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#rockbox log for 2014-08-03

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02:15:35dongswhat does rockbox do on ams platform
02:15:37dongswhen battery is low
02:15:40dongsand its writing to flash
02:15:44dongsdoes it just trash the filesystem?
02:15:51dongsbecause it's done this 3 times already.
02:16:34dongsneeds to run chkdsk /f and it adjusts "size of file xx was invalid"
02:16:42[Saint]it'll only do that if you've ignored the low battery warnings and its moved on to the "critical" stage.
02:16:47[Saint]tl;dr: this is your fault
02:16:52dongsi havent done anything
02:16:56dongsi installed plain rockbox
02:16:59dongsand used it.
02:17:11dongstouched no settings except adjust recording parameters.
02:17:19[Saint]Well, we don;t just abruptly power off without first notifying the user.
02:17:26dongshow about when you're out of space?
02:17:30dongs(and powering off)
02:17:40[Saint]But I can't in good conscious take this seriously at all given your battery replacement escapades the other day.
02:17:45[Saint]I doubt anyone can.
02:17:47jhMikeSthe filesystem code is a bit dodgey
02:17:56dongsno, its not related - the new battery is working *great*
02:18:04dongsand rockbox actually lasts longer on it than stock firmware
02:18:08dongswhich im fairly impressed with
02:18:31jhMikeSit shouldn't trash on low batt but just shut down (in theory)
02:18:39dongsok how about on flash full
02:18:58jhMikeSjust shouldn't be able to write more
02:19:01dongsive seen the "low battery warning, shutting down" before
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02:19:22[Saint]That fires when we know we have enough battery to shut down safely.
02:19:24jhMikeSmight lose data of course if it can't extend a file or directory
02:19:29dongsi think the 3 times it trashed last file was also time when it ran out of space
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02:19:52[Saint]a volume shouldn't ever be full to capacity.
02:19:53jhMikeSbut, if you're in UMS mode, rockbox isn't what's handling the filesystem
02:20:00[Saint]we've got to write things in there too. :)
02:20:20dongsacftualyl i use original firmware usb
02:20:35dongssince like couple years ago usb on ams was dodgy, and i just gave up and use original firmware usb to transfer stuff.
02:20:35franklin[Saint]: did I mention I'm mining Litecoin on my RPi, too :)
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02:20:58[Saint]franklin: no - but its a stupid enough idea that I believe you wholeheartedly.
02:21:36franklinI have it running a server already, so why not have it mine litecoin? :)
02:22:11*franklin is considering building a RPi cluster :)
02:22:21dongsanyway, i duno which event trashes filesystem - either fat32 full or battery, but in all 3 cases when this happened the board was powered off (out of battery) and filesystem was full.
02:22:28franklin[Saint]: kidding...
02:22:33dongsnot sure what occured first :) im guessing full.
02:22:38[Saint]This battery thing is strange. With the low battery warning, that should fire when we know damn well that we have enough power to shut down safely.
02:22:41franklin[Saint]: I'm not THAT stupid
02:22:49[Saint]Its the *critical* battery shutoff that may nuke things.
02:23:05jhMikeSif it can't write because it's full, that's the end of it. there's really no out on that
02:23:14[Saint]Good point.
02:23:24dongsjhMikeS: yes, but it should update fat table
02:23:27dongsabout final filesize?
02:23:45franklinHas anyone noticed that CHIP-8 doesn't work?
02:24:27dongsand last file is trashed anyway.
02:24:33dongseven after chkdisk
02:24:38jhMikeSit of course updates the FAT table
02:24:40franklinAll I get is File OK and then a blank rectangle
02:24:43dongsi see riff wavefmt there but stuff fails to open it
02:24:52dongsjhMikeS: well, apparently not, because i've got a corrupted file consistently
02:25:01jhMikeSupdating the FAT table doesn't take any more space; it's fixed in size
02:25:23dongsbut does it really do it, is the question (and properly)
02:25:26jhMikeSwhat sort of "corrupt"; that does matter
02:25:45jhMikeSsure, keep multiple copies in sync
02:25:56dongsjhMikeS: chkdisk said "file xxx has wrong size, adjusting"
02:26:06dongsbefore this, i couldnt copy the file (error)
02:26:19dongsafter chkdisk, i copied it, but nothing that opens .wav files opens it. leme try it as raw since its not compressed
02:26:53jhMikeSis this for recording?
