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#rockbox log for 2014-08-31

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02:34:25saratogaanyone looked at g#941?
02:34:29fs-bluebotGerrit review #941 at : Introducing Targets iBasso DX50 & iBasso DX90 by Simon Rothen
02:39:43[Franklin]if "looked" means glanced at, then yes :)
02:39:45[Franklin]otherwise, no
02:48:29saratogaputting it in the android folder seems a bit odd, but it looks like he only has to ifdef one file so not a huge deal
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05:29:24[Saint]Ms. [Saint] keeps managing to get Rockbox on Android into a really weird state where it will play exactly one track and then lock up hard, if the screen is off.
05:29:36[Saint]If the screen is awake, its fine.
05:30:01[Saint]Here's the weird shit: clearing the settings from inside Rockbox fixes it.
05:30:39[Saint]But there's no obvious difference between the config files of when it fails or succeeds.
05:40:22foolshHmm, some kind of file locking perhaps?
05:41:45[Saint]no idea. haven't been lucky enough to catch it _while it happens_ and watch it over adb.
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06:37:57Strife89[Saint]: That last bit sounds remarkably like my luck with catching whatever's causing my tablet to randomly reboot.
06:39:13Strife89I've suspected that it only happens when Android goes into deep sleep - and that that can't happen when it's telling adb stuff.
06:39:23Strife89I wonder if it's the same with the Rockbox issue.
06:41:58[Saint]If she's playing audio, she's not sleepin'.
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15:14:14*[Saint] giggles
15:14:54[Saint]Its actually pretty bloody easy to make swipe gestures work purely in skin-land.
15:15:42[Saint]Tremendously hackish.
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15:16:09[Saint]But...that's how I roll. It how I do.
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18:16:29[Franklin][Saint]: regarding the annoy-a-tron clone... will it EVER get merged?
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21:33:37saratogai saw on the mailing list someone was surprised that the e200v1 works with SDXC cards because he thinks it was meant to only work with cards up to 16GB
21:33:45saratogaactually, its official maximum is 2GB!
21:33:57saratogathough the driver should work up to 2 TB
21:34:43[Saint]people really don't understand the whole SD/HC/XC mess.
21:39:45copperthis is rated at "8 GB max" and doesn't read my FAT32 formatted 64 GB microsdxc card
21:39:55copperI wonder why?
21:40:14copperis it lacking something, or is it a totally arbitrary limitation?
21:40:33[Saint]likely the latter.
21:40:38copperbut why?
21:40:51[Saint]lack of foresight, probably.
21:40:54copperit's a "new" model
21:41:02copperit's not from 5 years old or anything
21:41:32[Saint]well, if it reads sd at all, it should "just work" with any capacity.
21:41:42[Saint]that's how it works, in a nutshell.
21:41:52[Saint]there's nothing special about the higher capacities at all.
21:42:00copperit doesn't even "see" my card
21:42:10copperit's from 2013
21:42:17[Saint]Odd. Its fucking something up it shouldn't be.
21:42:26[Saint]Hard to imagine it not being a hardcoded limit.
21:42:46[Saint]sd is sd is sd.
21:42:48coppermaybe it's to avoid canibalizing sales of higher end models
21:42:55[Saint]no idea.
21:43:02copper(that model is dirt cheap)
21:43:26[Saint]But...but...serious chit chat?
21:43:37[Saint](god its ugly...)
21:44:02copperIt doesn't look too different from a Blackberry
21:44:11copperand it's probably designed for teenage girls
21:44:14[Saint]Right. ie. hideous.
21:44:45[Saint]Its hard to imagine it being marketed at anyone sane.
21:44:57[Saint]considering the wealth of much better options.
21:45:01coppersuch as?
21:45:36[Saint]you could pick any number of the bajillion low-end Sammies that are infinitely better stacked on spec for a comparable price.
21:45:53[Saint](and run an OS people care about0
21:46:02copperSamsung smartphones?
21:46:39copper1) it's not a smartphone, which is a feature in itself
21:46:44copper2) it's got a physical keyboard
21:46:53copper3) it sells for €35 new
21:47:05[Saint]3 - it fucks up the sd standard in some amusing way
21:47:09copperremember phones that were just phones? :)
21:47:09[Saint]4 - just look at it.
21:47:18copperI think it looks good
21:47:32[Saint]enough said.
21:47:56copperit's dual sim, too
21:48:22copperso the girl can have both the SIM her parents gave her, plus the one her secret boyfriend gave her!
21:48:27Epakailooks fine to me, good burner
21:48:50[Saint]fuck paying that for a burner. I can pick up a burner for $6
21:49:09[Saint]w/ a sim.
21:49:23Epakaihaha, baited
21:49:27copperthat's the price of 2L of fresh milk, where you live
21:49:40copperso, hush
21:49:49gevaertsHave you people noticed the topiv here?
21:50:05Epakaiaren't we in #ubuntu?
21:50:14copperI thought this was ##slackware
21:50:24coppermy apologies
21:50:34*copper hides
21:50:37[Franklin]no, this is ##archlinux
21:50:47Mode"#rockbox +o gevaerts" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:50:57[Franklin]uh oh...
21:51:45*[Franklin] hides from the almighty gevaerts
21:52:06Mode"#rockbox +q [Franklin]!*@*" by gevaerts (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
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22:05:21Mode"#rockbox -q [Franklin]!*@*" by gevaerts (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
22:07:46[Franklin]woohoo I can talk
22:23:02AldemI always could
22:34:25 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:55:56saratogacan anyone edit the UserRegistration page? it gives me an access denied if I try to make the registration requirements a little more clear
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23:14:51jhMikeSsaratoga: you mean actually edit or just log on ready to edit?
23:20:04AldemCan Rockbox run on an old iPhone 3GS ?
23:20:43AldemWill get me some Sansa then
23:20:52[Saint] /could/. But, no one cares a fuck about iOS development.
23:23:49Mode"#rockbox -o gevaerts" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
23:26:05foolsh[Saint]: If developing for apple wasn't locked into to apple products though. I feel they shot themselves in the foot by not allowing people to develop for IOS on other platforms. Apple, It's so exclusive it excludes itself from the market. I love their hardware though, nice designs.
23:26:40[Franklin]great hardware... and they rely on homebrew to get the software :)
23:26:46[Saint]If one wants to develop on a Hackintosh, its very trivial to do so.
23:26:50[Saint]Anyhoo - topic.
23:28:26 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:30:59foolshRight, topic and they go off talking about rockblox over there for a good few minutes :-D
23:32:44[Saint]Its more patent litigation in general.
23:32:48[Saint]Also - shuuush. ;P
23:55:15saratogajhMikeS: i was going to edit the instructions but apparently i don't have permissions
23:55:33jhMikeSsaratoga: I could get to the edit page but I didn't try editing anything
23:56:45 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0/20140825202822])
23:57:07saratogai was going to change the description under 'Real Last Name" from "**" to "Full last name, a last initial will not be accepted"
23:57:35[Saint]that seems unneeded.
23:57:43[Saint]who's real last name is an initial?
23:57:51saratogawe have people not realize the last name thing is required from time to time
23:57:58saratogamight as well make it extra clear
23:58:17saratogaJdGordon_: did you want to look at the iBasso Android port?
23:58:41[Saint]I guess. But if you need to spell it out like that doesn't it somewhat defeat it being a valid proof of life?
23:58:47jhMikeSsaratoga: worked for me

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