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#rockbox log for 2014-07-12

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05:35:07[Saint]The Rockbox SDL app indexes my collection about 200% faster than the Brand Name players.
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05:37:20[Saint]Very Large Cone player comes close, but is still quite a fair bit slower.
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06:51:02ploco[Saint]: I've fix the RaaAoA stop crash!
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06:58:11[Saint], you've carved out reading the battery completely?
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07:01:24plocoI tried to bring that back but FC so badly with no sign showing in ADB logs
07:02:53[Saint]There's a few whitespace issues, and it would be a lot better if this was split into separate commits. But thanks, I'll have a look.
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07:04:21plocohopefully someone else can make the battery status works again, I did my best already.
07:04:41[Saint]for example, points 1, 2, and 3, in your commit message, should all be separate commits.
07:04:53[Saint](so that 2 can be cherrypicked and merged)
07:05:14[Saint](but that's not really necessary, its a trivial change. Thanks for this.
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09:06:18hribyHi guys! I'm having some problems with my SanDisk Sansa Fuze V1
09:07:31hribyAfter I installed RockBox the device started to act strange. It wouldn't connect to the Windows Pc correctly, disconecting regularly
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09:08:15hribyAnd there was a charging problem, it wouldn't charge up to maximum.
09:08:56hribyI thought this is a battery issue so I replaced it ... but the problem persisted.
09:10:14hribyNow the device is not recognized by the Windows computer anymore.
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09:13:01hribyI booted into Sansa firmware (left button upon startup) and the same problem. So I formated the internal drive with Sansa loaded. Now I have also a boot issue ... RockBox Loading firmaware, File not found.
09:14:13hribyPlug USB cable ... if I just switch it on. If I switch it On with pressed <<- then Sansa is Loaded.
09:15:14hribyI can't access the device with computer ... is there any other way to load Original Stock firmware to Root folder of the device?
09:18:18hribyI've searched the RockBox site and found this manual but am not shure if I should proceed ...
09:18:44[Saint]It also pays to note that if the problem persists across both Rockbox, and the Sansa firmware, it is definitely a hardware fault.
09:20:33hribySo there has to be a hardware fault, ha.
09:22:52[Saint]Its a pity, too.
09:23:19[Saint]The Fuze was pretty much the last good player SanDisk ever made.
09:23:46hribyI've really enyoed the RockBox
09:24:02hribysince it let's you play loseless
09:25:11[Saint]And removes arbitrary limitations on external storage size.
09:25:57[Saint](that's one of my favorite features across several devices)
09:27:14hribyOk, if its dead, I'll play a little more and try the bricked manual with a linux machine.
09:27:27hribyI don't care If it doesnt charge
09:27:52hribyI would just like to get my RockBox whick I formated, back. :)
09:28:57hribythanks, saint!
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14:17:42TreverendHello all, I'm a free software advocate. What's the most libre portable audio player I can find?
14:24:55gevaertsInteresting question :)
14:27:19gevaertsOn most players, we leave at least the intial boot code in place, mostly for reliability reasons (replacing that is risky)
14:27:55gevaertsUsually we leave the original firmware in place (albeit patched with our boot code) so people can dual-boot
14:28:53gevaertsAnd if some sort of recovery mode is present and can be left in place, we don't even try to get rid of it :)
14:29:45gevaertsHowever, there are one or two players where you can get rid of it all, if you really want to
14:31:00gevaertsThere's e.g. an experimental nand flash bootloader for the gigabeat F series
14:31:07*gevaerts uses that one because it boots faster :)
14:31:38TreverendAnd are they? I'll look into them. :D
14:34:06gevaertsThe thing is, if you want to get rid of *everything* non-free, if you make a mistake, if you're *lucky* you merely need a soldering iron, jtag or bdm stuff, and knowledge to recover
14:34:27gevaertsAnd that's not really something we try to make too easy :)
14:35:58gevaertsIf you can live with a bit of nand flash that merely has a DFU recovery mode in it, there's the ipod classic.
