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#rockbox log for 2014-07-29

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00:24:27saratogab0hoon: tag a release in git, then send the swedes a binary to put on the website
00:25:13saratoganot sure offhand how you tag though :)
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01:46:08[Saint]Pre-load and display of skin elements is handled fairly inconsistently.
01:47:21[Saint]Need to make it so that it barfs on *every* instance of "preloaded but never called", and/or "called without pre-load".
01:47:59[Saint]IIUC, this is the intended behaviour.
01:48:57[Saint]But as it is now I can check for variables that were never set, and attempt to display viewports that don't exist.
01:49:48*[Saint] will need to provide some form of "reliably_demonstrates_broken_shit.wps".
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02:11:50JdGordon[Saint]: ?
02:15:28[Saint]JdGordon: just some inconsistency of the way the skin engine handles preloads.
02:15:47JdGordonpreloads of what?
02:16:45[Saint]an %xl, with no %xd, will barf. But a %Vl, with no %Vd, won't, ...and I can check for variables that were never set (which should barf), etc.
02:17:29[Saint]An %Fl won't barf if the font it preloads is never called.\
02:17:35[Saint]Really really.
02:17:47JdGordonwhy should it barf if loaded but not used?
02:19:07[Saint]checkwps needs it to make sure the theme isn;t stuffed full of totally useless elements.
02:19:46[Saint]Its not particularly problematic, but the way it differs amongst various preloaded elements is wildly inconsistent.
02:20:35JdGordonfixing that will likely brea themes
02:20:43*[Saint] nods
02:21:28JdGordonis it just checkwps barfing?
02:22:22[Saint]No. A theme won't load if there's an %xl that's never %xd'd.
02:23:04[Saint]But, its happy to load if there's an %Fl that's never used in a viewport.
02:23:10JdGordonok, i have no idea why! I cant see anything obvious to trigger that
02:23:36[Saint]To me, it makes perfect sense.
02:23:38JdGordonthe fonts are pretty easy to check
02:23:45[Saint]I _like_ that it barfs here. I think it should.
02:23:57JdGordonyeah, I'm not disagreeing, just wondering why it does
02:24:07JdGordondoes checkwps give an error?
02:24:17[Saint]But it'd be nice if it also barfed on all the other instances of trying to load something that doesn't exist, or loading something that never gets called.
02:24:57JdGordonsend me an email or file a bug
02:25:08*[Saint] nods
02:25:11JdGordonyou shoud be able to make the font loading barf by yourself, that should be esy
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03:25:28[Saint]...sometimes I go a bit overboard with my descriptions.
03:26:09franklin[Saint]: do you know if atexit handlers are called when the DAP shuts down from inactivity?
03:33:07franklinAs in they aren't called, or you don't know? :)
03:33:19[Saint]The latter.
03:34:16franklinOr is there another way to have a function called when the DAP shuts down?
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03:51:29franklinHey saratoga, what's your real name?
03:52:49[Saint]Michael Giacomelli
03:54:07franklinMy time zone :D
03:55:27franklinThe wiki isn't exactly the most friendly place :)
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03:59:27franklin[Saint]: so will next release be 3.14 or 4.0?
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04:03:11jhMikeSto be or not to be, what's it to me/
04:06:59jhMikeSummm 3141000???
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04:40:12[Saint]You're pretty desperate for a way to make this largely meaningless string of numerals connect with a _completely_ meaningless date, on the assumption that there will be a release, aren't you?
04:42:06saratogaFWIW, g#566 seems to be working nicely
04:42:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #566 at : Rewrite filesystem code (WIP) by Michael Sevakis
04:42:12saratogawould be nice to have other people testing it though
04:42:27[Saint]Ah, good to hear.
04:42:37jhMikeSit's will be on 03/14/15
04:42:38[Saint]The first iteration thereof I couldn't get to compile.
04:43:24[Saint]jhMikeS: get out of here with that shitty date,, guy!
04:43:37jhMikeSit's the only way the joke works
04:44:30saratogai'll play around with it for a couple days and see if i get anything to break
04:45:08jhMikeSsaratoga: do try but it's not like I've not been at it for awhile
04:45:26saratogasure, but having different use cases is helpful for large changes
04:46:12*[Saint] isn't sure that "large" cuts the mustard here.
