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#rockbox log for 2014-08-23

00:00:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 395 seconds.
00:00:56franklinargh red!!!
00:01:38gevaertsOK, so it needs to check for NATIVE too
00:02:05gevaertsor SIMULATOR, if you prefer
00:02:24franklinso !defined(SIMULATOR)
00:02:35*gevaerts thinks SIMULATOR is best for this one
00:04:32franklinok, g#924
00:04:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #924 at : Red go bye-bye by Franklin Wei
00:06:18gevaertsfranklin: actually, there's a tiny bit more
00:06:30franklinwhich is
00:08:01gevaertsAll of those PLATFORM_NATIVE in the file should be (CONFIG_CODEC != SWCODEC) && !defined(SIMULATOR)
00:08:11gevaertsThey're all about playing this sound bit
00:08:29franklinwhat about integrating piezo with this?
00:08:32gevaertsAnd playing mp3 chunks is only supported on HWCODEC non-sim
00:08:37gevaertsNot in the same patch :)
00:08:42franklinwell of course
00:11:52gevaertsThe thing with the piezo is that it's not going through the headphone output. That means that you have to be able to disable it, if you don't want a trainload of angry people every time you play a game on your commute
00:13:17franklinonly in europe :)
00:13:51franklinpeople have all sorts of noise coming out of their devices here across the pond...
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00:16:34franklinok, g#925
00:16:37fs-bluebotGerrit review #925 at : Chip8 bugfix by Franklin Wei
00:19:48franklingevaerts, how should I make the piezo configurable?
00:19:56gevaertsI don't know
00:19:59franklinOf course a settings option
00:20:00gevaertsIt needs thinking :)
00:20:33franklinBut how should it be enforced? In the API, so no plugin can possibly beep if piezo is disabled... or a bool is_piezo_disabled function to let plugins decide
00:24:18franklinthis'd better work: g#926
00:24:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #926 at : Hope this works... by Franklin Wei
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00:25:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e1c09cd, 253 builds, 31 clients.
00:25:23franklinok, gtg
00:25:35*franklin is away
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00:31:16fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 363 seconds.
00:31:46*gevaerts decides to actually fix this himself now
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00:35:48SabotageBeatshi everyone
00:36:06SabotageBeatsI’m having some questions about how to “accept” filename during WPS playlist save context menu
00:36:14SabotageBeatsthe manual says to “accept” but doesn’t say which button to press
00:36:21franklinwhat device?
00:36:30SabotageBeatssansa clip+ 4gb
00:36:35franklinno idea
00:36:43franklintry play, it works on ipod
00:36:49SabotageBeatsok hold on
00:37:02SabotageBeatsplay makes the cursor go up
00:37:17franklinwhat keys are there on the clip?
00:37:25franklinjust try them all
00:37:37SabotageBeatswell, home is backspace
00:37:41SabotageBeatscenter button is backspace
00:37:51SabotageBeatslong press center gives me a pop up and then dissappears too quickly to read
00:37:52franklinhold center?
00:38:03SabotageBeatsand then i still don’t see the playlist in my playlists
00:38:14franklinhold down?
00:38:17SabotageBeatsok hold on
00:38:25gevaerts"Long Select Exit the virtual keyboard and save any
00:38:31gevaerts(from the manual)
00:38:32SabotageBeatsright so i tried that
00:38:36SabotageBeatsbut it’s not actually saving the playlist
00:38:41SabotageBeatsbecause I can’t see it under my playlists
00:38:47SabotageBeatsor do i need to refresh the database?
00:38:51 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@
00:38:54franklinYes, refresh
00:39:04SabotageBeatsok let me try that
00:39:09SabotageBeatsthanks for your help and for being so responsive
00:40:02gevaertsPlaylists don't have much to do with the database...
00:40:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1bc89bd, 253 builds, 31 clients.
00:41:20SabotageBeatsso now i see the playlist that I saved under files
00:41:23SabotageBeatsbut I don’t see it under playlists
00:41:29SabotageBeatsis there a way to make it see it under playlists
00:42:47SabotageBeatsor does the playlist just live in “files"
00:43:17SabotageBeatsalso: looks like long press center was working, it just wasn’t showing the playlist under “playlist catalogue"
00:43:18 Quit ender (Quit: Is there like a way to put a compiler in "Just trust me on that one" mode?)
00:43:41gevaertsAll I know about "playlist catalogue" is that it's *not* a list of all playlists on the device
00:45:23SabotageBeatsok so just use the playlists from files menu?
00:45:44SabotageBeatsalso I noticed that there is pitch and nudge on this device. is there a possibility for cue points?
