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#rockbox log for 2014-08-06

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02:47:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 533d396, 253 builds, 29 clients.
02:49:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 72 seconds.
02:50:52jhMikeS!$#^& lost the new files somewhere in there
02:57:30[Saint]bluebrother: is there any chance of getting the build reporting working again?
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03:01:38fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision bb77009, 253 builds, 29 clients.
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03:02:12[Saint]copper: your daily ipod6g build has fallen over, or, perhaps the link thereof.
03:02:17jhMikeSthe build table was getting too green anyway
03:02:33[Saint]copper: Is there an updated link I can point a Mac user to?
03:03:13[Saint](you have everything like...right there, so if its just adjusting a link, I'd like to point the user there instead of having to put up my own build)
03:04:14franklinIs the number on the autobuild table the number of errors?
03:04:56jhMikeSyou mean in the cell?
03:05:37jhMikeSred is errors, yellow, warnings, "x (y)" in red is some of each
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03:06:26[Saint](...and yes, we know about the Archos ;))
03:06:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 292 seconds.
03:06:43[Saint]That old girl has been oversized for an age now.
03:07:01franklinSo what's wrong with rev. 533d396?
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03:07:13[Saint]take a look.
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03:07:27[Saint]the cells provide a build summary.
03:08:00franklinOh, some of the links are broken
03:08:17jhMikeSfranklin: I forgot to readd files and failed to notice they weren't there. I see not everything is up and up uet
03:08:23[Saint]No, its just only a certain amount of build results are cached.
03:08:47[Saint]It should probably cache as many results as the view presents, but, it doesn't.
03:09:02jhMikeSshit I forgot about the checkwps c99 thing haha, was an easy fix
03:10:12franklinWhat you should do before you commit to origin is create a new, clean branch with your commit and test. :)
03:10:31[Saint]Yeah, no.
03:10:43franklinWhy not?
03:11:03[Saint]Because the developer should do that *before* committing, in their own local tree.
03:11:12[Saint]Don't need a bunch of branches shat over master.
03:11:18franklinEven better :)
03:12:17jhMikeSyeah, like I'm gonna test build everything locally...not. it's too much now, let the build server catch it
03:12:50franklinWell, have it your way :)
03:12:57[Saint]Well, wether you do or not is up to you. But, you should, and we both know it. :)
03:13:09jhMikeSalready did
03:13:25jhMikeSthe files weren't "A" but they were in the tree so it made just fine
03:13:47franklinNow theres a big red line on a green background. Great for Christmastime, but it's not :)
03:16:11franklinOh yeah, what's with the linker error for iPod Classic? The latest two commits don't seem to be the culprit.
03:16:50jhMikeSit is
03:17:32jhMikeSlibrockbox.a no longer references the function which causes it not to be available for other external libs
03:17:57franklinso how to fix?
03:18:51jhMikeSThere was a change in system.h that also assists in fixing it
03:20:32franklinI hate asking for timeframes, but an ETA?
03:20:49[Saint]When it fucking gets there.
03:20:57franklinI knew it
03:21:12jhMikeS30-45 minutes :)
03:21:34franklinWell, I'll go play some Xon now
03:22:07franklinAnd work on my /amazing/ (NOTE: SARCASM) 2048 plugin :)
03:22:14jhMikeSAnd it will also produce warning for viewport apis not being prototyped in checkwps
03:22:34jhMikeSfor some reason they're needed but excluded from the header for __PCTOOL__
03:22:57[Saint]ah, you caught that too.
03:23:02[Saint]you just tweaked my memory.
03:24:09[Saint]I went looking yesterday to see why themes no longer implode if the backdrop doesn't match the framebuffer and got sucked into a weird shit rabbit hole.
03:24:34[Saint]...then I fell asleep and ruined a perfectly good keyboard.
03:26:34JdGordon_[Saint]: nu?
03:27:15[Saint]Is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet, correct.