02:27:01dongsnothing else would run out of spcae, right? :)
02:27:18jhMikeSother things could, sure
02:27:59dongsfile looks fine in raw mode
02:28:08jhMikeSit might not actually shut down recording properly, which won't update the wav header but if recording run out of space (new version) it should update it
02:28:10dongsso if anything is trashed, its probly just .wav header
02:30:00jhMikeSyeah, it looks like if the batter isn't "safe", it just doesn't shut down recording properly and powers it off without further ado
02:30:28jhMikeSof course low batt and battery not "safe" should be treated differently
02:31:20dongsoh, so recorder only has one "battery is critical" handler that just quits?
02:31:25jhMikeSI do not know if the AMS power code actually does that or not since I haven't looked
02:32:22jhMikeSit should only just quit if it's really not got the juice (initially a concern that it can't spin a HD at a certain point)
02:33:09jhMikeSbut it's supposed to shut down before that point
02:33:09dongssince i havent messed with low battery threshholds (are even there such settings), i guess whaetver warning i get is the one thats like "low battery, shutting down" dialog in center of screen.
02:33:46jhMikeS"low battery" should shut down cleanly, "battery empty" will just cut
02:34:01dongshavent seen 'empty' one.
02:34:44dongswow, peakmeter.c is like 50kbytes
02:34:54dongsi hope its worth it
02:35:31[Saint]it takes a surprising amount of work to display a realtime stereo peak meter.
02:35:45[Saint]the overhead is non-trivial.
02:35:57jhMikeSit is worth it for recording (critical actually)
02:36:11dongsits not updating when screen is off, right? :)
02:36:41jhMikeSprobably not drawing anything
02:37:39[Saint]it won't be drawing, but, it'll almost certainly be thinking about it.
02:38:31jhMikeSfor recording it needs to monitor levels whether it's drawing or not
02:38:38franklin[Saint]: where did you see that fsck stands for "file system consistency check"?
02:38:56dongshm, where does recorder handle wav header and stuff
02:39:02dongsi dont see anything in pcm_record or recording.c
02:39:10dongsor is that somewehre higher
02:39:15[Saint]life; history; a shit tonne of printed linux manuals.
02:39:38[Saint](yep - remember printed books? </reminisces>)
02:39:43franklinwhat's a "tonne"?
02:40:00jhMikeSdongs: cause it ain't there :)
02:40:05dongsjhMikeS: then how
02:40:08[Saint]1 metric ton, or, 1000kg
02:40:19franklinah... english... :)
02:40:19jhMikeSin the recording screen
02:40:52franklinenglish english, not american english... :)
02:41:05[Saint]"proper" English.
02:41:07jhMikeS2200 lbs
02:41:36franklinAs in the brits english? :)
02:41:47franklinok, ok... stop
02:42:27jhMikeSuse the queen's units or lose your head
02:43:08franklin"catalogue", "tonne", what else?
02:43:16franklinvs "catalog" and "ton"?
02:43:21franklinare different?
02:43:21jhMikeSoff topique
02:44:04*franklin has joined #rockbox-community
02:44:17[Saint]If you haven't already noticed it, the Rockbox project uses En-UK throughout
02:44:37[Saint](as it should...' just should!)
02:44:47franklinBut no, in the Greyscale Lib: void grey_gray_bitmap_part(const unsigned char *src, int src_x, int src_y,
02:45:18jhMikeS[Saint]: but it has a good 'ol english-murrica.lng :)
02:45:38[Saint]Well, yes, but, we also have "bork bork".
02:45:42[Saint]so... ;)
02:45:56franklinOK, I'll grow a brain now... :)
02:46:30dongsjhMikeS: 'recording screen'?
02:46:44*jhMikeS isn't sure why amiconn went with grey_gray_XX :)
02:47:18[Saint]jhMikeS: obviously so we can flip both US ans UK bits.
02:47:39dongsyes, im there
02:47:45jhMikeSUK imperial bits are 1.2 U.S. bits
02:48:08franklinIt does get interesting writing grey_gray_drawrect
02:48:25dongsi se nothing dealing wiht wav header?
02:48:36jhMikeSthat's in the codec
02:48:37franklinShould I change it to be grey_grey_bitmap?
02:49:19franklinWould that be a "constructive" commit?
02:49:23jhMikeSthe recording system does work and update when it's out of space, I did trial after trial making that work. why it wouldn't be must likely have some other cause.
02:49:42dongsdo you have something AMS to test it with?
02:49:53dongsit shouldnt be hard, just fill up leaving like ~100k free and record
02:50:11franklinis editing the US/UK spellings useful? or will it end up like Gerrit #896? :)
02:50:14fs-bluebotGerrit review #896 at : Fix typos and wording by Avi Eisenberg
02:50:36jhMikeSsure, a clip, which I repeatedly nearly filled and let recording run out when flushing. the headers were already updated becuase it closes the file, reopens it then corrects the header.