00:45:58gevaertsMaybe. I don't use playlists, so I don't know
00:46:12SabotageBeatsnot talking about playlists i mean in the play menu
00:46:17fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 365 seconds.
00:46:24SabotageBeatsif i long press play it will give me pitch and nudge controls for the speed of the playing track
00:46:41SabotageBeatsI would like to be able to set cue points to select where the track will start from
00:46:54SabotageBeatsif i can do this then i can purchase 2 of the device and use it for DJ purposes with a mixer
00:49:07SabotageBeatsso I was able to find this in the manual “Note:
00:49:08SabotageBeatsdirectory in the root of your player’s disk and playlists stored in other locations are not
00:49:09SabotageBeatsAll playlists in the Playlist catalogue are stored by default in the /Playlists b
00:49:10DBUGEnqueued KICK SabotageBeats
00:49:10SabotageBeatsincluded in the catalogue. It is however possible to move existing playlists there”
00:50:33SabotageBeatsso in order to have playlists show up in playlist catalogue i need to move them to /playlists in the root directory on the device? or can I keep this folder in the root directory of the card?
00:50:50franklinTheSeven, I've narrowed the piezo GPIO down to 0 and 2
00:51:08franklinOnce I find it, how do I control its value?
00:51:11TheSeven0 or 2 of which port?
00:51:32franklinI don't know... from the debug menu, 0 and 2
00:51:42franklinGPIO0 + GPIO2
00:51:42TheSevenoh you mean those hex numbers?
00:51:48franklinyes :)
00:51:48TheSeveneach of those are 8 pins
00:52:07SabotageBeatsok thanks for helping a noob I was able to save the playlist in /Playlists and now it seems to be in the playlist catalogue
00:52:10franklinso, time to find out which BIT it is
00:53:43franklinTheSeven, alright... it's GPIO 2... but which bit?
00:54:03franklinno, it's NOT gpio 2 :)
00:54:45 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
00:55:01franklinTheSeven, it's GPIO /0/
00:55:23franklinIt's flipping between 0x7B and 0xBD
00:55:29franklin(BD is when piezo is off)
00:56:27franklinHmm... it's changing two bits
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01:21:32franklinSabotageBeats, have you tried 2048?
01:21:52SabotageBeats2058 what
01:21:55SabotageBeats*2048 what
01:22:01franklinthe game
01:22:03gevaertsfranklin: this is getting a bit tedious...
01:22:14franklingevaerts, the channel is getting a bit boring :)
01:22:21SabotageBeatshave you tried bitcoins?
01:22:34franklinyes... I have 0.000000001 BTC :)
01:22:37gevaertsYou're free to join other channels for your amusement
01:22:40franklinsome more zeroes
01:22:59franklinok, go over to #rockbox-community if you want to discuss more
01:23:05 Quit GeekShadow (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
01:23:10franklinor risk pissing gevaerts off
01:23:12 Join GeekShadow [0] (~antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
01:25:31SabotageBeatsawesome thanks is this room just for tech support
01:26:33gevaertsrockbox support and development
01:26:53SabotageBeatsawesome thanks
01:26:56 Part SabotageBeats
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02:44:03franklinTheSeven, I have found that the first+second bits of GPIO0 /seem to/ control the piezo
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03:20:40franklinhi copper
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04:14:36SabotageBeatshi does anyone know how to use the cue sheets with gapless playback to divide tracks by cue points
04:27:27[Saint]Google does.
04:30:03SabotageBeatswhich would be better to set points to start from on a track, cue sheets or bookmarks? trying to use rockbox mp3 player for dj purposes
04:30:50SabotageBeatsi need to set start points dynamically in the player
04:31:12[Saint]That's not really a use case Rockbox is well suited for. At all.
04:31:24[Saint]No one wants to wait for you to fuck around with your DAP in the middle of a set.
04:31:24SabotageBeatsit has pitch and time stretch so I don’t see why not
04:31:44SabotageBeatssame as cdj’s
04:32:09[Saint]not really. they have a /lot/ of onboard buffer.
04:32:18[Saint]so you can queue way in advance.
04:32:55SabotageBeatsi just need to be able to restart the track repeatedly drop on one and then adjust with pitch and nudge, should work fine with 2 daps right?
04:33:02[Saint]With Rockbox the best you'll ever hope for is 64MB, at least 8 of which is going to the OS.
04:33:14SabotageBeatsthat’s larger than most tracks
04:33:48SabotageBeatswhat is the point of pitch and nudge then
04:34:16[Saint]Not DJing, I'll tell you that much. ;)
04:34:19SabotageBeatsall it’s really missing is loop and reverse
04:34:35[Saint]People primarily use timeshift for auidiobooks.
