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#rockbox log for 2014-07-07

00:26:27[Saint]TheSeven: headset buttons
00:26:45[Saint]re: MiKey
00:30:22TheSevenalready suspected that
00:30:32TheSevenbut user890104 found something that suggests it might actually be audio recording
00:31:20[Saint]There's a *very* new product by the same name.
00:31:29[Saint]But, it runs off the lightning adapter.
00:31:40[Saint]So, I doubt you'd find it in iPod FW that's ~8 years old.
00:31:42TheSevenit also works with all generations of classics though
00:31:51TheSeven(according to the manufacturer)
00:32:10TheSevenand I haven't found any other thread name that looks like audio recording
00:32:31[Saint]Well, I know it as the HID driver for their headsets and apple approved headsets.
00:33:23TheSevenseems more logical anyway, because I only have trouble with it on the 3g, which is the only one supporting headphone remotes
00:33:28TheSevenbtw, even more threads:
00:33:33[Saint]Perhaps easier to snoop out what it does if you have access to a Mac.
00:33:41[Saint]I've discovered it there, too.
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01:26:59TheSevendoes anyone have a clue what kind of hardware is at 0x39a00000 on s5l87xx?
01:27:47TheSevenlikely related to power management somehow, but we don't seem to be ever touching it
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01:38:05saratogadoes anyone understand FS #12987?
01:38:36saratogaI think hes basically saying that shuffle only happens when he selects the shuffle option, but he expects it to happen everytime he loads playlist?
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01:43:41saratogahmm no, that is the current behavior
01:52:43[Saint]too much?
01:52:55*[Saint] felt the need to be a little forceful here
01:53:16[Saint](if its too much, I'll tone it down, but I'm shit at parsing such things)
01:57:10[Saint]saratoga: the way I parse it is "Shuffle isn't actually random unless I trigger shuffle manually"
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02:01:41K1773Ri have a problem with the current dev build for ipod classics. it panics out with the following message: usb_storage_init_connection() : OOM
02:01:46K1773ROOM? OutOfMemory?
02:02:04K1773Rwhere can i find older development versions to get it working?
02:03:20 Join dfkt [0] (OxO29A@unaffiliated/dfkt)
02:03:59[Saint]There's no need to. USe the fallback image.
02:04:07[Saint]That's why its there.
02:04:32[Saint](well, and to facilitate initial installation, but, anyway...yeah)
02:05:03[Saint]tl;dr: use the fallback image for USb connectivity if you're on a Windows machine
02:07:47[Saint]K1773R: that was for you, BTW.
02:08:07K1773R[Saint]: thanks, this seems to work. i found an older build which i had earlier to put on.
02:09:19[Saint]Generally speaking, using an older build isn't advisable.
02:10:55[Saint]With these type of targets, we actually like it when people use the bleeding edge revisions.
02:12:00K1773Rcant really use it as it panics out everytime i connect it to a PC
02:12:30K1773Ris this bug known? is there a bugtracker with an entry for it?
02:13:12[Saint]Well, you can use it...'cos, fallback image.
02:13:40[Saint]And, yes, USB craziness on Windows machines is a well known issue.
02:13:53K1773RNo Windows thanksfully :)
02:14:09[Saint], its panicing on a linux box?
02:14:16dfktK1773R, USB works for me *only* when connecting during playback, but then it works all the time
02:14:27[Saint]TheSeven: ^
02:14:43[Saint]K1773R: Hmmmm...I can't reproduce this at all.
02:15:04[Saint]Can you give me dmesg output from a plug attempt?
02:15:20[Saint](in pastebin, please don;t shit out several hundred lines in channel ;))
02:15:38TheSevenI guess that is without my USB patches?
02:16:03[Saint]Current git head "Just Works" for me.
02:16:06[Saint]As it always has.
02:16:07TheSevenin that case forget about it for now... will likely go away once those are finally committed
02:16:41TheSevenI've seen these OOM's before, and they were apparently the result of some confusion inside the USB stack whether it's plugged or not
02:16:52[Saint]What can I do to help with that, btw?
02:16:54K1773RTheSeven: i installed with the RockBoxUtility
02:16:55TheSevenwhich was likely caused by a misbehaving driver
02:17:07[Saint]Last time I poked at it I couldn't even get the fucxking driver to compile with our toolchain.