04:46:34saratogayes it will be somewhat frightening to pull the trigger on such a large change
04:46:36[Saint]"gi-fuckin'-huge-o-mungous" comes close.
04:46:52jhMikeSthe best bet would be phone apps and targets I don't have but the stuffs all pretty much the same
04:47:19jhMikeS[Saint]: It ain't even really done because it made so much incompatible
04:47:29*[Saint] nods
04:47:54[Saint]I see some areas that pave the way for additional filesystems.
04:48:00[Saint]Or, at least, lay some groundwork.
04:48:24saratogaSamsung YP-R0 might be interesting to test it on for instance
04:48:26jhMikeSsure, it'll get paved more so trying to do dircache for the sim since that sort of has to be treated as such
04:48:37*[Saint] really wants EXT4/VFAT
04:48:46[Saint](on non-hosted targets)
04:49:13saratogaexfat would also be nice now that there is pretty stable open source implementations available
04:49:14jhMikeSI don't think that would boot in most cases
04:49:17the-kyleMmmmmmm! Est4!
04:50:12[Saint]saratoga: I wouldn't even call it "pretty stable". I'd say its absolutely ready for prime time.
04:50:13jhMikeSinodes all around
04:50:22[Saint]Its been torture tested by the Android community.
04:50:40saratogai haven't tried it yet, but i saw some android flavors use it
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08:25:59[Saint]Queue extremely delayed response:
08:25:59[Saint]Well, I've been using it in AOSPA on various devices...codina, codinap, find5, find7, flo, grouper, hammerhead, maguro, mako
08:26:53[Saint]I probably missed a few there.
08:28:24[Saint](not that I actively use all those devices mind you, though each has had its fair turn, most of them sit in a big pile in my drawer...hibernating)
08:51:04JdGordonand what advantages does it ive over fat32 for us?
08:54:19saratogasxcd sd cards come preformatted with it
08:54:35saratogaotherwise its basically just an updated fat32 (bigger file support, etc)
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08:57:33[Saint]some users hit the file limit with ridiculously long audiobook+queue combos
08:57:36saratogai guess overhead is probably more favorable for large devices as well, but probably we don't care
08:57:42[Saint]but, I admit its an edge case.
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08:59:46saratogaits marginally useful, but the android source i saw looked surprisingly simple so its worth considering
08:59:55saratogai don't think its a complex format
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09:09:45[Saint]Oh holy shitballs.
09:10:02[Saint]Why did I not know about before now?
09:10:23[Saint]Here am I installing the Oracle JDK/JRE like a complete mug.
09:12:50[Saint]I _just_ finished the complete PITfuckingA process of switching from JDK?JRE 7 to JDK/JRE 8, whilst making sure everything played nice with my AOSPA sources and RaaA for Android...and then I found that that third party source that handles the Oracle JDK/JRE exactly like flashplugin-installer.
09:13:12[Saint]It doesn't actually include the packages, just a means of automation.
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09:49:52pamaurydo we have an SVG version of our logo ?
09:49:58pamaurygevaerts: ?
09:51:15pamauryah yeah in the manual
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10:31:21pixelmapamaury: It's a bit different from the original as it doesn't have the brushed metal structure in the "box" letters. You can also find a high resolution tiff somewhere (maybe www or so, don't remember)
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11:22:58b0hooni get an error when i do: git push origin <tag> - prohibited by Gerrit. What am i doing wrong? Or do i need additional permission?
11:24:30gevaertsI think you do, but I think you can add yourself
11:24:42pamauryb0hoon: you need to add yourself to the group who can tag, on gerrit
11:24:51gevaertsOr I could just add you. I'm on the screen now anyway :)
11:25:07b0hoongevaerts: please do
11:25:25gevaertsOK, if all went well, that should be done now
11:25:40b0hoongevaerts, pamaury: thanks!
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15:03:38franklingevaerts: do you not understand? 3.14.15 kind of looks like pi! :D
15:08:01gevaertsIt does not!
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16:18:16franklinhas anyone thought of getting some openmoko vids/pids for usb?
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