03:27:30JdGordon_1080*1920 or no bug fixes! :)
03:34:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 29f5385, 253 builds, 29 clients.
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03:39:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 250 seconds.
03:40:43franklinOK thank you jhMikeS! :)
03:44:04jhMikeSstill other stuff whining about errno
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04:05:56*jhMikeS hates it when he does "commit -a −−amend" instead of just "commit -a" and messes everything up'
04:07:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0615cb8, 253 builds, 29 clients.
04:07:31[Saint]git reset −−hard && facedesk
04:07:49jhMikeS&& facepalm
04:11:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 268 seconds.
04:14:06jhMikeSerm, ok
04:14:41jhMikeSsomehow if I include errno.h, I end up without errno defined
04:17:10*jhMikeS will just keep jabbing in the dark
04:19:14jhMikeSprobably because that's NOT the ARM one, grr
04:20:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e7e302f, 253 builds, 29 clients.
04:26:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 332 seconds.
04:36:05franklinHey jhMikeS could you code-review/test 2048 please? :)
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04:40:15jhMikeSsure, now that I've got this straightened out
04:40:25franklinThank you!
04:48:26jhMikeSbeing able to use the build server farm off-site would be nice sometimes
04:48:40franklinWhat do you mean?
04:49:37jhMikeSI could work out the mess privately then push it, maybe even be able to build stuff were I don't have the SDKs handy
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04:57:23franklinjhMikeS: it doesn't take that long to build
04:57:34franklinThat's what make is designed for
04:58:42jhMikeShrm? takes awhile on this PoS to build the whole table
04:59:13franklinThe whole table?
04:59:23franklinJust do it on one!
04:59:48jhMikeSdo what on one? are you talking about general pushes or just the game? I other crap to deal with first.
05:00:01[Saint]jhMikeS: iiuc, that was always the intention.
05:00:15[Saint]pushing to gerrit automagically trying a build, etc.
05:00:33franklinNo for that mrsw patch
05:00:46[Saint]Mr. Someone "just" needs to set up the hooks to do it.
05:00:50jhMikeS[Saint]: well then, what happen?
05:01:18jhMikeSHow about we start passing around a "Mr. Someone" card? :)
05:01:32jhMikeSor drawing straws
05:02:38jhMikeSI guess I missed the discussion about that sort of feature
05:02:57[Saint]It was an absolute age ago.
05:03:12*jhMikeS must be ageless
05:03:15[Saint]Perhaps even prior to having a live gerrit instance.
05:03:29franklinI am lost. What?
05:03:39jhMikeSI have had extended gaps in my attendance at times
05:03:59jhMikeSand been known to just not pay attention to things as well
05:04:10franklinSo do you need help understanding the code of 2048?
05:04:18jhMikeSit could be a good thing to have
05:04:26jhMikeSbuilding now
05:04:31franklinOK thank you
05:04:40franklinI somewhat follow this now :)
05:04:41*jhMikeS was addressing [Saint]
05:04:49franklinOh... :)
05:05:21jhMikeSPoS churning away
05:05:28franklinSo are you building 2048? :)
05:05:45jhMikeSit hasn't reached that point
05:06:06franklin"it" = "make"?
05:07:04franklinOK it's getting late. CU later (tomorrow?)
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09:21:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 81ffd9b, 253 builds, 29 clients.
09:23:56[Saint]stab stab
09:25:59jhMikeSbats bats
09:26:18[Saint]that's bertrik's domain.
09:27:18jhMikeSdo I stab bats? I do.
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09:29:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 467 seconds.
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09:31:11jhMikeS253 builds. I remember when it was like 25 builds
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10:13:33dongsthe fuze battery isn't by BAK :(
10:13:36dongsprobably a shitty clone
10:13:40dongsdoesnt match the pic in auction either
10:13:58dongsgot dick'd
10:14:37[Saint]Well, you are a dong.