14:37:09gevaertsTreverend: what sort of BIOS does your PC run? :)
14:38:38gevaertsThat's basically the level of things we tend to leave in place (but without those modern BIOS/ACPI services and stuff. Once booted, it's rockbox and nothing else)
14:40:28TreverendIt actually uses libreboot which is fully free BIOS. :) Though I'm planning on making a desktop soon and it won't be possible on that, so I have to settle for coreboot.
14:43:26gevaertsI suspect the coldfire-based players (iriver H1x0 and H3x0, and the MPIO players) can be made entirely free too, but I don't think anyone has done the work
14:45:57gevaertsWe've always been on the pragmatic side of the spectrum as a project, and getting rid of a known-working way to recover things has never been a big priority :)
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14:49:06gevaertsYou could of course always build your own. Get an ARM board that has full source available, and either port rockbox to it or run linux on it and run rockbox as an application on it (should be easy if you have a linux setup with working touchscreen, a bit trickier otherwise)
14:51:58gevaertsOr run the android port, but I doubt if there's an android device around that fully meets your requirements while still being in a nice form factor
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16:21:14[Saint]The Classic has a /bit/ more than that on it after we're done.
16:21:34[Saint]Not much remains, though.
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17:14:05SzczepancioIs the nwz-e370 build have all keymaps for plugins?
17:14:50ulmutulb0hoon: ping
17:15:38SzczepancioEf, nothing.
17:15:43 Part Szczepancio
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17:59:47b0hoonulmutul: pong, i don't know now what to do with this, what's your opinion?
18:01:26b0hoonalthough i would like to exclude PLL, like in the first patch, because of remote support for yh92x
18:01:48 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
18:02:35ulmutulI'd prefer to keep the output of _battery_voltage() close to the "real" millivolts and change the percentage values.
18:03:22ulmutulI've uploaded two battery benchs:
18:03:56 Join us`0gb [0] (
18:06:11ulmutulSubjecting the PLL question: I think the current code makes sense. Although 24MHz (non-PLL) isn't used in normal operation, you can trigger it in system->debug->cpu frequency and can see the difference if you disable the addition like in my first patch.
18:10:18 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
18:11:32ulmutulThe define in my second patch is just a safety net for code that rely on an output not exceeding 1023. I've inspected the adc reading of all targets and found no code where a readout >1023 would be harmful (so the define could be ommited), but this may of course be different with future code...
18:14:54b0hoonulmutul: so changing of the formula would work here in order to change percentage values and leave the voltage values untouched but it won't be "real" measured values
18:15:35b0hoonulmutul: unless you want to leave it like it is, but we never reach 100% while discharging
18:22:10b0hoonulmutul: bah i don't know, what case you prefer, 1 - adapt the formula, 2 - adapt the values (real mv), or don't change anything?
18:23:40ulmutulI would prefer changing the percent_to_volt values. I could change the values so that the 100% value would be the maximum adc readout. The percent value would then drop suddenly from 100% to 90%.
18:25:35ulmutulOr I change the values so that everything above the maximum adc readout just gives an additional 100%-time, and drops linear below.
18:25:36b0hoonulmutul: ok, so the second one? something like 3200,3493,3543,3602,3627,3653,3703,3771,3796,3868,3995 ?
18:26:18ulmutulyes, exactly.
18:26:19b0hoonulmutul: 3995 is adc=1023
18:26:49b0hoonulmutul: alright
18:29:21ulmutul3995 is adc=1043 (with PLL enabled)
18:33:46ulmutulbtw: your YH-820's RTC is non-working, right? What's the manufacturing date of your device? Do you know what board revision it has? (My non-working one is Vers 2.0, the non-working is 0.17)
18:34:47b0hoonulmutul: yes with PLL its 1043, so you say that if PLL is enabled, readout is smaller? I mean without addition? I've never checked it.
18:35:09b0hoonulmutul: wait i'll check
18:35:49ulmutulyes. I tested it with my first patch and then switching in the system->debug->cpu freq. menu between 30MHz and 24MHz.
18:36:42b0hoonnow the question is if for all channels... Cause OF doesnt add anything while reading remote channel
18:37:22b0hoonulmutul: well, made in china :D 2005/03
18:38:19ulmutulThe good one: 2005/10, the bad one: 2005/04. What time/date does it read? 02:02:02, 2 Feb 2002?