02:17:21K1773RThe older version is working well (i can check which one it is, if you want to know)
02:17:22TheSeven[Saint]: if you're willing to take away some legwork from me, get that driver rid of those bitfields
02:17:57K1773R <−− here you go
02:17:59TheSevenwe know what caused that compilation problem by now, old gcc versions don't support one of the features that I used there
02:18:26[Saint]Hmmm. Must've missed that in the logs.
02:19:29[Saint]sde 'aint a happy drive.
02:20:35[Saint]K1773R: it kinda looks as though this is a trashed filesystem manifesting itself in odd ways
02:21:02K1773R[Saint]: with the older version it has no problems at all
02:21:47[Saint]Hmmmm. SO, dmesg is clean with an older build?
02:23:25K1773Ryes, no problems there
02:23:48[Saint]That's fucking odd.
02:24:06K1773Rfallback also worked (on the current dev version)
02:24:31[Saint]That's expected. Its a VERY old Rockbox binary.
02:25:11[Saint]Think of the fallback as an entirely separate install, sans resources, plugins, and codecs, embedded into the firmware.
02:26:32K1773RThats what i thougd too, but wasnt sure if it really is a really old version. i didnt check while having it booted
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02:40:24saratoga_the new g#566 looks ridiculous
02:40:29saratoga_almost 20000 lines
02:43:19[Saint]Holy fuckballs.
02:44:10*[Saint] particularly likes the whole:
02:44:29[Saint]"Hey, could you perhaps y'know...changelog?"
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02:44:40[Saint]"Nah...'cos, effort, and stuff"
02:49:17JdGordononly a little change...
02:54:29saratoga_JdGordon: i'll try and test your latest patch later
02:55:09saratoga_have you tried it on a grayscale player yet?
02:55:16JdGordonsaratoga_: thanks, I didnt change anything which would fix your crash though, and I have no idea how to get you going
02:55:28saratoga_you should buy a clip+
02:55:30JdGordonmy mini2g is out of action at the moment
02:55:36saratoga_i think they go as cheap as 20 USD sometimes
02:57:55saratoga_on a side note, you could make the skin engine use the log to disk feature :)
02:57:59JdGordon$35 inc postage is about the cheapest on ebay, from uk. i actually have one but the battery balooned and had to be chucked, so maybe i can hook up something to make it work
02:58:51JdGordonmaybe :) if you're super bored can you see if you can track down that data abort pretty please? :)
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03:06:21JdGordonjhMikeS: hey, so your giant filesystem changes, any chance that will make it easier/nicer to have a single filetree scanner built on top of it?
03:06:53JdGordoni.e g#224
03:24:00*[Saint] wonders if this iteration actually compiles
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05:05:45jhMikeSsingle filetree scanner?
05:06:01jhMikeSWTF is that?
05:13:24jhMikeSIf it's that thing re: the threads, I already have dircache making a temp thread. It could possibly use an external thread with a callback to its own routine
05:15:41JdGordonjhMikeS: instead of having dircache + tagcache doing their own scans of the filesystem I wanted to add a thread to do it once with callbacks to the things interested in files
05:18:10jhMikeSdircache is a rather unique scanner though, not at all like the user ones
05:20:17jhMikeSIt doesn't use the filesystem code, it is the filesystem code and gets special synchronization and handles raw streams very directly
05:20:38jhMikeSIt doesn't open handles for one
05:20:57jhMikeSnext it's synchronized with and updated on the fly by file file functions
05:20:59[Saint]Any particular reason for that, or is it purely historical?
05:21:25jhMikeSevery reason, it can't be racy like normal scan and it's far more efficient at memory
05:21:27JdGordonright, i stopped working on my patch when it looked too difficult to make dircache use it. Would it be possible to add hooks in there so we only have one thing doing a fs scan?
