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#rockbox log for 2014-07-28

00:00:08semitonesMy brother had a question about rockbox −− is there a development branch?
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00:12:00semitonesAlso what should I do if my player hangs on the boot screen (Sansa Clip+)
00:16:51semitonessometimes it boots up ok but sometimes not
00:19:28semitonesnow I have *panic* mount: 0
00:23:29semitonesShould I just reformat my rockbox directory? This thread seems to suggest that the file system could be corrupt:
00:35:24[Saint]semitones: there is a development build, yes. Our fine main page,, can answer that for you.
00:35:32[Saint]And, no, shit no.
00:35:38[Saint]If the player panics, reboot it.
00:35:48[Saint]You don't format your PC when it crashes, do you?
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00:46:25semitones[Saint]: thanks! Rebooting doesn't fix it though. Not sure what to do.
00:47:38[Saint]You may find you'll have to use the Original Firmware for USB transactions.
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00:48:02[Saint]A few people still can't seem to maintain a connection with a host even with the current development builds.
00:48:08[Saint]ANd no one really seems to know why.
00:48:51semitonesHmm, so you think I need to connect it with USB, check the filesystem, and that could fix it?
00:49:23[Saint]Given past history of prior users, no. I doubt it will.
00:49:29semitonesWell hooray, it still boots into OF!
00:49:36[Saint]Yes. As it should.
00:49:51semitonesSo what is your advice from this point forward to get a bootable rockbox?
00:51:36[Saint]If it boot perfectly well in the OF, but only _sometimes_ in Rockbox (and, I assume, after the fact, runs normally?), it sounds as though it may be a timing issue. I'm really not sure.
00:52:42[Saint]You could, of course, format the storage partitions if you wanted to go down that route, but with the information given I would find it unlikely to resolve the issue.
00:53:39[Saint]I must admit to having misread your initial query.
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00:57:23semitonesI admit I wrote it in a confusing way. Yes, when it does boot, it works fairly normally. Except sometimes it loses the current playlist −− it stops playing at the end of the song, and then has "nothing to resume". Today though, it wouldn't boot up into rockbox at all. It has worked with no issues for about a year's time.
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00:58:08semitonesI suspect I'll need to use it in the OF for a time and see if it has any problems.
00:58:23semitonesThen would it be possible or helpful to reinstall rockbox and start fresh?
00:58:27[Saint]Do you safely remove the device upon ejection, or just yank it and pray?
00:58:38[Saint](hint: don't do the latter - write cache)
00:58:57semitonesI try to always safely remove it −− but when it was in bootloader usb mode, that wasn't an option
00:59:46[Saint]Its worth checking for filesystem inconsistency, but I don't _think_ its going to turn up anything.
00:59:52[Saint]I would like to be wrong, though.
01:01:26semitonesjust got it to appear in gparted by changing to msc mode −− checking file system now
01:02:38semitoneswell shit, that made gparted crash
01:03:06[Saint]Ohhh. Fun.
01:03:26[Saint]I may need to get out my hat eating sauce.
01:04:56semitoneshaha well gparted shouldn't usually crash
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01:11:58semitoneswhew. for a second there, I thought the OF was stuck on the flower logo
01:23:07semitoneswould deleting all rockbox settings possibly fix the boot issue?
01:23:39[Saint]Unlikely. But it couldn't /hurt/.
01:23:55semitonesok. I think I just used fsck correctly
01:32:40semitonesI don't see anything in config.cfg that looks problematic.
01:33:58semitonesWould you recommend for or against using rockbox utility to reinstall rockbox?
01:34:38[Saint]It can't hurt.
01:39:59[Saint]scorche: is there any particular reason, at this very moment, why the forums would be _particularly_ slow?
01:52:53[Saint]It took about two minutes for me to post a reply.
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01:55:03franklinHi [Saint]
02:06:35franklin[Saint]: do you know the specifics of the internal bitmap format? I would like to negate a bitmap.
02:21:06[Saint]Who's confident enough to be able to parse and help me crush it to a single viewport/declaration?