02:50:41franklinannoying bot
02:52:48jhMikeSat that point, correcting the header doesn't add anything to the file since it just overwrites the cluster it's on
02:52:51franklinwho wrote fs-bluebot?
02:52:59franklinWhere's the code?
02:53:03jhMikeSbluebrother I think
02:53:10franklinGerrit #888 Gerrit #888
02:53:13fs-bluebotGerrit review #888 at : Added 2048 game by Franklin Wei
02:53:13fs-bluebotGerrit review #888 at : Added 2048 game by Franklin Wei
02:53:19dongsjhMikeS: right, technically it should work. but its not.
02:53:31dongsi realize that fat update and header update don't change length
02:53:43jhMikeStechnically it was explicitly made to work (and did work)
02:53:50dongshowever, both of these things break, and i can repeat it (well, not with 100k left, but after ~12hr runtime
02:54:36franklinbluebrother: I want the code to fs-bluebot!
02:54:47jhMikeStry nearly filling the disk (with a few MB left) and let recording fill it. see if that works.
02:55:29jhMikeSdongs: it's only if both things come together (low spacen + low batt)?
02:56:22jhMikeSwhich format?
02:56:34dongspcm 22khz 16bit mono
02:57:29dongsjhMikeS: i dont know if it s both - but all the times it crapped last file was in those situations. full + shutdown by low battery (eventually). looking at the recorded time, out of space came way before battery was out.
02:57:59dongsso when it runs out of space, it stops record and just idles(?) at record screen, then does it shutdown from idle? or just sit there until battery is out
02:58:27jhMikeSwavpack won't correct stuff but wav, aiff and mp3 should be no issue
02:58:38dongsi dont use any compressor to save cpu time
02:59:28dongsmp3 doesnt have header to correct anyway
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03:00:04jhMikeSI need to clarify: is the issue with the file header or with the FAT file system check?
03:00:24dongsinitially, i can't copy file (windows 8.1, using OF USB)
03:00:31dongsi run chkdisk, that 'adjusts file size entry'
03:00:34dongsthen i can copy file
03:00:51dongsat that point, .wav header is busted, since nothing that opens. wav wokrs wiht it. but if I load pcm as raw 16bit signed 22khz then its ok.
03:00:57jhMikeSadjusting a file size entry that way may not in fact get it right
03:01:13dongssure, it has to guess.
03:01:30dongsbut if fat wasn't broken it wouldn't need to.
03:01:32jhMikeSbut then it will disagree with the WAV header and some picky thing might not like that
03:01:48dongsi didnt try too many things just mediaplayerclassic and soundforge
03:01:54dongsneither one liked it.
03:02:01dongsvlc would probly work :)
03:02:14jhMikeSI think it did actually IIRC
03:02:55dongsnope vlc doesnt work either
03:03:34*jhMikeS was just going to ask for that
03:03:43dongsi see zeros
03:03:56dongsbut i duno enough about the header to know whats up.
03:04:40dongsaccording to internet, data chunk size is zero'd
03:06:29dongsso maybe header isn't updating on filesystem full.
03:06:59jhMikeSlooks like just the template header :\
03:07:34jhMikeSit won't know that until it finishes and updates when closing up the file
03:08:03dongsbut does running out of space closing take a different code path that forgets to update the header?
03:08:48jhMikeSno, recording explicitly tells it "hey, it's fucked up" and then calls the closeout function in the codec
03:09:03jhMikeSany write error should do that
03:11:03dongsits not tho!
03:11:10dongsor else i'd be looking at a header with data size.
03:14:11jhMikeSit might be something else because of an inconsistency between the internally held file size and what is actually written; the internal file size might end up just a bit on the big side causing a failure of lseek
03:15:14jhMikeSthat would produce what you describe
03:17:00jhMikeSthe wav file is odd sizes so a flush of the new sector won't happen but it's still counted in the data held by the FAT driver
03:18:01jhMikeSthe data might be in nice, even power-of-two chunks but the header is 44 bytes which throws it off
03:21:13jhMikeSI guess the new file code has to has to handle this properly and I didn't in fact deal with it (yet).
03:22:06jhMikeSit'll possibily update the dir entry with a larger size than it should have in it runs out
03:22:14[Saint]that patch is one scary ass mofo.
