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#rockbox log for 2014-07-05

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00:07:08saratoga_TheJsh: what happened to your player
00:08:44franklinDoes anyone know how to use bitmaps in plugins?
00:14:20saratoga_franklin: not off hand, but many plugins use them, so perhaps you could see what they do?
00:14:49TheJshI tried to get RockBox working on it, but when I tried the installer, it died. This happened years ago, the exact details are a bit foggy.
00:15:22franklinsaratoga_: they include pluginbitmaps/something.h, but how to get the make utility to build this header?
00:15:51TheJshThis thread essentially details what happened. First post, at least.,25248.0.html
00:16:17TheJshAlso, I've found a detailed guide for unbricking the v2, I'll try to follow that and see if anything works.
00:16:23saratoga_franklin: i don't think you need any headers beyond plugin.h
00:16:43franklinNo, to generate the internal bitmap
00:17:17franklinFor example, brickmania.c contains #include "pluginbitmaps/brickmania_pads.h"
00:17:35saratoga_TheJsh: hmm, i wonder if you have one of those older clipv2s that would brick if flashed
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00:18:56TheJshMaybe. Either way, I think I'll just stick with the default, and not risk bricking the device again, that is, if I am able to recover it.
00:19:15gevaertsfranklin: have you tried searching for e.g. brickmania_pads in the source tree? That might provide clues
00:19:25TheJshI'll see if this procedure works. ( Might be back later. Thanks for the response!
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00:20:25franklingevaerts: I found the pluginbitmaps directory under build/.
00:20:42saratoga_franklin: i don't have grep handy, but it looks like that header is generated from the list of files in the bitmap folder
00:21:15franklinNo, but where should I add the bitmap to the list of files to be processed into the pluginbitmaps folder?
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00:21:36saratoga_TheJsh: its been a while since i looked at this, but there were a few clipv2 players that had a different hardware revision and would brick if flashed
00:21:40gevaertsfranklin: have you tried searching for e.g. brickmania_pads in the source tree? That might provide clues
00:22:02franklingevaerts: "[18:20] <franklin> gevaerts: I found the pluginbitmaps directory under build/."
00:22:03saratoga_this was eventually fixed once people realized they existed, but if you had one, I think you have to short the memory pads and dd a new image over
00:22:30saratoga_there were posts on the forums about this 3 or 4 years ago i believe
00:22:31gevaertsfranklin: yes. I asked you if you looked for something in some place, and you replied that you looked for something else in another place
00:22:50gevaertsSo my comment was still *entirely* relevant
00:23:31franklingevaerts: I found the pluginbitmaps/*brickmania_pads.h* under build
00:23:46*gevaerts considers repeating himself again
00:24:10gevaertsfranklin: have you tried searching for e.g. the string "brickmania_pads" in the *source* tree? That might provide clues
00:24:21franklinOk, I must go now.
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00:41:31franklingevaerts: Back. BMPs for brickmania_pads are under apps/plugins/bitmaps/native. Headers are under build/pluginbitmaps.
00:43:16franklingevaerts: So how do I add my bitmap to be processed into a header suitable for use in a plugin?
00:43:23gevaertsfranklin: have you tried searching for e.g. the string "brickmania_pads" in the *source* tree? That might provide clues
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00:46:05franklingevaerts: Yes. I can find brickmania_pads.dim x dim x depth.bmp under apps/plugins/bitmaps/native.
00:46:37gevaertsIf that's the only thing you found, you haven't searched very carefully
00:47:27franklinYeah, then there are the files under build/
00:47:36gevaertsbuild/ is irrelevant
00:47:45franklinThen that's all there is.
00:48:26*gevaerts sighs
00:48:54gevaertsSo "brickmania_pads" is *not* mentioned in apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCES on your system?
00:48:58*gevaerts wonders why
00:49:11franklingevaerts: I was simply running find | grep brickmania_pads...
00:49:21franklinNot searching in the files
00:49:40gevaertsRight. You won't find useful results most of the time then...
00:52:08franklingevaerts: thank you :)
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02:05:36franklinFor rb->lcd_bitmap_part, what is the stride parameter?
02:10:56l2k-Shadowsaratoga_: hack to load long m4a files :)
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02:37:18TheJshBy following the unbrick guide, I managed to fix my Clip v2. However, there were some parts of the guide that could be clarified a bit.
02:39:00TheJshAh, actually, it looks like I just misread something. I'll be on my way!
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02:48:50franklinFinally got 2048 working with bitmaps :). Thank you gevaerts!
