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#rockbox log for 2014-08-13

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03:00:08franklinsaratoga, do you think a TinyCC port is possible?
03:00:44franklinI know it has about 0% chance of getting merged, but maybe someone might find it somewhat useful (me, maybe?)... ;)
03:02:34[Saint]WHy the fuck would you even want that?
03:02:48franklinAs you say, for grins :D
03:02:58[Saint]As I say?
03:03:08franklinYou said that some time ago
03:03:14franklin"for grins"
03:03:24[Saint]I most certainly did not.
03:03:31JdGordonyeah, that doesnt sound like [Saint]
03:03:40franklinYou used that phrase some time ago, I remember it quite clearly
03:03:43JdGordonhe'd have said something like "for fucks"
03:04:02franklinBut still, for grins :D
03:04:48franklinBut hey, who doesn't need a C compiler on their MP3 player? :p
03:05:01[Saint]I just grepped my logs, and, totally unsurprisingly, the only one who's every said that was you.
03:05:07[Saint]multiple times, in fact.
03:05:41franklinOh wait that was someone over at ##programming or ##linux
03:05:59franklinOr ##hacking
03:06:17franklinYeah, some guy at ##programming
03:09:43franklinBut why not have a C compiler on your mp3 player? ;)
03:10:01[Saint]Because its a stupid idea?
03:10:15alexbobpdepends on the mp3 player!
03:10:33[Saint]To get the source files on the device, you're going to need to use a device that is _much_ more capable to do so...
03:10:38alexbobpI mean it's a stupid idea for all of the rockbox targets except android though, so there's that
03:10:49[Saint]So, you're kicking yourself in the ass.
03:10:53[Saint]For literally no reason.
03:10:55alexbobpand on android it would make no sense for the compiler to be part of rockbox
03:11:34[Saint]It only even vaguely makes sense on hosted targets, and hosted targets ALL have a much better native solution.
03:11:51[Saint]Fuck programming with the virtual keyboard.
03:12:02[Saint]I'd rather stab myself in the eyes.
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03:14:16franklinWow my connection is bad today...
03:14:27GaloisI don't see the point of an editor, but a compiler is somewhat useful.
03:14:35[Saint]Err...that was a client quit.
03:14:39[Saint]We can all see it.
03:14:57Galoison my iPad, for example, the "normal" way to compile programs requires a Mac. I don't have a Mac, but I do have an iPad.
03:15:33Galoiswith a jailbroken iPad you can install a C compiler and even a rudimentary SDK on the device itself. This is the only reasonable way for me to build code on the device given that I don't have a Mac.
03:16:06franklinBut now to more... serious.. discussion: why doesn't DOOM run on the Classic!? That's the killer app of Rockbox! :D
03:16:06franklin(literally-"killer" app lol)
03:16:31[Saint]It used to at some point.
03:16:39[Saint]Realistically, no one cares about it.
03:16:42GaloisI don't actually write code literally on the device, I ssh into it from a real computer. But all the compiling is done on the device.
03:17:44Galoisfor non-Android rockbox, it probably doesn't make sense (you can't ssh into such a device). But in principle it is conceivably useful on some platforms.
03:17:56[Saint]This is really offtopic, but the only thing stopping you from compiling for iOS et all on a non-MAc is dedication.
03:18:16[Saint]Its most certainly possible.
03:18:24Galoisok, yeah, there's other really hackish solutions. But the on-device route is the least hackish non-Mac approach.
03:18:58[Saint]I'd argue its very hackish.
03:18:59Galoisyes, sure. Subjective.
03:19:15Galoisin general native compilation avoids a whole host of problems that cross compilers encounter
03:19:32Galoisa much more uniform OS environment, just for one
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03:20:13franklin_just crashed again...
03:20:24*franklin_ suspects something is wrong with his modem
03:21:09alexbobpGalois: how come these weird ipad hacking folks can hack a C build environment onto the ipad itself, but can't hack it onto a reasonable linux system?
03:21:31franklin_You probably could... just no one wants to
03:21:40Galoisbecause on the iPad you don't have to deal with cross compilation, and it's legally easier since you don't have to copy code that's already on the iPad
03:21:51franklin_No wait... you can now: install a VM :P
03:21:56alexbobpjailbreakers are so concerned with the law I'm sure
03:22:04Galoisjailbreaking iPhones is totally legal
03:22:15Galoiscopying major parts of iOS into a rogue Linux SDK is not
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03:22:18[Saint]*as of a few days ago*
03:22:30Galoisit was totally legal from 2009 to 2012, and yes, as of a few days ago, in the USA
03:22:48[Saint]fun fact: not everyone lives in your locale
03:23:01Galoiswell, I live in my locale
03:23:06Galoisthese laws affect me.
03:23:08franklin_Why until a few days ago?
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03:23:56franklin_[Saint], I believe it's legal in NZ, right?
