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#rockbox log for 2014-08-11

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00:37:18[Saint]Ahhhhh shit.
00:37:50[Saint]You can't arbitrarily invert a direction sensitive touch area.
00:38:02[Saint]You can only invert a /bar's/ touch area.
00:38:23[Saint]Well...that's me hosed.
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03:58:09[Saint]JdGordon: bug or intentional? %?vg will go true on N *or higher* if not all tuples are given in the conditional statement.
03:58:50[Saint]so, %?vg<do foo if 1|do bar if 2> will do "do bar if 2" if the variable its checking is 2 or higher.
03:59:38*[Saint] just found this out by accident and its actually pretty bloody handy.
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04:00:19JdGordonsounds intentional
04:00:24JdGordonsame as all conditionals no?
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04:40:40franklinWhy can't you upload .zips onto the forums? So, I guess I might need to create a zip archive, rename it to .png or something that's accepted, and upload it that way? To avoid malware being spread?
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04:44:15franklinWas that not you?
04:44:30[Saint]managed to op and kick myself before my core caught up with the massive amount of text I just dropped into the channel by accident.
04:44:48franklinOh... though someone was spoofing your nick
04:45:06franklinWell, I haven't tried it :D
04:45:25franklinWhat would happen?
04:45:50franklinJust nick in use?
04:46:22[Saint]nick protection would automatically rename the client.
04:46:47franklinEven with spaces?
04:47:34franklinUnicode characters? :)
04:48:17[Saint]IRC doesn't support spaces or non alphanumeric characters in nicks, and even if it did, it wouldn't matter, because that would be an entirely different nick.
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09:36:01megal0maniac_unifranklin should learn about dropbox/file sharing websites
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10:42:59Ennea|workquestion as a rockbox user: i've been afraid of rockbox dying over the last couple years, due to phones taking over the mp3 player role, but the rockbox android app not exactly being in active development
10:43:07Ennea|workalso, not many pure mp3 players out there anymore..
10:43:18Ennea|worki just saw news about this new nokia phone, though:
10:43:38Ennea|workwhich apparently also has a microsd slot.. would it be viable to develop rockbox for that? it's cheap and all..
10:46:04Zagorunlikely. rockbox is a complete standalone system, the android app being the exception.
10:46:30Zagoralso, why would you be more likely to buy a dedicated rockbox phone than a tiny sandisk sansa clip or similar?
10:46:51copper"Operating system: Nokia OS"
10:47:39Ennea|workZagor, the clip+ is a good point. the question is how much longer those will be produced
10:47:56Ennea|worki was thinking more like replacing nokia os with rockbox, instead of developing it for it
10:48:09Zagorlikely for a longer time than those phones...
10:48:18Ennea|workwell, you never know..
10:48:55Zagorthe clip-type devices survive because they fill a different role than the smartphones. they are perfect for jogging etc.
10:49:09Ennea|workluckily my fuze is still alive, but that thing's going to kick the bucket soon, too. will probably get a clip+ then, sure. but if it's possible without too much trouble, relatively speaking, it would certainly be a nice option
10:49:18Ennea|workhm, you have a good point there
10:49:42Zagorit's very unlikely to be a simple job replacing the code on a mobile phone
10:49:49copperfear not, foobar on Android is coming!
10:49:58Ennea|workyea, i've seen that, copper ;p
10:50:13Ennea|workZagor, i see. i'm not very familiar with all this, unfortunately
10:52:05Ennea|workdisregarding the fact that it's actually a phone and that probably nobody will end up porting rockbox to it, for the price and capabilities, i think it'd make a good standalone music player
10:53:00gevaertsAt least it seems to have enough buttons
10:53:07Ennea|workyea :p
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17:00:55FattierobHello i'm submitting a comment on a bug report and want to make sure I supply as much useful info as possible - is their anyway to get more version information out of the Rock Box besides the System -> Rockbox Info option?
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17:08:48franklinIs there a udelay in the plugin API?
17:11:04franklinThe closest I can get is sleep(usecs*10000), which does 1/100s of a second...
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17:12:40gevaertsFattierob: the version info from there should be as complete as we need
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17:14:41gevaertsfranklin: udelay from a plugin sounds like a bad idea to me...
17:14:56Fattierobgevaerts: Allrighty thank you
17:15:54gevaertsfranklin: udelay is a busy wait. You risk blocking all sorts of stuff
17:16:26franklinAh... but less than 1/100 of a second?
17:16:38franklinWhat's the harm in that?
17:16:59 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
17:17:45gevaertsWhy do you even need it?
17:17:55franklinGerrit #909
17:17:57fs-bluebotGerrit review #909 at : Added piezo functions to plugin API, as well as some demo plugins by Franklin Wei
17:18:02gevaertsI mean, we have things like mpegplayer that survive happily without udelay
17:18:24franklinOk then, I guess I'll just do rb->sleep(usecs*10000) then
17:18:36franklinThanks anyways :)
17:19:44franklinIs there any possiblility that HZ will be increased?
17:20:15 Part Fattierob
17:20:31gevaertsI doubt it
17:20:47franklinSo what would happen if I changed HZ to 1000?
17:20:57gevaertsThings might work
17:21:17franklinAnd things might not?