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03:25:00[Saint]Fix one gremlin (well, "fix" is a bit of a misleading way of putting it..."sidestep" would be more appropriate), and two more pop up in its place.
03:25:32[Saint]Someone smarter than I needs to look at this if we want RaaAoA to run on modern Android.
03:25:53[Saint]ploco's suggestion only gets you so far.
03:26:37[Saint]Its great that the application *boots* now, but, a hard freeze if playback stops kinda makes the whole experience less than satisfying.
03:29:59[Saint](the fix was pretty questionable, anyway, so I'm not /too/ concerned)
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13:37:07xiaopi[z]Hi, what's they latest and best performing player fully supporting rockbox? By that I mean a good combination of: very good sound quality, good battery life, easy portability, and memory size available
13:39:51copperiPod Classic
13:40:03copperFuze+ with a 128 GB microsdxc card
13:42:15copperthe Fuze+ is much lighter though, and flash memory is much faster than the iPod HDD
13:42:42xiaopi[z]thanks i'll lookup those two, i'm more toward sd based player too
13:42:43copperworse display however, very slight hiss with super sensitive balanced armature IEMs
13:43:09copperthe hiss is not really a problem with actual music
13:43:54copperxiaopi[z]: my review of the Fuze+ (rockboxed):
13:44:29copperah, also, the Fuze+ has much lower output impedance, about 1 ohm, versus 5.5 ohms with the Classic
13:44:32xiaopi[z]ok thanks I'll read it, didn't look at it since it was in the "unstable" catergory
13:45:03copperyeah, don't mind the silly Rockbox target statuses
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13:56:00n1sxiaopi[z]: the reason it's classed as "unusable" is because the installation is somewhat complicated. It shouldn't be a problem for someone who knows their way around a computer and can follow instructions though
13:56:28n1sOnce installed it works well though
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15:21:14copperxiaopi[z]: another thing, the Fuze+ display scratches easily
15:21:46copperI think it's plastic though, maybe screen polish products would work on it
15:22:04copperI forget the name of the notorious one
15:23:39copperother than that, I can't easily recommend the Classic or the Fuze+ over the other
15:23:59copperbut they both match your requirements
15:24:17copperthe Classic is a really nice object, if that makes any difference
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16:16:45preglowboy, android rockbox really is suffering, huh
16:17:07RiDwhat's up?
16:17:31preglownot much, just got a new phone and noticed some kinks :>
16:18:17RiDi too use rockbox in my phone, but its not android
16:26:11n1swill things blow up in spectacular ways if i upgrade to make 4.0?
16:26:40 Join Rower [0] (
16:27:57preglowno idea, but shit hangs alot here
16:28:06preglowthe moment my phone sleeps, rockbox hangs
16:28:20preglowand i'm having a hard time finding a theme that doesn't mess my eyes over
16:30:03preglowlucky for me, there are no other good music players for android
16:30:08preglowboy, this is starting to feel familiar....
16:30:11 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
16:38:07RiDlol, it doesnt hang here
16:38:51RiDmost stuff works, except FM Radio, Replay Gain, eh...
16:39:13RiDand sometimes, when playing FLAC and seeking in the progressbar, it crashes. (if I just hold the > or < buttons, it never crashes)
16:39:43RiDbut I converted all flac & other lossless files to mp3 320kbps cbr in my phone
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17:35:52n1sis anyone around who could tell if the mips optimizations for libopus recently added upstream are interesting for our mips ports?
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19:05:45bertrikn1s: nice to hear you're going to work on opus
19:06:00bertrikI wonder what other codecs could use an update
19:10:23n1sbertrik: i haven't had much time lately
19:10:54n1si don't know if much development has happened on the other codecs, haven't been watching them
19:11:25n1si wouldn't guess much has happened though
19:12:32n1si was hoping this would fix opus playback on the original clip but i can only test with sim and it seems to be a tight fit still
19:13:15 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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19:19:31preglowcodecs shouldn't need updates too often
19:19:34preglowthey're quite static
19:20:49copperbertrik: WavPack Hybrid
19:21:25bertrikpreglow: true, opus is relatively new
19:21:48copperdunno if this is current:
19:22:33copperwell, it's from 2009 :-/
19:32:36pamauryjhMikeS: your filesystem rewrite looks interesting, I'll have a look at it
19:32:39 Join l2k-Shadow [0] (
19:35:12preglowi don't doubt the the hybrid support is still that way
19:35:46preglowsupporting that kind of thing needed quite big changes to our buffering system, and a more metadata aware core
19:36:14copperI don't suspect there are many users of it on Rockbox devices
19:36:28copperthe whole point of WavPack hybrid being, you copy only the lossy part on your DAP
19:36:45copperwhich I'm sure plays fine on Rockbox
19:37:35copperI no longer have any device to try it on :-/
19:39:27xiaopi[z]hi copper, read your post about the fuze+ and some comments, is the touchpad that terrible?
