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#rockbox log for 2014-07-27

00:06:02preglowthe principe is: allocate the worst case amount of memory statically
00:06:49preglowfor malloc to work, we need a pretty big amount of memory just lying around unused, when buffer space for files used to be very important for reasons of getting the most playtime out of a battery charge
00:07:13preglowit's not as important as it used to be these days, with flash storage and rockbox as an app
00:07:24preglowbut it's still a very valid design principe, and you will see it used other places
00:07:40preglowit's really not that hard to work with, when you get used to it
00:07:59saratogafor app builds malloc is fine, for older devices, not so much
00:09:08preglowand getting out of the habit of using malloc/new for everything when there are so many other ways to manage memory (more efficiently) is good anyway
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01:34:22franklin[Saint]: I got the background drawing working in patch sets 21 and 22: :D
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04:58:38dongshi guise. im trying to replace a battery in clip+
04:59:10dongsand its like,, 3 wire stuff, and seems to have some circuit inside of it. does that mean charge circuit is inside that or is it just for temperature/crap monitoring
05:03:24TD-Linuxthere might be a safety cutoff
05:03:38TD-LinuxI would suggest putting that board on your new battery if it doesn't have it
05:04:31dongsoh hm
05:04:46dongsthats not a bad idea, just move whole thing over and replace cell
05:06:06dongsthe battery is pretty terrible capcity for size
05:06:09dongsby todays standards anyway
05:06:16dongsits only 290mAh, i have smaller, thinner 350mAh cells
05:14:37TD-Linuxit seems that the current dev version of rockbox does not build for the clip+ :(
05:15:10TD-Linuxdongs, yes. Though beware the source of said cells. I have definitely seem outright lies
05:15:15TD-Linuxnvm it just took long to boot
05:16:08TD-Linuxon both the stable and dev versions, usb mode is really buggy though.
05:16:13TD-Linuxas in, doesn't work at all.
05:16:55dongswell yeah
05:16:58dongsbut it cant be worse than waht i have now
05:17:05dongswhich only lasts like 6 hours
05:17:41[Saint]What the fuck happened to the forums?
05:20:01TD-Linuxfor some reason the rockbox internal storage reports "no media" on Linux
05:21:13*[Saint] would like to point out that git head most certainly /does/ build for Clip+
05:23:05dongsok seems tobe charging
05:23:12dongslets see if it lasts longer
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05:58:57dongsohh, 600mAH
05:59:15dongsand looks liek same kinda circuit as in clip+
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07:43:24TD-Linuxyeah you have no idea what the temp line does though.
07:43:38TD-Linuxalso never trust ebay capacities.
07:43:47dongswritten on thebattery :)
07:43:51TD-Linuxthey are usually outright lies
07:44:01TD-Linuxyeah that battery is manufactured by BAK
07:44:04dongsand since its sansa shit its probably identical charge/etc circuit
07:44:37TD-Linuxoh, yeah the circuit is probably the same then
07:44:50TD-Linuxif that's the capacity that the original fuze+ had then that's probably legit
07:45:08TD-Linuxbut I've had bad experience with BAK in particular. they are really cheap though.
07:45:22TD-Linuxbut they do routinely lie about the printed capacity.
07:45:45dongsthe one i pulled from abused clip+ is also BAK - same style printing etc
07:45:49dongsand the 2d code
07:45:53dongsso its proly legit
07:47:18TD-Linuxone time for a ~2000 battery order from BAK they sent us lower grade cells by mistake for a few of the cases
07:47:44TD-Linuxthey realized it and sent us extra cells that were the correct grade. but they ended up arriving at the same time and there was no marking distinguishing them
07:48:26TD-Linuxthey did actually meet their capacity specification though for the ones we tested.
07:48:43TD-Linuxalso the failure rate after 3ish years was ridiculous.
07:49:19dongsi think this battery did pretty good, it has been cycled daily from empty to full
07:49:23dongsfor ~2 years
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11:33:16drvinkis there an option to disable drive sleep while rockbox is in usb mode? (using an ipod 6g)
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