18:39:20b0hoonyeah 02:02:02: 2 2
18:39:41ulmutulDo you have any clue what goes wrong if you try to write the time/date? My player gets super-slow in this case and can only be resettet by removing the battery.
18:41:26b0hoonso something with i2c, my hdd6320 has the same effect if i connect it through the cable under OF and then boot to Rockbox
18:41:42b0hoonits something with the i2c to the cradle switch
18:43:08b0hoonshit revboard is on the other side
18:43:56ulmutulDo you think this can be fixed? The only idea I have is to implement RTC autodetect and disable all RTC related functions.
18:45:56b0hoondon't know really, i don't know if it's possible to autodetect it if it spoils the communication over i2c
18:46:48ulmutulAutodetect should be easy: look for time/date=="02:02:02..." :)
18:47:16ulmutuland it looks like I have the "polish collection": YH-820, HDD6320, Vibe500 :D
18:47:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:48:24b0hoonyeah but i think it breaks the communication and it's slow because other things like the codec use it, but it's only speculation
18:48:54ulmutulI have problems with the disk spinup of my HDD6320: when I want to play a file (or select a plugin etc.) I get an error and have to select it a second time, when the disk already spins.
18:49:20b0hoonhmm i don't have this problem
18:50:14b0hoongot it... Ver 0.17
18:50:32b0hoonRev board of YH-820
18:50:33 Quit franklin (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.3)
18:51:15ulmutulOk. The board look pretty much the same, no visible differences.
18:51:45ulmutul(Rev. 0.17 and Rev. 2.0)
18:52:00 Join franklin [0] (
18:52:06b0hooni think the RTC is just broken
18:53:01 Quit Provel (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:57:16b0hoonyeah replacing the RTC won't be easy :D
18:58:19ulmutulMaybe it has something to do with the pcb: circuit path's to close together or shortening or something...
18:58:56b0hoonyep, can also be
18:59:26 Quit bcobco (Remote host closed the connection)
19:00:10 Join bcobco [0] (~bcobco@
19:00:16ulmutulI got a mail from a user with the same problem. Player made 2005/04 (like mine)
19:01:56ulmutulbtw is the RTC used for anything else than the 32786kHz clock? OF don't seem to use RTC.
19:03:11b0hoonno it's only for this i think
19:05:17ulmutulok, I will update percent_to_volt values, but be patient, I'll be out some days.
19:05:31b0hoonmaybe it's a quality of the chip which dies after some time, heh or the poor design of the board :P
19:06:27b0hooni can do that but without values for charging
19:07:57b0hoonor i'll wait for you
19:08:38ulmutulCharging values will reach maximum readout in less than 5 minutes from a completely empty player, so these values are rather useless anyway.
19:09:31b0hoonok so i could cook some patch, and give you to review it soon
19:10:21b0hoonbut not today i think
19:10:57ulmutulThis would be great! I can make battery benches and look if the curve is linear enough :)
19:11:46b0hoonok :)
19:24:21b0hoonheh after trying to set the time i have to dismantle the player again and remove the battery
19:25:17ulmutulyes, this is exactly the same problem as with mine player.
19:26:44b0hoonthats odd, even reset doesn't work
19:27:30ulmutulMaybe something that's in the RTC's cmos memory and has to be deleted.
19:28:41*b0hoon doesn't have a clue
19:29:10ulmutulDo you know for what exactly the 32kHz line is used? According to the schematic this is the only line apart from i2c that is connected to the processor.
19:29:43ulmutulSo maybe the 32kHz clock is changed by accident to 1kHz or such a thing.
19:33:16b0hoonoh, you asked about this before, it's indeed connected to the soc :O
19:34:04b0hooni don't have an idea what it is used for
19:34:42 Quit zoktar (Quit: -)
19:34:44ulmutulRB source says 32kHz clock is used for sleep mode, but I don't now when ever this is used (sleep != idle).
19:38:06 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
19:40:24 Quit franklin (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
19:48:00 Quit ulmutul (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 30.0/20140605174243])
19:53:15b0hoonok, now i'm going to reset myself, bye
19:53:33 Part b0hoon ("GTG... Bye.")
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