02:21:29[Saint]JdGordon, perhaps? pixelma?
02:21:48[Saint]I'm just _not_ seeing how to do it. But It /should/ be possible.
02:22:19JdGordonyou forget, I cant read skin code at all!
02:23:02[Saint]I /thiiiink/ I've done this before.
02:23:13[Saint]I just can't remember what magic fuckery I used to pull it off.
02:27:08[Saint]JdGordon: viewports/bitmaps/touch idents/etc. can all share an ident without conflict, yes? Or need they be unique?
02:27:20[Saint]trying to eliminate potential problems.
02:27:39JdGordonyes, but you probably shouldnt do that or your code will be unreadable/confusing
02:27:52JdGordonbut yeah, each thing that needs id's have their own id pool
02:28:10[Saint]right. thanks.
02:28:40JdGordon... unless I fucked up :p
02:38:55[Saint]Ohhhh...for fucks sake.
02:38:59[Saint]What's wrong with:
02:39:21[Saint]I suspect %if doesn't like %vg
02:39:39*[Saint] pokes some more
02:41:04[Saint]The %if may be superfluous.
02:41:58[Saint]hmmm. inded.
02:45:16[Saint] ...?
02:46:52franklin[Saint], are there any library functions that negate a bitmap?
02:47:26franklinOr is it safe to just NOT each byte?
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02:58:33[Saint]Ohhhhh. Fucks sake. I *can* crush it into one viewport. ANd it works. But for some reason I can't comprehend the variable I'm setting jiggles back and forth twice between 1 and 2 before settling on the assigned value.
02:59:11[Saint]What would cause that behaviour, from:
02:59:34*[Saint] summons copper as well
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03:00:53JdGordonI con't remember how %Tl works
03:00:59JdGordonbut possibly its doing toch then untouch?
03:01:39[Saint]there's only a "true" for that %Tl statement.
03:02:50[Saint]Its not a big deal.
03:03:00[Saint]I have it working the way I want it to.
03:03:04[Saint]Well, kinda.
03:03:36[Saint]For an as yet unknown reason the variant I have that works, using two viewports, draws a fat black line across the album art.
03:03:56[Saint]But, in theory that doesn't matter, as it will be drawn over.
03:04:29[Saint]I can only see it now because the skin is in a weird debug state where I can twiddle individual variables to make sure everything works.
03:08:49franklin[Saint]: what safe ways are there to modify a bitmap? could I cast away the const?
03:09:12[Saint]No idea.
03:09:50franklinMost targets don't have a MMU, so they shouldn't care if I modify const memory, right?
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03:15:41JdGordonyou should make a copy of the bitma before fiddling
03:15:56JdGordonbut yeah, generally they'll be loaded somewhere you can write to
03:17:10franklinJdGordon: so how much RAM does a plugin get?
03:17:24franklinAlso, how can I find the size of a bitmap (in bytes)?
03:17:43JdGordonnot much, there is a function to get the avilable bufer size
03:17:56JdGordonand i tihnk the bmp_load() can tell you how many bytes it needs
03:18:01JdGordoncant check for you know though
03:18:58drvink_is there an option to disable drive sleep only while rockbox is in usb mode? (using an ipod 6g)
03:19:02 Nick drvink_ is now known as drvink (
03:19:22franklindrvink: I would love that, but I don't think there is
03:19:50drvinkyeah...i could only find an option to change the timer before the drive is told to sleep
03:20:00drvinkand there's no "don't" option
03:20:22franklindrvink: can you program?
03:20:43drvinki can, i was thinking of adding it if i ever have time
03:21:15drvink(on a long list of many things to do if i ever have time!)
03:21:37drvinkare there docs anywhere on getting a toolchain set up for rockbox?
03:21:53franklintools/ will do it all for you
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03:22:30*drvink takes a look
03:23:57[Saint]drvink: you almost certainly don't want to do this.
03:24:35[Saint]The device will either fail to charge at all, or charge VERY slowly.
03:24:54franklin[Saint]: how much power does the disk use?