10:15:25[Saint]Or the plural thereof.
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10:25:53dongsdoes that mean i am allowed to be ripped off?
10:26:01 Nick petur_ is now known as petur (5bb7304d@rockbox/developer/petur)
10:26:30gevaertsdongs: we do have a topic here
10:27:19dongsgevaerts: wut? its on topic. im talking about battery for sansa fuze.
10:27:33gevaertsThat's clearly *not* on topic here
10:27:36dongsabout as relevant to rockbox as it gets
10:27:42dongssince it runs on fuze and shit.
10:28:21gevaertsPeople have dropped fuzes on pavements. Does that make road building on topic?
10:29:58gevaertsRight. That means you're an idiot. Consider this your last warning. Next time you're off-topic, I'll just mute you
10:30:36dongsyour nickname reminds me of "gayadverts". infact thats how i read it for a few times until i noticed it wasnt that. I'll just leave by myself, and you can police your own dead channel with no chats.
10:30:40 Part dongs
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10:41:31[Saint]Why +s?
10:41:45[Saint]Or, +c for that matter.
10:41:53[Saint]Doesn't that kill the not text?
10:42:50jhMikeShe just wants everyone to see his privilege fruit salad
10:43:40[Saint]I suspect it wasn't deliberate.
10:50:04pixelmaguess it should have been a "chanserv" alias or so
10:50:09gevaertsThat +cs was a mistake
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11:43:24coppertop of the page
11:43:47[Saint]aha - I'll repair the forum link if you like.
11:43:52copperjust link to that URL, because the build URL is subject to change
11:45:16copperI could make a permalink, but I don't know how "permanent" this is going to be
11:45:28[Saint]fair enough.
11:45:56copperto be clear, that's no longer a daily build
11:46:26copperthat's just a list of builds for my targets, that are "known to work" (by me)
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13:52:17gevaertsZagor: can you have a look at the manuals on the server? The html ones seem to be gone
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14:51:54pixelmabluebrother was investigating and said that building html manuals was currently broken but couldn't or didn't have the time to figure out why. He said it's probably something in the used tools that changed during an update of these
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19:46:41lleelooWhy when i use configure I take next text in makefile: Automatically selected arch: arm (ver __ARM_ARCH_PROFILE __ARM_ARCH __ARM_ARCH_ISA_THUMB 7 __ARM_ARCH_EXT_IDIV__)
19:46:47lleeloohow to fix it
19:47:06lleelooBuilding for cortex-m4f
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19:52:31franklinlleeloo: what?
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19:56:50lleelooI porting Rockbox to arm cortex-m4 arch. when i use tools/configure i take makefile and autoconf.h where ARCH_VERSION=__ARM_ARCH_PROFILE __ARM_ARCH __ARM_ARCH_ISA_THUMB 7 __ARM_ARCH_EXT_IDIV__
19:57:18lleeloothen i edit files by my hand to fix it to ARCH_VERSION=7
19:57:58lleeloogcc ver. 4.8.3
20:01:10lleeloosome ideas,
20:08:47pamaurylleeloo: it's not very clear
20:08:59franklinplease clarify.
20:09:13gevaertslleeloo: feel free to ignore franklin here :)
20:09:31pamaurylleeloo: you mean that the generated autoconf.h is not correct ?
20:09:37franklingevaerts: >:
20:09:59lleelooyes/ autoconf.h and makefile not correct
20:10:54pamaurylleeloo: could you post your patches to configure, so that I can try myself ?
