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#rockbox log for 2014-08-10

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01:55:14franklinsaratoga, you on?
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02:22:43franklinWhat is the third field in viewers.config?
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02:53:33[Saint]icon number.
02:53:38[Saint]the source is your friend...
02:54:06[Saint]extension, viewer, icon.
02:55:49franklinthank you :) working on the imperial march through the piezo speaker... :O
02:56:21franklin... on my ipod!
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02:56:37*franklin has gotten 9 notes already :)
02:58:03franklin[Saint], where's the source for reading the viewers.config then?
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04:12:27franklinWhere would be the appropriate spot in the source tree to put "demos"?
04:12:37franklinLike the Imperial March for a plugin to paly
04:20:56jhMikeSthey aren't classified in the source tree
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04:24:05jhMikeSmaybe check out g#174
04:24:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #174 at : Play music or complex tones with square wave channel. by Michael Sevakis
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04:34:14franklinjhMikeS, I'm referring to Gerrit #909, which adds piezo* functions to the plugin API
04:34:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #909 at : Added piezo functions to plugin API, as well as some demo plugins by Franklin Wei
04:34:19*franklin slaps fs-bluebot
04:34:19fs-bluebotfranklin: ouch!
04:36:36jhMikeSthat's it? I thought you had a demo with imperial march. I had something for the PCM tone generator that I did awhile ago just to try it really quickly.
04:37:13franklinNo, I have a file that you give to Tonebox that plays the imperial march :)
04:37:18franklinbut that's not in the patch
04:37:33franklinAnd an editor that edits the files
04:37:41jhMikeSnot everything has piezo
04:38:52jhMikeSso....why do we need the piezo plugins in the API?
04:39:23franklinThey are conditionally compiled, just like LCD functions...
04:39:31franklinwith #ifdef HAVE_HARDWARE_CLICK
04:39:38[Saint]Well...lets just chuck out everything that isn't universally supported by every target then shall we?
04:39:53[Saint]What an odd statement.
04:39:53jhMikeSummm...but it is supportable on every target
04:40:03jhMikeSat least SWCODEC
04:40:16jhMikeSwhat's so special about piezo?
04:40:28franklinIt was missing... so I added it :)
04:41:04jhMikeS[Saint]: hey, fuck you. you know I don't think that way about it. :)
04:41:45franklin[Saint], so should I just host it separately?
04:42:02franklinBTW, does one of you have an ipod I can test this on other than mine?
04:42:17jhMikeSsurely there was a task that required them
04:42:44franklinI was thinking of playing sounds for 2048 through it... :) then I realized that it was doable :)
04:42:52franklinsure, *box will do
04:43:18jhMikeSok, that makes sense if something needs it
04:43:32franklinlittle point other than for grins :)
04:43:48[Saint]whether they should or not may be debateable, but I don't see a problem with plugins being able to access the piezo at all.
04:44:16franklinI mean, the plugins have complete control already
04:44:17jhMikeSwell, hell i could have pacbox playing it sounds during music playback. really, plugins just need a PCM channel to use
04:44:38franklinI was thinking about that too
04:45:02jhMikeS[Saint]: me neither, however, this sort of thing is not limited to piezo
04:45:04franklinbut I decided not to do it myself... too much work :) just play the imperial march was my goal, and I can do it now
04:45:30jhMikeSThis simple 1) add another PCM channel in mixer header 2) use it
04:45:38franklinand how?
04:46:01[Saint]jhMikeS: that doesn't help you if you want to use the piezo...
04:46:18franklinI have beep, click and tone functions... too much? :)
04:46:21[Saint]it can be done other ways, great, but....piezo.
04:46:35[Saint]s the goal here - achieved.
04:46:46jhMikeS[Saint]: no, but it helps everything else :)
04:46:54franklinNot everyone crams headphones in their pocket when they go...
04:47:49franklinBTW, the file for the imperial march is at
04:48:16franklinIt would just be cool to be able to play, as you said, pacbox music from the piezo
04:48:17jhMikeS[Saint]: but I don't want to use the piezo, I'm the other not everyone :)
04:48:31franklinSo don't use it then
04:48:34jhMikeSfranklin: not from piezo. pcm mixer
04:48:37[Saint]I'm not sure why there's an argument here, franklin wanted plugins to be able to access the piezo, and added it. As far as I see it, it hurts nothing, and adds functionality.
04:48:51jhMikeSfrom piezo probably needs some form of modulation
04:48:58franklinexactly... what were we even arguing about, again?
04:49:12[Saint]I have no idea.
04:49:16*jhMikeS wants plugins to access the national treasury
04:49:53franklinSo, [Saint], you have an ipod
04:49:56jhMikeSyou paid for an argument
04:50:56franklin[Saint], do I need to write a manual entry for ToneBox/BeepBox?
04:51:19jhMikeSBeedeebeedeebeedeebeedeep box, buch
04:51:22[Saint]viewers typically get a manual entry I believe.
