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#rockbox log for 2014-07-19

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03:48:50[Saint]pamaury: (logs) not using ART runtime by any chance, are you?
03:49:33[Saint]That's the symptom I get with ART runtime, seems current git head isn't compatible and wants Dalvik.
03:50:04[Saint]Though, this shouldn't affect anyone...yet.
03:51:12[Saint]Not unless they made the conscious decision to switch to the (unsupported in released AOSP) ART runtime or are using the Android L developer preview.
03:52:16[Saint](or one of the few Android L/AOSP{A}/PAC/CM12 kludges out there)
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06:27:17pamaury[Saint]: It's the XPERIA U, which is quite old so I don't think it's using the new runtime
06:27:31pamauryit's not the first app with this problem on my phone though
06:30:47pamaurymaybe I'll try debugging it with adb later
06:30:59pamaurydon't know if it can yield something useful
06:32:15[Saint]Its *ridiculously* difficult to get anything remotely useful out of adb with RaaA sometimes.
06:32:35[Saint]I've banged my head against the desk a few times there.
06:33:04[Saint]The issue you describe sounds identical to my woes with the ART runtime.
06:33:05pamaurycan it be harder than native ?
06:34:40[Saint]Sometimes, in fact, often, RaaA can get itself into a state where parts of it fall over but give absolutely _no_ meaningful information via ADB at all.
06:34:42pamaurydebugging on real hardware can be extremely frustrating, I'm not sure if adb can be worse
06:34:52pamauryok I see
06:35:08[Saint]depends if you prefer getting potentially misleading debug info, or no debug info. ;)
06:35:19pamaurymaybe no debug info then ^^
06:38:17*[Saint] makes some bottunses.
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07:54:07copperTheSeven: did you manage to make your SanDisk cards work, and improve battery life?
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10:56:17plocopamaury: If you only tried rasher's daily build, then it is the frame buffer resolution mismatch. Xperia U needs a build for 480x854, 480x800 build won't work.
11:05:09TheSevencopper: yes, I made the sandisk card work
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11:05:34TheSevenI haven't tested battery life, but I've fixed something that was very likely to cause significant battery drain
11:16:57copperTheSeven: care to explain the problem with the sandisk card, in layman terms?
11:23:33copper"emCORE: Prevent low battery conditions from causing a reboot loop" ← nice
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11:56:21TheSevencopper: we were keeping voltage applied to some data lines of the HDD when powering it down
11:56:58TheSevenwhile the original HDDs don't seem to care, the CF adapter has protection diodes that made this voltage leak back to the power supply lines
11:57:39TheSeventhis will likely cause significant battery drain, and it also caused a voltage of about 1.7V (instead of 3.3V) to continue being applied to the SD card while it's supposed to be off
11:58:17TheSeventhat in turn caused the sandisk card's controller to hang until the next full power cycle, which never happened because we weren't turning off power properly
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12:01:12copperthe "BBT error 80000006" error was related to that as well?
12:01:30TheSevenall of that crap was caused by the card's controller being hung
12:02:13copperhow come Lexars don't care?
12:02:45TheSeventhey either continue to operate properly at 1.7V, or have a reset threshold voltage above that, causing them to reboot when re-applying 3.3V
12:03:04TheSevenapparently the sandisk cards can't continue to work at 1.7V but don't care to reboot either until the voltage goes even lower
12:03:21copperenjoy the adapter :)
12:03:42TheSevenI have two of them now :)
12:03:51TheSeventarkan sent me another one with some beta firmware
12:03:59coppermy next iPod, if I get one, will forever remain unviolated
12:03:59TheSevenbut only the CF adapter, not the ZIF one
12:07:53copperTheSeven: oh, did you figure out the loud I/O noise too?
12:08:03copperon the headphone amp, with the adapter and SD card
12:08:29copperheadphone out*
12:08:29TheSevenno, but I've never observed that... I'll take a look
12:08:49TheSevenwas that noise only during card access?
12:08:55copperand during bootup
12:09:00copperbut only slightly on bootup
12:09:25copperI heard the I/O noise loud and clear with my balanced armature IEMs only
12:09:52copperthinking back, so many problem with that damn adapter
12:10:17TheSevencopper: did you have another amplifier in that signal path?
12:10:26TheSevenor was the ipod driving the IEMs directly?
12:10:43TheSevenwhat's their impedance?
12:10:54copper22Ω, 109 dB/mW
12:11:17copperthey pick up noise that my other headphones don't
12:12:18TheSevenok, I'll take a look later. currently trying to figure out that nasty 3g dualboot problem
12:12:43coppereh, don't do it on my account
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15:34:45headwhackerhi, this maybe a silly question, but what exactly is the file that usually run to launch or start rockbox on an Android build?
15:37:03headwhackerreason I'm asking is I'm trying a build on a DX90. I looked at the currrent DX50 port and it looks like the default play is replaced by a link to /system/rockbox/lib/
15:37:37copperI don't think those are official Rockbox builds
15:37:46copperyou got them on Head-Fi, right?
15:38:28copperbetter ask for support to the author
15:40:15headwhackerok tnx
15:57:14copperheadwhacker: does he provide source code?