05:22:14jhMikeSwith live updating while scanning, using normal directory reading is not possible
05:22:47JdGordonif the callbacks just want a filename that isnt a problem
05:22:48jhMikeSit keeps it all sorted in filesystem order and needs notifying about every change
05:24:40jhMikeSit also holds filesystem locks for that reason
05:28:27jhMikeSI suppose it's ok for the likes of tagcache and such
05:29:22jhMikeStagcache doesn't want to visit everything though (with the ignore files)
05:29:52JdGordonpretty much, I wanted to build a list of all .m3u's on the filesystem and not tie it into the database, but also not have to rescan the entire disk a possibly 3rd time
05:30:05JdGordonthe patch i linked earlier handles ignore files well enough
05:30:23JdGordonas long as the callbacks happened in a sensible order (read: directory tree order)
05:31:02jhMikeSwith dircache scanning, it will speed up the other scans since entries will become available as it goes
05:32:19*[Saint] is reminded that he wanted to look into getting RaaAoA to trigger a mediascan
05:33:20[Saint]Things get REAL complicated with Android
05:34:29[Saint]Notably the bullshitness of applications no longer have ready access to the sdcard outside of /blah/whatever/data/<packagename>
05:35:16jhMikeSso, it's becoming useless and hostile to users?
05:35:25[Saint]And the fact that unless you trigger a mediascan, if you drop .ignore files, or change the content in any way (delete, add, rename) nothing is actually going to be aware of that until mediascan has been run.
05:36:19 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
05:36:26[Saint](which usually happens at boot, unless an application triggers mediascan specifically)
05:36:54jhMikeSsounds like utter crap
05:36:57[Saint]Things changed a fair bit regarding sdcard access in 4.4, but the mediascan weirdness has always been there.
05:37:29 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
05:38:29JdGordonwhy do we need mediascan?
05:38:54jhMikeSit sounds like because it's the only way you're gonna be able to access files
05:39:30jhMikeS'cause if it's not in mediascan, it's "no soup for you"
05:41:29[Saint]JdGordon: just a bit of a safety net against non-obviousness.
05:41:44jhMikeS[Saint]: what?
05:42:12*jhMikeS parse error
05:47:07[Saint]Hmmmm. Now I think about it deeper, I'm not certain Rockbox should be sticking its nose in here. If we modify the filesystem, its other applications job to keep track of it if they care, I guess.
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05:50:05[Saint]Complicated, perhaps (actually, not perhaps, definitely), by this being handled differently right across the board.
05:51:11[Saint]I have encountered Android devices that will only trigger a mediascan on boot, and removable storage insertion. And also encountered devices that will trigger a scan after every mount to a host.
05:54:22*[Saint] is mildly interested to see how RaaA copes with stock Android 4.4+ but not interested enough to revert to stock
05:55:02[Saint]PA and CM removed this sillyness regarding who's allowed to write to the sdcard.
05:56:21[Saint]My understanding is that we should only be allowed to write to /storage{0|1}/Android/data/
05:56:35*[Saint] forgets what the real package name is
06:01:07JdGordon[Saint]: is that not where our crap lands?
06:01:29[Saint]We shit our stuff out in /storage/sdcard0/rockbox
06:01:50[Saint](which used to be perfectly fine)
06:02:03JdGordonseems like it works fine for me
06:02:18JdGordonstock 4.4.2
06:04:32[Saint]Hmmm. I wonder if that's Samsung's doing.
06:05:12[Saint]Looking at the code, its VERY trivial to change the expected ".rockbox" dir. So, we may as well put it in the right place.
06:05:25[Saint]Even though that might piss people off on update.
06:06:54[Saint]Ahhhhhh - I was confuzzled. Turns out that only the /external/ sdcard has these restrictions.
06:11:16[Saint]non-system apps can only write to files/folders on the external storage that they have created or taken ownership of, or, their /Android/data/<packagename>/ path.
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06:18:08[Saint]That likely prevents us from adding bookmarks or our specific dotfiles.
06:19:41[Saint]Aha. Yep.
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07:50:56kugel[Saint]: rockbox does not "shits the bunch of files it creates on first launch" onto the sdcard
07:51:36kugelthe installation files are unzipped into the private data dir (/data/app/org.rockbox or so)
07:52:31kugelfiles created at runtime, including config.cfg are written to the sdcard, though. the .rockbox folder is created by us as well
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08:22:25saratoga_[Saint]: IIUC, the new SD card limitations do not apply to app's own folders on the SD storage
08:22:47[Saint]Right, I caught that myself and noted it above.
08:22:55saratoga_ah ok
08:23:15[Saint]But it doesn't bode well for dropping .ignore files and playlists.
08:23:21saratoga_sorry, just now caught up on the logs
08:23:34saratoga_yeah, or file management operations in general
08:24:04[Saint]Playlists in general aren't rules out entirely, assuming the user wants to use the playlist catalogue.