03:24:15franklin_As long as you do it for legal purposes
03:24:18[Saint]I believe there's a /topic here
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03:29:18franklinAh lost connection again
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04:14:40[Saint]JdGordon: is the "arbitrary tag to bar" tag supposed to have a touch area?
04:15:16JdGordonthe which?
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04:20:41[Saint]Argh. Fuck. Documentation.
04:21:01[Saint]A while back you added, I believe, a way to turn any arbitrary tag into a bar.
04:21:17[Saint]Unsurprisingly I can't find it in the docs.
04:23:28*[Saint] bloody well hopes he didn't invent this
04:23:55[Saint]...if I did, I'll be pissed, because I've backed myself into a corner.
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04:27:13[Saint]Oh, no, Firefox's PDF search is just fucking braindead. I see.
04:27:48[Saint]JdGordon: %St(...)
04:28:08[Saint](that's the wonderful syntax example the manual gives :))
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04:29:11*[Saint] has no idea of the accepted syntax or if touch regions are supported.
04:30:54franklinAnyone know a bit about the wiki?
04:37:02franklinStrange... 2048 is listed, but not a link'
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04:38:38[Saint]JdGordon: am I perhaps misinterpreting "%St(...) Draw a bar using from the setting."?
04:39:14[Saint]its gramatically vague enough to have me doubting myself.
04:39:57franklinMr. Someone needs to write better docs...
04:42:27franklinBut seriously −− why doesn't doom work?!
04:43:18[Saint]Because it stopped working at some point, and NO ONE cares.
04:43:32franklinI guess I'll fix it tomorrow... good night!
04:43:36[Saint]No one gives a shit about a plugin no one uses on an unreleased uninstallable target.
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05:33:52JdGordon[Saint]: St is for settings only, not arbitrry tags
05:34:05JdGordonthats one thing i'd like to add but never can be bothered
05:34:36[Saint]well, yeah, ok, granted...but ~90% of those settings are accessible as tags.
05:35:04[Saint]anyway - what I'm actually interested in is: a - syntax, b: touch capable?
05:35:23JdGordonand no, %St cant be used as a bar
05:35:50[Saint]The manual entry you added directly contradicts that.
05:35:53[Saint]Are you sure?
05:36:34[Saint]"%St(...) Draw a bar using from the setting.
05:36:47[Saint](I can't supply a link because the web manuals are broken)
05:37:04JdGordonlink to
05:37:52[Saint]Uuuuugh. Its fucking impossible to search gerrit.
05:38:00[Saint]s/gerrit/git/ ... actually, both.
05:38:34[Saint]ha :)
05:38:35JdGordonhmm, apparenlty there is code for it
05:39:52[Saint]aha - woo, %St(<bar tags>, setting, <setting name>) was what I wanted.
05:39:52[Saint]but, no touch region. Fuck.
05:40:05JdGordontouch should work
05:40:32*[Saint] hops it also accepts 'invert' then.
05:40:53JdGordonit should accept all the bar tags
05:40:58JdGordonits all the same parse function
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05:45:33*[Saint] thinks about adding a "noinvert" param and making LTR/RTL direction sensitive touch regions flip automagically with RTL locales
05:45:41[Saint] that a thing we would want?
05:45:47[Saint]Or just something *I* want?
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05:46:05JdGordonrtl is just broken
05:46:20[Saint](I know its definitely the latter, but, if its actually going to be useful...I'll do it)
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05:47:29[Saint]making an actual locale agnostic theme is /possible/.
05:47:38[Saint]But, its sure as shit not easy.
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10:59:39wodzpamaury: You pinged me a few days ago about some change made during devcon. Could you elaborate what it was?
11:04:16pamaurywodz: improvements to the xml parser error messages
11:07:08wodzI thought it went in
11:11:42wodzpamaury: I have a question about hwpatcher. I need to update crc of patched rkw. I can calc crc in lua or in C. What is the most straight forward solution as I can't see simple way to access firmware image in lua to calc crc (make_addr and friends needs to be employed)
11:12:41 Join the-kyle [0] (
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11:13:50pamaurywodz: do it in C
11:13:59pamauryin lua it will be very slow
11:14:17pamauryand the lua interface doesn't provide full access to the firmware images internals anyway
11:14:54pamauryif you feel uncomfortable for the C/lua interface, I can write a prototype and upload it in one hour
11:15:12wodzpamaury: Would be great.
11:15:44pamauryI guess you only want that for raw binary images ?
11:20:25wodzpamaury: basically I need to calc crc of firmware without header (header is 44bytes) and last 4 bytes which store crc.
11:20:54wodzbut I guess this is minor detail
11:21:37pamaurywodz: ok, hum, the lua interface allows one to retrieve all bytes of a raw images iirc, so my guess is that it should be possible to just implement a crc function for a byte array, and then call it on some byte array, I'll provide an example
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12:00:11pamaurywodz: one more question, since there are many kinds of CRCs, do you mind if I give an extra parameter to the function to describe which CRC to use ? there would be a list of defined CRCs, so that it is easy to add one
12:01:30wodzsure, go ahead
12:02:31pamauryI think I'm going to add more functions to access firmware structure too, because at the moment it's very poor
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12:17:15pamaurywodz: what do you think is better: return CRC as a number or a byte array ?
