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#rockbox log for 2014-08-28

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00:15:29*jhMikeS thinks we should generate version.c with the string in it and include only version.h with the extern, that way commits won't cause rebuilding of a bunch of unrelated files
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00:18:53jhMikeSit gets annoying at times
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00:46:15*jhMikeS wonder what traps await him doing version.c instead of version.h
00:47:48[Saint]Just make sure to roll your Disable Device check first.
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00:48:34*jhMikeS wasn't rolling and such thing
00:48:58[Saint]Hmmm. Not a rogue player then? ;)
00:49:39jhMikeSI'm very cautious about being rogue, you know
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02:37:21[Saint]make veryclean && make reconf && make -j 128 && make apk
02:39:02[Franklin]wow make -j128... :O
02:39:11[Franklin]That would /kill/ this thing
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02:54:04jhMikeSversion thing wasn't so bad afterall
02:56:23jhMikeSand committing causes only (new) firmware/common/version.c to remade, rbversion.h contains RBVERSION
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03:00:51[Saint]jhMikeS: I'm trying to wrap my head around g#914
03:00:54fs-bluebotGerrit review #914 at : enable balance control on Android by Chiwen Chang
03:01:13[Saint]What's the "right" way to do this?
03:01:37[Saint]Just declare sw_volume_control and it'll "just work"?
03:01:42jhMikeSwith sw volume control really, which I thought he redid it that way
03:01:49jhMikeSnot quite
03:02:18jhMikeSit needs to be hooked up through the audio driver but it's not really complicated
03:02:55[Saint]The change appears abandoned.
03:02:57jhMikeSit doesn't look like android can do unbuffered like the sim
03:03:01[Saint]perhaps OP missed the intention.
03:03:23[Saint]last comment from OP is "guess I cannot make this any better."
03:03:32jhMikeSI have no idea, he seems to give up easily
03:03:33[Saint]smells like abandonement to me.
03:04:20[Saint]Which is curious, as OP is a rather intelligent chap that has picked up on a number of previously overlooked issues.
03:04:29jhMikeShe then yelled in IRC saying you can't beat the chinese army or something to that effect
03:04:48[Saint]Yes. Yes he did.
03:05:26jhMikeSI guess we just them to implement their patches differently in accordance with the intended API and the war is over just like that
03:05:55[Saint]grepping around tells me the Hifiman players use sw volume control, and, specifically, do so for balance.
03:06:09jhMikeSso, I don't. I was curious about the other audio stuff too.
03:06:14[Saint]But...massaging this into Android doesn't appear, to me, to be wholly trivial.
03:06:49jhMikeSwould probably drop in about the same way as for hifiman
03:06:54[Saint](note: you have a whole other idea of trivial than I do - I'm a UI guy ;))
03:07:44jhMikeScould probably use the separate balance control API that's used on just one MAS codec right now
03:08:33jhMikeSit has mono volume like android
03:08:36[Saint]Looks like jz47** is using sw control for balance et al too.
03:08:55jhMikeSjz47** always was sw volume
03:08:59[Saint](fuck that's a weird target...)
03:09:16jhMikeSit was made for that then right after I implemented someone dropped it in for hifiman
03:10:08[Saint]There's some...interesting...bits in the jz47** port.
03:10:08jhMikeShifiman just has analog volume iiuc
03:12:14[Saint]Perhaps I'm just not used to MIPS. Probably.
03:12:24[Saint]Almost definitely.
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03:15:04ploco[Saint]: nothing just work. its a combination of pcm_set_master_volume(l,r) and pcm_set_mixer_volume(volume)
03:15:40plocoas jhMikeS said, Android cannot do the unbuffered
03:15:52plocoso take it or leave it. it's at its best already
03:16:16*[Saint] isn't entirely sure that's true at all.
03:16:45plocoanyone is welcome to make the patch better :)
03:16:47[Saint]You just abandoned it after some apparent disagreement between how it was done and how you were told it should be done.
03:17:05plocono no you have misunderstand it.
03:17:15[Saint]Saying that's how it is and it can't be done better is a non-truth.