08:25:48[Saint]Hmmm...unless the user wanted to use a directory that was under the control of another application, for whatever reason.
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10:02:35[Saint]The last two patches at,48368.msg228806.html#msg228806 don't actually seem like bad ideas to me.
10:03:53[Saint]well - I'm not to fussed on pissing with the duration and sizing. but the themeing seems like a reasonable thing.
10:16:21kugel[Saint]: what theming?
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10:55:25[Saint]Nevermind. On closer inspection its not actually doing what I thought at all.
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11:22:51kugel[Saint]: i thought so :)
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14:49:57kugelJdGordon: you didnt answer my question
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16:40:20iClassicmy iPod, when plugged into Windows 8.1, tells me to Error Check but when I do, it says I couldn't Errorcheck.
16:40:44iClassicI have the 2009 iPod Classic, and yes, it runs on Rockbox
16:40:58copperyou mean Windows say
16:41:01coppernot the ipod
16:41:23iClassicWindows 8.1
16:41:59iClassicI plug my iPod in, and W8 tells me to errorcheck, but when I try to, it says There was an Error checking the disk
16:42:15iClassicmy music and rockbox and every thing stays in there. But I can't errorcheck.
16:42:27copperwhere you ever able to transfer music onto your iPod with Windows 8?
16:42:52iClassicin both cases.
16:42:57iClassicpre-and post-Rockbox
16:43:07copperis that a yes?
16:43:35iClassicin both cases, I would transfer my music to my iPod. Now with Rockbox it's easier.
16:43:45iClassicMy one complaint is the Errorchecking
16:44:07copperwait, you mean you manage to copy music onto the iPod even with that error message?
16:44:53iClassicIt's like a USB, you can normally do that.
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16:45:05iClassicWhen an error message pops up you can still copy things in it
16:45:23iClassicbut my iPod- which I only rockboxed yesterday- has a different reaction
16:46:40iClassicPerhaps if I can boot the normal iPod Firmware
16:46:50iClassicthen the PC will allow me to Errorcheck?
16:47:08iClassicand then how do I do THAT?
16:47:33iClassicI mean, I'm taking guesses here but...
16:47:37ikeboycan you try errorchecking in a command prompt to see the error message?
16:47:52iClassicI'm sort of new to that
16:48:03iClassicbut how can I do that?
16:48:27copperiClassic: you can't boot the OF on the Classic
16:48:32copperoriginal firmware
16:49:01copperyou can re-install it but that's about it
16:49:08copperit's either OF or Rockbox
16:49:18ikeboystart command prompt in admin mode, switch to the drive by typing (for example) F: , (will be different depending on how many drives are attached), then type chkdsk /f
16:49:20iClassicthanks ikeboy
16:49:49ikeboyyou should be able to start a command in admin mode from Windows Explorer
16:52:41iClassicSo in my case it's /e
16:52:58iClassicbecause my iPod reads as REMOVABLE DISK (E:)
16:53:29iClassicso I type E:
16:53:53iClassicand when I enter chkdsk /e, I get this.
16:54:05iClassicThe type of File System is FAT32
16:54:56iClassicAn Unspecified Error Occured <666174766f6c2e63 d6>
16:55:06iClassicI used Admin mode
16:55:08iClassicof course
16:55:27ikeboyno, you type ckdsk /f, f is for fix
16:55:49ikeboyjust the switching first is depending on your drive letter, sorry for the confusion
16:57:04iClassicWell I used CHKDSK /F on E: and I got this: The type of File System is FAT32. Cannot Lock the Current Drive. An Unspecified Error Occured <666174766f6c2e63 d6>
16:57:54ikeboyare there any writing going on to the drive?
16:58:03ikeboycopying files or such?
16:58:08iClassicI'm not copying anything
16:58:31iClassicI'm just plugged in
16:58:50iClassicI killed iTunes from this comp
16:58:58iClassiccompletely uninstalled
16:59:05iClassicno trace
17:02:01ikeboyI'm not having luck googling the error, it might be a corrupt chkdsk program
17:02:33ikeboycan you check C:? Just switch to C:, then chkdsk, no need to fix
17:02:47ikeboyjust to see if chkdsk works on your computer
17:04:39iClassicit's certainly running
17:04:46iClassicworks just fine with C:
17:04:53iClassicdunno what the problem is with E:
17:05:07iClassicI basically bought the iPod half a month ago
17:05:15ikeboydo you have enough room to back up the iPod and restore?