03:22:42jhMikeSnah, I always do that :)
03:24:43jhMikeSand yet it's still got that holdover of behavior from the older code
03:25:20jhMikeSpossibly the downside of revising vs. just going from scratch; it makes for a bit of laziness
03:25:23dongsbtw im running 3.13 and not whatever -beta etc
03:25:38dongswhatever is latest release as of couple weeks ago
03:25:44jhMikeSshit was the new recording code in 3.13?
03:25:54dongsi dont know? :)
03:25:55franklin[Saint], when will 3.14/4.0 be released?
03:26:22[Saint]Why the fuck would I know?
03:26:56franklinWho would :)
03:26:58[Saint]sometime between now and never.
03:27:11jhMikeSdongs: still I think you helped me catch something whether or not it is. the old code definitely will not do it right
03:27:51franklinWell, then what makes a release "ready"? Is there a roadmap? Or just when someone feels like it?
03:28:08jhMikeSnew code is 2013-06-29, so no
03:28:13jhMikeSit's the old shit
03:28:25dongsoh. so old would fail then?
03:28:28dongs(for sure
03:28:46jhMikeSexcuse me 2013-06-22
03:29:21jhMikeSdongs: yes; new code specifically made it work, but the FS code still needs that little fixer up
03:30:19dongsok at least im not insane that it doesnt work. glad to see it will be fixed.
03:30:38jhMikeSuse a developer build and it basically will be already :)
03:31:01dongsrunning out of space is a shit condition anyway, in normal conditions when I dont screw up it doesnt happen
03:31:21dongsbeacuse that means i lost some data
03:31:24jhMikeSI guess just manually fix the header?
03:31:33dongsyeah, i just opened .wav as raw and its ok
03:31:41dongsjust skip 44 bytes or wahtever, nto that it matters for a littel glitch at start
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07:28:38mudlordhi, I am running latest git on sansa clip zip. I am running Windows 8.1. I recently fully discharged my battery and am now recharging it, yet for some reason the player wont get detected on my system
07:28:49mudlordit used to work fine before
07:30:42mudlordI suppose as a workaround I have to use original firmware?
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07:59:38mudlordhmmm, i may have a hunch as to why.
07:59:56mudlordI am running a TV tuner dongle in a 4 port unpowered hub
08:00:27mudlordI guess the TV tuner dongle takes some juice (it gets warm), and takes it away from the USB connection
08:00:47mudlordso when charging, the player would stuff up
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08:43:04mudlordnope, still happens
08:43:14mudlordbooting in original firmware is a workaround
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09:07:45mudlordhmmm, still not sorted
09:18:59mudlordreinstalling rockbox completely fixed it
09:21:10mudlordnope, it didnt
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17:44:09bluebrotherfranklin: why?
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18:10:56bluebrotherwhat's your problem with fs-bluebot?
18:11:08franklinI just want to learn from it
18:11:26franklinDo you want to release it?
18:12:37bluebrotherI never intended to do so.
18:12:44bluebrothermight reconsider it though.
18:13:09franklinI'm looking to write my own chatbot
18:13:10bluebrotherit's basically an implementation based on twisted IRCClient
18:13:44bluebrothernothing too complicated
18:14:21franklinBut how do you pull the info from Gerrit?
18:14:51bluebrothervia git :)
18:15:21bluebrotherI'm calling command line git. with git ls-remote <url> <refspec> I can get the information
18:18:10franklinwhat is the url?
18:19:00bluebrothergit ls-remote git:// refs/changes/*/123/*
18:19:06bluebrotherreplace 123 with the gerrit id
18:19:11franklinOh I needed the git://
18:19:53bluebrotherand when you have the correct hash you can retrieve the details from gitweb via its rss output
18:21:45bluebrotherthe main problem is that you have to ask a few different things to get the information. The irc part is easy when using twisted :)
18:22:10franklinI was considering writing my own, bare-bones IRC bot... It didn't work :)
18:22:31bluebrotherI've started with a low level implementation once ... too much work
18:22:47bluebrotherbut it was a good thing to understand how IRC works
18:23:03franklinI wrote an XChat plugin, but I accidentally spammed #bottest... :(
18:23:13 Nick franklin is now known as franklinbot (
18:23:31franklinbotType /STOP to stop this.
18:23:37 Nick franklinbot is now known as franklin (
18:24:43 Nick franklin is now known as franklinbot (
18:24:44franklinbotSo you see, it's very annoying if you are on the wrong channel...
18:24:47 Nick franklinbot is now known as franklin (
18:24:49franklinType /STOP to stop this.
18:24:51franklinType /STOP to stop this.
18:24:53DBUGEnqueued KICK franklin
18:24:53franklinType /STOP to stop this.
18:24:55franklinType /STOP to stop this.