12:20:41 Join sfate [0] (~sfate@
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12:24:16wodzI was thinking about number
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12:37:24pamaurywodz: weird, does hwpatcher compiles for you ? it seems the makefile is broken
12:38:29wodzit did last time I checked
12:41:10pamauryweird, there is a typo, an extra "$" in a rule
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12:45:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 278e866, 253 builds, 30 clients.
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12:46:13pamaurydamn, I can't seem to be able to push to gerrit ?!
12:47:06pamaurywodz: g#911
12:47:09fs-bluebotGerrit review #911 at : hwpatcher: add framework for CRC computation by Amaury Pouly
12:48:00wodzpamaury: great, thanks will look later
12:48:18pamauryI will upload an example
12:50:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 297 seconds.
12:50:41pamaurywodz: untested example:
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13:35:38[Saint]JdGordon: I guess I was an idiot to think that the Setting/Bar touch area would actually ajust the config.cfg?
13:36:01[Saint]for example:
13:36:59[Saint]%St(10,4,460,52,GENERIC_BAR,backdrop,GENERIC_BAR_BACKDROP,slider,SCRUBBER_FOCUSED,setting,treble) "works", and I can drag the slider around, and the postition will even "stick" for runtime duration.
13:37:46[Saint]But config.cfg never actually gets adjusted, from the looks of the patch, unless I'm blind, its not supposed to is it? :-/
13:40:20[Saint]it'd be awesome if it did, because, lets be honest with ourselves frickin' cool does look? ;)
13:41:03JdGordon[Saint]: yeah, you need magic which isnt implemented
13:41:25[Saint]yeah - sadly, I answered my own question when I actually looked.
13:41:38[Saint]I /assumed/ it was possible.
13:41:44[Saint]And, made a cock of myself.
13:41:48JdGordonbut yes, it looks sweet
13:51:49 Join Rower [0] (
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14:11:49[Saint]I mst say I do find it bloody interesting that the magic to remember the position of the bar is in place.
14:13:13 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
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17:07:24*franklin has fixed the doom bug on iPod classic!!! :D
17:10:17 Join ikeboy [0] (
17:13:08bcobcocan you play doom succesful in your ipod?
17:13:37bcobcopoor battery
17:13:44franklinGerrit #912
17:13:46fs-bluebotGerrit review #912 at : Fixed DOOM bug on iPod Classic by Franklin Wei
17:14:06franklinIt has 24 hour battery life idling...
17:14:55 Quit ikeboy (Remote host closed the connection)
17:16:39bcobcogood work™
17:16:51franklinDo you have an ipod classic?
17:17:06bcobcothanks to freemyipod
17:17:11franklinThen try it!
17:17:34bcobcoi will try it! for sure. not now because of time
17:18:15franklinThe controls aren't the best... but still... DOOM on a MP3 player!?
17:18:29bcobcohmm i dont remember where is the Doom data file
17:19:43bcobcolittle question there (not about Doom):
17:19:58bcobcodoes rockbox have any pink/white noise generator?
17:20:29franklinJust download a file with pink/white noise
17:20:31franklinand play it
17:20:54bcobcothats what i actually do. gnerate them by myself
17:20:59bcobcoand play
17:21:25bcobcojust wondering if there was any noise generator
17:30:42 Join rasferret [0] (
17:31:46gevaertsfranklin: you changed things for all targets, not just the classic
17:31:59gevaertsi.e. you might have broken doom on everything *but* the classic
17:32:43rasferrethello all
17:33:55rasferretis there any chance that anybody could look into FS #12851 ?
17:33:56fs-bluebot loading bookmark referencing opus file fails (bugs, unconfirmed)
17:34:16 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
17:34:25bcobconow doom is doomed
17:38:12franklinuh oh
17:39:16franklingevaerts, it should work
17:39:21 Quit krabador (Quit: Take the time.)
17:39:48franklinbut hey, doom works!
17:39:59franklinat least for me
17:40:42gevaertsfranklin: at least make it "&& !defined IPOD_6G"
17:40:44franklinThe rb->current_tick/20... should be universal, right?
17:41:25franklinAnd yes, there is also some redundant code for the timer
17:41:42franklinSo I'll take that out if I find that this version works for a different target (c200)
17:41:59gevaertsSeriously though, there's an underlying bug that makes the timer not work
17:42:06franklinThere is
17:42:10gevaerts*that*'s the one that needs to be fixed
17:42:30*franklin agrees
17:43:36franklinSo... Mr. Someone needs to fix that...
