo_beep functions, then? plugin.c seems to not have very many.
01:54:08franklinNever mind. I'm putting them in misc.c. There seems to be inconsistencies with the implementation of the piezo from iPod 1-5.5 vs 6G...
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02:05:01franklinIs there a macro that is defined only on ipod 6G like IPOD_CLASSIC?
02:15:39franklinSimilar for nano 2g? I would hate to add redundant macros
02:19:06JdGordonsaratoga: thanks for giving the patch a go. I was in a bit of a hurry to get it online so yeah didnt check every build
02:22:58franklinWhat is the difference between inverse frequency and frequency?
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02:48:54franklinIs it acceptable to define IPOD_PIEZO, IPOD_6G_PIEZO, and IPOD_NANO_2G_PIEZO in their respective headers?
02:49:50saratogafranklin: why is that needed?
02:50:16franklinThe interface of their respective piezo drivers differs.
02:50:45franklinThat way, in rb->piezo_play() I can tell which driver is being used.
02:52:33franklinsaratoga: so that I can decide what needs to be done to play a tone on each of those targets
02:52:44saratogai see, you want to play tones and not just beep
02:52:55saratogai would just ifdef based on the individual targets
02:54:00franklinsaratoga: I want rb->piezo_click(), rb->piezo_beep(), and rb->piezo_play(freq, len)
02:54:23franklinrb->piezo_click() and rb->piezo_beep() can be implemented without regard to the target.
02:54:27saratogaIIUC, the problem is that the various different ipods have different piezo drivers?
02:54:52saratogadriver hardware i mean
02:54:52franklinAll iPods except 6G and nano 2G have the same driver
02:55:38franklinsaratoga: I don't know. I mean different driver software
02:58:53saratogalooking at the code, the nano2g and 6g seem to use the same driver, which makes sense since they're almost the same chip
02:59:04saratogaso i think you just have the PP driver vs. the samsung driver
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03:00:54saratogalooking at the drivers, they both basically do the same thing, just the underlying hardware is different
03:01:15saratogamaybe the most sensible thing would be to just export the same fuction for both drivers, and have it take a number of cycles and a period
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03:02:07franklinsaratoga: what do you mean by "export"?
03:02:26saratogathe plugin API
03:02:50saratogabasically, just add the function you want, one that plays a certain frequency for a certain period of time
03:03:08saratogaboth drivers have this already, just in a slightly different way
03:03:31franklinsaratoga: what do you mean by both drivers? nano2g vs 6g or those vs other ipods?
03:03:54saratogathe nano2g and 6g are the same
03:04:02saratogathe PP are different
03:04:43saratogaPP has piezo_play_for_usec which takes a duration and a frequency, while 2g/6g have piezo_start which takes essentially the same arguments
03:05:44saratogaright now IIUC the driver doesn't export either of these functions, they're only called internally
03:05:50saratogaso they don't use the same name or arguments
03:06:14saratogaso instead of exporting a bunch of random functions that are different for each device, just export one function per device that takes the same argument for each
03:06:44saratogalike piezo_play(int duration, int frequency)
03:06:57franklinThat's what I am doing.
03:07:05franklinJust how to implement piezo_play()
03:07:18saratogathen why do you need a ifdef at all?
03:07:19franklin... is my question
03:07:29franklinin what?
03:07:33saratogain the driver
03:07:50franklinWhat driver? :{
03:07:56saratogaif each driver uses the same function, you don't need to IPOD_6G_PIEZO
03:08:22franklinSo maybe just PORTALPLAYER_PIEZO in ipod and IIUC_PIEZO in the others?
03:08:27saratogainstead, the existing #ifdef HAVE_HARDWARE_CLICK works
03:08:47franklinBut then I can't tell between PP and IIUC
03:08:57saratogaIf I Understand Correctly?
03:09:05saratogayou mean Samsung?
03:09:27saratogai'm saying you shouldn't need to do that
03:09:42saratogadon't export different functions from each driver, instead, have each driver export the same function
03:09:56saratogaeach device has a piezo, so each device can implement the same piezo API function
03:10:20franklinI'm thinking of adding a wrapper function that supports all three targets
03:10:31saratogayes exactly
03:10:37saratogahence, you can just use #ifdef HAVE_HARDWARE_CLICK
03:10:45saratogano need to distinquish between devices with individual defines
03:11:00franklinOk, I understand
03:11:09saratogaok i have to go
03:11:17franklingood night
03:11:22franklinthanks for the help
03:41:46JdGordon[Saint]: g#890 !
03:41:50JdGordondo iiiiiittttt
03:47:29franklin2048 for Rockbox: :D
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03:47:59[Saint]franklin: I made some comments regarding that plugin on the forum
03:48:56franklinWhat do you mean by whitespace? Too many newlines or too many spaces?