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16:55:16TheSevendid anyone know that there is a classic 4G?
17:05:09copperTheSeven: with a firmware update for disabling the EU volume cap
17:06:21copperthere have been reports about it, yes
17:06:29copperwe talked about it a while ago
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17:31:48TheSevendoes anyone have a 4g?
17:34:28TheSevendualboot is finally working on 1g an 3g
17:34:33TheSevenand I don't have a 2g or 4g
17:35:25copper2G is thin 120 GB?
17:36:00TheSevenand 3g/4g are thin 160GB
17:36:09TheSevenand there are at least two sub-generations of the 3g
17:36:17TheSevenI seem to have the newer one
17:36:24TheSevenon which firmware 2.0.3 crashes
17:36:29copperthing is, I'm not even sure there's a way to differentiate the 3G and 4G on the packaging
17:36:34TheSeven2.0.4 is the only firmware that works on mine
17:36:54TheSeven4g only runs 2.0.5, and 2.0.5 only runs on 4g
17:37:24copperthen you have a 3G
17:37:31TheSeven2.0.3 will only run on 3.0g, but the 3.0g will likely run both 2.0.3 and 2.0.4
17:37:41TheSeventhe 3.1g will only run 2.0.4
17:37:47TheSeventhe 1g will only run 1.x
17:37:53TheSevennot sure what the 2g runs
17:38:08coppermine ran 2.0.4
17:38:22TheSeven2.0.4 seems to run on all 3.xg models
17:38:29TheSevenbut 2.0.3 only on 3.0g
17:38:29copperthat was the "latest" at the time (2 years ago)
17:38:59TheSeventhe only difference between 3.0g and 3.1g that I could find so far is a different LCD
17:40:32copper15:05:10 UTC <copper> TheSeven: with a firmware update for disabling the EU volume cap
17:40:36copperthat's 2.0.5
17:41:08coppermaybe Apple is only shipping one model everywhere
17:41:18copperI don't know
17:41:23*TheSeven ponders spoofing that his 3g would be a 4g
17:41:57copperI checked, 3Gs won't get the update
17:42:03copperthey're stuck on 2.0.4
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17:45:08TheSevenyes, and 2.0.5 crashes on them
17:45:18TheSevenbut it crashes because of a version check
17:45:31TheSevenlet's see what happens if I fake it to be a 4g for that check
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18:19:29TheSevencopper: 2.0.5 runs on a 3g, if you spoof th HW version
18:20:45TheSeveninterestingly the 2.0.4 firmware will run as well, suggesting that it might run on physical 4g models as well
18:21:26TheSevenI wonder if that new "generation" might only exist for legal reasons...
18:22:45*TheSeven wonders what the next step will be
18:26:21*TheSeven reminds people that g#897 needs reviewing
18:26:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #897 at : iPod Classic: Fix several ATA driver bugs. by Michael Sparmann
18:33:49 Quit ender` (Quit: On the other hand, you have different fingers.)
18:33:57TheSevenalso g#898
18:34:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #898 at : iPod Classic: Properly detect external power and charging state. by Michael Sparmann
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19:25:31copperTheSeven: did you see the option to lift the volume cap, in the 2.0.5 OF?
19:25:46TheSevenwhere ist that? didn't look for it...
19:26:02coppersomewhere in the settings, something like "max volume"
19:26:37copper"volume limit"
19:27:11TheSeventhat's present on every ipod
19:27:20TheSevenit just allows you to set an even lower, additional limit
19:27:42copperyes I know
19:27:53copperbut 2.0.5 has an addition "lift eu volume limit" dialog
19:28:56TheSevenlooks exactly like in 2.0.4
19:29:54copperthat's not a fake
19:30:54copperit's blurry on the first pic because the text is scrolling
19:31:01copperand it's been reported on Head-Fi too
19:31:05copperor ABI, I forget
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19:33:26TheSevenapparently my ipod was manufactured in october 2010
19:35:10TheSevenmaybe this only exists on devices sold outside of the EU?
19:35:23TheSevenI don't have a submenu there, it goes straight to the volume limit screen
19:35:30copperit reads 2010 on the back of your iPod?
19:36:08TheSevenno, there's no indication on the back
19:36:16TheSevenbut you can figure it out from the serial number
19:37:29TheSevenmine isn't an MC297, but an A1238 though
19:37:35TheSevenlet's fake that as well
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20:02:28TheSevenalso tried faking a newer serial number, doesn't help
20:02:37TheSevenso it must be basing that on some other information
20:06:09copperbtw, I/O noise is still there on my new SanDisk-branded Clip+
20:06:28copperI just can't hear it as loud with my less-isolating foam tips
20:06:43copperand it's too quiet to matter in practice
20:09:08copperit's just a bit disappointing
20:12:21copperI wonder if a Classic LOD feeding a good amp (audiophile style) would be dead silent
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20:43:17TheSevenalso tried faking a newer serial number, doesn't help
20:43:50TheSevendidn't try actually flashing another syscfg though
20:43:56TheSevenso maybe it's grabbing that directly from the flash
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