04:35:03[Saint]speeding up an audiobook to say, 200%, without altering picth (dramatically).
04:35:34SabotageBeatsI was thinking with pitch and nudge and a good ear it would be easy to dj on two sansa clip+ with a mixer
04:36:05SabotageBeatsgreat for parties where portability is key - I dont like to take a ton of gear out unless I”m getting paid
04:36:20[Saint]What you want to do is possible, yes, and cue sheets are what you want. But I think you'll very quickly get sick of the tedious pitch screen controls.
04:36:35SabotageBeatswell yes but I’m already sick of carrying a CDJ coffin everywhere
04:36:51[Saint]A cheap netbook and an external DAC is infinitely better suited to this task.
04:37:38[Saint]There's a reason why you don't see professional DJs doing their sets on a Rockboxed DAP. :)
04:37:38SabotageBeatsbut then I would need a mixing controller etc
04:37:56[Saint]You still will. Rockbox is very limited in this regard.
04:38:04[Saint]You might be giving it a bit too much credit.
04:38:16[Saint]This is well outside intended use case.
04:38:17SabotageBeatsall it has to do is play the files without breaking
04:38:52SabotageBeats64mb seems more than enough ram, or does it uncompress before putting in ram?
04:39:23SabotageBeats320 mp3’s are usually about 10 to 12 mb
04:39:29[Saint]...uncompress? Decompress, what, exactly?
04:39:48SabotageBeatsuncompress to raw samples
04:39:54[Saint](also - I thought you were talking lossless?)
04:40:09[Saint]and, no.
04:40:11SabotageBeatsfor a big club they will have cdj's
04:40:22SabotageBeatsand if I am getting paid I can bring out my cdjs
04:40:46SabotageBeatsi’m talking more for house parties or emergency parties, or parties in a super bad neighborhood where I dont get to get robbed for my kit
04:41:01[Saint]Honestly I think a Rockboxed DAp has the most use to you in this profession as removable storage.
04:41:04[Saint]But, that's me.
04:41:35SabotageBeatsI was thinking that if I could use them for djing in emergency situations “Oh no they don’t have anything to play at at this spot” “Oh no the cdj’s are broken"
04:41:47[Saint]It would be slightly less painful if you have your set planned out _exactly_ in advance.
04:41:49SabotageBeatsand then if there are cdj’s bring a usb to microsd
04:42:00[Saint]Otherwise, you'll be doing a lot of fiddling about.
04:42:11[Saint]If you need to change set order, I mean.
04:42:46[Saint]vs. clicky clicky drag & drop.
04:43:09SabotageBeatsI mean I’m used to playing on vinyl or cdj’s so it’s alot of fiddling already
04:43:21SabotageBeatsi just figured it would be a convenient backup
04:43:40SabotageBeatsand simultaneously great removeable storage
04:43:49[Saint]It would be good for putting on some sounds while you're setting up, I guess.
04:44:05[Saint]But as for doing a whole set with it, I have my doubts.
04:44:19[Saint]I may find myself suitably impressed however.
04:44:22SabotageBeatsI like to play 6-9 minute tracks
04:44:32SabotageBeatsand ride the pitch fader and don’t touch the platter
04:44:42SabotageBeatsso i think it could vibe well with my djing style if I was in a pinch
04:44:49SabotageBeatswhere gear was broken turntables not functioning et
04:45:23SabotageBeatsI don’t have the best cdj’s they only go to .1 on the pitch, so the pitch control would be the same just no fader
04:45:30[Saint]What device are you using, out of interest?
04:45:32SabotageBeatsand the fact that there’s nudge is super legit
04:45:36SabotageBeatssansa clip+
04:45:46SabotageBeatsi got it for vetting tunes
04:45:49SabotageBeatsand listening in the car
04:45:58SabotageBeats(only have a tape player so i got a tape adapter)
04:46:13franklinyou have a *tape* player!?
04:46:15[Saint]Aha. Some of them have a very pronounced persistent buzz on disk/CPU access.
04:46:32SabotageBeatsmine sounds really good, i didn’t hear any buzz
04:46:40[Saint]There are some players that are very well suited to professional playback and capture, but they're practically impossible to find now.
04:46:56SabotageBeatsi’m using a tascam for recording sets
04:47:12SabotageBeatsif ONLY this lil guy had a stereo input :D
04:47:19[Saint]There's at least one Rockbox device with optical out and a balanced line in IIRC.
04:47:31[Saint]good luck finding one though...