17:21:21*gevaerts nods
17:21:32franklinok... where is HZ defined?
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17:29:43franklinI doubt that things will work...
17:29:50franklinBut why not try?
17:31:20*gevaerts doesn't see the point
17:31:34franklinJust for grins :D
17:31:46franklinAnd to see Rockbox crash
17:32:25 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:33:18franklinIt compiles without issue
17:35:06franklinAnd it runs just fine...
17:36:03gevaertsWell done for testing everything in a minute and a half
17:37:00franklinmpegplayer surprisingly works... at normal speed
17:38:23franklinJust my 2048 and tonebox plugins have some hardcoded sleep times
17:40:36*gevaerts would be surprised if there were no HZ assumptions in various drivers
17:44:00*franklin thinks it would be best to keep HZ secret
17:45:35franklinLike have one file say that HZ=10 and the file included under that would say HZ=HZ*HZ... :D
17:45:43franklinNot gonna happen :)
17:47:05franklinOr have some gigantic warning on the wiki saying "DO NOT ASSUME HZ IS 100!!!"
17:47:54franklinOr have a requirement that everything must run correctly with arbitrary HZ values...
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18:16:33franklinthe viewer icons seem messed up... why is the chip8 icon a paintbrush? why is the midi icon a picture?
18:16:53copperIt is known.
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18:18:21franklinSo should I fix it?
18:19:10copperfeel free, though I guess it would need to be reviewed on gerrit
18:19:23franklinYeah... glacially slow :D
18:20:28copperI still have a patch up there
18:20:31copperbeen there for months
18:20:36franklinwhich one?
18:20:41franklinI'll review it
18:20:48franklinThough I can't get it submitted
18:21:14franklincopper, should the icon for text editor be a paintbrush? i think so
18:21:26franklinand text viewer can be the list with lines on it
18:22:37franklinok, never mind... what's the patch?
18:22:39copperwhy would text be represented by a paintbrush
18:22:46franklintext editor
18:22:49copperI don't even know how to find my gerrit entry
18:22:57franklinwhat was it for?
18:23:23copperit's for the themesite, not Rockbox itself
18:23:35copperand it took me 4 tries to submit a change :P
18:23:49copper3 tries in addition to the original submission
18:23:53franklinWell... I don't know much PHP... :D
18:24:25copper5 months
18:24:33franklinwhat should the icon for lyrics be? music icon or the text icon?
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18:24:50copperlike I have any sort of authority on the matter :P
18:25:15franklinI'm making it text
18:27:21copperfranklin: you can always publish your modified iconset here
18:27:32franklinNo, the viewers.config file
18:27:34copperand / or bundle the file with your theme, if you're making one
18:28:26franklinNo, in apps/plugins/viewers.config
18:29:06copperare you sure that's what should be changed?
18:29:46copperare you sure it's not the matching icon file that should be fixed?
18:30:24franklinhmm... good point...
18:31:10franklinBut it works with the default theme
18:31:25franklinMaybe gevaerts will enlighten me :)
18:31:30*franklin summons gevaerts
18:31:47*gevaerts knows nothing about icons
18:32:31*franklin wonders who does
18:34:06copperask [Saint] maybe
18:34:12franklinWhere is he?
18:34:18copperlikely asleep?
18:34:19franklinexactly :D
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19:54:47franklinIs there any way to add a shutdown option to the main menu?
19:54:50 Join lebellium [0] (
20:04:56copper[Saint]: has a patch for that
20:06:59franklinthanks :D
20:07:37*franklin can play the ENTIRE SMB theme now from the piezo
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20:34:04franklincopper, you are correct. the icons are correct when used with the default icon set, but with Cabbie, they are wrong
20:42:10 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
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20:45:52coppermost likely awfully outdated
20:46:07copperI'm the anti-icon guy anyway
20:46:11copperso don't ask me!
20:46:59franklincopper, have you tried 2048?
20:47:56franklinwhat DAP do you have?
20:48:01copperClip+ currently
20:48:20franklinAh nope... it is useless on 1-bit displays-you can't read a thing
20:48:42franklinI /could/ write a text-based drawing function... but yeah
20:49:44franklinToo complicated, making sure that it compiles for everything, so I simplified it to bitmapped, LCDs with 1+ depth
20:49:52franklincopper, any others?
20:59:07coppernot currently
21:03:00franklinHmm... I don't know why it hasn't been accepted into HEAD yet...
21:04:42franklinfs-bluebot, .describe Change-Id: I5b0f155e4ff49a065c6cb97691ecd4396a199979
21:05:14franklinfs-bluebot, .describe 49b73bbc52a8f00a796de9250dc6de32f68989c2
21:05:16fs-bluebotAdded 2048 game by Franklin Wei
21:05:30*franklin slaps fs-bluebot for not describing Change-Ids
21:05:30fs-bluebotfranklin: ouch!
21:23:29 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:25:09 Join wodz [0] (
21:26:01wodzfranklin: Stop abusing our bot please. Others can live with it and even find it useful, so I think you can as well
21:26:29franklinok just so much fun :)
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22:21:08lleeloocortex-m port: undefined reference to `find_first_set_bit', but find_first_set_bit in ffs.S still present. Why error?
22:24:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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22:28:49lleelooany advices?
22:38:13 Quit lleeloo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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