03:17:16jhMikeSthe way the PCM driver is written makes it not possible since the data transfer from the source buffer is done with the java byte array
03:17:41plocoit's done in the way that jhMikeS wants already
03:17:45jhMikeSso, to scale the samples requires an intermediate buffer, which the buffered version provides
03:19:01jhMikeSthe SDL audio provides the buffer, which we write to and we can scale the samples while writing to it, so it needs no extra buffer in between
03:20:13*[Saint] is reminded that he wants to look at transitioning to SDL2 for the sake of GPU assisted decoding on the raspberrypi
03:20:38[Saint](because, fuck trying to do it with the GPL shim they provided)
03:20:50plocoAndroid's is hidden behind the write method. I even study the ASOP source code to look for a access point. but cannot find any
03:22:14[Saint]Aha. That's right. I also need to play the tedious game of "increase the stacks" on Android to jump around the ART stkov issue.
03:22:36[Saint]Fuuuuuuck. TODO list is so long.
03:22:54[Saint]With very little actual things getting done.
03:26:17[Saint]ploco: have you any clue why the system notification colors are all fucked up for RaaA?
03:26:32[Saint]_some_ ROMS are getting it right.
03:26:40[Saint]AOSP seems to fuck it up spectacularly.
03:26:55[Saint](black text on a grey background)
03:27:41plocono idea. RCC's seems fine
03:28:25[Saint]Yeah, I noticed that. That's why I asked.
03:28:43[Saint](but, my GOD there's some batshit craziness in that build...0_0)
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03:29:25[Saint]There's a very special type on insanity present in the DSP and GEQ areas.
03:29:30[Saint]*type of
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03:32:41plocoin RockboxActivity getWindow().setFlags(WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_FULLSCREEN, WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_FULLSCREEN); are skipped if showing status bar
03:34:21[Saint]Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but it doesn't seem relevant to the statusbar. I always run in immersive mode (so no immediately visible statusbar, ever), and it still gets it wrong.
03:37:49[Saint]ploco: what's the status of g#849
03:37:50plocogetTitlebarStatus() is to check showing status bar on or not.
03:38:08[Saint]* g#894
03:38:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #894 at : RaaA: Android work around the Kitkat ART crashes by Chiwen Chang
03:38:33[Saint]The keyboard.c one-liner there is still relevant.
03:39:39[Saint]Were you wanting to rescue any of that change-set and keep attribution? Or is it considered abandoned and let someone else re-implement and push separately?
03:41:01[Saint](the reason I ask is that its a bit weird to stack unrelated changes like that, so I'm not sure if it would get pushed as-is)
03:41:23[Saint]in fact I'm fairly positive it wouldn't get pushed as-is.
03:41:35plocoit's done. you can merge it or wait till Android-L become the standard. I'm pretty sure more ART issue will show up
03:43:11[Saint]L becoming a /standard/, will take a *very* long time, in my opinion. Historically there's always less than 10% of the userbase using the current Android version for rather a long time after a release.
03:44:57[Saint]Presently there's less than 3% using 4.4.*
03:45:28plocoso no need to hurry. leave 894 there in case new thing F the android build again.
03:46:46[Saint]I still think its completely wise to add these changes, that's why I was wondering what you wanted to do with the patch set. Would you mind if I split it up into separate commits, keeping your attribution, so it can be pushed?
03:47:54plocoI don't mind. you can break them up and push into separate.
03:48:07ploco*separate commits
03:48:17[Saint]Excellent. Thank you.
03:50:18plocomy codes are so open that anyone can do anything with it, anytime.
03:56:08[Saint]♪♫"My codes so open you can do anything 'wit 'em; My rhymes are so sick you'll die when I spit 'em."♪♫
03:56:58plocobtw, I notice in configure only allocate 8mb memory for Android build. Isn't it too small for 1080x1920? even a backdrop will use up to 4mb ram
03:58:11[Saint]its not really too consequential I wouldn't think. Disk access is virtually free on these targets.
04:02:20[Saint]In saying that, on most devices, you'd be able to bump it up _considerably_ if you wanted to...for...some reason.
04:02:29plocotheme engine asked a big chunk of memory from buflib. which is related to memory size. no?
04:03:48[Saint]Yes. You can view the available buffersize from the debug menu.
04:04:08[Saint]well, fuck me right in the asshole.
04:04:26[Saint]not using a backdrop doesn't appear to save _any_ resources whatsoever.
04:05:58plocospace reserved for backdrop is in use constantly.
04:06:32jhMikeS[Saint]: there's dedicated buffer still?