04:47:44[Saint]One of the iRiviers I believe.
04:47:54franklinok, gtg
04:47:56SabotageBeatsyea i’m using a tascam that records to microSD and runs off the same charger as the sansa (mini usb)
04:47:58franklincya tomorrw
04:48:02 Quit franklin (Quit: Leaving)
04:48:04SabotageBeatswith a stereo unbalanced line in
04:48:22SabotageBeatsbut rockbox is much more suited to playback
04:48:29SabotageBeatsand the battery life is way better
04:49:06[Saint]Aha, the IHP140
04:49:17[Saint]Its a fine player, but very hard to find these days.
04:49:42SabotageBeatsi mean I like the sansa it works pretty well I don’t really need a new player
04:49:51SabotageBeatsI was just thinking I could use it for dj’ing in a pinch
04:50:00[Saint]Oh, sure, just bike-shedding. ;)
04:50:15SabotageBeatsare you one of the rockbox dev's
04:50:38SabotageBeatsyour nick is very applicable you seem pretty legit
04:50:58[Saint]Of sorts. I don't do anything particular important. Not a lowlevel guy.
04:51:48SabotageBeatsdo you have experience dj’ing
04:53:00SabotageBeatsi’m reading the manual, rockbox is pretty amazing stuff
04:53:03[Saint]In thinking about it, I guess there's just as much chance of something going wrong and you being left standing there with your thumb up your bumhole regardless of the hardware used. But I was thinking that Rockbox doesn't make it particularly easy to recover from easily unless you specifically kept backups of your set playlist lying around on the device.
04:53:05SabotageBeatsreally makes this player amazing
04:53:43[Saint]In all honestly, I just didn't think it would look terribly professional tapping away furiously at a Clip+ if your set falls over. ;)
04:54:02SabotageBeatsI would definitely not use it for gigs where I need to look terribly professional
04:54:41SabotageBeatsmore for simple house parties or events where there wasn’t a DJ but they happen to have a soundsystem and no gear
04:54:45[Saint]And yeah, the manual is one of the shining achievements of this project.
04:54:47SabotageBeatsbasically a backup CDJ
04:55:10SabotageBeatsthen switch to party mode and go party when i’m tired of clicking around lol
04:55:26 Quit bcobco (Remote host closed the connection)
04:55:38SabotageBeatsI was showing my other DJ friends how it has pitch and nudge and they were all like WTF
04:55:47 Join bcobco [0] (~bcobco@
04:55:49SabotageBeatsall very impressed
04:56:26[Saint]I think its funnier from another point of view when you realize that the OEMs just _didn't_ even trey with their firmware. :)
04:56:35SabotageBeatser yea
04:56:46SabotageBeatsi mean the original firmware was basically a toy
04:57:00SabotageBeatsnow it’s like 70% of a CDJ
04:57:10SabotageBeatswith a lot of other cool functions added
04:57:41[Saint]The Clip variants seem to be consumed rather heavily by the Gym-bunnie community.
04:58:01[Saint]cheap devices they can sweat all over and break and not cry about it.
04:58:12SabotageBeatsyea I got it because I don’t want to cry if it breaks or is stolen
04:58:21SabotageBeatsi skateboard alot so it’s great for that
04:58:38SabotageBeatsalso great in the car and when my phone is dead
04:58:53SabotageBeatsbut more recently I haven’t even been using my phone for playing since the sansa is pretty damn awesome
04:59:26SabotageBeatssuperlightweight, great sound quality, goes realllllly loud
04:59:41[Saint]I used one in my car with car-mode for ages when my stereo broke.
05:00:07[Saint](its a mode that starts up the player and commences playback when external power is detected, and powered off when power is lost)
05:00:18SabotageBeatsi feel like 2 sansas would be better for djing than 1 phone because there are two stereo outputs
05:00:41SabotageBeatsif you have a mixer then you can still cue (even if you don’t have cue points)
05:00:59SabotageBeatsif u have stuff well organized by folder then it makes it simple
05:01:07SabotageBeatsand u can have different genres in different sd’s
05:01:39SabotageBeatsi wasn’t even thinking about dj’ing when I got it, but once I saw it had pitch, nudge, and timestretch it really got me thinking
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06:27:18 Join ecaz [0] (~z@unaffiliated/ecaz)
06:27:35ecazHello friends! :-) Does Rockbox support SACD playback>
06:27:56SabotageBeatshi ezac, [Saint] might know :D
06:28:18ecazhe seems to be away
06:37:53SabotageBeatshe was helping me earlier with some stuff
06:38:05SabotageBeatsI think the manual has a list of file types it takes
06:46:11 Join Va3RNMH6mz [0] (~user@
06:49:00Va3RNMH6mzIs the rockbox flyspray tracker/server down? I can get to but not
06:55:48 Quit swagglypuff ()
07:05:14 Quit SabotageBeats (Quit: SabotageBeats)
07:17:26[Saint]The back button behavior when you have a default directory set for the file browser that isn't top-level is really annoying.
