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#rockbox log for 2014-08-22

00:01:15plocodfkt: that bbe-ish DSP wouldn't help the group delay. because an extra dsp means more delay.
00:01:35plocobesides I've make one before.
00:01:49franklinwow... the doom plugin is *dirty*
00:02:01franklinEverything is indented by 3 spaces...
00:02:37franklingevaerts, would you mind if I just ran the indentation script on the DOOM plugin, not the whole codebase?
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00:03:18dfktploco, did you reverse the original BBE, or how did you get the numbers?
00:04:02plocoI get those group delays figures from WIki.LOL
00:06:06plocothe whole idea is to make high band faster than mid band, follow by low. and the result is a *much sharper sound
00:06:38franklinploco, do you know much about the audio playback system?
00:07:16plocoaudio playback system?
00:08:06franklinLike what is the pcmbuf format?
00:08:14dfkti've used that CLAS/BBE VST thing in fb2k with good results. it certainly is more subtle than the BBE D82 VST plugin
00:10:12plocofranklin: its all in the recodec/dsp
00:11:10plocodfkt: yes, my version would sounds like shit too if without the bishelf_coefs boost.
00:11:33[Saint]It sounds pretty out there, I know, so hold on to your might need to sit down for this one...the PCM buffer's format is...shockingly, PCM.
00:11:43[Saint]*hold on to your hat
00:13:01[Saint](please don't ask what PCM is...)
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00:13:48plocopcm is the only output format Rockbox supports. unlike DSD
00:19:37plocobtw, the exciters extract some frequency band out from sample, phase delay then add it back to the original.
00:21:23plocosome claim this will repair the harmonic to its best. but more like introduce "missing fundamental" virtual base band.
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01:10:56franklin[Saint], so the void* pointer returned by pcm_request_buffer is... what?
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01:12:55franklin[Saint], so it's a void pointer to... ints? unsigned ints? shorts? ushorts? chars? uchars?
01:19:18franklin[Saint], so how do I know the samplerate/bit depth?
01:19:57franklinnever mind... pcm_get_frequency() :)
01:32:53*[Saint] stabs himself in the face for attempting extended locale support again
01:33:48franklinStabbing oneself in the face is a bad idea.
01:39:57franklinTheSeven, can you walk me through how PCM playback works? From what I can gather from the source, INT_DMAC0C0 copies the Rockbox PCM buffer to the DMA buffer used by the audio chip
01:53:09franklinTheSeven: ping
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02:59:13saratoga_ploco: what is TTS?
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03:01:21franklinText to speech?
03:01:37franklinHas anyone considered adding a tic-tac-toe game yet?
03:01:38saratoga_its some kind of DSP effect
03:02:13RiDtext to speech?
03:02:45franklinRiD, just said that ;)
03:03:11RiDi probably need glasses
03:03:36franklinI mean, seriously... there's DOOM and no tic-tac-toe?
03:03:39franklin(and chess)
03:04:54franklinI know of the CHIP8 tic-tac-toe game... but it is terrible!
03:04:58franklinNo AI...
03:04:59RiDwho the hell wants tic tac toe? Doom is the sh_t!
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03:05:10franklinwhat aboout 2048?
03:05:55plocoTTS, temporary threshold shift, should have name the dsp anti-TTS...
03:06:09RiDy'all experts, what would be needed to somehow port pictureflow to another rockbox-capable device?
03:06:18RiDactually.. rockbox as an app. Nokia N900.
03:06:35franklinDoes android even support plugins?
03:07:04franklinIf not, then it won't be easy
03:07:10franklinsaratoga, do you know?
03:07:22RiDno idea... but not running android, maemo
03:07:26saratoga_i don't think there are plugins on android
03:07:46saratoga_ploco: i'm not familiar with that, but basically its some EQ settings?
03:08:02RiD does not say anytthing about plugins... must dig deeper
03:08:31franklinI'm guessing no
03:08:41[Saint]I should've left it when I decided I wasn't going to do RTL locale support.
03:08:46[Saint]This is driving me nuts.
03:08:54franklinthen stop :)
03:09:02saratoga_ploco: were you going to put that code on our gerrit? i think it looks quite good
03:09:44[Saint]A BBE clone has been requested a few times.
03:09:54[Saint]...what would we call it, though?
03:10:02[Saint]BBE is trademarked, surely.
03:10:04saratoga_although the BBE people might prefer if we didn't use their name in the code
03:10:13[Saint]heh - snap.
03:10:15franklinwhat is BBE?
03:10:21[Saint]ask google
03:10:39franklin"bad boy entertainment"?
03:10:49saratoga_i'm not even sure if its the same thing, i've seen some of the bass boost effects in various OFs, and they're usually a combination of filtering and other stuff
03:11:01saratoga_although the effect is probably quite similar
03:11:13franklinBachelor of Built Environment?
03:11:30RiDPlugin returned error
03:11:33RiDhmm ;\
03:11:42franklinSo it does build plugins?
03:11:42RiDi'm guessing that's a no
03:11:58franklinIf the plugin returns an error code, then it must build plugins :)
03:12:11RiDa good thing?
03:12:18plocoI don't know. its just a group delay correction with a 5db bass boost and 3db treble gain
03:12:29plocoI mean the bbe
03:12:41franklinWhat does it stand for?