03:48:58 Quit bcobco ()
03:49:55JdGordonlook at 2048.c on gerrit.. the red blocks at the end of lines
03:49:56franklin[Saint]: The newlines are for readability only, but my indentation style can be confusing to most...
03:50:21JdGordonand yes, your indent style is different, but if its not possible to fix to the standard style then it isnt a huge problem
03:50:48[Saint]all the red bits, are whitespace
03:51:00[Saint]which would need to come out.
03:51:23[Saint]2048.c is littered with whitespace
03:52:12franklinWorking on it now...
03:53:21[Saint]And, if it is possible for you to try to match the indentation and style flow from the rest of our source, that'd be nice too.
03:53:48franklinYeah, just need to change my emacs settings
03:54:00[Saint]Other than that, I think its pretty cool.
03:54:17[Saint]I think it would be *very* cool if it were to use bitmaps for the tiles, though.
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03:54:25[Saint]As I noted in my forum post.
03:54:57franklinThen animations, and sound
03:55:06[Saint]It has the slight disadvantage of increased plugin size, and a little bit of additional code for the scaling of the tile images.
03:55:15[Saint]But it would allow for "pretty" tiles.
03:55:33[Saint]And also allow it to work on greyscale on monochrome targets.
03:55:43franklinYeah, that's why I avoided it at first
03:55:51*[Saint] nods
03:57:03franklinCould sound be done too via the piezo? :D
03:57:18[Saint]Ms. [Saint] /looooooooooooooooooves/ 2048
03:57:28[Saint]And, yes, it could.
03:58:09franklinI have it commited (whitespace and indent), but I have other uncommited stuff (the piezo in the plugin API), so I need to learn how to stash first...
03:59:36[Saint]git stash && <do the stuff you want to do> && git stash pop
04:00:04franklinYeah, code is being uploaded to Gerrit as of now.
04:01:31 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
04:02:51franklinHow does it look now?
04:05:03franklin[Saint]: How would I implement rb->piezo_play(freq, usecs) for the non-portalplayer devices that take a cycle count and number of periods for the piezo?
04:05:21[Saint]Good. But there's two tiny leftovers at 208, and 231.
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04:07:38dfktofftopic, this is my favorite 'Threes' clone ;) -
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05:24:48[Saint]Well...that's not good.
05:25:39[Saint]RaaAoA doesn't seem to be compatible with ART.
05:27:20[Saint]If I switch back to the Dalvik runtime, it works.
05:27:50[Saint]But, in L, I don't have the option to do that.
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05:49:38JdGordon[Saint]: different JNI?
05:49:46JdGordondos the NDK need updating?
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07:07:36saratogaJdGordon: updated patch doesn't boot on my clip+
07:07:57JdGordoncool! no dataabort?
07:08:04saratogadata abort at 3002b200
07:08:28saratogalet me see where that is
07:08:40JdGordonis that with cabbie?
07:09:24saratoga0x3002b1dc move_token_list_items
07:09:29saratogayes, this is stock cabbie
07:09:55JdGordonok thanks
07:12:34 Part arlaneenalra
07:16:03JdGordonholy crap! apparently i've strated the sim with a asciiart sdl backend
07:17:27JdGordonX forwarding apparently isnt working very well :p
07:17:51JdGordonsaratoga: crash actually on bootup or when you start playback?
07:18:25saratogaJdGordon: during bootup
07:18:29saratogacouldn't even get into USB mode
07:19:00saratogaalso, not sure if this is useful, but i committed the ERRORF log to disk system ages ago now, so if you want to start logging errors during normal playback, its very easy to do so
07:20:32JdGordonok, so nuts, it doesnt crash the sim (at boot at least) and my supply of working DAPS is pretty low atm
07:20:48JdGordonthanks for testing
07:20:57saratogaby the way, what is the easiest way to update patches over gerrit
07:21:10saratogaright now i do a hard reset and then check them out again
07:21:48JdGordonas long as the commit has the gerrit id it will work
07:21:58saratogawhat will work?
07:22:08JdGordonjust pushing to :refs/for/master
07:22:16saratogaoh i mean the opposite
07:22:18JdGordonmaybe i misunderstood
07:22:20saratogadownloading the updated patch
07:22:27JdGordonoh, dunno
07:22:39l2k-Shadowhey saratoga, i have a 47,5 hour .m4b audiobook and the stco lookup table needs way too much mem. i assume i'm screwed here? no way to do the calculations on the fly instead of having a table?
07:22:41saratogai assume there is some way to get it to just update, but checkout failed
07:22:53saratogal2k-Shadow: see logs, but basically yes
07:24:34l2k-Shadow:( you were my rescue hope!