04:51:35franklinso yes
04:51:59franklinAnd should the imperial march file get on the RB wiki?
04:52:48jhMikeSok, let's just play everything though the piezo, mkay? so, it's settled then
04:53:02jhMikeSsomeone might not have their headphones
04:53:05franklinThe "feature" of Gerrit #909 is a piezo library for future plugins... ToneBox is just a proof-of-concept plugin
04:53:07fs-bluebotGerrit review #909 at : Added piezo functions to plugin API, as well as some demo plugins by Franklin Wei
04:53:12*franklin slaps fs-bluebot
04:53:13fs-bluebotfranklin: ouch!
04:53:58franklinSo, [Saint], can you test this?
04:58:30*jhMikeS begins dumping the PCM system and redirecting everything to the piezo
04:58:38franklinjhMikeS, NO!
04:58:47franklinIt's to be used separately
05:00:01franklinLike on a computer, there's the beeper and the speakers
05:00:17franklinThe beeper beeps when you type "echo "\a"" and the speakers play everything else
05:00:28franklinthe beeper is a piezo
05:00:45jhMikeSbut, I want to make sure noone has an unfairly good experience over piezo users
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07:04:19ivanfHello any reason why rockbox installer crashes when I do auto detect?
07:05:56[Saint]possibly a SanDisk device in the wrong USB mode?
07:06:31ivanfit's actually the iPod video
07:07:10[Saint]No idea then. As long as you know the mountpoint it doesn't really matter.
07:08:43[Saint]The destination at which the device is mounted.
07:09:20ivanfI see
07:10:31[Saint]The installer doesn't do anything on the iPods except extract an archive to a mountpoint.
07:10:59[Saint](for the main binary at least, the bootloader is an entirely different story)
07:11:22ivanfoh okay
07:11:28ivanfwell I had to man do it.
07:11:32ivanfSo now it's installing
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07:28:58ivanfGetting my Sansa Clip+ next week. I'm so excited
07:30:10[Saint]In my opinion if you already have an iPod Video, that excitement will be short lived.
07:30:26[Saint]They're like Happy Meal toys.
07:30:42[Saint]Actually, some Happy Meal toys feel better made...
07:33:10ivanfHeh. I mean I want to pair my Sansa c+ with my TMA-1's, PFE 122 and soon Earsonics SM3
07:33:20ivanfthis is a old ipod video
07:33:31ivanfHDD is going to give up soon
07:33:41[Saint]Right. As opposed to the new iPod Videos... ;)
07:34:04ivanfthis stops and turns on here and there :P
07:34:22ivanfmax size for the clip+ atm is 64gb?
07:34:51[Saint]There is no limit on the external storage.
07:35:05[Saint]If 256Gb sdcards existed, it could use it.
07:35:58[Saint]Well, actually, there *is* a limit, but, that limit is 2TB...and, we'll likely never se densities like this.
07:36:12[Saint]So its as good as "unlimited".
07:36:35ivanfNeed a cheap place for a 64gb I guess
07:46:15[Saint]128GB cards are getting reasonably priced now.
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15:00:46IgoRCLsorry for offtopic but we need some audio listeners here
15:00:50IgoRCLthank You.
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15:57:49megal0maniacmegal0maniac-b570 added to build farm :)
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18:06:03sfatehi there
18:06:48sfatecould anyone say how to fix a bug with wps-theme: text blinks on scrolling(too long line of track info)?
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18:14:02coppersfate: what build are you running
18:14:37franklinit /could/ be just that the scrolling code is too slow, but I have little experience in theming
18:14:56copperI bet he's running an old build
18:15:42sfaterockbox 3.13 for ipod video 5.5g with this theme:
18:16:15copperthere you go
18:16:23coppersfate: install the latest dev build
18:16:45sfateok.. i'll try it.. thanks
18:16:52copperuse the rockbox utility, select "development version"
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18:25:33sfatecooper: you were right.. it works fine with lastest dev build :)
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18:36:48copperit's copper
18:36:55copperand I know because I'm the one who reported the bug
18:37:42sfateyeah.. sorry, copper ^_^
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18:40:31copperthe "Works with release 3.13" bit on the themesite is unfortunate
18:41:39sfateoh yes.. there is just couple of themes that works fine with 3.13 :)
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19:02:06coppermeh, that was kinda dickish of me
19:03:13franklinOK, I can play the "entire" imperial march now, up to the drums part
19:04:18coppereven drums have a tone
19:04:20franklinup to 36 seconds of
19:04:41franklinTook the code from it's website
19:05:05franklin TI's website
19:08:52jhMikeSthe piezo's pretty high quality :)
19:09:07franklinSo, you wanna test it?
19:09:24jhMikeSI don't have a piezo device
19:09:33franklinI think now would be a good time to use the word "kewl"
19:10:17franklinNow to get the drums part :)
19:10:39*jhMikeS has managed to stay largely iPod free except for one 3g that was given away to him
19:11:06franklinI hate apple more that you do :) trust me :)
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