03:12:47RiDfranklin would the rockbox credits.rock be considered a plugin?
03:12:52RiDbecause that works, lol
03:12:54franklinRiD: yes
03:13:04franklinIf it ends with .rock, it's a plugin
03:13:12franklinploco, is the URL?
03:14:14RiDfranklin is pictureflow different, depending on the device?
03:14:21franklinwhat do you mean?
03:14:30plocoyes, that's the bbe people talk about.
03:15:02RiDi'm a noob at this, but i guess pictureflow is also a .rock, and if so, do they differ from device, or is it the same... uh, .rock for all?
03:15:32franklinRiD, .rock is an executable format, so it contains instructions specific to the device's hardware (CPU/RAM, etc.)
03:15:45franklinSo no, it differs from device to device
03:16:32RiDwell, thanks for clearing that up :)
03:16:33franklinSo you're making a clone of SonicMax Pro?
03:16:42franklinRiD, the same goes for EXE's
03:16:46franklinAnd any executable format
03:16:57RiDguess it's not worth the hassle, and i probably can't do anything with my current knowledge about all this
03:17:12franklin(i.e., a .elf for an ARM platform won't work on a, say, x86 platform)
03:17:34franklinRiD, what does it say before the "Plugin Returned Error" message?
03:17:49franklinYou probably just need to initialize database
03:17:50RiDon pictureflow? Nothing, because it does not exist
03:18:02RiDit does not "ship" with it
03:18:22franklinWhat does not "ship" with it?
03:18:57RiDpictureflow. It's not in the rocks folder and subfolders (dapps, demos, games, viewers)
03:19:34RiDthe only ones it has are viewers: credits, lua, mikmod, properties, search, sort, theme_remove, vbrfix. And not all of them work
03:19:45RiDsorry, *apps not dapps
03:20:12franklinWhat's under demos?
03:21:00RiDnothing at all
03:21:15RiDnor apps & games
03:21:22[Saint]OK. Awesome. Basic RTL locale support completed.
03:21:35franklincongrats... no stabbing yourself in the face? :)
03:21:39[Saint]Uuuuugh. Fuck yeah. Finally.
03:21:55[Saint]And no - no face stabbing.
03:22:05[Saint]But, it was touch and go there for a while...
03:22:42franklinRiD, what does the Maemo port even look like? I have no experience with any of the RaaA platforms
03:22:53[Saint]Code looks hideous though.
03:23:04RiDfranklin, look like, as in?
03:23:06[Saint]I bet if I took all the comments out it might be enough to make people weep.
03:23:24franklinNot the code, just what are you running it on?
03:23:48franklinLike a screenshot?
03:24:08RiDah you want a screen? i can do that, *derp*
03:24:38RiD - not too different from that
03:24:56franklinLike what platform are you on (hardware-wise)?
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03:25:21plocosaratoga_: I am trying to think of a simple way to describe the significantly reduce the frequencies that may triggers the Auditory fatigue, the human hearing threshold should stay in a sweet spot for a long time....
03:25:25[Saint]368 lines of pure terror
03:25:32RiDARM, TI OMAP 3400 (600Mhz Cortex A8, has a PowerVR SGX530), 256MB RAM
03:25:42franklinah nice
03:25:59RiD3400? oops. 3430*
03:25:59franklinBut as for getting pictureflow to work, I can't do much
03:26:14saratoga_ploco: ok thats what i understood from wikipedia, but does it sound good to listen to music like that?
03:26:22RiDnah i was just wondering, not really something i'd want. (Although it'd probably look nice)
03:26:32franklinploco, where's the code? I'd love to try it
03:26:39[Saint]franklin: runs on N900
03:26:55[Saint]...and that other obscure maemo device no one cares about
03:27:00RiDN8xx haha
03:27:04franklinooh... drool
03:27:09plocosaratoga_: yes, it sounds awesome once hearing get use to the new low/high ratio
03:27:17[Saint]N900 /was/ a nice phone.
03:27:21[Saint]ANd it still is really.
03:27:26[Saint]Its just bloody dated.
03:27:31RiDprobably not good as a phone
03:27:40RiDbut uh, i can live with it for a few more years if it doesn't die on me
03:27:44[Saint]It was.
03:27:49franklinploco, so any way that you might be able to get it on Gerrit?
03:28:05RiDi'm surprised there's still some support for it, so kudos for that
03:28:10RiDit's been 5 years
03:28:13RiD(4 for me)
03:28:38[Saint]There's even a whole other spinoff using the same board.
03:28:54[Saint]foolishly expensive though.
03:28:55plocofranklin: if you can provide two better names for these two dsps
03:28:56RiDbit out of my budget, but i hope the best for it
03:29:10franklinI have no idea what they do :)
03:29:38franklinSo I couldn't name them
03:29:47RiDanother crazy question. does Rockbox as an app have some sort of commandline? so that you can tell it to play this file, bla bla?
03:30:20franklinI was gonna port bash... but then I realized I would need so much other stuff
03:30:32plococan just get my source from here and build it yourself
03:30:35[Saint]But, if you can access a commandline on the device natively, and have write access, you could compile Warble for the host
03:30:55plocothe branch is notRCC/0815
03:31:13RiDI don't even know what warble is, so yeah :\
03:31:30franklinploco, it'll be done in a few minutes...