03:25:24[Saint]Enough that with the LCD on and the disk spinning up that it'll discharge despite being actively powered.
03:25:25franklinDid anyone notice how slow the forums were earlier?
03:25:41drvink[Saint]: i'll try putting the ipod in apple's disk mode and see if it aggressively sleeps it as well−−if it doesn't, i would assume (hope) that it could draw enough to charge while spinning the disk
03:26:02franklindrvink: how do you dual-boot?
03:26:25drvinkdisk mode should always work, according to the rockbox wiki
03:26:33franklindrvink: how?
03:26:54[Saint]The iPod Classic 6G is a totally different creature.
03:27:25franklindrvink: you can
03:27:27franklindrvink: you can't
03:27:31[Saint]You removed the original firmware, and associated disk mode(s), when you installed the (unsupported) emCORE.
03:27:37drvinkoh ok
03:28:03drvinkwell, i could put the original firmware back on and see what it does in disk mode :p
03:28:12franklindrvink: you can't
03:28:38[Saint]That's just plain untrue.
03:28:44[Saint]Of course he can.
03:28:47franklin[Saint]: how?
03:28:51drvinkdfu mode
03:29:05[Saint]DFU; restore with iTunes.
03:29:17[Saint]As the Freemyipod wiki states.
03:29:21franklin[Saint]: no iTunes
03:29:33drvinkitunes will find it in dfu
03:29:35[Saint]Well, that's your problem.
03:30:05[Saint]You /can/ restore without iTunes, but it would means one of us would have to hold you hand whilst doing so.
03:30:13franklinNo window$ no apple, how?
03:30:37[Saint]Look. This is really outside the scope of this channel.
03:30:46[Saint]The Classic is unsupported, and you know it.
03:31:15franklin[Saint]: like what would be involved? soldering?
03:31:18[Saint]So restoring from your unsupported third party bootloader isn't really within the scope of discussion.
03:31:30drvinkthis seems like a worthwhile thing to investigate, but if there are (other) devices where it would cause the device to not charge or discharge, it seems the likelihood of such a patch being accepted would be low (maybe it could be placed in a debug/experimental menu?)
03:31:50drvinkjust want to know before i spend any time on it
03:32:22[Saint]If the LCD was off, or perhaps LCD on, and backlight off, it might charge...slowly.
03:33:10[Saint]But unless you're charging from a fast charging port, or a Mac, spec says it can only get 500mA, so it'd take some time to charge.
03:34:43[Saint]maybe you could bodge up a custom 30pin ridax/iDevice USB y-cable.
03:34:54[Saint]draw from 2 ports.
03:35:44franklin[Saint]: is there any way to read the data being sent over USB in windows? that way i could reverse-engineer iTunes... 100% serious!
03:35:54[Saint]drvink: why is it may I ask that you wish to prevent the disk from spinning down at all?
03:36:13franklinit takes time to spin back up
03:36:30drvinkwhat he said, it makes accessing the drive slow/annoying when you're just using it as a portable disk
03:36:47[Saint]franklin: its already been done, ask google about libgpod.
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03:37:26[Saint]It only takes a couple of seconds to spin up. o_o
03:37:58drvinkwell, constant spinups increase wear on the disk too
03:38:08[Saint]If you want immediate access to portable data, a spinning platter isn't your friend.
03:38:37drvinkalso, if you're doing something like playing the music on the disk in foobar or whatever, it'll skip at the beginning of each new track
03:39:27franklin[Saint]: do I need to write my own frontend!?
03:39:48drvinki disable firmware-induced sleep on every drive i own (like wd blues) too, it's a misfeature if it's something the drive does on its own instead of allowing the host to control it
03:40:16franklin[Saint]: sorry... :S
03:40:29drvinkthere are places where that sort of behavior will break things too, like (OT, sorry) using a sleepy disk on an xbox 360
03:40:39drvinkso i just generally dislike aggressive drive sleeping
03:41:30[Saint]you could checkout the source and recompile with a silly spindown time.