18:24:57***Alert Mode level 1
18:24:57franklinType /STOP to stop this.
18:24:59***Alert Mode level 2
18:24:59franklinType /STOP to stop this.
18:25:01***Alert Mode level 3
18:25:01franklinType /STOP to stop this.
18:25:13 Quit franklin (Quit: Leaving)
18:25:34 Join franklin [0] (
18:25:39franklinIt just went haywire
18:27:12gevaertsfranklin: we do have a topic here
18:27:57franklinSo, rockbox related... The CHIP-8 emulator seems broken. :)
18:28:30franklinI fire it up on blinky.ch8 and it just says "File OK." and a white rectangle appears.
18:28:44franklinSame happens for any CHIP-8 program.
18:35:02***Alert Mode OFF
18:36:33franklinHas anyone else noticed?
18:40:58 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:41:37franklinActually, it works with anything that doesn't have a .c8k file
18:44:49 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
18:45:03 Join Rower [0] (
18:59:01 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
19:28:03 Quit franklin (Quit: Leaving)
19:39:29 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
19:39:34 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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19:55:07 Join IgoRCL [0] (~IgorC@
19:56:02IgoRCLello, we test some audio codecs like MP3, Vorbis, AAC, Opus ....
19:56:23IgoRCLEverybody can participate
20:01:46 Quit ygrek (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
20:28:40 Join lebellium [0] (
20:41:35[Saint]someone on HA claiming that 96kbps LAME is transparent to him in ABX.
20:41:45[Saint]Doesn't that get one shot in such a forum>?
20:45:16[Saint]Low anchor on all samples I've hit so far has been so obvious its painful.
20:47:25[Saint]Ooop. That one had me guessing.
20:49:43IgoRCL[Saint]: LAME is tested at 128 kbps
20:49:53IgoRCLit's MP3 128 kbps vs other 96 kbps
20:50:07[Saint]IgoRCL: I'm aware, I followed a deadly forum trail down the rabbit hole...
20:50:28IgoRCLLAME 128 kbps isn't that easy to abx...
20:50:32IgoRCLhave You tired?
20:51:02[Saint]Yeah, just 3 samples for today. Just woke up and have fresh ears.
20:51:10IgoRCLoh good
20:51:30CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:51:30*[Saint] finds he does poorly if he "warms up" on ABX listening tests.
20:51:33 Quit the-kyle (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:51:41[Saint]Especially if I warm up with my predicatable samples.
20:51:56IgoRCLyes, warming up is bad... just go while fresh
20:52:20[Saint]Others I know do terribly if they don't warm up. Like they have to remind themselves what certain artefacts sound like.
20:53:14IgoRCLhm.. interesting
20:53:25[Saint]Its amusing to see people finally warming up to mid-to-low bitrate opus.
20:53:52[Saint]say, ~12 months ago, a lot of people would reject 96kbps opus on principle.
20:53:57IgoRCL[Saint]: how many sample have You already finished?
20:54:17 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
20:54:25IgoRCLyes, Opus 1.1 got much better quality
20:54:47IgoRCLtonal samples were finally fixed i 1.1
20:55:14[Saint]I don't know where we're at with opus in Rockbox.
20:55:22[Saint]I don't think we've rebased opus in a while.
20:55:37IgoRCLI think you do
20:56:11IgoRCLwait, I've seen something in ur git
20:57:05IgoRCL[Saint]: also, I think 3 samples is a good limit for one session per few hours... if it's not less
20:57:23*[Saint] nods.
20:57:56[Saint]I know I could reliably pick at least 2 or 3 more samples, but, I'd get bored.
20:58:10[Saint]Doing anything boring isn't interesting. So I'll come back to it later.
20:58:40IgoRCLI was doing just 1 sample per day or even less..... lack of time
20:58:55*[Saint] has no lack of that.
20:58:57IgoRCLafter one sample... I need a good break....
20:59:08 Join TITO1 [0] (~canaima@
20:59:14IgoRCLa good break like a hour or so
20:59:44TITO1quien habla en espanol
21:00:36IgoRCLuntil now I've submited 5 results.... and could abx all samples .... few
21:00:52IgoRCLTITO1: Yo.. pero habla ingles por favor. (Please speak English)
21:01:30TITO1pero yo no hablo ingles..!!! y cm te llams
21:02:34[Saint]English, please.
21:02:40[Saint]Last time.
21:03:17 Part TITO1
21:05:49 Join the-kyle [0] (
21:23:37 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
21:45:21 Join Strife89 [0] (
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22:11:15 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
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22:25:20 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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22:35:37 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
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