20:11:09lleelooevery time after configure i edit this files to fix it to ARCH_VERSION=7
20:11:30lleelooconfigure work fine for other targets
20:11:47gevaertsfranklin: in discussions about new ports, especially early ones where the people doing the port don't know who is who in the rockbox community, questions and remarks by other people who don't have experience in the area tend to be confusing rather than helpful
20:12:36pamaurylleeloo: can you provide the diff/patch for configure ? it would be easier for me to help you if I can see your modifications
20:12:48franklinJust that there were so many typos, I wanted there to be better info for those who do know ")
20:13:13lleelooi use gcc 4.8.3 with armv7e-m support. Ok i try to make diff
20:13:18franklinnot typos, just hard to read
20:16:20gevaertsfranklin: I know what you mean, but even then, if you're not very familiar with the topic, it can be hard to figure out if things are not clear because you don't know the area or because things are genuinely not stated clearly
20:16:27*gevaerts knows this from experience :)
20:16:45 Quit AlexP (Remote host closed the connection)
20:17:11franklingevaerts: do you understand "<lleeloo> Why when i use configure I take next text in makefile: Automatically selected arch: arm (ver __ARM_ARCH_PROFILE __ARM_ARCH __ARM_ARCH_ISA_THUMB 7 __ARM_ARCH_EXT_IDIV__)"?
20:18:03 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
20:19:13gevaertsfranklin: I can see what it's about, yes, and people (like pamaury) who have done new ports can ask the right questions to clarify things quickly
20:19:43pamauryfranklin: I kind of understand what he means, that's why I asked for the diff
20:20:15franklinok sorry :(
20:21:36 Quit lleeloo (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:22:08franklinwell he left
20:22:42gevaertsfranklin: no worries, it's just that I've seen too many discussions between people who ask rather technical questions about the code and other people who try to help but don't even see that this isn't a user issue, resulting in everyone getting confused
20:23:09franklinthanks everyone for making Rockbox :)
20:23:20gevaertsI know this wasn't *that* bad, but I still wanted to avoid pointless misunderstandings
20:23:30gevaertsAnd I suspect he's just on a bad connection :)
20:23:55franklinOh yeah
20:23:57franklinping timeout
20:24:18franklinI don't usually read all the quit messages
20:25:29pamauryit won't be easy, he doesn't speak english very well
20:26:33franklinyeah :)
20:28:44 Join lleeloo_ [0] (25d79408@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:28:44 Join wodz [0] (
20:28:47lleeloo_English is not my native language. So I'm sorry for my mistakes! This is my diff
20:29:56pamaurylleeloo_: how did you produce the diff ? there are many unrelated changes
20:31:30lleeloo_You will laugh: diff ../tools/configure ../tools/configure_git > conf.diff
20:31:58pamauryhum, then how did you obtain configure_git ?
20:32:32franklinprobably the "vanilla" version
20:32:42franklinand the configure is the working version?
20:33:01lleeloo_from git open as raw text, then cope to new file and make diff as I described before =(
20:33:34lleeloo_Yes I use configure as always
20:34:27franklinlleeloo_, just to make sure, is configure_git modified from the git version?
20:35:05lleeloo_configure_git is original file from git
20:35:21lleeloo_tools/configure modifyed
20:36:02wodzlleeloo_: could you run diff -u instead of plain diff? This makes things easier to follow
20:36:23lleeloo_ok i try
20:36:43franklinThere is a better way: git diff tools/configure, where tools/configure has been modified
20:38:00pamaurylleeloo_: why can't you run "git diff" directly ? do you have two copies of the rockbox source code (one git, one modified) ?
20:38:43franklinThe purpose of git is to eliminate having to do that (having vanilla and modified versions)
20:39:15lleeloo_i have only local copy of rockbox. i never uses git ever =( I now thats bad, i now i try to chnage=)
20:39:38wodzI'd argue this is not the purpose of git (main at least)
20:40:13 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
20:41:01franklinwell, it's one of the purposes of git :)
20:41:04franklinor any VCS
20:42:29wodzNo. The true purpose of VCS is allow tracking of changes history. Easy diffing is side effect really
20:43:01franklinwodz: history of a file vs it's recorded (commited) version?
20:44:44wodzfranklin: history as a way to bisect, blame, tag, etc.