03:42:09drvinkwell, the spindown time is good if you're using it off-usb though, an actual ipod
03:42:12[Saint]the maximum value listed in the settings is highly likely to be completely arbitrary
03:43:00franklinMaybe just add a "Never" option with some warning like "WILL NOT CHARGE"
03:43:17drvinkthat's what i was thinking
03:43:38franklinBut then people start wondering why their iPods wont charge at all
03:43:46drvinktheir fault for ignoring the warning :)
03:44:38[Saint]Its not necessarily a given that it won't charge. But depending on the individual setup the user has, it very well may take a very long time to charge, or be actively discharging.
03:45:03[Saint](despite claiming otherwise - the classic is a bit weird)
03:45:40[Saint]It only knows about having external power, and wanting to charge/being able to, not necessarily that it _is_ charging. To my understanding.
03:46:03franklindrvink: have you ever noticed crazy battery readings on your classic? 30 to 50% in 10 seconds
03:46:06drvinkthe ipod classic has its own pmu that handles that stuff, right?
03:46:09[Saint]So its quite possible for it to claim it is charging despite actively discharging.
03:46:10drvinkfranklin: no, i haven't
03:47:30drvinki haven't had any problems with rockbox on the classic so far
03:47:39drvinkreally happy it's (unofficially) supported these days
03:47:44franklindrvink: just no Doom :(
03:47:51drvinkhaha, someone ported doom to it?
03:48:01[Saint]What? Doom works on the Classic.
03:48:01franklin[Saint]: why does Doom not work?
03:48:09[Saint]It does.
03:48:17franklin[Saint]: it hangs around initializing graphics engine...
03:48:26[Saint]Works for me.
03:48:44franklintrying it now
03:49:00franklinstill hangs
03:49:13[Saint]Are you using the Freedom WAD?
03:49:30franklin[Saint]: does it work with other ones?
03:49:30[Saint]I don't know what to say. It works for me.
03:49:38ikeboyWhere would I put code to run at rockbox startup after the filesystems have been loaded?
03:49:39drvinksomeone should do mp3doom...killing different monsters changes the music to random tracks on your device
03:50:11franklinNothing will happen unless someone who can do it wants to do it and does it
03:50:32[Saint]I usually never touch that shit. Surprisingly, I use my DAP for audio. :)
03:50:50franklin[Saint]: mine is for playing 2048, mainly :D
03:50:53[Saint]My main menu only has 3 items on it. Files, Resume Playback, and Settings.
03:51:13[Saint]Everything else is useless cruft to me. :)
03:51:14franklinWhat do you have?
03:51:37[Saint]A metric shittonne of different iPods
03:51:50[Saint]And a few sansas.
03:52:00[Saint]That horrible Cowon D2 thing.
03:52:10[Saint]ummm..some assorted irivers.
03:52:19[Saint]a gigabeat S.
03:52:40franklin[Saint]: have hardware manufacturers ever collaborated with RB devs to port Rockbox to their devices, or has it been reverse-engineering all along?
03:52:47[Saint]...oh, a YP-R0.
03:54:08[Saint]To my knowledge there has been no active collaboration. No.
03:58:14franklindrvink: can you play doom?
03:59:53drvinkhaven't tried. which classic do you have?
04:01:02franklinoldest (160GB, fat, 2007), the "real"
04:01:24drvinki've got a thin 120gb, so i can give it a try. where do i get it?
04:01:55franklinclick on extras on rockbox website
04:02:10[Saint]rbutil can install it. Or, its available via the extras packages on
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04:04:19franklinI heard somewhere that it didn't work on classic, several years ago
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04:07:31franklindrvink: have you tried it yet?
04:07:37drvinkjust installed it, trying now
04:08:59drvinkfreezes at "starting graphics engine" :x
04:09:26franklinsame here... i'll add some debug statements after it
04:09:45[Saint]Hmmm. I'm fairly certain I was playing Doom on a Classic fairly recently.
04:09:58[Saint]I don't have one laying around just now though.
04:10:11[Saint]It has definitely worked in the past.
04:16:10franklinI'm not sleeping till its fixed
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04:17:15franklin[Saint]: seems like a bug in malloc, maybe?