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04:10:43[Saint]jhMikeS: unless my understanding is completely wrong, or I'm misinterpreting what you're asking, it appears the Android builds allocate themselves an 8MB hunk to play with.
04:11:49[Saint]at least, so sayeth the makefile.
04:13:07jhMikeSyou mean in total? I guess the audio buffer would just be larger without a backdrop. I thought it still had a dedicated backdrop buffer or something.
04:13:24[Saint]hahaha - what is this craziness?
04:13:27[Saint]CONFIGURE_OPTIONS=−−lcdwidth=480 −−lcdheight=800 −−lcdwidth=480 −−lcdheight=800 −−lcdwidth=480 −−lcdheight=800 −−lcdwidth=480 −−lcdheight=800 −−lcdwidth=480 −−lcdheight=800 −−lcdwidth=480 −−lcdheight=800 −−lcdwidth=480 −−lcdheight=800 −−lcdwidth=480 −−lcdheight=800 −−target=$(MODELNAME) −−ram=$(MEMORYSIZE) −−rbdir=$(RBDIR) −−type=N
04:13:49[Saint]and yes.
04:15:03[Saint]that makefile *reaaaaaaally* wants to make sure those LCD dimensions are set.
04:15:13jhMikeSerm, my config has that same thing going
04:15:30jhMikeSline length: 339 chars
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04:17:30jhMikeSevery make reconf adds more
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04:18:32jhMikeSit's normal if I don't specify dimensions on the command line, but has it doubled on the first if I configure with dimensions
04:20:18jhMikeSstill every make reconf does adds more no matter
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04:23:35[Saint]makes me wonder about build clients.
04:23:47[Saint]don't they do a make veryclean and a make reconf every run?
04:23:52jhMikeS[Saint]: wanna check g#566, just to make sure you can actually access the storage (and builds for sure)?
04:23:55fs-bluebotGerrit review #566 at : Rewrite filesystem code (WIP) by Michael Sevakis
04:24:20[Saint]righto - incoming. pulling it in now.
04:24:40jhMikeSbe sure it gets all the sub patches (2 prerequisites)
04:25:43jhMikeS[Saint]: it depends on two other commits before it. I'd just grab via the checkout URL there.
04:26:19[Saint]one of its deps is abandoned?
04:26:25[Saint]how does that work...
04:26:37jhMikeSthat's a "needed by"
04:27:07[Saint]apparently there's only one dep.
04:27:10jhMikeSand all that crazy rename/copy stuff is just git trying to guess (which makes it look gittier)
04:27:31jhMikeSbut the depends on has a depends on
04:27:37[Saint] g#934 and g#566
04:27:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #934 at : Add normal alloca() definition and implement a strdupa and friends by Michael Sevakis
04:27:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #566 at : Rewrite filesystem code (WIP) by Michael Sevakis
04:27:55jhMikeS g#907
04:27:57fs-bluebotGerrit review #907 at : Add mempcpy implementation by Michael Sevakis
04:28:03[Saint]aha, right you are.
04:28:19*[Saint] fucking hates the gerrit interface and tries not to use it at all.
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04:33:57*jhMikeS 's main complaint is that it's too dependent on scripting
04:35:12jhMikeSthe nerve of making my browser do so much
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04:41:51[Saint]dat diff...
04:42:02[Saint]crushed into a single commit - its intimidating.
04:42:16jhMikeSbut I split it. :)
04:42:29jhMikeSthus the depends ons
04:42:48[Saint]I unsplit it.
04:42:51jhMikeSthe rest is really mutually dependent
04:43:29[Saint]if you wanted to know, based on current master, its an ~850kB diff. ;)
04:43:45jhMikeSit was bigger :D
04:44:02jhMikeSyeah, you're right, no patch worth a damn is < 1 MB
04:47:36[Saint]building now.
04:49:19 Quit ploco (Quit: Page closed)
04:51:42[Saint]jhMikeS: any specific tests you want done?
04:52:07[Saint]it builds, it boots, it plays audio, it file
04:53:07[Saint]also - congratulations on writing a giant fucking change set that doesn't conflict with _any_ of my local changes.
04:53:32[Saint]not even an offset fuzz.
04:53:45[Saint]its...its like you *knew*.
04:53:53jhMikeSany trouble navigating to anything you normally can?