20:45:00franklinOK never mind wodz
20:45:25franklinbut being able to diff your changes vs the last commited version is in most VCS's
20:45:28 Join lleeloo__ [0] (25d79408@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:45:45 Quit lleeloo_ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:46:22franklinlleeloo__, what country are you in, your internet seems rather bad
20:46:55lleeloo__well, I'm from Belarus
20:47:27franklinMinsk the capital?
20:48:11pamaurylleeloo__: ok, I'm going to try to have a look at the diff, but for the next time, try to learn how to use git properly, because this diff makes it much harder
20:48:44lleeloo__my be this diff better
20:49:09lleeloo__i promise i will
20:49:30franklinit's very useful, knowing how to use Git :)
20:49:30lleeloo__Yes Minsk is our capital
20:50:06pamauryhum, still many unrelated changes
20:50:22wodzand diff is actually reversed
20:51:33pamaurylleeloo__: maybe we should first have a look at this git thing, just to be clear: you downloaded a copy of the source using "git clone ..." and then made modifications ?
20:52:25wodzyeah, something is fishy with this patch
20:53:46lleeloo__no. some time ago i got a zip of git source just for fun, and then i made modification in unzziped files
20:54:48franklinlleeloo__: the best thing to do is to clone the git repo. it give you access to every single revision and the ability to diff/push
20:55:05franklinand update easily
20:55:18pamaurylleeloo__: I see, that's the problem, you are working on an old copy of the code
20:55:39pamaurylleeloo__: did you make many modifications ? Do you remember which version of the code you got ?
20:56:07franklinit'll be very hard to tell, so you might just want to scrap it and get a fresh copy
20:56:15lleeloo__i can look at my devboard screen when rockbox loading
20:56:23franklinoh yeah
20:56:31franklinand from system->rockbox info
20:56:49lleeloo__system->rockbox info too
20:57:01lleeloo__where i should look
20:57:12franklinlook under System -> Rockbox Info
20:58:22franklinSo what is it?
20:59:05franklingevaerts: will the next release be 3.14 or 4.0?
20:59:14lleeloo__one minгеу
20:59:18lleeloo__щту ьштгеу
20:59:25lleeloo__=one minute
20:59:36franklinщту ьштгеу?
21:05:02franklinhello lleeloo__?
21:05:54franklinI just realized that Git tracks file permissions, too :)
21:07:22franklinwhich calls for patch set 41 for 2048 :)
21:07:59franklin(some of the bitmaps were created on Winblows errr... Windowsso the execute bit was set)
21:14:32lleeloo__is it bad?
21:14:58franklinThat's the latest version, I beieve
21:16:07lleeloo__yes i flashed board today too
21:16:10wodznop, its compile time
21:16:25franklinso it's newest version?
21:16:33wodzunknown should be short hash in reacent version
21:16:36lleeloo__i don't kow
21:16:37franklin*git version*
21:16:58franklincompile time
21:17:13lleeloo__i will look at devboard
21:17:29franklinlleeloo__: I think the best thing to do is to clone the Git repo to avoid problems like this in the future
21:18:03lleeloo__ok, i think it's better way
21:18:07franklinAssuming you didn't do THAT much work with the old version, that is
21:19:29wodzIf this work is supposed to land in HEAD there is no othe way despite of amount of work in old version
21:20:00lleeloo__i clone repo to new folder
21:21:42lleeloo__clonnig now. it take some time with my connection=(
21:44:57lleeloo__may be it help. this is screen photo
21:48:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:00:19 Join ikeboy [0] (
22:13:44 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
22:26:12lleeloo__sorry for delay. This is diff of my configure
22:26:44 Join edhelas [0] (
22:26:49lleeloo__may be my problem in arm-none-eabi- ?
22:56:19 Quit franklin (Quit: Leaving)
22:57:02 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:01:01pamaurylleeloo__: what the name of your toolchain ?
