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#rockbox log for 2014-07-17

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06:42:40[Saint]Am I not allowed to draw into the backdrop buffer in the .sbs?
06:49:36JdGordonshouldnt be a problem
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06:52:09JdGordonwhats the problem?
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07:57:23copperTheSeven: eh, that's great!
08:04:50copperI should be delivered a spanking new Clip+ this morning, that will be my Rockbox device for a while
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08:10:47copperbrand spanking new
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08:42:48copperTheSeven: if you're able to fix emCORE for use with those, it'd be nice to link to it in the emcore installation instructions
08:43:02copperer, link to a build that works
08:43:14copperas opposed to the 2012 build
08:43:42copperor simply make a new release :)
08:47:08TheSevenyes, a new release is around the corner
08:47:19TheSevenI want to get in some more features though, such as dualboot :)
08:47:51copperand USB!
08:48:03copper*wink* *wink*
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09:52:02[Saint]emCORE does handle USB presently.
09:52:20*[Saint] feels as though he perhaps missed something.
09:52:35[Saint][18:47:52] <copper> and USB!
09:52:54coppercan you mount the HDD on a computer with the iPod running emCORE, not Rockbox?
09:53:12coppersince when?
09:53:22[Saint]Hmmm. A few months at least.
09:53:27[Saint]Ask TheSeven for a bianry.
09:53:40[Saint]He'll have a mroe recent one than I.
09:53:48copperso you guys no longer tell users to boot the Rockbox fallback image?
09:54:01copperit hasn't been released
09:54:34copperwell that's great news then
09:55:20[Saint]It still makes complete and total sense to ship a fallback image, though.
09:55:31coppership it, sure
09:55:32[Saint]Its just the emCORE can handle direct disk access now as well.
09:56:03[Saint]*just that
09:57:13copperat least with emcore there's no question of certain themes fucking up or whatever
09:57:17copperemcore is emcore is emcore
09:57:28copper(want an encore for that?)
09:57:43[Saint]ironically - emCORE is completely themable.
09:58:04[Saint]Non-trivial to do so, but possible nevertheless.
09:58:05TheSevencopper: we can also dualboot apple's disk mode already
09:58:15TheSevenso I'm not sure if emcore disk mode is worth releasing at all
09:58:30TheSevenit is more likely to have stability / data corruption issues
09:58:54TheSevenone possible reason for that would be however if someone gets around to implementing SMART support :)
09:59:38copperdunno what Apple disk mode is
10:00:04TheSevenbasically a stripped down version of the OF that does just USB storage and nothing else
10:00:33TheSeven(apple uses that to recover from cases where the original firmware is corrupted somehow)
10:00:40[Saint]Similar to the one you see under the Apple OF>
10:00:49copperis that Apple code or your own code?
10:00:50[Saint]But, black and white, and crappily drawn.
10:01:36TheSevenI'm still wondering what makes the OF crash on the 3g classic
10:02:25TheSevenlooking at the dumps, I'm completely lost what's going on there#
10:03:03TheSevensomething seems to corrupt a register value somewhere, and I can't see how that could possibly happen
10:03:17TheSevenand I see even less how it could happen only when booted through emcore ;)
10:03:31TheSevenand only on the 3g, not on the 1g (we already have working dualboot there)
10:03:59TheSevento make matters even worse, we don't know which hardware component the IRQ that triggers the crash belongs to
10:04:04TheSevennever seen it before
10:04:33TheSevencould me mikey, but that's just a guess...
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10:15:05user890104TheSeven: i have confirmed that the most recent version of diskmode.emcoreapp causes corruption or hangs at some point (on classic)
10:15:25user890104what needs to be changed in emcore or OF diskmode, in order to run?
10:17:33*copper just realized that the Clip+ can record FM radio
10:17:54copperwhich is what I used to do when I was a teenager, before the age of MP3
10:18:29copperpaying attention to the disc jockey announcing a cool song, and preparing to record it onto a cassette tape
10:19:23copperso much work!