19:39:47copperlike I wrote, it's greatly exagerated
19:39:56copperand mostly linked to the OF, which is unusable
19:40:08copperRockbox on the Fuze+ now has a sensitivity setting
19:40:16copperso you can really tweak it to your liking
19:40:20pamaurythe fuze+ touchpad is way better in rockbox, nothing to be compared to the OF
19:40:38xiaopi[z]ok that's good to hear then, thinking about getting one of thoses now
19:41:29copperthere are Fuze+ refurbs on eBay that can be had for like half the price, or less
19:41:39coppermine was a refurb, worked fine
19:41:57copperbought it for like a third the normal price
19:41:59pamaurymain issues for me on the fuze+ are 1) slight hiss 2) easily scratched screen
19:42:16preglowcopper: naw, not a huge point supporting it, but it not being possible at all is a bitch
19:43:03xiaopi[z]is the slight hiss something coming from the device naturaly even with OF or that's only with rockbox and could be fixed down the line ?
19:43:09copperxiaopi[z]: you could buy a cheap refurb, play with it a bit, see if you like it, and then either buy a large microsdxc card, or something else
19:43:28copperhmm, can't remember
19:43:34xiaopi[z]yeah that's the plan, i already have the large microsdxc
19:43:39copperbut you'd need really sensitive IEMs to hear it
19:44:16copperand even then it's quite mild
19:44:35pamauryI think it's here with the OF too, it's no problem when music is playing though
19:45:48copperxiaopi[z]: did you see my RMAA measurements of the Fuze+?
19:46:10copper and
19:46:29xiaopi[z]looking at it now
19:46:40coppercompared to and
19:47:11copperthe frequency response variation that you see on the ipod classic is due to the output impedance
19:47:48copperbut that's barely 1.5 dB in the very high frequencies, in the case of my Shures
19:47:56coppernot hugely problematic
19:48:18copperdoesn't happen with other headphones:
19:49:49xiaopi[z]looks good, btw are you satisfied with the se425?
19:50:10copperyeah, they're great
19:50:32jhMikeSpamaury: have at it!
19:50:53pamauryjhMikeS: why do you need the CONFIG_DEFAULT_PARTNUM ?
19:51:05pamaurydoes the patch change the partition order or something ?
19:51:06jhMikeSBecause some targets mount partition 1 as the default
19:51:13jhMikeSGigabeat S for instance
19:51:29pamauryhow did it handle it before ?
19:51:56jhMikeSJust an #ifdef right in disk.c
19:52:05pamauryI see, pretty bad
19:52:29 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
19:53:04pamauryout of curiosity, can the thread/lock/queue changes be merged independently ?
19:54:26jhMikeSIt speaks of that in the commit message−− that and some other stuff
19:54:52pamauryI have another interested question: the way I see it, it's quite trivial with this patch to add support for other file systems ? (trivial in the sense that you "just" have to write the FS driver)
19:56:27jhMikeSIt reaches toward that a bit
19:56:58jhMikeSbut without an actual other filesystem, it's difficult to just modularize it that way
19:59:07 Quit adnap (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:59:34jhMikeSI just hope everything it relies on can be provided by an alternate driver. No string comparision to determine equivalence, dircache is sorted, etc.
19:59:34pamauryanyway that's awesome work, I hope we'll get this merged to finally fix all the weird FS issues
19:59:46 Join adnap [0] (
19:59:55jhMikeSI have had mysteriously destroy music files since using it
20:00:08jhMikeSand + haven't !
20:00:27*jhMikeS is typing ahead of thinking
20:05:25jhMikeSit also makes storage priority pointless. it's just the same speed without SP
20:06:06jhMikeSActually using it is bad because SP is a priority inversion
20:07:20pamaurywhat is storage priority ?
20:08:05jhMikeSHAVE_IO_PRIORITY? it delays threads of lower storage priority to let higher ones through (nothing to do with thread priority)
20:08:53pamauryah yeah this one, I never had a precise look at what it does
20:08:54jhMikeSBut, on my S for instance, it's 3s from splash to menu with dircache building with the trunk and the same with the new code without the priority
20:10:08jhMikeSIt might be a fraction of a second faster with the patch. With the trunk, it's decidedly longer than 3s, maybe 4 or 5 without SP. Easily perceivable.
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23:36:57franklinHello. How should I scale a bitmap in a plugin?
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