07:19:16[Saint](ie. hosted targets, where you can't just have "Music" but /storage/emulated/sdcard0/Music or one of the myriad other lengthy symlinks to that effect)
07:21:25[Saint]Ms. [Saint] decided she wasn't going to use the theme I've been building because, quote: "that yellow is shitty."
07:21:38[Saint]so she hand picked 9b32cc as her accent color.
07:22:02[Saint]Which I can only descibe as "eye-bleed purpleish".
07:27:10 Join ploco [0] (dce9b7f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
07:30:39plococan access root menu from default directory in two clicks. a view contain touch area resumeplayback in SBS, same touch area jump to menu in WPS.
07:32:57[Saint]I don't /want/ to access the root directory. At all. There's no reason to.
07:42:52ploco btw, one gerrit question. can i patch up commits not belong to me?
07:44:23plocoreally wanna make g#913 ready. So can start the next step.
07:44:26fs-bluebotGerrit review #913 at : Call the setting callbacks from the touchregions by Jonathan Gordon
07:46:56[Saint]sure, just steal the change-id but keep the author intact.
07:47:50[Saint]we can always make sure to push it with the right credentials anyway, but make an effort to preserve the author.
07:59:37Va3RNMH6mzMight be off-topic but can anyone here access any of the pages under ? Because I can't seem to.
08:07:27 Part Va3RNMH6mz
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08:46:31five_volts_dcCan anybody see any of the pages on rockbox's flyspray server/tracker? ( )
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10:39:04*pamaury didn't know we had a KnowledgeMap
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17:40:52 Join GNUtoo-irssi [0] (
17:41:17GNUtoo-irssihi, I've an issue with the sansa fuze plus, it is probalby fully discharged because it doesn't turn on
17:45:40GNUtoo-irssi seems interesting
17:46:51 Quit mc2739 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:48:49 Join mc2739 [0] (~mc2739@rockbox/developer/mc2739)
17:50:10copperIt's starting to bother me that some of my themes don't show the volume unless I change it
17:50:43GNUtoo-irssiit started up
17:50:52GNUtoo-irssiI leaved it plugged in the laptop...
17:51:02GNUtoo-irssibtw, is there a free software bootloader for it?
17:51:33GNUtoo-irssiand it says charging 0%
17:51:42GNUtoo-irssiso I now wonder how to power it off properly
17:51:49GNUtoo-irssiI'll update to a more recent nightly
17:52:13GNUtoo-irssiand I'll look in the master branch for a bootloder for it
17:52:21GNUtoo-irssiI don't care at all about multiboot
17:52:49GNUtoo-irssiI bought it only because there was rockbox support, but I found out later that its touchpad was difficult to use
17:52:55GNUtoo-irssibeside that the rest is fine
17:53:05GNUtoo-irssithere are some crashes but I can manage that
17:53:49GNUtoo-irssi(I also thought that it was a zip and not a zip+ while buying it)
17:54:06GNUtoo-irssiso it would be wonderfull if I could workarround the touchpad issues somehow
18:02:09franklinGNUtoo-irssi, there is no zip+
18:03:06GNUtoo-irssiah sorry
18:03:08GNUtoo-irssi"SanDisk Sansa Fuze+"
18:03:51GNUtoo-irssiin firmware/target/arm/as3525 I see some BOOTLOADER defines beeing used...
18:04:00GNUtoo-irssiis there a free software bootloader for the fuze+?
18:05:08GNUtoo-irssifirmware/export/config/sansafuzeplus.h also mention a bootloader
18:12:10 Quit y4n (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:13:09GNUtoo-irssihmmm, seem that the rockbox/flash/ is for archos
18:14:03 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
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18:17:18 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
18:18:05GNUtoo-irssino mention of flashing inside the manual...
18:31:20[Saint]What makes you think it doesn't have a free software boot loader already?
18:31:36[Saint]What do you think is booting Rockbox? ;)
18:32:49[Saint]Maybe you have some different understanding of what a boot loader is, perhaps?
18:34:16GNUtoo-irssiyes, I probably have a different bootloader concept in mind
18:34:24GNUtoo-irssirbutil asked for a sansa file
18:34:48[Saint]A file it then modified
18:34:59[Saint] include our bootloader.