17:43:44franklin'cause I don't know how
17:43:49franklin(at least not now)
17:44:14 Join ikeboy [0] (
17:46:19franklingevaerts, it works on c200
17:47:01franklingevaerts, something IS very wrong with the timer: it stayed at zero the whole time
17:47:37franklinbet hey, DOOM WORKS!!! :D
17:49:30gevaertsThat's the real bug!
17:50:37*franklin just beat the first level of Freedoom
17:51:13franklinSeriously though, something is wrong
17:51:25franklingevaerts, could you help me hunt it down?
17:51:47gevaertsNo. I don't know enough about that sort of thing
17:51:57franklinSo it's up to me?
17:51:57gevaertsTry to get TheSeven interested :)
17:52:07*franklin summons TheSeven
17:52:29franklingevaerts, do you think it's specific to ipod6g?
17:52:44gevaertsIt's specific to the SoC
17:53:02franklinSo the timer is written in ARM assembler?
17:53:21*franklin believes that the ipod6g is the only one with the sl58702
17:54:17 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
18:06:24 Quit franklin (Quit: Leaving)
18:06:44 Join franklin [0] (
18:06:56*franklin thinks he just lost connection
18:17:37franklingevaerts, do you know if the nano 2g is affected by the timer bug also? the SoCs are very similar
18:18:43 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
18:19:18 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:23:00user890104franklin: doom runs fine on n2g the last time i checked
18:23:10franklinwhich was when?
18:23:20franklinbecause something might have changed
18:23:26user890104well, i can recheck when i get home
18:23:59franklintry the latest dev build (with 2048 :D) and see
18:24:20franklinProbably something has changed in the timer system
18:25:37user890104n2g is using s5l8701, ipod6g is using s5l8702
18:25:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:26:30franklinSo they should be *very* similar...
18:26:40user890104IIRC the piezo code worked out of the box
18:27:01user890104the speaker is directly wired to a CPU pin (timer output)
18:27:03franklinLike Gerrit #909?
18:27:05fs-bluebotGerrit review #909 at : Added piezo functions to plugin API, as well as some demo plugins by Franklin Wei
18:27:14franklinThat piezo code?
18:27:27franklinOr the other piezo code?
18:27:53user890104i mean the underlying driver
18:28:11franklinYeah... it should :)
18:28:18user890104compare both piezo-*.c files, they are the same
18:28:26 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:28:38franklinBecause the chips are almost exactly the same
18:28:39user890104ah, i just spotted the difference
18:28:39gevaertsWait, the piezo uses the timer?
18:28:45franklinI think so
18:28:54gevaertsSo maybe the timer's just not available?
18:29:07user890104yes, TIMER A on ipod 6g and TIMER D on ipod nano 2g
18:29:10franklinI uses seems to use the timer... yes
18:29:41franklinpiezo code was added circa 2007... maybe that's it?
18:30:07gevaertsIt's entirely irrelevant when the first target with piezo was added
18:30:16franklingevaerts, so do you think it will run on n2g?
18:30:17gevaertsWhat's relevant is how it's hooked up on the classic
18:30:42 Quit bcobco (Remote host closed the connection)
18:31:01 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
18:31:06 Nick franklin is now known as [Sait] (
18:31:07 Join bcobco [0] (~bcobco@
18:31:09gevaertsfranklin: as far as I know, doom has been broken forever on the classic, so I see no good reason to suspect that it being broken on the classic would somehow imply that it suddenly stopped working on nano2g
18:31:12 Nick [Sait] is now known as [Saint] (
18:31:16 Nick [Saint] is now known as franklin (
18:31:35franklinSo it has worked on the nano2g?
18:31:47gevaerts18:23:02 <user890104> franklin: doom runs fine on n2g the last time i checked
18:31:55*gevaerts has this rare skill called "reading"
18:31:59franklinBut maybe something has changed?
18:33:43 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
18:34:07 Quit Galois (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
18:34:13franklinThe time it says I took to complete level 1 is completely wrong, though
18:34:16franklin(7 minutes)
18:34:23user890104franklin: what makes the doom plugin exit with a "plugin returned error" message? did you find where exactly it fails?
18:34:34franklinno, that's not the bug
18:34:51franklinthe bug is in i_system.c, in the I_GetTime() functions
18:36:24user890104does rb->timer_register fail?
18:36:30franklinI guess
18:36:44franklinBecause the gettime always returned 9
18:37:22user890104ok, then we need to fix it, not make a workaround that breaks other stuff
18:37:33user890104i can have a look at that when i get home
18:37:42franklinlol ok
18:43:29 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:47:04 Join wodz [0] (
18:48:48wodzfranklin: judging from what grep returns I'd expect mpegplayer and metronome to have problems as well
18:48:56wodzon ipod6
18:49:54franklinnope, they're all fine
18:50:18wodzthat means the problem is more complicated
18:51:09franklinwait... how does metronome work?