04:54:05jhMikeSI'm just concerned about the app path handling
04:54:28jhMikeSthe SDL app was fine so I considered it a positive sign
04:54:31[Saint]nope - navigation seems fine.
04:54:37[Saint]paths are all correct.
04:54:56[Saint]are you interested in filesystem /performance/ at all?
04:55:16[Saint]is there an expected increase/decrease in IO?
04:55:58jhMikeSshould be no change on a hosted target since it just passes through to host functions
04:57:03jhMikeSon native it's a little worse with dircache speed (expected) but speeds the hell out certain other things that are more perceivable
04:58:05jhMikeSlike skipping videos in mpegplayer. the trunk churns like hell writing its config file and takes several seconds whereas you hardly notice it with the patch (small file accesses)
04:59:31jhMikeSwhat's most relevant to hosted targets is reorganizing the stuff into a heirarchy and implemented all the same reusable stuff between native and hosted targets
05:00:18jhMikeSit might help multivolume hosted targets far more since it doesn't use that path hashing crap
05:01:37jhMikeSand if fstatat is available on android it could speed up readdir to use that instead
05:03:40jhMikeSactually dir_get_info()
05:04:14jhMikeSI didn't convert that in -app, it's pretty trivial to do though if it's reliably available
05:05:18[Saint]bionic provides fstatat for Android iirc.
05:05:36[Saint]so, yes.
05:06:24jhMikeSah, you tested all those other targets too? excellent. thanks.
05:06:38[Saint]Not a problem my man.
05:06:54jhMikeSthere was a specific change that altered iPod6G so I guess that's alright or you'd have a dead drive now
05:08:01jhMikeSbut I already went through most of the partition killing early enough (it's not very forgiving I'll tell you if you mess up a little)
05:09:12jhMikeSsort of like the kernel, mess up one thing and it just freezes or does something very odd
05:11:18[Saint]ah - sorry, its not bionic.
05:11:44[Saint]its in libc/*/syscalls
05:12:23[Saint]anyhoo - yes, Android should have had an accessible fstatat since...possibly forever.
05:13:20[Saint]aha, yep. since donut.
05:13:56jhMikeSso that's 1.6?
05:14:47[Saint]cupcake likely had it too - but - sources.
05:15:00jhMikeSyour building with platform 5?
05:15:27[Saint]just perusing AOSP source.
05:16:26jhMikeSwell, platform 3 has it in the headers
05:17:01jhMikeSthat's as far back as the NDK goes that they have for download
05:20:51jhMikeSI guess there will be more tweakage afterwords. It'll still be WIP and I'll push when I have some hours to correct build problems if any come up.
05:21:47jhMikeSThough the odd variants seem to work fine, like SDL app, SDL threads, Win32, database and checkwps
05:24:02*jhMikeS isn't sure if dirp = opendir()/ fd = dirfd(dirp), or fd = open(dirname)=>fdopendir(fd) is the better before resoring to something more brutish
05:25:08jhMikeSmaybe doesn't matter for the platforms in question
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08:53:56[Saint]JdGordon_: at some point, could you give a description on the extremely non-obvious behavior of the Playlist Catalogue vs. playlists in general, so that I may:
08:54:01[Saint]A - answer
08:54:15[Saint]B - write up some documentation so I don't have to keep doing A
08:54:47[Saint]Specifically the question:
08:54:49[Saint]"Wouldn't it be more logical if all the playlists were visible in the playlist catalogue? "
08:57:03[Saint]I personally think that would be logical to0 - but I have to assume there's some reason its not the case.
08:57:04JdGordon_[Saint]: the playlist catalogue ideally sohuld show all playlists on the disk
08:57:12JdGordon_it was enviisoed to be a databse of them
08:57:16[Saint]right - but it doesn't.
08:57:25JdGordon_but that functionality is missing because i neever got the filesystem scanner done
08:57:30[Saint]and there's no obvious connect between where a playlist will end up.
08:57:49[Saint]what action(s) actually trigger a playlist ending up there?
08:58:03[Saint]I've managed it in the past.
08:58:18[Saint]But most playlists seem to go to their parent directory.
08:59:12JdGordon_saving the dynamic playlist iirc
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09:26:43[Saint]I figured it out, kinda:
09:27:03 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
09:27:04[Saint]Dynamic Playlist should always end up in the Playlist Catalogue.
09:27:22[Saint]And so should any playlist saved from the File Browser or WPS context menus.