04:17:44franklinmaybe it's returning nul
04:19:42ploco[Saint]: you want to toggle the state of variable? the code is going to be messy
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04:21:08franklin[Saint]: actually, no. It doesn't freeze in the Graphics Engine init, it freezes in status bar.
04:21:15[Saint]%if is entirely superfluous in every case used there.
04:21:55[Saint]Note: I do have this working already, in a much simpler fashion, I might add.
04:23:52plocoThe if was there for readability. and just like what I said, single line toggle looks messy.
04:23:58[Saint]and your example above suffers from the same problem I had earlier when I crushed it down into a _much_ simpler statement.
04:24:19[Saint]It "wobbles" the variable back and forth before actually setting it correctly.
04:24:27[Saint]I must not have that happen.
04:25:19JdGordon[Saint]: you got a demo for 1920*1080 yet?
04:25:48plocogee... I made a mistake. the %xd should before the %?Tl
04:26:11[Saint]doesn't matter.
04:26:18plocoJdGordon: 1920*1080 or 1080*1920?
04:26:32JdGordonportait.. whichever that is :p
04:26:51JdGordonthe latter?
04:27:53plocothere's a few 1080p theme in rockboxcn. let me have a look
04:28:42franklin[Saint]: It goes all the way to D_DoomLoop
04:30:01JdGordon.rar? :(
04:30:57JdGordonthanks, i'm downloading, very slow server
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04:37:57ploco[Saint]: I think the code i post was buggy. Could you give me a chance to show you the original code I mod from
04:41:25[Saint]there's a lot of redundancy in that code.
04:42:14[Saint]and, for my requirements, its still unusable.
04:42:58[Saint]I'll just leave it the way I have it. Thanks anyway.
04:43:43plocosorry it doesn't help, this a truth table approach I learned from old rockboxcn few months ago.
04:45:46[Saint]that's my solution.
04:46:17[Saint]two viewports, with no need for complicated switching statements.
04:47:46plocolooks really nice :)
04:48:27[Saint]Feel free to steal the method, share and share alike, etc. :)
04:49:08plococan't wait, I want the whole thing
04:52:12plocoI bet It's gonna be the best tutorial for who ever what to make their own theme. (Over the otherside they turn to use single character for every variable which is so unreabile)
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06:30:19[Saint]1.451412 megabytes
06:30:37[Saint]Not exactly the lean theme I was aiming for.
06:31:21[Saint]can't help the fonts though.
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07:14:40TheSevenactually an ipod classic will probably charge slowly even with the disk spinning (but otherwise idle), at least at the default LCD brightness, if the bus can supply 500mA
07:15:21TheSevenit should be consuming like 350mA
07:15:53TheSevenit might discharge if the disk is moving the heads a lot though, e.g. during file transfers, or if you have modded it with an SSD
07:16:30TheSevendrvink: also, apple disk mode does aggressively sleep the disk as well
07:16:37 Quit bpZero (Remote host closed the connection)
07:17:47TheSevenalso a fast charging port won't help, it technically can't draw more than 500mA
07:18:44TheSevenyou can actually restore an ipod classic to the original firmware without itunes, on linux, and without any hardware modifications. you have to use some custom tools and apple binaries though, basically mimicing what itunes is doing
07:20:28TheSeven[Saint]: the hardware knows that it is charging, and I've recently pushed a patch to gerrit to make rockbox actually use that information
07:20:35TheSevenhowever that patch introduced another bug
07:30:13 Join mortalis [0] (~kvirc@
07:32:49 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
07:37:31drvinkTheSeven: ah, thank you!
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08:07:32 Join FuzeUser132 [0] (470cb116@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
08:08:04FuzeUser132Hello, I have a problem with my Sansa Fuze v1 with the latest rockbox. Basically, the home and playlist buttons are backwards. How do I fix this?