18:51:36franklinyep... metronome doesn't work
18:52:09franklinbut i'm not sure how it should work :D
18:54:13wodzhell, where is TICKRATE defined?
18:54:45wodzhaha, it is TICRATE actually
18:59:34franklinnope, metronome DOES NOT work on ipod6g, but mpegplayer does
19:00:52franklinAt least partially
19:01:05franklinIt plays video and sound correctly
19:01:19franklinWhen metronome starts, there is nothing to hear
19:01:32wodzanyway kernel-s5l8702.c unmasks/sets timer interrupt source in interrupt controller which timer-s5l8702.c does not
19:01:59franklinwhich means... :)
19:04:07wodzwhich means I don't know architecture of this SoC
19:04:15wodzTheSeven: ping
19:04:36*franklin summons the-kyle
19:04:41franklinsorry, TheSeven
19:06:12wodzlooking at n2g code this could be the culprit
19:06:37franklinnano2g? don't you mean classic?
19:07:12*franklin hates bug-hunting
19:07:30 Join lleeloo [0] (~lleeloo@
19:08:26 Join lebellium [0] (
19:10:22wodzNo. I compared timer_set() from s5l8700 and s5l8702 and former unmasks interrupt and the letter does not
19:11:56*TheSeven reads the backlog
19:12:38wodzTheSeven: basically it looks like timer-s5l8702.c doesn't unmask interrupt or something
19:15:05TheSevenfranklin: which timer is broken on the classic?
19:15:42TheSeven(btw, on the classic you have a microsecond-accurate system timer, not just 10ms ticks, if you need them. I wouldn't really use those from plugin code though.)
19:17:03wodzTheSeven: user timer which is TIMERD according to source
19:19:33TheSevenwodz: huh? looks liker timer C to me
19:20:46TheSevenfranklin: can you verify if the timer is actually ticking, just not generating interrupts?
19:20:59TheSeventhe IRQ-related code looks good at the first glance
19:21:30wodzvoid INT_TIMERC(void) suggests something different
19:23:09*wodz double checks
19:23:31TheSeventhat function looks identical to the nano2g, where it supposedly works
19:24:22wodztimer-s5l8702.c user timer interrupt seems to be INT_TIMERC, timer_set() also uses TC* registers
19:24:59wodzTheSeven: n2g function unmasks/set interrupt source at the very end, classic version doesn't do that
19:25:10TheSevenyes, because the IRQ is shared
19:25:26TheSevenand the tick timer will have unmasked it anyway
19:25:34TheSeven(8702 has one IRQ for all timers, unlike 8701)
19:25:46wodzhmm, so something is botched
19:25:57TheSeventhe IRQ handler checks the individual timer IRQ bits to figure out which handlers to call
19:27:07TheSevenI'm wondering if it might have a separate clock gate that we're not enabling or something
19:27:29TheSevenso the very first thing to check would be whether the problem is on the timer or IRQ side
19:27:59*franklin reads the backlog
19:28:38franklinTheSeven, the plugin timer
19:29:48franklinThat's why DOOM didn't work
19:29:52franklinuntil Gerrit #912
19:29:54fs-bluebotGerrit review #912 at : Fixed DOOM bug on iPod Classic by Franklin Wei
19:30:09franklinBut that just exposes more issues: why doesn't the timer work as expected?
19:30:23franklin(in apps/plugins/doom/i_system.c)
19:31:07franklinAnd I believe that it's why the metronome doesn't work
19:35:09 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
19:35:40 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
19:41:08TheSevenfranklin: it surely is
19:41:12TheSevenbut why is that?
19:41:31TheSeven<TheSeven> I'm wondering if it might have a separate clock gate that we're not enabling or something
19:41:31TheSeven<TheSeven> so the very first thing to check would be whether the problem is on the timer or IRQ side
19:43:11franklinWhich I have 0 experience in :)
19:43:30franklinTheSeven, the doom timer stays at zero the whole time
19:43:41 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:44:03TheSevenIIUC that's just counting the interrupts though
19:44:13TheSevenso take a look at the TIMERC registers
19:44:15franklinthe plugin timer?
19:46:18 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:47:00 Quit bluebrother^ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:49:56 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
20:03:19 Join einhirn [0] (
20:14:28 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
20:17:22 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
20:25:13 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:25:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:27:01saratogajhMikeS: were you going to push the new filesystem code soon?
20:28:32 Quit ygrek (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:30:22 Join Galois [0] (
20:31:32saratogaTheSeven: were you going to push that ipod classic ATA patch or did it need more work?
20:31:40franklinHey saratoga, I /think/ I fixed the doom bug on ipod classic, but it just revealed more bugs...