03:31:32[Saint]its a standalone Rockbox playback library
03:32:07[Saint]all our codecs, basic playlist support, commandline based sekking via offset
03:32:12franklinRiD, if you want, I could help you write a simple shell...
03:32:25franklinbuiltin ls/cd/cat/etc.
03:32:38franklinIt wouldn't be that hard...
03:33:08franklin(except for the fact that RB only supports absolute paths)
03:33:26franklinBTW, is there any chance that relative paths could be supported?
03:36:44franklinploco, I think it'd be a great idea to get the code on Gerrit. that way, more people could test it
03:37:12RiDeh, don't know... Would probably be cool in the long term (to have a native gui controlling rockbox), but i'm very lazy, and zero experience on coding an UI other than... a rockbox skin
03:38:03*franklin is really pondering the cause for the lack of a tic-tac-toe game
03:40:16plocofranklin, i will try to put them up later tonight.
03:41:27[Saint]Call them "NotBBE" and "NotTTS" ;)
03:42:12franklinWhat do they do? What are they, even?!
03:42:55[Saint]"enhancement" (debatable) DSP effects
03:44:15franklin[Saint], do you know much about the wiki?
03:44:45franklinI just love when you say "No."
03:44:50franklinSo... to the point
03:45:19franklinJust like "Is there a way to modify the theme <clip>"... "Yes."
03:45:30 Join swagglypuff [0] (~Kazo@
03:46:06[Saint]Well, I didn't lie. He didn't ask /how/ to do it. ;)
03:46:27franklinIs it possible to <insert crazy thing here>?
03:49:23 Join Water255 [0] (~chatzilla@
03:50:44Water255Sansa Fuze+... i notice USB connect now defaults to RB instead of the OF. Just curious what the breakthrough was. Did we finally get a datasheet?
03:51:11Water255Oh and RB transfers files fast (like the OF) too.
03:53:20[Saint]No datasheet, no. At least, not that I'm aware of.
03:53:42[Saint]pamaury is just a master of reverse engineering.
03:54:38franklinAs are most of the RB porters
03:55:27[Saint]pamaury and wodz take it to a whole other level.
03:55:53franklinLike how?
03:56:19saratoga_i think the fuze+ had a well documented SOC
03:56:49[Saint]Just in terms of dedication and knowledge. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.
03:56:53franklinWhat I'm curious about is... how do you even get code to run?
03:57:10franklinFind a buffer overflow somewhere... how?
03:57:26saratoga_ploco: "perceptual bass enhancement" and "Fatigue Reduction"?
03:58:12[Saint]I'm quite interested in your surround DSP also.
03:58:14saratoga_franklin: the new ports thread, wiki and IRC logs usually record how code execution was achieved for most devices
03:58:29[Saint]but it looks like quite some effort to cut that out.
03:59:37plocoho, cool name.
04:00:20[Saint]man - we /really/ need to walk over your git repo
04:00:38[Saint]there's a great number of trivial commits worth stealing.
04:00:41plocosaint, haas surround? that is a toy make you WOW for about.....2 mins?
04:01:30[Saint]Indeed. We can get an approximate effect (ab)using stereo width too, I guess.
04:01:44plocoa lot of them are experimental DSP only for fun.
04:02:00[Saint]That's true of pretty much all DSPs really. ;)
04:02:49plocoI made a hrtf with no delay dsp before but 99% users doesn't feel a thing.
04:04:16*[Saint] begins making a list of commits to burgle
04:05:31*[Saint] sees that ploco hated the list line separator so much that merely disabling it wasn't sufficient
04:05:51[Saint](a sentiment I personally share)
04:06:18[Saint]errr, PurlingNayuki, rather
04:06:39franklinwhat commit was that?
04:07:01 Quit Water255 (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0/20140811180644])
04:07:06plocothat's because I "Drawing the lists using a skin" for my theme. list line separator doesn't matter at all
04:07:31[Saint]franklin: c4d6c18
04:07:54franklinyou can't search by sha1 on github!?!?
04:08:01[Saint]ploco: I just think it looks weird...
04:08:57franklinploco, I get an undefined reference to filter_bishelf_coefs in bbe_configure, dsp_bbp_precut, and strength_update
04:10:09plocomake clean and make reconf
04:10:20franklinploco, this is a fresh clone
04:10:34franklinso I don't think that would help
04:11:29franklinRegarding G#910, I think the real bug is the order of the icons in the icon sets
04:11:32fs-bluebotGerrit review #910 at : Improved viewers.config by Franklin Wei
04:11:42saratoga_dsp_bbe_precut is in that patch
04:11:59 Join Scr0mple [0] (~Simon@
04:12:24franklinThat's the function that's calling the undefined function
04:13:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:14:37ploco#include "dsp_filter.h" <<missing?
04:15:06franklinno, it's declared, not defined
04:15:17 Quit Scromple (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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04:15:52[Saint]Hmmmm. "backdrop: -" in my theme .cfg isn't clearing the backdrop properly.
04:16:08[Saint]It keeps the old backdrop until a power cycle.
04:16:32franklinploco, it's declared in dsp_filter.c... maybe it's not being compiled in?