18:35:18GNUtoo-irssiah ok, but why did it need to modify it
18:35:31GNUtoo-irssilooking at the wiki I see some imx uttility
18:35:47GNUtoo-irssiand a file format for the files to be loaded
18:35:58pamauryGNUtoo-irssi: the bootloader is free, the source code is in our tree, but you need the original firmware because 1) to have dualboot 2) to do early init of the hardware (there is no point is doing it when the OF can do it for you)
18:36:57GNUtoo-irssibtw, I just cleared the settings, and I have a white noise sound
18:37:26GNUtoo-irssihow can I disable the text to speach totally and globally?
18:37:36GNUtoo-irssiI'll rather look in the manual for that though
18:37:40 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
18:37:53[Saint]Don't install he voice file is a good start.
18:38:05pamauryyeah don't install voice files, or disable it in the setting
18:38:16pamauryis the white noise very loud or is it just a slight hiss ?
18:38:20GNUtoo-irssithere is individual switch for every voice
18:38:31[Saint]No there isn't.
18:38:34GNUtoo-irssinot loud, the volume is the same than tts
18:38:40GNUtoo-irssior as music
18:38:42GNUtoo-irssiso same volume
18:38:54GNUtoo-irssilike I won't get deaf with this white noise
18:38:57GNUtoo-irssibut I can hear it a lot
18:39:25GNUtoo-irssiit's white noise + "computer noise"
18:39:39GNUtoo-irssilike when a sound card forward all electronical noise
18:40:11pamaurybecause the fuze+ has a small background hiss, even in the original firmware, I didn't manage to get rid of it
18:40:25GNUtoo-irssiah ok, I didn't have it in the previous rockbox installation
18:40:27pamaurybut you mostly hear it when there is no sound at all
18:40:31GNUtoo-irssiI just "reinstalled/upgraded"
18:40:38GNUtoo-irssiand I added the voices while I was doing it
18:40:41GNUtoo-irssiI didn't before
18:40:42pamauryif it's very loud, try to reboot to the OF once
18:40:47GNUtoo-irssiso I'll switch to mass storage usb
18:40:52GNUtoo-irssiand I'll mv the .voices
18:42:04[Saint]For reference voicing is enabled by default so the blind don't need to bumble through a menu they can't see to enable a feature to let them use the menus
18:42:10pamauryI ran into this issue once with a very loud noise, rebooting to the OF solved the problem, no idea what the problem was
18:42:19[Saint]Son if a voice file is there, it'll speak it.
18:42:28[Saint]*so if
18:43:37GNUtoo-irssiok I'll remove the voices, thanks, btw the biggest issue I have with rockbox on this device is the touchpad
18:43:37[Saint]pamaury: edge case timing issue perhaps?
18:43:46GNUtoo-irssimy main issue is when I try to go back
18:43:52GNUtoo-irssiit often doesn't and selects instead
18:44:05GNUtoo-irssiI just found out that sometimes it was probably intended as a feature
18:44:08[Saint]Yeah. Sadly that touchpad is just...terrible.
18:44:10GNUtoo-irssilike in the settings
18:44:13GNUtoo-irssiyou enter a setting
18:44:17pamaury[Saint]: not sure when you mean
18:44:18GNUtoo-irssiand you want to go back
18:44:24GNUtoo-irssiit force you to choose between yes and no
18:44:26[Saint]It took a long time to make it even barely usable.
18:44:28GNUtoo-irssilike you go left
18:44:38[Saint]The OF is just awful.
18:44:41pamauryGNUtoo-irssi: the back button doesn't always have the intended meaning, rockbox has a long tradition of using "left" to cancel/go back
18:44:45GNUtoo-irssiand it select the other unselected one (yes->no or no->yes)
18:45:00pamauryyou can adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad also
18:45:13GNUtoo-irssiI had rockbox on a 20GB archos jukebox looong time ago, but it had no touchpad!
18:45:24GNUtoo-irssiyes, but the sensivity ajustement is not what I need
18:45:29[Saint]It also pays to note that the quadrant sections on the touchpad are now meaningless.
18:45:31GNUtoo-irssiit ajust the touch pressure
18:45:35GNUtoo-irssinot the area definitions
18:45:45GNUtoo-irssiand not the left meaning either
18:47:21[Saint]Well, if you want to do that you'll be writing your own keymap and recompiling.