17:05:20ikeboyI mean reformat
17:06:04iClassicI can get a USB, I just have 5 gigabytes of music
17:06:10iClassicthe USB has 8
17:06:26iClassicI can just back my music up
17:06:31iClassicand then reformat
17:06:37iClassicis that my final option??
17:06:44iClassicit would seem so
17:09:17ikeboyif it works fine, you might not need to worry about the diskchecking
17:09:34ikeboyYou could also try in windows recovery
17:11:54iClassicand I activate that how?
17:16:44ikeboyyou need to do this first though
17:31:32 Quit GodEater (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:32:28 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
17:33:06 Quit iClassic (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:36:22 Join iClassic [0] (43566820@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:36:36iClassicanother curious question
17:36:54iClassicin accordance to the iPod ads.... 40,000 songs. You can hold that many in the HDD
17:37:04iClassicdo they all show up on Rockbox?
17:37:32iClassicif I have just one folder. with ALL THE MUSIC
17:37:53iClassicand set my glyphs and cache to load as much as it possibly can
17:37:57iClassicit'll work right?
17:38:16copper"Note: You may need to increase the value of the Max Entries in File Browser setting (Settings → General Settings → System → Limits) in order to view long lists of tracks in the ID3 database browser."
17:38:21copper15:37:33 UTC <iClassic> if I have just one folder. with ALL THE MUSIC
17:38:24copperthat's horrible, don't do it
17:38:36copperit makes puppies cry
17:39:00iClassicThat's how I used to have my Sansa Fuze Plus
17:39:24iClassicor rather
17:39:29iClassicthe 32gb inside it
17:40:06iClassicThe 32gb on its own held 8000 songs, add to that the fact that I had the 8gb Sansa Fuze
17:40:27 Quit petur (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:40:28iClassicand oh yeah, I rockboxed it right out of the box
17:40:49iClassicSFplus OF was show
17:41:04iClassicI digress
17:41:12iClassicI'm backing up my music
17:41:23 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:bce1:8c20:8cfa:d1bb:8a33:ec3d)
17:41:36iClassicbut yes
17:41:54iClassicthe question I have is: If I start rockbox again
17:41:59iClassic from scratch
17:42:08iClassicwould I still get errorcheck messages?
17:42:13iClassicand even so
17:42:21iClassicit shouldn't be much to worry about right?
17:42:49iClassicI mean, with the Sansa Fuse Plus I had last year, there were absolutely positively no problems, for the one year that it worked :c
17:46:42iClassicSorry if it seemed as though I was ramblng on
17:47:36iClassicand to <copper> , How should I categorize my folder?
17:47:51iClassicI don't want to have so many....
17:47:58iClassicMayhaps I should Categorize it by Decade?
17:48:12ZincAlloydepends on how you want to browse your music
17:48:24ZincAlloybut then again you also have the database
17:48:25iClassicI really just use the Database on RB
17:48:42iClassicwhatever option there is, depending on my mood
17:48:48iClassicArtist/Album Artist
17:49:04iClassicI figure the only Category not there is a DECADE category
17:49:35iClassicAnd Copper suggested not to have all my songs in one Folder, when this is how I've been doing it for years.
17:49:59ZincAlloyfinding stuff must be a nightmare
17:50:16ZincAlloyI just went for an artist/album file structure
17:50:29ZincAlloyI don't use the database, though
17:50:37iClassicYep. I just use the database
17:50:47iClassicso it's not astoundingly nightmarish
17:51:07ZincAlloythe problems begin when you need to find a file
17:53:46iClassicUsing the DB, all I do is look for whatever song I wanna hear
17:53:55iClassicthen just let it shuffle
17:54:06iClassiceverything else
17:54:17ZincAlloyshuffle. another feature I never use :D
17:54:38ZincAlloyGuess I'm an album guy
17:54:54iClassicYeah... at the risk of quoting LMFAO, I use that EVERY DAY.