04:16:37plocook... that function need this #ifdef HAVE_SW_TONE_CONTROLS
04:16:56plocoso define HAVE_SW_TONE_CONTROLS
04:17:48franklinjust some random header?
04:18:10 Quit RiD (Quit: A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.)
04:18:24[Saint]feel free to bang your head against the desk at any time ploco
04:18:30plocofirmware/export/config than the one for your target
04:20:59ploco[Saint]: I face worst in Chinese forum. paragraphs of meaningless words. ack like know everything inside RB but not even close.
04:22:31franklinAh great... now it defines __audiohw_setting_BASS twice
04:22:52plocosome group of ppl ask a 31 band eq forever and non can actually use it right. god..
04:23:32franklinThey want a 31-band equalizer?!
04:23:38franklinWhy not 32? :)
04:23:39plocofranklin: maybe just try build a target that initially HAVE_SW_TONE_CONTROLS
04:24:01plocoeven 10 is more than enough. this is not graphic-eq
04:24:38franklinfuze+, I guess
04:25:24franklinCan the sim play audio?
04:26:13franklinI've never tried it, actually...
04:26:27franklinThe most I use the sim for is to test out some plugins... :)
04:27:05plocomask #ifdef HAVE_SW_TONE_CONTROLS in dsp_filter.c and dsp_filter.h
04:27:29plocothen this should be available even if not define HAVE_SW_TONE_CONTROLS
04:27:39ploco*not defined
04:28:38[Saint]ploco: everyone uses it like a GEQ though.
04:29:06[Saint]The primary reason I added the extra bands is so people wouldn't need to piss around with the frequencies so much.
04:29:18[Saint]But people ended up just setting all of them and ignoring the q value.
04:29:27franklinMade it 10 bands or 31 bands?
04:30:37[Saint]To be completely fair, at the time I didn't have a complete understanding of a full parametric EQ either.
04:31:34ploco[Saint]: those are really hopeless people. nowdays I suggest them: go play Fruityloops and free vst before ask me any eq questions.
04:33:11franklinploco, it doesn't play
04:33:23franklinthe position remains at zero even with pause off
04:33:36franklin(and yes, my volume is max)
04:34:16plocostop it.. do you have a android device? I got pre-compiled version for you
04:34:26franklinipod classic
04:37:42franklinbtw, why is it a bad idea to use bitfields in rockbox?
04:38:03plocothen shell wait till I put it on gerrit.
04:38:14[Saint]cabbiev2 bitmap assets: 3.2MB
04:38:14[Saint]touch_theme (cool name, huh? :)) bitmap assets: 700kB
04:38:46[Saint]it uses 1.3MB of fonts though.
04:38:57[Saint]but it still comes in a lot smaller.
04:39:30franklin[Saint], let me guess... it's black and white... and it looks terrible... but it functions great?
04:40:34[Saint]Y'know? You make it really difficult to not mute you.
04:42:57*franklin is wondering how to implement PCM playback over the piezo
04:43:58franklinShould I use a realtime thread... or an IRQ?
04:44:23franklinOr just piggyback on the existing DMA transfer IRQ?
04:44:27 Quit derf (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
04:45:50franklinno... the DMA IRQ isn't called nearly fast enough... I guess a realtime thread would be best
04:46:13plocotry to get it from one of the dsps.
04:46:30franklinget what?
04:46:31 Join derf [0] (
04:47:20franklinplus, a realtime thread would simplify the code a lot
04:47:22[Saint]You're going to have a LOT of audio dropouts.
04:47:32plocothe pcm samples, use dsp to copy them to your piezo
04:47:46franklinploco: now there's an idea
04:48:21franklinthough I don't know much about how it works?
04:48:53[Saint]So, learn. Its all there.
04:49:24franklinyep... that's what I'm doing :)
04:49:52plocook. gtg. have fun coding :)
04:50:10 Quit ploco (Quit: Page closed)
04:50:13franklinIt's getting late here too
04:51:03franklinah so add source files under lib/rbcodec/SOURCES...
04:51:36franklinWell... it can wait till tomorrow
04:51:39franklinFor now, g'night
04:51:42 Quit franklin (Quit: Leaving)
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05:12:04 Join steffengy1 [0] (
05:16:19 Join Strife89 [0] (
05:19:12[Saint]So, IIUC, Android is fixed in head, but still needs HAVE_SIGALTSTACK_THREADS for ART support?
05:40:13ParkerR[Saint], woo andorid fixed? :D
05:41:28ParkerR[Saint], woohoo loaded!
05:41:32ParkerRWhat was the issue?
05:43:18[Saint]A snafu with threading.
05:43:32ParkerR this?
05:44:19[Saint]sorry, no.
05:44:43ParkerRAhh :)
05:44:54ParkerRI like the mirroring
05:44:58[Saint]that was one of the series of commits that uncovered this, though.
05:45:24[Saint]It didn't really /break/ the Android port.
05:45:41[Saint]Rather, it more or less pointed out that its a bit or a miracle it ever worked to begin with.
05:45:57[Saint]*bit of a
05:48:14ParkerR[Saint], so umm hows that theme coming along? :)
05:52:11[Saint]see for yourself:
05:52:29 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
05:52:35[Saint]It'll /try/ to scale to arbitrary resolutions, but some things are locked in place.