20:31:49franklinBugs in the timer subsystem
20:33:24 Join Zambezi_ [0] (
20:35:33 Join megal0ma1iac [0] (
20:35:34 Join derf_ [0] (
20:35:35 Quit megal0maniac (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
20:35:35 Nick megal0ma1iac is now known as megal0maniac (
20:37:17 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
20:40:22 Join ZincAlloy1 [0] (
20:40:55user890104TheSeven: did you have time to rework your usb driver for ipod6g? if not, i can fix the bitfields
20:41:26 Quit derf (*.net *.split)
20:41:27 Quit Zambezi (*.net *.split)
20:41:27 Quit Galois (*.net *.split)
20:41:28 Quit ZincAlloy (*.net *.split)
20:41:29 Quit JdGordon (*.net *.split)
20:41:30 Quit efyx_ (*.net *.split)
20:41:31 Nick derf_ is now known as derf (
20:44:10TheSevenuser890104: didn't get around to that yet
20:44:26franklinWhy does it need reworking?
20:45:06TheSevento make it comply with rockbox's guidelines
20:45:16TheSevenand make it actually compile with that old gcc ;)
20:46:16franklinTime to upgrade gccs?
20:46:22franklin4.7.2 seems standard
20:46:57wodzthat is partially true - I made it compile with rb compiler with fairly minor changes. The point is bitfields are rather bad idea in the first place
20:47:31 Join efyx_ [0] (
20:47:39wodzfranklin: feel free to test *all* targets to assure no regression
20:47:56TheSevenfranklin: including performance regressions of codecs, battery runtime tests, etc.
20:48:17franklinshure... lol
20:48:29TheSevenwell, that's what it would take...
20:48:42wodzbasically don't touch if it ain't broken
20:49:59 Join Galois [0] (
20:51:30 Quit Marex (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
20:51:39 Join lleeloo_ [0] (~lleeloo@
20:51:55 Quit lleeloo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:58:36 Join Marex [0] (~Marex@
20:59:07saratogaupgrading gcc is not a great idea since it has few improvements for many of the older arm cpus, and because most of the codecs are pretty well tuned for the current version
21:01:41franklinyeah, it was just an idea ;)
21:02:13franklinthe post vs pre - increment doesn't matter, I don't think, right?
21:02:43franklin(for G#912)
21:02:46fs-bluebotGerrit review #912 at : Fixed DOOM bug on iPod Classic by Franklin Wei
21:03:03franklinAnd... doom works!
21:04:03wodzfranklin: I was thinking about your tinyCC idea. First it doesn't make much sense (but you know this already). The more problematic part is how to interface compiled code with running rockbox image. This is not so straight forward as on regular system.
21:04:19franklinAgain, just another stupid idea :)
21:05:42wodzfranklin: the point of saratoga in g912 comment was that changing x++ to ++x is stupid
21:05:44fs-bluebotGerrit review #912 at : Fixed DOOM bug on iPod Classic by Franklin Wei
21:06:03franklinI prefer preincrement...
21:06:09saratogafranklin: other people have to read your code, if you make a change they will assume there is a reason
21:06:17franklinbut sure... I'll make it postincrement
21:06:18saratogaif there is no reason that is really obnoxious
21:06:30gevaertsfranklin: the *very* first rule of fixing bugs is: no unrelated changes
21:06:44saratogadoing random things is fine if you are the only one reading a program, but if you have to work with other people it is a very bad idea
21:06:58wodzwell, I would call this g bugfix, workaround rather
21:07:03franklinHow about indenting the file
21:07:14franklinwrong window :)
21:08:52franklinwodz, I agree, but the timer code is *way* above my head... so I'm leaving it to TheSeven
21:09:05franklinand the fixed postincrement patch is uploaded
21:12:56gevaertsfranklin: you're going to be in trouble with your linux port if you consider this too hard to even look at
21:13:34franklinlol yeah... just where would the code be?
21:13:41franklinin the firmware tree, apps tree, or where?
21:14:12franklinI'm guessing firmware tree, right? targets/arm/s5l8702?
21:22:36franklinWhere's the interrupt table?
21:23:47 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
21:24:35franklinah system-s... .c
21:25:03 Join amayer [0] (
21:25:20franklinok, there's 8 irqs for timers...
21:26:01franklinIt would be great if there was actually some documentation for the chip...
21:32:37TheSevenfranklin: and you want to port linux to these things? if that rather trivial timer code is *way* above your head? even though you don't even need much knowledge about the actual hardware to diagnose where the problem is?
21:33:18franklinJust that I haven't read the code means it's above my head... but now that I read it, I get most of it now...
21:34:17franklinI haven't written any bare-metal ARM code in forever...
21:37:04franklinSo INT_TIMERC is used for the plugin timer, correct?
21:38:23franklinwhere is the defintion of timer_register?
21:40:02 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:40:41franklinis the main referenced in firmware/target/arm/s5l8702/crt0.S the main in apps?
21:41:22wodzthere is only one main() you know, THE main()
21:41:30franklinso in apps/main.c
21:42:04franklinso execution starts in the start function in crt0.S?
21:42:29franklinexcept it branches to _newstart immediately
21:42:38franklinSo that's the first code that is run?