10:20:23[Saint]cramming some tape over the r/w tab.
10:21:52copperexchanging cassette tapes in high school
10:22:03copper"cool mix, brah"
10:23:25user890104TheSeven: i just need to put this in /emcore/trunk/target/ipodnano3g/targetinit.c and rebuild emcore?
10:24:29TheSevenyes, and probably add a #define HAVE_TARGETINIT_LATE or something like that to target/ipodclassic/target.h
10:24:58TheSeven#define HAVE_TARGETINIT_LATE
10:25:00TheSevento be specific
10:25:18user890104so i just need to add the latter
10:25:38user890104the former is already there, and it just calls clickwheel_init()
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10:28:29TheSevenuser890104: can you authorize an additional SSH key for SVN access?
10:30:02*copper sets his GPU farm to brute force Torne's private key
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10:43:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e08331e, 253 builds, 23 clients.
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10:58:36coppergot my SanDisk branded Clip+
10:58:44copperany difference with older Sansa branded ones?
10:59:12copperin terms of internal hardware I mean
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11:57:10wodzpamaury: ping
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12:04:42copperuuugh wtf
12:04:54copperthe display on my new Clip+ isn't straight
12:05:18copperit's badly positioned
12:05:51wodzuse hammer then :p
12:06:06copperdid that with my Classic, didn't work out so well
12:06:41copperhello Quality Control :(
12:06:42wodzTheSeven: could you share the details about classic's current leakage?
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12:07:30copperthe jack socket is super tight
12:07:37copperwhich is a good thing
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12:36:18user890104TheSeven: rsa or dsa, and what username? also yours?
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13:20:27copperthey could have updated the USB port on the Clip+
13:20:39copperto whatever format everything uses now
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13:20:53coppermicro USB I think?
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14:30:09copperClipGym rev 86: lower the status bar for copper's titled display, when contrast is set to 47
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14:45:48copperany reason Rockbox doesn't have a limiter?
14:47:09 Join amayer [0] (
14:48:04wodzcopper: what you mean?
14:48:23coppera DSP that prevents clipping in real time
14:48:45copperlike in foobar2000 and Poweramp
14:49:15copperI don't know how it does its magic, but it transforms a clipped sine wave into a perfect sine wave at 0dBFS
14:49:17marazrockbox does have a dynamic range compressor.
14:49:25copperthat's different
14:49:27marazwhat you're talking about is not a limiter.
14:49:32copperyes I am
14:49:33maraza limiter is a compressor with infinite ratio.
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14:49:58marazwhat you're talking about is clip restoration
14:51:28copperwell, I'm out of my depth here
14:51:53copperbut a limiter shouldn't apply much compression like DRC
14:52:01copperjust limit peaks
14:52:10marazyou seem to be talking about two different things here
14:52:31maraza limiter is indeed a special case of DRC
14:53:17copperthe use case we've been talking about in #foobar2000 is tracks with high dynamic range, 0dBFS peaks and a positive replaygain value
14:53:47coppera limiter here would maintain the dynamic range and volume consistency, by simply limiting the few peaks that would clip because of the positive replaygain value
14:54:01marazlimiters are usually used to avoid digital clipping; this is done with a threshold very close to 0dBFS and a very large if not infinite ratio
14:54:44marazi.e. you're indeed looking for DRC, not anything that "transforms a clipped sine wave into a perfect sine wave"
14:55:19copperthe alternatives are "prevent clipping according to peak" but that breaks volume consistency, and a large enough negative preamp value, but that reduces volume on the entire music collection
14:56:02marazjust set your compressor to something like -1dB with a 8:1..16:1 ratio
14:56:05coppersorry I have to go, but I'll read the logs
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15:14:03pamaurywodz: pong
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16:09:43funman'internal USB Upgrade firmware'
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21:04:01wodzpamaury: (log) Do you have photos of yp-cp3 in semi dismantled state? I vaguely remember that codec chip was accessible but don't wan't to open the player just to figure out that my memory is failing
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