05:53:01[Saint](and none of the sliders in the sound settings submenu are expected to actually function presently)
05:53:25 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
05:53:32[Saint]And there's some draw issues that I'm trying to find a nice way of fixing.
05:53:50ParkerRSo should it support 720x1280 fairly well?
05:54:06[Saint]it should be usable at least.
05:54:11[Saint]though it might look a bit odd.
05:56:30[Saint]I'm still planning on resolution specific versions. The self-healing scaling is mainly for the weird resolutions, like 480x854, or 720x1288, etc.
05:57:20[Saint]there a few px here and there won't make a huge visible difference, and its not worth creating s specfic theme for the sake of positioning everything _exactly_ right.
05:57:27[Saint]*where a
05:58:31[Saint]I have three things to finish now:
05:58:47[Saint]1 - touchscreen settings callbacks, so that the settings sliders actually work
05:59:05ParkerRIts really broken
05:59:06[Saint]2 - fixing the draw artefacts
05:59:10ParkerRScreenshot incoming
05:59:19[Saint]3 - resolution specific versions
06:01:05ParkerROr is it kinda mixing my old theme and the new?
06:01:07[Saint]...what the
06:01:15ParkerRI selected it witht he first menu in the theme settings
06:01:27ParkerR"browse themes"
06:01:37ParkerRIll trya fresh folder
06:01:45[Saint]that's definitely got some leftovers, indeed.
06:01:56[Saint]lots of assets there my theme doesn't employ.
06:04:15[Saint]just caught one slight issue with the scrubber's touch area.
06:04:27[Saint]nothing that would cause /that/, though.
06:05:37ParkerRBrand new folder
06:06:16ParkerR"Browse theme files" selected touch
06:06:22[Saint]Yeah, that looks about what I would've expected.
06:06:28ParkerRAhh ok
06:06:36ParkerRWorks pretty ok :D
06:06:56ParkerRNice just having cntrol buttons instead of tapping in the middle of the screen
06:07:33ParkerR[Saint], thanks
06:07:45[Saint]its only supposed to have to scale a couple of px in either direction - not several hundred. But it should be largely usable.
06:09:28ParkerR[Saint], Android seems like the lonely target but you still have some love for it :)
06:10:05[Saint]Yeah. Its a bit of a niche.
06:10:41ParkerRWhat other touchscreen targets are there?
06:11:46[Saint]maemo, SDL app, Open Pandora, Cowon D2
06:12:01ParkerRAhh nice
06:12:07[Saint]probably a few I'm missing.
06:13:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:13:46ParkerRWhich reminds me I was going to build the SDL to mess with
06:14:00ParkerR[Saint], what res does that theme target atm?
06:14:07ParkerRBest I mean
06:16:30[Saint]It needs a name.
06:16:44[Saint]And NOT Rock*
06:16:48[Saint]or *box.
06:17:04ParkerR[Saint], RockTouch
06:24:15ParkerR[Saint], lol
06:24:30 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
06:24:36ParkerRI call it art!
06:25:28[Saint]what the shit?
06:25:33ParkerRI dunno
06:25:37ParkerRBuilt 480x800
06:25:46ParkerRprefix is ~/bin/rockox
06:25:49ParkerRLoads properly
06:25:50[Saint]sorry caps.
06:26:11ParkerRI did the same "Browse theme" option
06:26:27ParkerR[Saint], it "fixed" with albuma art
06:26:36ParkerRoh ol nvm
06:26:43ParkerRalbum art just covered the glitches
06:28:02ParkerR[Saint], It "may" be something screwy with my nvidia card. it does the same thing inbetween monitors...
06:28:17[Saint][14:15:53] <[Saint]> Hmmmm. "backdrop: -" in my theme .cfg isn't clearing the backdrop properly.
06:28:17[Saint][14:16:09] <[Saint]> It keeps the old backdrop until a power cycle.
06:28:31ParkerRHmm Ill try reatart
06:28:52ParkerR[Saint], lol that fixed it
06:28:54[Saint]Woo. :)
06:29:09[Saint]Yeah, seems like the backdrop isn't getting cleared properly.
06:29:23[Saint]exacerbated by the fact this theme doesn't use a backdrop itself.
06:29:51ParkerR:D volume slider works
06:30:09[Saint]Everything should work apart from the sound settings sliders.
06:30:13ParkerRlol I like how you got creative witht he menu
06:30:21ParkerRVery nice
06:31:54ParkerR[Saint], not too shabby :D
06:33:31[Saint]If you happened to speak a RTL locale dialect, it'll reverse all the direction sensitive elements too.
06:33:41*[Saint] suspects that no one will use that feature, ever.
06:34:20[Saint]I'm fairly confident that most people are quite used to UIs forcing English these days
06:35:58ParkerRRockbox SDl is actually kinda cool
06:36:01ParkerRNice for a simple player
06:36:11ParkerRNothing too fancy
06:36:41ParkerR(I understdn its meanty for tetsing themes :P)
06:36:56[Saint]yeah, I actually use it as my desktop player.
06:39:07ParkerR[Saint], you should make it sdl2 for fullscreen detetection :P
06:39:47ParkerR[Saint], one thing I've noticed. The backdrop around the menu items doesn't turn grey until entering and exiting back out of a submenu item
06:39:51 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
06:39:55ParkerRbtw that link is a video :)
06:40:27[Saint]yeah, that's:
06:40:28[Saint][15:59:06] <[Saint]> 2 - fixing the draw artefacts
06:40:42[Saint]there's a couple of ways I can do it.