23:04:50pamauryindeed there is a problem with this script, the output is wrong on my computer too
23:08:28lleeloo__i don't remember name of toolchain (i download it long time ago). but if it's important I can search for it
23:09:44 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0/20140731191115])
23:09:46pamaurylleeloo__: I understand the problem
23:10:26pamauryconfigure script finds the version by grepping __ARM_ARCH_, because usually you would get something like __ARM_ARCH_4T__
23:10:38pamaurybut for ARMv7, you actually get __ARM_ARCH_7EM__ and __ARM_ARCH_EXT_IDIV__
23:11:37lleeloo__that's true. and this is what i saw in my autoconf.h and makefile=)
23:12:23pamauryso I advise the following: change this line:
23:12:23pamauryarch_version="$(echo $cpp_defines | tr ' ' '\012' | grep __ARM_ARCH | sed -e 's,.*\([0-9]\).*,\1,')"
23:12:23DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
23:12:23pamauryarch_version="$(echo $cpp_defines | tr ' ' '\012' | grep '__ARM_ARCH_[[:digit:]]' | sed -e 's,.*\([0-9]\).*,\1,')"
23:13:21lleeloo__ok. i try to do so
23:15:22lleeloo__it work excelent. thank you!
23:19:32jhMikeSone's thing's for sure, 6g is going down. I'm not supporting aligning things in the file code. it needs to do that itself.
23:21:57jhMikeSjust gonna panic when it gets unaligned buffers :)
23:23:01pamaurythe low level code should always be able to handle unaligned buffers, otherwise it makes it very clumsy to use
23:25:16jhMikeSit doesn't there, it panics if not cache aligned
23:25:46jhMikeSright now file.c is babying things with STORAGE_NEEDS_ALIGN but I took that out of there
23:26:29jhMikeSrk27xx is using memcpy afaics
23:26:49pamauryimx233 does clever stuff it's not aligned
23:27:35jhMikeSnothing else needs it. imx31 handles the case by copying only unaligned ends.
23:30:02jhMikeSstorage_ata-ipod6g.c looks like the only problem one
23:33:33 Join franklin [0] (
23:33:51 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:34:29franklinI'm currently running a script that will indent all the code in the Linux style and remove trailing whitespace/tabs (just the .c files, not the makefiles). is this desirable?
23:35:08franklin(what indentation style do you prefer?)
23:37:15franklinSo, 4 spaces?
23:37:25franklinAnd removing trailing WS, etc
23:37:30franklinand untabifying
23:37:48 Join lleeloo [0] (~lleeloo@
23:38:19jhMikeSthat's the practice here
23:38:52franklinBut some code doesn't follow it :)
23:39:08franklinSo I'm going to run my script on the 3000 or so .c files and the headers, too
23:39:08 Quit lleeloo__ (Quit: Page closed)
23:39:18franklinWould it get accepted?
23:39:22[Saint]Some developers like to blatantly ignore style guidelines.
23:39:27[Saint]You know who you are...
23:39:33franklinI don't anymore :)
23:39:35[Saint]ANd then bypass gerrit.
23:39:49[Saint]I pick my battles.
23:39:56franklinso yes, do run the script?
23:40:04[Saint]I'm not going to fight anyone over comments and indentation.
23:40:16[Saint]But, I'd really wish the usual suspects would knock it off. :)
23:41:27[Saint]If I was going to name and shame I wouldn't have been so careful to not do so.
23:42:01[Saint]Anyway - its up to you. You would need to keep in mind that running such a script over our sources is only half the battle.
23:42:21[Saint]You would then have a couple of thousand lines of code to review by hand.
23:42:33[Saint]...I'm sure as shit not doing code review on such a change.
23:43:31[Saint]Its also a cost vs. benefit thing. If you want to do it, go for it, but at the end of the day there's very little to no functional benefit.
