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#rockbox log for 2014-07-23

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12:05:41wodzpamaury: I think I know what is going on with yp-cp3. Dram config is dead broken in HEAD rk27load. I didn't check this yet but current code definitely doesn't work properly. Now considering this I think cp3 has 16MB of ram but organized differently then other generic rockchip daps. Since col/row config in mem controller is misconfigured we see on 1/4 of the whole memory.
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12:32:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision dcd8172, 253 builds, 27 clients.
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12:45:47copperdoes test_codec resample material that doesn't match the playback sampling rate?
12:46:01copperor does it decode only, no matter the sampling rate?
12:46:53copperfor instance: 48 kHz Opus files on a Clip+ with the playback sampling rate set to 44.1 kHz
12:47:10copperdoes the speed test result include resampling in that case?
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12:56:42wodzyou could probably check by running test with playback sampling rate set to 48 and then 44.1. If it is resampling you should see tiny difference
12:57:54copperthat's what I was thinking, but if there IS resampling, and the difference is tiny, how can I be sure that the difference isn't just a fluke between the two test runs?
12:58:37copperand how large a difference gets it out of the margin of error?
12:59:37wodzfrom the top of my head you should see something like a few MHz difference
13:00:16copperI'm going to run a battbench with 48 kHz FLAC on my Clip+ set to 44.1 kHz
13:00:25copperto measure the impact of resampling
13:00:44wodzthere were speed tests posted on gerrit when the hermite resampler was about to get in
13:00:59coppera couple of days ago I forget to reset the playback rate to 44.1 kHz and that made the battery life go from 15 hours down to 10 hours
13:01:12coppernow I want to make sure
13:01:44pamaurywodz: ok, that would explain the whole thing I guess
13:02:03wodzanyway jhMikeS or saratoga are the persons to ask probably
13:02:08pamaurygood news that you found out
13:02:34wodzpamaury: well the bug was there BUT I don't know if this is the only one :-)
13:04:18wodzI still wonder how this code worked so far. It crashed on first iteration most probably and mem controller state just happen to be correct for most widely used sdram setup. Thats my theory
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13:42:18kugelcopper: test_codec doesnt do any DSP by default, there is a separate menu item for that
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13:53:32wodzkugel: While this is crystal clear for eq and others, it is not for resampling in case of opus files for me.
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14:44:31jhMikeSwodz: if you want resampling included, use DSP, make sure playback is at 44.1kHz and turn off the rest of the effects
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14:52:20jhMikeS...or whoever the heck was asking this and that about that
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14:55:24jhMikeSbenchmarks are still there:">
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14:58:01jhMikeSsome armv4 comparisons with and without any DSP:">
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16:33:04NukaSodahello, i had a question about using the "pre-cut" in EQ settings as a volume limiter, does this lower the detail or quality of audio at all, besides lowering the volume? I cant tell much difference in quality but wondered from a technical standpoint if some one knows the possible negative effects. Thanks
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16:35:50gevaertsNukaSoda: if you use a current development build, there's a real volume limiter
16:37:13gevaertsThe EQ precut works, and might work well enough for most people, *but* it doesn't change the voice volume, so if you use voice as well, that will be disproportionally loud
16:37:34gevaertsThere should be no quality difference
16:41:26NukaSodaalright thanks, will try the dev build
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16:54:25NukaSodaAwesome, its works :) no more worry over faulty click pad jumping to max volume randomly!
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17:11:24SolarAquarionthe rockbox database is too slow when compared to the official database
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20:17:02wodzpamaury: So my theory was correct. Sdram controller init in rk27load stage1 is buggy. The device has 16MB of ram actually.
20:17:58wodznot cool thing is that stage1 init is still wrong even with today fix
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21:53:46wodzFinally whacked the mole.
21:56:53wodzOF now loads correctly with rk27load \o/
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22:12:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 345841a, 253 builds, 28 clients.
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22:16:00piknockyouanyone there?
22:16:20piknockyoui have a question regarding the clip+
22:16:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 251 seconds.
22:17:23piknockyouis there someone willing to help me?
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22:18:39piknockyou i have a question regarding the clip+
22:19:11wodzjust ask the damn question
22:21:38piknockyouoh, sorry. didn't expect someone just waiting for the question. wasn't sure someone was around. ^^does rockbox support keeping the directory structure of the imported files?
22:21:50piknockyousome of my music has no "meta"
22:22:15wodzyou organize files on player as you like, rockbox doesn't care
22:22:16piknockyoui have a perfect organsied directory. (library) I would like to keep it
22:23:35piknockyouso where is the option to do so? i mean, what is the default setting? sorting by meta or imported directory?
22:23:59the-kyleYou can just copy the files the way you want them.
22:24:56the-kyleIf you copy a directory, it Rockbox will keep it organized exactly the same as it was on the computer.
22:25:24gevaertsThere's no default as such. You either use the file browser to navigate, or you use the database. The database uses metadata
22:26:09piknockyouthank you very much for the answer. this was exactly what I was hoping for. I get a Clip+ and Rockbox now. ^^
22:26:32piknockyoui just need some other asurenesses ...
22:26:49piknockyou128 gb sdxc is supported with FAT, right?
22:27:43wodzyes, should work just fine
22:29:42piknockyouwould you recommend zip or clip+ for the navigation with rockbox?
22:33:34wodzits a matter of taste. zip has shitty color display, clip+ monochromatic oled. Other than this both players are virtually the same
22:34:35piknockyouhow does rockbox behave with the album art?
22:34:41piknockyoulet's say ...
22:35:44piknockyoui don't use database, but file browser. does it generate still the pictures in the folder, if yes, which one if there are several?
22:36:03piknockyoui guess it only works with database by meta, right?
22:36:21wodzpiknockyou: what about reading manual?
22:37:30piknockyouokay, I will, sorry, this was not such an important question. thanks for the answers. just one last question ...
22:38:31piknockyouat the codeclist on the rockbox site, it doesn't say it supports .m4a, but it does, doesn't it? mpeg includes m4a, right?
22:39:46wodzafaik m4a is container not the codec
22:40:33piknockyouyou just met a noob, ... i get myself better informed ....
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23:21:30bertrikmaybe I just haven't committed enough recently, but I'm getting a weird error: fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /rockbox
23:23:32 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:29:08bertrikanyone has any idea? would this be a problem with the git repo, or a problem on my end?
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