06:40:59[Saint]Not sure what the cleanest way is though.
06:43:48 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@
06:54:26 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
07:13:27 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
07:38:02 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
07:39:25 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
07:40:41 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
07:42:56 Quit swagglypuff (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
07:45:23 Join swagglypuff [0] (~Kazo@
08:11:09[Saint]Nope. Bums.
08:11:16[Saint]Still borked in ART.
08:11:23 Join LinusN [0] (
08:13:07 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
08:13:16[Saint]Stkov power
08:13:16[Saint]pc:47ac0fb0 sp:47cc9240
08:13:16DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
08:13:16[Saint]bt end
08:13:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:13:40 Quit JdGordon_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
08:15:07[Saint]here's the mapfile:
08:15:58[Saint]jhMikeS, kugel (logs) ^
08:16:18kugelwith the gerrit patch?
08:16:29[Saint]that's git head with HAVE_SIGALTSTACK_THREADS using the ART runtime on Android
08:18:28[Saint]gah - such a PITA changing runtimes and/or clearing the ART runtime cache.
08:19:04[Saint]even on a test device with a very minimal ROM and only Rockbox installed it still takes ages.
08:19:24 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
08:19:57jhMikeSmight just need a bigger default stack size
08:20:52[Saint]I'll give that a go later on this evening. Need to go do the grocery shopping for now.
08:20:56jhMikeSraise it up until it runs and see what the usages are; if too low lower it, if too high raise it some more
08:21:18[Saint]Just thought I'd let you guys know, as its not terribly often you can get a full panic address with a map file as well.
08:22:04[Saint]sorry, what?
08:22:22[Saint]I think I know what you mean but I'm having a hard time parsing that.
08:22:53jhMikeSI take it that it didn't start?
08:23:04[Saint]No, it did not.
08:23:12[Saint]Just an immediate panic.
08:23:22jhMikeSJust like, double DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE or something. Keep going till up until it boots
08:24:03jhMikeSThen check OS stacks, see if the use percentages are really low, still really high or about right and adjust till they seem reasonable
08:24:29[Saint]OK. I'll give that a go later on this evening.
08:26:13jhMikeSor just adjust the one thread (unfortunately there aren't target-specific extra bytes for particular stacks)
08:27:36jhMikeSthe power stack looks very minimal (half the default except on JZ4732)
08:28:12 Join ender` [0] (
08:28:38kugelperhaps it calls into java for battery numbers
08:30:02kugelperhaps more stack is needed with ART
08:30:05[Saint]perhaps interestingly, if you force stop it, and run it again, it _doesn't_ panic.
08:30:17[Saint] just blackscreens, and locks up the device. ;)
08:31:11PaulFertserbtw, why is AndroidPort not mentioned at , is that intentional?
08:32:15jhMikeS[Saint]: locks the whole device? seem like fertile grounds for some kind of exploit
08:32:33[Saint]if only I wasn't already rooted. ;)
08:32:55jhMikeSare you running as root all the time. I don't.
08:33:06PaulFertser(not that I want to distract you from real development with silly suggestions, just curious: can valgrind on Android be useful for panics like that?)
08:33:13 Join ploco [0] (dce9b7f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
08:33:16[Saint]I'm rooted. But, its disabled 99% of the time.
08:34:13jhMikeSunless needed, USB debugging: off, root: no way!
08:35:01plocosaint you test it without gerrit patch right?
08:35:09[Saint]kinda offtopic - but with a vaguely current version of Android, and the lockscreen you should definitely have, USB debugging on isn't any issue at all.
08:35:25[Saint]The device needs to be unlocked and the debug instance approved.
08:35:47[Saint]ploco: yes
08:35:55 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
08:37:40plocoapps/hosted/android/notification.c <<where the power thread die. because the RockboxService_class, RockboxService_instance not global
08:39:40kugelwhat does the power thread do in apps/hosted/android/notification.c?
08:40:01kugelRockboxService_class/instance need not be global for the power thread
08:40:35plocothe battery status are notifications
08:40:48kugelthese are local to the pthread that hosts all rockbox threads, rockbox threads can use them even if local
08:42:11 Quit Scr0mple (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
08:43:10kugelploco: not it git master
08:45:09 Join Scromple [0] (~Simon@
08:45:10plocohmm, guess I mess up two different branches
08:45:16[Saint]I assume that's from following the map file?
08:51:28 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@
08:51:28 Quit Zagor (Changing host)
08:51:28 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:54:16 Join Scr0mple [0] (~Simon@
08:57:21 Quit ploco (Quit: Page closed)
08:57:31 Quit Scromple (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
09:11:58 Quit lleeloo (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
09:41:11 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
10:00:36 Join swilde [0] (
10:00:50 Part swilde
10:02:42 Join einhirn [0] (
10:11:50 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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10:15:38 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:44:07 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
10:46:05 Join dys [0] (~user@2a01:1e8:e100:8296:21a:4dff:fe4e:273a)
11:05:20 Join babylonlurker [0] (
11:08:27 Join einhirn [0] (
11:15:00 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@
11:59:03 Join ploco [0] (dce9b7f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
12:01:31plocosorry, my bad. power thread panic got something to do with firmware/target/hosted/android/powermgmt-android.c
12:02:39ploco_battery_level use a instance created from RockboxService_instance
12:05:43 Quit ploco (Quit: Page closed)
12:13:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:15:39 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
13:41:25kugelploco (logs): RockboxService_class/instance need not be global for the power thread (i already mentioned that)
13:42:16 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
14:02:41 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
14:11:46 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
14:11:47 Join ploco [0] (dce9b7f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:13:26 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
14:13:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:15:30plocokugel: once again, my assumption was only based on ADB log of where the crash point is.