09:27:30 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
09:27:45[Saint]Playlists saved from the *playlists* context menu, however, get dropped in /root
09:28:10[Saint]Curiously, there's two ways to do exactly the same thing.
09:28:40[Saint]Well...I guess that's not terribly curious at all.
09:28:48[Saint]Its almost become a Rockbox standard.
09:38:45JdGordon_all rockbox generated playlists should end up there
09:39:09[Saint]Define Rockbox generated.
09:39:21[Saint]If you create a playlist from the Playlists context menu, it goes to root.
09:39:37[Saint]The other two options, go to the catalogue.
09:39:48JdGordon_i mean, it should - if it doesnt it can be ocnsidered a bug
09:39:51[Saint]there appears to be no rhyme nor reason to this decision.
09:39:56[Saint]aha. right.
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10:54:25[Saint]If you chose to draw the list title in the wps, there's no way to replicate the list titles touch behavior (back one level).
10:55:28[Saint]I thought prev might act similarly in the lists, banking on rockbox's "left is always back one" behavior, but that didn't pan out.
10:55:53[Saint]there's no touch equivalent to 'back one" or "left".
10:56:34[Saint]...can some smart cookie make that happen?
10:57:14[Saint]Make. Kthanx. Bai.
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12:28:31copper[Saint]: FYI, I'm hosting daily builds again,43493.msg227914.html#msg227914
12:28:48copperthose URLs should work again
12:30:13copperbeen asked for them a couple times
12:30:43copperI was just too lazy to re-do the build environment
12:31:51copperalso, yay ccache
12:32:11copperweren't you supposed to modify my post?
13:08:19[Saint]JdGordon_: (logs) I know that now, especially, you'll have fuck all time - but regardless, here are some observations:
13:08:44[Saint]1 - skin variables aren't being reset when transitioning between screens
13:09:08[Saint]2 - transitioning between screens isn't triggering a redraw of the backdrop
13:10:32[Saint](If the overflow menu is left open when trasitioning between the wps and the playlist viewer, quickscreen, fm screen, even the main menu, there are artifacts left onscreen that can only be leftovers of the previous screen)
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13:50:42JdGordon_[Saint]: transkitiong between which screens?
13:51:31 Part ZincAlloy
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15:27:17Mendor|scrhello, whom should I ask for wiki editing permissions or just update a bit a single page?
15:28:30Mendor|scrI've written almost simple CLI script for scrobbling (Linux/OSX) and wish to share it with the main community
15:49:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 21e2b59, 253 builds, 32 clients.
15:57:19 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:59:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 643 seconds.
16:01:46jhMikeSfriggin' bootloaders!
16:07:03 Quit uwe__ (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
16:07:31gevaertsMendor|scr: what's your wiki name?
16:08:59 Join uwe_ [0] (
16:12:15 Join xorly [0] (
16:14:53Mendor|scrgevaerts: NiktiaK
16:15:00Mendor|scrNikitaK, sorry, typo
16:16:21gevaertsMendor|scr: did you see the "Use your real name as WikiName in the form FirstnameLastname. I.e., if your first name is ..." line on the registration page?
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16:17:23Mendor|scrso, shortening of surname is inappropriate?
16:19:35gevaertsIt is, yes. Project policy
16:20:07Mendor|scrwell, I've edited personal information, how can I change username?
16:20:51gevaertsI don't know if you can. It might be easiest just to register again
16:36:56 Join JdGordon [0] (
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18:47:07enderi see that my buildserver is disabled again. what's the reason this time?
18:52:11gevaertsender: I don't see it in the blocked list
18:52:22ender2014-08-28 16:52:32 Server message: Fatal build error: Permission denied. You have been temporarily disabled.
18:52:31gevaertsAh, right, the auto one
18:52:51gevaertsDoes building manually work?
18:53:06 Quit mortalis|2 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:53:10enderlet's see
18:54:22 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
18:56:21enderclip+ built fine, trying h120 now
18:58:07enderalso built fine
19:01:54 Nick uwe__ is now known as uwe_ (
19:02:24gevaertsIt's always a pain to figure out what exactly caused the error in such cases
19:02:37gevaertsTry catching Zagor, he can probably find out more
19:06:59bertrikI often get the "missing log file" error
19:08:19 Quit bcobco (Remote host closed the connection)
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