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#rockbox log for 2014-08-02

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01:41:07imran_Hi guys... I have a Sansa Fuze Plus.. Installed Rockbox like a year back and then haven't used since. Tried to boot up now and goes into USB Bootloader mode but won't do anything from there. Figured it's the dead battery problem, so I'm attempting to flash
01:41:23imran_It just hangs on "Downloading to device." every time
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01:46:05imran_Nevermind. Left the bastard plugged in and on that "Downloading..." screen for 10 minutes and it booted into RB now. Thanks anyways!
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01:52:49franklinWhat is a "remote LCD"?
02:09:56[Saint]The LCD on a remote.
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02:19:07franklinwhat remote?
02:19:36[Saint]Several targets have remotes with LCDs
02:19:47franklinAs in remote control?
02:20:27franklinAre they character-cell or bitmapped LCDs?
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02:22:06franklinNVM, they're bitmapped
02:23:39[Saint]At least one target actually has no primary LCD and uses the remote as its primary display.
02:24:55franklinHow do I draw to it? Or do the rb->lcd* functions do it by default?
02:25:11*[Saint] is considering building a "DAP" out of a Raspberrypi B+ and the Wolfson Audio Card with a 320x240 resistive touchscreen TFT
02:25:23[Saint]I could build it for less than $100
02:25:40*franklin is considering building a phone with a RPi and a radio antenna :D
02:26:24franklin[Saint]: I want pictures!
02:27:17[Saint]Well...I recently discovered
02:27:49[Saint]But I want to use the B+, so I need to wait for Wolfson to put out a new revision of the board
02:28:14franklinI run my web/mail server on it: :D
02:28:26[Saint](The B+ has a much nicer audio path than the current A/B/B rev. 2)
02:28:34franklinThere's a B+?
02:28:50[Saint]Yep. Ask Google about it.
02:29:07[Saint]Coincidentally I ruined their launch party...
02:29:07franklinWell, I haven't been following RPi very closely :)
02:30:24franklinBut it looks nice! 4 USB ports now! And I could put an IDE cable on the GPIO! But microSD... I need a new one...
02:31:12franklinAnd it halves power consumption :O
02:31:23[Saint]The B+ is an improvement in many regards, more GPIO, a WAY better switching power supply that almost halved the consumption, a low power low noise audio path, ...etc.
02:31:41[Saint]But still that same piece of shit SoC. So, hey.
02:31:53franklinPut a heatsink on mine :D
02:32:05*[Saint] sighs
02:32:14[Saint]That explains a
02:32:17franklinOverclocked to 1.2 GHz...
02:33:32franklinToo small to put a fan on...
02:34:38franklinAn oscillating fan does fine, though... lol
02:51:53franklin[Saint]: is there an easy way to get a screenshot for every target in the manual?
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03:04:48franklinbertrik: read this:
03:06:21bertrikfranklin: If I remember correctly, USB code from rockbox has been used to crack some game console
03:06:49franklinwhat console?
03:07:31franklina weblink?
03:07:47bertrikthis is what I could find so far:
03:09:30franklinMaybe someone will use rockbox as the next virus... [EVIL LAUGH]
03:10:25franklinJust emulate a keyboard/mouse and copy a file from the root of the DAP and run it as a virus...
03:10:57bertrikit's perfectly possible
03:11:25bertrikI think we already emulate the "volume up" and "volume down" buttons in rockbox
03:11:39franklinremotecontrol plugin
03:11:49franklinWhy doesn't that work on ipod6g?
03:12:26bertrikI don't know much about the ipods
03:12:47franklinOr maybe we could use this for good...
03:13:56franklinLike an option to have a window displaying the screen contents pop up when the DAP is connected
03:14:58franklinjust a though
03:15:25franklinbertrik: 36 patch sets so far for 2048 :)
03:18:41franklin37 now :)
03:19:22franklinhope it gets accepted soon because I'll get to patch set 2147483647 soon enough and the counter might overflow :)
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04:59:23*[Saint] is thinking about rolling an unattended install Arch(Alarm+Busybox)/RaaA distro
05:00:05[Saint]I have also been toying with the idea of cramming an IR sensor on a raspberrypi and using it with a universal remote to twiddle Warble.
05:01:00[Saint]tiny headless Rockbox media box.
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06:05:08ParkerR[Saint], I never even thought about rockbox on the Pi
06:05:11ParkerRHooray SDL
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07:22:43[Saint]ParkerR: probably because its a really terrible idea. ;)
07:22:56[Saint]But...I'm good at those kind of idea.
07:23:04ParkerRMeh I like it :P
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08:17:20[Saint]thank fuck for NAS/versioned frequent backups.
08:17:43[Saint]MS. [Saint] just managed to accidentally wipe out the entire contents of the network share.
08:18:13[Saint]Which, among other things, has my various development branches in it.
08:18:55[Saint]Rockbox, CyanogenMod, AOSP, AOSPA, Freemyipod, lots of repos in there...all with a tonne of unsorted branches each.
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20:42:29K1773R[Saint]: RockBox for a Pi (or general linux devices) would be awesome :)
20:42:40gevaerts*would* be?
20:42:42gevaertsJust run it!
20:45:12K1773Rgevaerts: there is a linux version or RockBox?
20:45:34gevaertsYou can build rockbox as an application, yes
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21:20:09DhraakellianI can't seem to get a database on my Sansa Fuze V1 running 3.13
21:20:26Dhraakellianfirst, it wouldn't seem to pick up new files when I told it to update
21:21:27Dhraakellianthen I decided to just reinitialize, and that resulted in the Main Menu > Database telling me that the database wasn't ready.
21:21:48DhraakellianWhen I told it to go ahead and initialize and then came back a couple hours later, it still reported 0 found
21:22:02DhraakellianI don't see any database files in .rockbox
21:22:44DhraakellianI did recently swap out the class 2 8GB µSD for a class 10 32GB card, but I'm pretty sure it did update after that
21:27:06Dhraakellianokay, I just tried deselecting every directory, initializing, reselecting, and initializing again. storage access indicator is indicating access
21:28:42*Dhraakellian is hopeful
21:30:37Dhraakellianhmm... looks like I could actually get all my portable audio onto the 32GB µSD
21:31:05Dhraakellian…or I could just make more of my music portable to use up the space
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21:52:17Dhraakellianrebooting… and yes!
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