14:19:10 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Max SendQ exceeded)
14:20:49 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
14:31:22 Quit pamaury (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
14:32:30 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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14:41:22 Quit krabador (Quit: Take the time.)
14:44:00 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
14:52:50 Quit krabador (Quit: Take the time.)
14:52:55 Part ZincAlloy
14:56:35 Join RiD [0] (
14:58:08 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
15:03:05 Join amayer [0] (
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15:39:51 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:01:59 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
16:02:32ploco g#922
16:02:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #922 at : two new DSPs by Chiwen Chang
16:03:25ploconow bbe is now pbe, tts become afr.
16:13:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:15:12 Quit ploco (Quit: Page closed)
16:23:11 Part LinusN
16:25:52 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
16:38:11 Quit cmhobbs (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:45:07 Join franklin [0] (~franklin@unaffiliated/franklin)
16:45:34 Join suYin [0] (
16:46:32pamauryfranklin: responding to logs, yes the SoC of the Fuze+ is well documented but 1) it doesn't help for the non-SoC part of the device 2) the documentation doesn't describe how boot works (well it didn't when we started the port) which made code execution quite hard
16:47:02franklinah thank you
16:48:50pamauryalso the documentation only apply to the STMP3780/imx233 and not exactly to the STMP3700, which I had to reverse engineer a lot (I finally got the datasheet but much later)
16:49:20franklinwow... were you the only one working on it?
16:51:20pamauryyeah mostly, I received some help here and there but it's hard to split the work
16:51:30franklinwell, thank you
16:58:32 Join Rower [0] (
17:00:16suYinhey, some problem with the registerform? can`t register because of the verification question. my answer is correct.
17:01:13franklinyou type "wombat"
17:01:33franklinso if it says (what is 2+2), just type wombat
17:02:09suYinlol..ok... :D
17:02:31suYinto easy.. ;)
17:02:37suYin(not for me)
17:03:47franklinHow do I add a DSP? What functions does it need? What functions can it access?
17:07:00franklinAlso, where/how does it access the PCM data?
17:08:58 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
17:10:58franklinah... I see
17:11:24franklinYou put "DSP_PROC_DB_ENTRY(..., DSPNAME_configure)" at the end
17:12:05franklinand DSPNAME_configure takes a pointer to a dsp_proc_entry which has a function pointer to the function that does the actual processing
17:16:31 Quit krabador (Quit: Take the time.)
17:24:01franklinTheSeven, I'm taking ploco's advice and am going to add a DSP that plays the audio through the piezo
17:29:22jhMikeSdoesn't have to be at the end. it should be in the best place in the order. things are applied in the listed order
17:29:43franklinoh hi jhMikeS
17:29:52franklin(btw, you're marked as away)
17:30:35jhMikeSmy script does that if I haven't typed anything for (iirc) 30 min
17:31:03franklinok, for now, I just want a DSP that does nothing
17:31:48jhMikeSthere's not much to that then
17:31:57franklinbut I want to be able to expand it later
17:32:07franklinIt's going to play PCM audio through the piezo :)
17:32:33jhMikeSseveral seconds ahead of the headphones :)
17:33:15jhMikeSactually, you won't get a good result because that empties and fills the buffer at codec speed, not PCM speed
17:34:01jhMikeSand it's buffered ahead of what you hear
17:34:13franklinwell, if I don't use headphones, it won't matter :)
17:34:33franklinand anyway, I'm playing music through the piezo... so I'm not expecting a good result :)
17:35:03jhMikeSsee my first remark, it'll speed up and slow down the audio if the buffer is draining then refilling, not just pegged
17:35:34franklinthen a DSP wouldn't be a good way to do it?
17:35:52franklinthen what would?
17:36:09jhMikeSA tsr plugin that uses the mixer buffer capture might be better
17:36:29franklinwell, that's in my comfort zone :)
17:37:13franklinand it would let the user start/stop easily
17:37:20jhMikeSoscilloscope uses the buffer capture callback (only one callback at a time per channel right now)
17:37:49jhMikeSso, if it's a plugin, they won't step on each other's toes
17:38:11franklinclarify please?
17:39:06jhMikeSthe playback audio channel can only have one callback to capture the audio at a time
17:39:51jhMikeSa tsr plugin would have to exit before loading a different one, which should clear the cb before exiting
17:42:10franklinthat's a good thing... not everyone wants music through the piezo, and that would be easier for me to add than, say, a settings option
17:42:26franklinhmm... what should it be called?
17:44:52jhMikeScrystal meth?