18:47:23pamaurywe have a pending pad to have deadzones between touch areas
18:47:42pamaurybut if you want to change the keymapping, you need to recompile it yourself
18:47:50GNUtoo-irssiyes, not a problem
18:47:55pamauryor suggest a change and convince me that's the way to go ;)
18:48:07GNUtoo-irssiwell, the issue is not compilation, it's maintenance
18:48:23[Saint]Generally speaking what the original firmware does or doesn't do, and its keymaps, are of no consequence to how Rockbox does things.
18:48:54GNUtoo-irssiwhich helps because we could fix the issue
18:48:58pamauryGNUtoo-irssi: yeah I know, maintaining your own patches are a pain, that's why it's easier to try and convince me ^^
18:49:09GNUtoo-irssior easier to send a patch
18:49:22GNUtoo-irssibut I don't plan at all to become a regular rockobx dev
18:49:37pamauryyeah but you should probably discuss the change before, otherwise we might not accept it
18:50:27GNUtoo-irssiwell, yes, as usual
18:50:35GNUtoo-irssiI need to discuss the strategy to do such change
18:50:46GNUtoo-irssibecause I have no experience at all with rockbox source code
18:51:05pamauryso if I understand, your complain is that in the settings, pressing back doesn't do anything when you expect it to cancel ?
18:51:18[Saint]In my experience those who REALLY hate the Fuze+ are those that aren't aware that we subtly threw out the OF's assumptions and made the touchpad a 3x3 grid.
18:51:21pamaury(for reference, left acts as cancel)
18:54:00pamaurythe way keymaps work can be a little confusings, anyway it's all in apps/keymaps/sansafuzeplus.c if memory helps
18:54:54[Saint]Once you know what its doing it becomes fairly obvious.
18:55:28[Saint]Prerequisites and button repeats make it look intimidating.
18:59:23GNUtoo-irssiahh 3x3???
18:59:37GNUtoo-irssiI followed what was printed on the plastic
19:00:04GNUtoo-irssiI go in some folder
19:00:14GNUtoo-irssiI meant in some "setting directory"
19:00:17GNUtoo-irssilike general
19:00:19GNUtoo-irssior sound
19:00:23GNUtoo-irssithen I want to go back
19:00:30GNUtoo-irssiand an action is selected
19:00:33GNUtoo-irssiand I press left
19:00:42GNUtoo-irssiand it doesn't go to the parent "setting directory"
19:00:44*[Saint] did mention that earlier
19:00:47GNUtoo-irssiinstead it acts like enter
19:00:53GNUtoo-irssiso I'll look at the 3x3
19:01:48[Saint]Have you found our fine manual?
19:01:54GNUtoo-irssiit's a pdf
19:01:55GNUtoo-irssiand it's open
19:02:08[Saint]s'all in there.
19:02:27GNUtoo-irssiI didn't know that the <- and >|| were not used
19:02:55franklinI have to say that Rockbox is the only open-source project I have /ever/ seen that has as good a manual as it does now...
19:03:22franklinI mean, most projects have a wiki with 100-word articles...
19:03:40[Saint]I guess Arch beats us if you count ArchWiki
19:03:54[Saint]...that's an INSANELY vast resource.
19:03:59franklinIt is great too
19:04:11GNUtoo-irssiI guess the main point was to use a good document generating system
19:04:19franklinRockbox and Arch... masters of doc
19:04:22GNUtoo-irssion the wiki you have a hard time not duplicating stuff
19:04:26GNUtoo-irssi*on a wiki
19:04:33GNUtoo-irssibut in another hand it's way more accesible
19:04:58 Quit ygrek (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
19:05:08franklinBut a manual just looks way more professional
19:05:42 Quit mirak (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:06:09GNUtoo-irssiwell, let's take a simple case:
19:06:24GNUtoo-irssiyou have to do an installation howto
19:06:30GNUtoo-irssiand you have 3 devices
19:06:39GNUtoo-irssion the wiki you've got the choice between:
19:06:49GNUtoo-irssi1) doing one page per device with huge duplication
19:07:01GNUtoo-irssi2) doing a generic page with some if (foo_device) => then do_that
19:07:07GNUtoo-irssi3) split the pages somehow
19:07:27GNUtoo-irssion a manual you just generate one per device
19:07:42franklingenerate is the key word there
19:07:42GNUtoo-irssibut the generic documentation is written only once
19:08:02franklinespecially if you run a c preprocessor on it
19:08:23GNUtoo-irssigood indeed
19:09:23[Saint]Anyhoo...I hope Rockbox becomes rather a lot more usable now the touchpad segment snafu is sorted out.
19:09:37franklinoff-topique... :)
19:09:55franklin(gotta use UK english so as not to piss [Saint] off)
19:10:31copperoff-topique: still off-topic, but classier!