17:55:16iClassicLiterally, everyday I'm shuffling
17:58:48iClassicbut yea
17:58:53iClassicwhat I'mma do from now on,
17:58:58iClassicis categorize by Decade
17:59:04iClassicas far as Folders go
18:01:46 Join Misanthropos [0] (
18:02:16copperthat requires you to remember if an album was released in the late 80s or the early 90s
18:02:40iClassicagain, i use Dtabase
18:02:52copperthen don't bother sorting at all :P
18:03:12iClassicXD I know, but in doing the Decade thing,
18:03:19copperstay away from my devices though, I don't want your collection to contaminate mine
18:03:20iClassicthat's a category that hasn't been tapped yert
18:03:34iClassicxDDDD lmao Copper
18:03:40ZincAlloyyou think his messy collection is viral?
18:04:15iClassicDude I used to have Over 9,000 songs. 9,800 to be exact
18:04:30copperwhich only makes it worse
18:04:33iClassicFrom Jazz-Fusion to J-Pop to K-Pop to Top 40
18:04:42iClassicsongs as far as the eye could see
18:04:49iClassicor as far as the ear could hear
18:04:57iClassiceither way you get what I'm driving at
18:05:03copperstay far, far away from my devices!
18:05:14iClassic*laughing so hard*
18:05:33iClassicSo because I'm a closet SONE, my sh*t's a mess?
18:05:47copperwhat's wrong with Artist/Album/Tracks
18:06:02iClassicI use Artist/Album/Tracks
18:06:07copperno you don't
18:06:08iClassicsometimes year and Genre
18:06:15copperyou have all your songs in a single directory
18:06:27iClassicbut I use Database ti get to those songs
18:06:31coppermaybe you're trying to save on inodes
18:07:35iClassicBut my question over all:
18:07:40iClassic40,000 songs, one Folder.
18:07:46iClassicWill it show up or will it bust?
18:08:27ZincAlloythe atomic battery may blow up, causing a minor nuclear holocaust
18:08:56iClassicdude XDD why'd that make laugh so hard
18:08:59iClassic*make me
18:09:10ZincAlloynot sure. are you stoned?
18:09:16iClassicNah man
18:09:23iClassicI'm straightedge
18:09:27ZincAlloyeasily amused then
18:09:31 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:10:18iClassicWell I just had an iHolocaust due to having lost 9800 tracks
18:10:29iClassicbecause of installing Rockbox
18:10:35copperwhy do you care if they all show up in the file browser, since you're not going to use it?
18:10:42copperno problem for the database
18:10:52iClassicThat's the answer I was looking for
18:10:56ZincAlloyyou should have made a backup
18:11:05iClassicZinc, you're right
18:11:06copperBackup. Sounds interesting.
18:11:24iClassicAnd the funny thing is, I DID use to have a backup
18:11:50ZincAlloyironically, as soon as you have a backup drive, your work drive will never fail again
18:12:11iClassicI basically said "hurrdurr, everything's on my iPod and it works, sure enough"
18:12:16iClassicthen deleted my own backup
18:12:22copperthat's how you learn
18:12:39iClassicI was sure Rockbox wasn't gonna even work on my iPod
18:12:43iClassichaving already tried with a used one
18:12:46ZincAlloythe best way to learn is from other people's mistakes
18:12:58copperI had a catastrophic hard drive failure that lost me my entire FLAC collection
18:13:10copperI had to re-rip all my CDs
18:13:24coppernow I have one working copy and two backups
18:13:34iClassicI need myself an EHD
18:13:39iClassicjust in case
18:14:38iClassicgood thing a 500gb one is cheap nowadays
18:14:55iClassic$70something for 500? Good enough!
18:18:16 Quit bcobco (Remote host closed the connection)
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19:44:22lebelliumpamaury: the E360 shut itself down at 13:25:20, 48320, 043%, 06:45, 3825, -, -, -
19:44:26lebelliumI don't know why...
19:44:55pamaurylebellium: weird, did the playlist ended ? maybe your forgot to select repeat all ?.
19:45:40lebelliumno it didn't
19:45:54lebelliumI had a 25hrs playlist
19:46:05lebelliumwhen I turned it on this morning it lost the playlist
19:46:28lebelliumso there was probably a crash at some point
19:48:06 Join Jinx [0] (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx)
19:50:59pamaurywell, I guess you can simply resume, it looks like it was going rather well ^^
19:51:16 Join Basstard` [0] (
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