17:46:06 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
18:12:21jhMikeScause it'll probably sound about as good :)
18:12:46franklingevaerts suggested that droppiing an iPod would make it sound better than the piezo would...
18:13:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:14:40jhMikeSwill in it play in stereo if you use 3-D earmuffs?
18:16:37franklinI can't start coding till I have a name :)
18:16:59jhMikeSit's franklin
18:17:14franklinfor the plugin
18:20:32franklinok, tinbox it is
18:20:43franklin('cause I just ran emacs tinbox.c)
18:21:51 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:22:55 Join JdGordon [0] (
18:22:55 Quit JdGordon (Changing host)
18:22:55 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
18:35:20 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
18:43:23 Join rockboxuser [0] (2ed09d82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:45:12dfkt<franklin> gevaerts suggested that droppiing an iPod would make it sound better than the piezo would... <−− drill a few holes into the ipod and use it as an ocarina
18:45:22rockboxuserplug in 2048 plays really well on the Fuze+, it fact it's ideal because there are no mechanical buttons to wear out, and the game is VERY addictive!
18:47:30 Quit rockboxuser (Client Quit)
18:55:09 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:02:58 Join lebellium [0] (
19:21:14 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
19:28:37 Quit cmhobbs (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:38:20 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@
19:38:20 Quit cmhobbs (Changing host)
19:38:20 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
19:40:05franklincmhobbs, I have another simple plugin idea: tic-tac-toe!
19:47:23 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
19:47:27 Quit Pessimist (Quit: EliteBNC free bnc service - - be a part of the Elite!)
19:47:29 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:48:59 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:49:50 Join Pessimist [0] (Elite8188@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-jdocviqursxryhsd)
19:52:53 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:55:11 Quit bertrik (Quit: Lost terminal)
19:56:50cmhobbsfranklin, doesn't a tic-tac-toe game already exist?
19:56:54cmhobbsi may be smoking the wrong drugs
19:57:08franklinno, there isn't one
19:57:37cmhobbsi may be thinking about replicant or trisquel
19:57:53cmhobbsi tinkered with a ttt game recently because my son found one
19:58:14 Quit charlie (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
20:02:46 Quit cmhobbs (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:09:44franklinjhMikeS, can you help me with outputting PWM from PCM data?
20:10:00franklinI understand the theory, but have no idea how to do it on rockbox
20:13:15 Quit ender| (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:13:38 Quit ender` (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:13:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:13:56 Join charlie_1 [0] (~c@unaffiliated/charlie)
20:28:35 Join ender` [0] (
20:28:45 Join ender| [0] (krneki@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
20:31:34jhMikeSfranklin: isn't that a hardware specific thing?
20:31:52 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
20:32:16franklinFirst of all, how do I get the PCM data from a plugin?
20:32:49jhMikeSI know nothing about that SoC to speak of. But, I guess you just rescale so 0% = -32768, 100% = 32767 for 16 bit samples
20:33:00jhMikeSsee oscilloscope!
20:33:12franklinThat code is unreadable...
20:33:23franklinHalf of it is button mappings...
20:33:32jhMikeSummm...those distract you?
20:34:19franklinAnd the rest is #ifdef spaghetti
20:35:09jhMikeSjust pay attention to that bit of it
20:36:52 Join n1s [0] (
20:36:52 Quit n1s (Changing host)
20:36:52 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
21:18:30 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:20:50 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:42:02 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
21:48:49 Nick charlie_1 is now known as charlie (~c@unaffiliated/charlie)
21:51:19 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:10:33 Quit ender| (Quit: Who is this General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?)
22:10:47 Quit the-kyle (Remote host closed the connection)
22:11:58 Join the-kyle [0] (
22:13:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:13:59franklinWhat is the format of the waveform buffer? interleaved stereo?
22:14:05franklinAnd the bit depth?
22:14:40 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
22:38:52 Quit the-kyle (Remote host closed the connection)
22:44:56 Quit ender` (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:51:33 Join ender| [0] (krneki@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
22:52:56 Join ender` [0] (krneki@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
22:55:35 Quit ender| (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:55:51 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:57:27 Join ender [0] (
23:08:26 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:21:02 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:32:20pixelmaIsn't the othello (sp?) plugin the same as tic-tac-toe?
23:35:12 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:36:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8f9bd98, 253 builds, 30 clients.
23:39:29franklinpixelma, is there an othello plugin?
23:39:56franklinI don't think there is
23:44:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 477 seconds.
23:46:32franklingevaerts, I think it should stick with CONFIG_CODEC!=SWCODEC?
23:46:46gevaertsSorry about that
23:47:02franklin"Just do what gevaerts says" doesn't work all the time :)
23:47:12franklinAnd make callback conditional
23:50:02 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:51:29franklinETA to tiny patch: 1 minute
23:52:49 Join the-kyle [0] (
23:52:54franklinok, G#923
23:52:56fs-bluebotGerrit review #923 at : Yellow go bye-bye by Franklin Wei
23:53:41franklinugh bad comment
23:53:43franklinneed to fix
23:53:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7e46440, 253 builds, 30 clients.
23:54:07franklinbad comment
23:54:29gevaertsDoesn't matter :)
23:54:36franklinYES IT DOES!
23:55:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:55:17*franklin considers pushing a one-character patch
23:56:24franklinIt would probably just piss gevaerts off

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