21:43:02franklinemCORE loads the code into RAM, and it jumps to start, right?
21:43:56franklinand then from _newstart it goes to newstart2 by loading an absolute value into pc? can't a branch instruction be used there?
21:44:31*franklin is most familiar with x86 asm
21:45:36wodzCould be too far away for branch. Check linker script how are mapped .intvect and .init.text
21:46:29franklinthey are right next to each other in the .text section, that is, if NEEDS_INTVECT_COPYING is defined
21:46:47franklinso I'm assuming that it isn't defined, making a long jump neccesary?
21:47:00*franklin obviously needs to learn more arm asm
21:47:18*franklin suggests that crt0.S be renamed to boot.S
21:47:45wodzfranklin: go f*** yourself with your suggestions really
21:48:38franklinIf a label is called 1, what is a branch to 1b supposed to do?
21:49:30wodzfranklin: stop be a dick, use google, arm reference, and brain
21:50:04franklinwhat to google? b suffix on label?
21:51:51*franklin finds wodz'z second suggestion very helpful :)
22:00:12franklinWhere is the definition of VIC*?
22:00:14TheSeven<franklin> and then from _newstart it goes to newstart2 by loading an absolute value into pc? can't a branch instruction be used there? << point of that is to ensure that you're running from the right base address
22:00:27TheSevenbranches are relative
22:00:42TheSevenand during boot, you have the same memory mapped to multiple addresses
22:01:01franklinSo two addresses point to the same byte?
22:01:11TheSevenor actually, on MMU targets like this, we remap a 4KB chunk to address 0 to contain the interrupt handler springboard
22:01:19TheSevenbut the actual code is in another section
22:01:37franklinSo a branch wouldn't work
22:02:22TheSeven"1b" is "next occurrence of label 1, searching backwards"
22:02:31franklinAh thank you
22:02:49*franklin is not used to numbers as the first character in identifiers ;)
22:03:00franklinAnd what is VIC*?
22:03:17 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
22:03:54TheSevenvectored interrupt controller
22:04:05franklinBut where are they defined?
22:04:20TheSevenwe aren't actually using the vectoring
22:04:38franklinIn the irq handler they are used to get the irq number
22:04:50TheSevenso all IRQs go through the handler springboard at 0x18 or something like that
22:05:04copperfranklin: if you're still looking for ideas, you could try to implement playback and volume control with "Made for iPod" headphones with inline remotes
22:05:20TheSevenand then the interrupt controller is queried to figure out which interrupts are pending
22:05:26TheSevenlooking those up in our own vector table
22:06:19franklinSo it's like the x86? there's ISRs and IRQs?
22:08:54TheSevenit's like just about anything that has interrupts
22:09:41*franklin is reading his old x86 kernel code
22:10:08franklinBut where is the definition of VIC0IRQSTATUS?
22:10:23TheSevenin the technical reference manual of the VIC
22:10:27TheSevenwhich is an ARM PL192
22:10:33franklinBut in the source tree?
22:10:42TheSevenin s5l8702.h
22:11:18franklinah I was searching in target/arm/s5l8702
22:11:58franklinSo the addresses around 0x3000000 are mapped to the interrupt controller?
22:13:22franklinooh pointer arithmetic... fun
22:16:08franklinWhere's the definition of timer_register then?
22:16:27franklinI can't find it in apps/
22:16:29franklincd ..l
22:16:37franklinwrong window :)
22:16:59franklinah in firmware/timer.c
22:18:51 Quit y4n (Quit: PANTS OFF!)
22:21:07 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:21:21franklinOk I understand the timer now: plugin calls timer_register, which calls timer_set to set up the timer and then timer_start to set the timer active bit which causes interrupts to be generated at the desired frequency
22:21:49franklinand the interrupt handler for that interrupt (TIMERC) calls the callback if it is non-null
22:22:00*franklin has been enlightened
22:22:29TheSevenyeah, that's the rockbox side of things
22:22:42TheSevenon the hardware side of things, you should see TCCNT or whatever it's called changing
22:23:09TheSevenand maybe the IRQ bit in TCCTL go high (which bits between 16 and 19 are set?)
22:25:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:45 Join kugel [0] (
22:26:45 Quit kugel (Changing host)
22:26:45 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:28:44 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:33:50 Quit krabador (Quit: Take the time.)
22:33:59lleeloo_<franklin> If a label is called 1, what is a branch to 1b: thats right
22:34:37TheSevenno idea why ARM went for that weird kind of local labels in their assembly language...
22:34:50lleeloo_sorry, my connection ugly
22:35:55franklinSo, any idea why timer_register isn't working?
22:36:06franklinMaybe another part of RB is using it already?
22:50:30 Join krabador [0] (
22:50:34 Quit krabador (Changing host)
22:50:34 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
22:52:30TheSevenfranklin: are you sure that it's in fact timer_register that's not working?