08:10:55 Quit FuzeUser132 (Client Quit)
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09:00:10pixelma[Saint]: see? And you said "probably dodgy touchscreen" ;) . It's likely the same I meant with "bounciness" of the touch events. I haven't looked at your code yet but the way I got rid of the visual effects was by using another short timeout, making the code less readable again but it worked for me. If I don't forget I can paste snippets later (chatting from my phone currently making this a bit awkward atm)
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09:18:27kugelgrrr, stop stuffing workarounds into skin code and make proper bug reports instead
09:22:54[Saint]I...I didn't.
09:23:02[Saint]I found a nice way to do it.
09:23:07[Saint]Well, I think so. :)
09:25:17kugelthis was a general statement, i dont know what specific issue/fix/workaround you were talking about
09:26:49*[Saint] finds it highly unlikely that the statement was indeed general and not linked to any of the previous discussions
09:26:56[Saint]But, hey.
09:27:57 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:31:11[Saint]And, I wouldn't necessarily class some of this behaviour as bugs, either.
09:31:56[Saint]It would rather be more akin to feature requests.
09:33:45kugel[Saint]: it was general, but your discussion (actually pixelma's statement only) reminded me of making it
09:34:25[Saint]So, in that case, who's stuffing what where?
09:42:29kugelno idea
09:42:58kugelpixelma's statement sounds like she added a workaround to her theme
09:54:28 Join kugel_ [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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10:26:39pixelmawell, yes I did, but actually describing what happens as a bug is not as simple
10:29:41pixelmaand if I find something that I can describe, I usually make a bug report
10:33:22 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
10:37:30 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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10:57:25 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
11:00:23pixelma[Saint]: my solution looks very similar to yours, with the difference being that I nested one %Tl in one more %Tl (I don't remember why currently) and used a timeout of 0.5 seconds
11:00:54[Saint]good to know we're on a similar page.
11:01:03[Saint]makes me have more faith that I did the right thing.
11:03:29[Saint]pixelma: maybe you can make use of this -
11:03:49[Saint]Its a cute touchscreen fix for a situation that pissed me off for years.
11:05:08pixelmahmm, maybe... when I find the motivation to go on finishing my theme, getting the ideas it out of my head and into something usable
11:05:48[Saint]play/pause icon disappearing when seeking was the bane of my existence for a while there.
11:06:02[Saint]The fix occured to me in a half sleeping/half waking state.
11:06:10[Saint]And I woke up suddenly to write it down. :)
11:08:54 Quit yosafbridge (Quit: ERC Version 5.3 (IRC client for Emacs))
11:09:42pixelmaI really wish I could use something like "%Vf(%St(line selector start color)) to make the colours user settable - foreground, background, and one or two highlight colours. Something I wanted, same as copper - and colour changing on different states of different things (sleep mode set or whatever) is something I used for almost as long as %Vf/%Vb exist though with two fixed highlight colours
11:10:46[Saint]you could do it, but you would need separate viewports for the state chages.
11:10:55[Saint]and, it wouldn't be trivial.
11:11:35[Saint]If you get around to the attempt I would be happy to poke my nose in, it would be a welcome break from the theme I'm perpetually working on.
11:12:06pixelmaI know how to do the state changes
11:13:21pixelmabut I want to get rid of hard coded colour values and having a tag inside %Vf/b is not allowed currently - the wps is rejected.
11:14:32 Join yosafbridge [0] (~yosafbrid@
11:14:51[Saint]If it were a touch theme, you could build a toggle to cycle through predefined colors.
11:14:52pixelma%St(line selector start color) for itself will give me the correct value as a string but the only way to make use of that would be in %if statements which is not really usable
11:15:00[Saint]But, that's not really the same thing at all.
11:15:31[Saint]yes. that's how copper handled it, iiuc.
11:16:14[Saint]rather than displaying the arbitrary hex value, whatever it may be, I believe he checks for a few _specific_ values.
11:16:35[Saint]and has a bunch of configs.
11:17:44[Saint]you could build a conditional statement around %St(line selector start color) with 16 million cases. ;)
11:18:01copperit gets worse
11:18:32copperthe test will be different if the hex color value is all numbers and no letter
11:18:44copperand you'll have to add 1 to the tested value :)
11:18:51JdGordonso i have to agree with kugel here... if you have complaints with the skin engine, file some bugs or emails
11:19:20[Saint]and I have to go back to "who's complaining?"