23:43:50gevaertsThere is a definite downside to this sort of change as well
23:43:54[Saint]other things to do would be fixing up non-UK English in the sources.
23:45:21jhMikeS[Saint]: haha
23:45:31CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:45:31*gevaerts would definitely object to that
23:46:45franklinthat would be easy with a list of the words to change :)
23:46:52franklinbut I would object too
23:47:02 Quit lleeloo (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:47:19gevaertsfranklin: on what grounds though?
23:47:21franklinI have one more bug to work out: how do I make find follow two patterns?
23:47:29franklinI like non-UK english :)
23:47:31franklin:p saint
23:47:36gevaertsWrong reason :)
23:47:39 Join lleeloo [0] (~lleeloo@
23:47:49gevaertsRockbox uses UK English officially
23:47:59franklinBut I hate it :)
23:48:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:48:12franklinBut grey_gray_bitmap can be annoying at times :)
23:48:17*jhMikeS fixed up the ipod6g thing the cheesy way but it's no worse than what's going on now
23:48:30gevaertsI'm not at all convinced that whitespace fixes are a good idea anyway
23:48:57[Saint]there's a LOT of places where whitespace gobblers can get too eager and screw shit up the eye wouldn;t notice.
23:49:08gevaertsThat can be avoided
23:49:19[Saint]It can, yes.
23:49:23gevaertsSo that's still not the reason I'm not fond of this :)
23:49:40[Saint]Well, do share, we're on eggshells here waiting.
23:50:10gevaertsThese changes make it harder to trace what happened to code over time, which is annoying if you're tracking down bugs
23:51:20jhMikeSmaybe every new year's or release, clean it once?
23:51:59*[Saint] doesn't think that whitespace/comment/indentation changes make it appreciably more difficult to track changes
23:52:15[Saint]perhaps slightly annoying.
23:52:29franklinI have a problem, it includes files under build/
23:52:36franklinhow to make find ignore them?
23:52:49gevaertsAlso, there's things like patches suddenly no longer applying
23:53:18[Saint]just whitespace/comment changes should still apply with a degree of fuzz.
23:53:49[Saint]One should always be wary of patches applying, though, in an actively developed project.
23:53:57[Saint]I'm not sure that's a real concern to be honest.
23:54:20gevaertsThese are all relatively minor issues, sure
23:54:29gevaertsBut then so is the issue you're fixing
23:54:30franklin[Saint]: how to checkout a "clean" branch (no build* dirs)?
23:54:32jhMikeSgee if you can't apply a patch from 2002, we're just not doin' er jerbs
23:55:50franklinSo I'm not wasting time cleaning build/
23:55:50[Saint]franklin: ...what do you mean? Build dirs aren't included in the source. Just checkout.
23:56:12franklincurrently, my script will indent the .c files under build/, too, which wastes time
23:56:15jhMikeSyou can ignore it under .gitignore
23:56:20 Quit lleeloo (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:56:27franklinNo, but they're still in the directory
23:56:36[Saint]build dirs are already ignored, no?
23:57:00franklin[Saint]: in Git they are, but they are still in the directory when I create a new branch
23:57:19jhMikeSyeah, why would they go anywhere?
23:57:20gevaertsfranklin: if you want to remove *everything* that's not in git, "git clean -d -x -f". Be careful with that though :)
23:57:30[Saint]Why would they not be there?
23:57:35[Saint]Its untracked changes.
23:57:37franklinBut I want to keep my build/ dir for later when I'm done
23:57:54[Saint]I think this is a problem between expactation and reality conflicting.
23:58:14jhMikeSthen put it outside the checkout?
23:58:40[Saint]to be honest - who the fuck builds in-tree these days anyway? Ick.
23:58:56[Saint]We have a nice build system perfectly capable of not doing so.
23:58:56franklinnever mind, I just ran git clean -d -x -f and lost all my build dirs :)

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