19:10:56GNUtoo-irssiI guess the white noise is a regression then
19:11:04GNUtoo-irssiI removed all the .talk files
19:11:18GNUtoo-irssiand also the zip and voice file in lang/
19:13:10GNUtoo-irssiand it's still there even if it talks with nothing
19:13:21GNUtoo-irssiso I'll look in the manual how to get inside the sansa bootloader
19:13:30GNUtoo-irssiI did shutdown and power on many times
19:13:37GNUtoo-irssi(becasue I've a hard time with the touchpad)
19:13:46GNUtoo-irssilike power button
19:13:52GNUtoo-irssi*with power button
19:13:55[Saint]Get inside the...hang on, what?
19:14:07[Saint]What are you wanting to do?
19:14:21*franklin thinks GNUtoo-irssi means ROLO
19:14:34GNUtoo-irssilet me find the quote that I missunderstood
19:14:42 Quit y4n (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:15:11GNUtoo-irssiif it's very loud, try to reboot to the OF once
19:15:20GNUtoo-irssiOF is the sansa bootloader?
19:15:25 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
19:15:26GNUtoo-irssi*if not
19:15:35[Saint]Original firmware.
19:15:38GNUtoo-irssiah ok
19:15:47GNUtoo-irssithanks, let me look in the manual how to do it
19:15:57GNUtoo-irssiI've a 1024x768 screen, so multitasking is a pain
19:16:05franklin1920x1200 :P
19:16:16[Saint]Query "dual-boot" in the pdf
19:16:20franklin(running at 640x480 to go faster)
19:16:21GNUtoo-irssiahh I missed the "basic overview" in the pdf
19:16:31GNUtoo-irssiI went straight to the stuff about the touchpad and so on
19:16:34GNUtoo-irssibut not in basic
19:18:23GNUtoo-irssiso I did get the idea one week ago, but I thought that the middle touch area was way less wide
19:19:45GNUtoo-irssiwhite noise gone
19:19:59GNUtoo-irssithanks a lot
19:20:08GNUtoo-irssiand sorry for doing stuff way after I'm told them
19:20:17GNUtoo-irssi(I lagged a lot)
19:20:27[Saint]NP. Easy to miss.
19:20:40GNUtoo-irssinow I'll look if there is a section for navigation
19:20:48GNUtoo-irssiI looked at some navigations like for plugins and so on
19:20:57GNUtoo-irssibut I'll look if there is a general one inside the manual
19:20:59franklinAs good as the manual is, the source is ever more detailed :)
19:21:07GNUtoo-irssiI may have read it already, but I probbaly forgott part of it
19:21:11GNUtoo-irssi(that section)
19:21:25GNUtoo-irssiindeed, source code running cannot lie
19:21:37GNUtoo-irssi(I learned that the hard way)
19:21:41franklin"Use the source, Luke." - [Saint]
19:24:32 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@
19:25:01GNUtoo-irssiI start remembering
19:25:11 Quit y4n (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:25:11GNUtoo-irssiI went across the Quick start
19:25:18GNUtoo-irssiI saw the controls
19:25:27GNUtoo-irssibut I probably found only specific bindings for them
19:25:39franklinJust as an aside, what build are you using
19:25:54GNUtoo-irssithe last one that rbutil gave me
19:25:56GNUtoo-irssilet me look
19:26:35 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
19:26:46GNUtoo-irssi1bc89bd One last missing !defined(SIMULATOR) for chip8
19:26:50franklinwhich is... latest
19:27:07franklinThat commit was to fix the 3 failed commits I tried :)
19:27:30franklinTook 3 commits to fix a... 10-line bug?
19:29:21 Join cereal_killer [0] (b2bf241e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:29:56GNUtoo-irssiI need to go but I'll keep this irssi running in screen
19:30:07GNUtoo-irssithanks a lot!!!!
19:31:00cereal_killerwhat does this thing do? Does it change the sound like the BBE setting on the Cowon D2?
19:32:23franklinAlso in g#922, with a different name
19:32:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #922 at : two new DSPs by Chiwen Chang
19:34:13franklin"perceptual bass enhancement" = BBE
19:34:36franklinok, gtg
19:35:00cereal_killerThanks for the answer. Anyone tried to compare those DSPs with BBE and can say if it really sound similar? I like the sound of my Cowon D2 with BBE enabled very much and would love to have this sound with rockbox.
19:47:12 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
19:47:17 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:49:58 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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20:30:29 Part cereal_killer
20:39:31 Quit SabotageBeats (Quit: SabotageBeats)
21:14:03 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
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