11:19:33[Saint]and "its NEVER clear what is a bug or intended behaviour"
11:19:34 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
11:19:42copperand, you'll have to test for hex values in lowercase AND in uppercase!
11:19:56JdGordonpixelma is complaining about not being able t put %St inside %Vf?
11:20:22[Saint]I don't see it that way.
11:20:35[Saint]She merely made a statement regarding accepted syntax.
11:20:46[Saint]Her request wouldn;t be a bug.
11:20:51[Saint]Its a feature request.
11:21:52pixelmayeah, I'll admit that rockbox (and themes) isn't very high priority in my life at the moment. I'll even looked at parts of the code and thought I could figure out the necessary changes myself but didn't take the time to do so up till now
11:22:07kugelit doesn't need to be clear if it's a bug or intended or a "could be improved", this question can be resolved after the bug report is opened
11:22:14kugelit doesnt need to be answered beforehand
11:23:07copperwas the casing thing fixed btw? I can't remember.
11:23:34[Saint]The who in the what now?
11:24:17copperhex colors that could be tested only in lowercase or only in uppercase, depending on the target (and depending on whether you're running a sim or an actual device)
11:24:54[Saint]heh. that's a fun one.
11:25:19copperyes, it multiples %?if() nesting by two!
11:25:50[Saint]...ok, an array of 32 million conditional statements. :)
11:26:06[Saint]I suspect so.
11:26:32JdGordon[Saint]: the only difference between bug and feature is when it is reported in the release cycle!
11:26:44JdGordonand yeah, im open to requests
11:26:59pixelmathe "bouncing" or "wobbling" as [Saint] put it for touch areas that set variables is really hard to describe and may not even show on all touch screens or maybe only in some themes :\
11:27:57[Saint]As a theme author, I have to say that pixelma hit the nail on the ehad with saying that not having an accurate understanding of expected behaviour in all cases makes things incredibly difficult.
11:28:46kugelthere is not even always an expected behavior
11:29:13kugelthat doesnt mean no bug should be reported
11:31:19pixelmaI really don't disagree, but *I* don't know how to tell the coders my issue with it
11:31:20JdGordondont call them bugs and all is good :)
11:31:46JdGordonpixelma: supply an example wps then
11:36:41pixelmaI might still have my "playground" wps that already showed it, I could file it under "thing that currently needs workaround in wps" or so :P
11:55:12coppercan someone run on an iPod Classic, plug into USB, and tell me the vendor and product USB IDs?
11:55:32copperI can't remember if I applied the 0x123A 0x456B patch for OS X
11:57:48copperthere's an 'M' in the build number, so I clearly applied a patch
11:57:59copperbut I can't remember which one
12:06:32copperyup, it's got the USB ID patch applied
12:13:26copper(it occurred to me that I didn't need to have a working display on my iPod for that)
12:14:00copperanyway, I added the patch, which was missing since I stopped distributing daily builds for it
12:17:07 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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16:30:44 Join franklin [0] (47474769@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:31:32franklinIs there any way to detect that the DAP is about to shut down from a plugin?
16:32:19 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
16:34:09franklinOr will an exit handler do?
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16:58:00pamauryfranklin: not that I remember, maybe atexit, if we provide one
16:58:33 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Leaving)
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17:10:53franklinpamaury: there is atexit, but does it get triggered on shutdown?
17:11:32pamauryit should, best is to test
17:20:51 Quit franklin (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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21:31:17franklin_Would anyone oppose a cookie-clicker style plugin? Maybe people would start complaining about breaking their select buttons... :D
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22:13:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 86fa139, 253 builds, 28 clients.
22:23:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 587 seconds.
22:25:49b0hooncould someone remind me what is the procedure of releasing bootloader? I've never done it on git.
22:46:58 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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22:59:40franklin_just realized that the clip zip screen si 96x96!!!
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