22:52:59franklinSorry, just why the timer doesn't work
22:53:20franklintimer_register should be fine... maybe it's something with the interrupts
22:53:40franklinSo I'm guessing something in timer_set
22:57:12TheSevengo check if the timer actually moves then
22:57:30TheSevensleep for a few ticks after setting it up, then logf or splashf the TCCNT value
23:00:00user890104looks like timer_register works in mpegplayer...
23:00:06 Quit lleeloo_ (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:00:27franklinThe dereferenced TCCNT value?
23:02:05franklinwait no you can't dereference void*
23:05:18franklinBut duh... it's uint32_t*
23:05:23franklinstupid me...
23:05:31franklinSo how should I test it?
23:07:20user890104[23:57:32] <TheSeven> sleep for a few ticks after setting it up, then logf or splashf the TCCNT value
23:07:45franklinSetting what up? The timer? And from where? A plugin?
23:08:10 Quit ender^ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:09:09user890104either from a plugin, or from the main firmware
23:09:16user890104you should be able to use timer_set()
23:09:25franklinSo is putting it in the interrupt handler fine?
23:10:19TheSevenfranklin: no, put e.g. sleep(5); logf("TCCNT 5 ticks after setup: %d", TCCNT); into the timer_set code
23:10:24TheSevenafter enabling the timer
23:10:31 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:10:32TheSeveni.e. at the very end of that function
23:10:43TheSevenbecause if that is 0, you don't even have to look at the IRQ handling
23:12:42 Quit steffengy1 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:12:43 Quit GeekShadow (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:13:31 Join ender| [0] (krneki@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
23:13:34 Join steffengy [0] (
23:14:24 Join GeekShadow [0] (~antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
23:17:33franklinTheSeven, after 10 ticks, TCCNT is 0x00
23:18:01 Quit Marex (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:18:43franklinWhat does TCCNT do?
23:20:15 Join Marex [0] (~Marex@
23:21:04TheSevenread the current timer counter value
23:21:19franklinThat's what it does?
23:21:27TheSeventhis supports my theory that there's a problem with the timer itself, not so much with the IRQ stuff
23:21:32franklinOr are you telling me to do that?
23:21:42TheSeventhat's what it does
23:21:47franklinWell, that's somewhat of a relief :)
23:21:50TheSevenwhat's the value of TCCTL at that point?
23:22:01TheSevenor whatever the config/control register is called
23:22:01franklinI'll do that now...
23:22:15TheSeventhe one that the clock select bits are written into
23:22:29franklinSo print TCCTL, too?
23:22:57franklinExcept there is no TCCTL ;_
23:23:09franklinDo you mean TCCMD?
23:23:14franklinOr TCCON?
23:25:39franklinTheSeven, TCCON is also zero 10 ticks after
23:26:01TheSevenbut we're writing a nonzero value to that before?
23:26:18TheSeventhis also supports the theory that we have a clock gate problem
23:26:49TheSeventry adding this at the very top of the timer setup function: PWRCON(0)=0; PWRCON(1)=0;
23:27:58franklinstill both zero
23:28:10TheSevenhm, fishy
23:28:47TheSeventry using timer A
23:28:58 Quit kugel (Remote host closed the connection)
23:29:04franklinHow do I do that?
23:29:06TheSeventhat will conflict with the piezo, having the nice side effect that you can actually hear if it's working ;)
23:29:22TheSevenreplace all TCsomething register accesses with TAsomething
23:29:32TheSevenchange the IRQ handler function name to TIMERA_IRQ
23:29:41TheSevenand comment the TIMERA_IRQ handler in the piezo driver
23:29:53franklinYou mean INT_TIMERA?
23:30:10TheSeven(and make sure that nothing tries to use the piezo, or comment the whole contents of the piezo setup function as well)
23:30:57 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0/20140807212602])
23:31:45franklinok, installing
23:32:23franklinI can hear the piezo now :)
23:32:33franklinNice, low 100Hz or so tone :)
23:33:19franklinlol it works
23:34:21 Quit rasferret (Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client -
23:36:31franklinThis tone is somewhat pleasant :D
23:37:38TheSevenso it also fires IRQs now?
23:37:48TheSeveni.e. doom works without your patch?
23:38:24 Join robert__ [0] (ba593ff9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:40:15robert__good afternoon
23:46:43robert__Good afternoon. Im having problems in registering to the forum. The second question 8+5 wombat is not working
23:48:53franklinjust type wombat
23:49:04franklinso not 13 wombat
23:49:26franklinTheSeven, no, the timer_set function hangs now
23:49:34franklinIt makes the beep, but it hangs forever
23:49:44robert__thank you for your answers
23:50:20franklinno prob :)
23:53:03robert__Just registered. Thanks again!
23:53:11franklinhave fun!
23:53:20franklinAnd play 2048 :D
23:54:39franklindoom does not work (hangs) but it generates a very low-frequency sound (clicks actually)

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