07:28:06saratogashould have used MP3
07:28:15l2k-Shadowyeah i ffmpeged it to that
07:28:25l2k-Shadowbut still .. larger file and worse quality as a result
07:29:09l2k-Shadowi wonder.. could the table be modded to like half the size with less precision?
07:29:33l2k-Shadowskip every other frame?
07:29:48saratogano idea
07:33:02l2k-Shadowmaybe that would be something to consider as an alternative if the file happens to be too large. i'll try it thanks
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08:29:57kugelsaratoga_: depends on how you checked it our
08:30:30saratoga_kugel: whats the correct way to check it out from gerrit?
08:30:40kugelif you use the checkout cmdline then you can just run the new checkoutcmd line
08:30:57kugelsaratoga_: gerrit gives you some options, all are correct
08:31:11kugelcheckout is selected by default
08:31:18saratoga_half of them just seem to screw up my branch
08:31:28saratoga_last time i think checkout worked
08:31:52kugelso just run the checkout line if the new version
08:32:25saratoga_i tried that, but it errors out if I don't revert the previous checkout
08:32:37kugelwhats the error message?
08:32:53saratoga_i don't have it in front of me, but i think it was complaining that the patch was already applied
08:33:06kugelthen you didnt run the checkout one
08:33:19 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@
08:33:29saratoga_i did this one: "git fetch git:// refs/changes/90/890/2 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD"
08:34:27kugelgit checkout just moves the HEAD pointer, it doesn't appy a patch. therefore there's no way for it to say that a patch is already applied
08:35:02saratoga_so in theory i should just be able to take the latest checkout command from the website and it'll figure it out?
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08:43:30wodzI uploaded g#891. It would be nice if someone with mi4 pp could test this. The change is fairly trivial though.
08:46:33 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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09:02:22 Join petur [0] (5bb7304d@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:03:53saratoga_wodz: i have an e200 in a box somewhere, but it might take me quite a while before i remember where
09:09:26 Quit saratoga_ (Quit: Page closed)
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12:35:02[Saint]kugel: do you have any idea of what would need to happen to get RaaAoA working with the ART runtime?
12:41:41[Saint]I can't get it working with any of my devices using the ART runtime.
12:41:57[Saint]And fairly soon, on several devices, I won't get a choice which runtime I use.
12:43:16 Join ploco [0] (dce9b7f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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12:47:51ploco[Saint] was that a white screen crash? happened in power_thread on my Android 4.4.2 device
12:53:39[Saint]ploco: several times it has been a panic stk0v_usb, but most often it just hangs on a black screen immediately after launch and does absolutely nothing.
12:56:56plocoI cheat by nulling the power_thread to make it start under ART
12:57:24[Saint]Thanks for the tip.
12:58:13[Saint]On my Nexus 4 and 5, it just hangs with a black screen.
12:58:17plocothere is another problem after that: crash when music stops playing
12:58:50[Saint]On my Galaxy Ace 2 and 3, it seems to be 50/50 stkov_usb and the above mentioned black screen hang.
12:59:27*[Saint] has no idea how to ART-safe this application
12:59:51[Saint]But it'll be a showstopper for me once the 5.0 OTAs start coming out.
13:05:27plocowonder if change thread_support="ASSEMBLER_THREADS" to thread_support="HAVE_SIGALTSTACK_THREADS" helps?
13:05:39plocoin configure
13:18:07 Quit ploco (Quit: Page closed)
13:22:49 Join ikeboy [0] (
13:38:13kugel[Saint]: no, no idea
13:39:35kugelI don't understand what's wrong anyway; in my understanding ART is just another way to run the java code (by doing AOT, instead of JIT compiling), so I'm surprised native libraries are affected at all
13:40:12kugelwe still communicate with java code using JNI, which is still supported
13:41:30 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
13:47:46kugelploco's suggestion is worth a try
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16:42:47franklin[Saint]: How to use bitmaps in plugins?
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20:26:53rojflash drives. data is indicating that it's copied and it isn't. you can copy several gigabytes of files, it finishes (aparrently and you leave the flash drive plugged in without ejecting it. then you go back to the flash drive later (rememberm, you never unplugged it or ejected it) and half the data ISN'T THERE. Not Happy. Seen it happen several times now. not sure if it's nemo or the already messed up usb eject stuff that was discussed a while back but thi
20:26:53rojs is definitely frelled
20:27:11rojoops... sorry. wrong forum
20:27:32rojhave this on autojoin. will remove
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23:17:31TheJshHi, I'm looking for some help with unbricking my Sansa Clip v2. The AMSUnbrick page directed me towards the IRC for help
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