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#rockbox log for 2014-09-01

00:00:05[Franklin]x calc
00:00:06jhMikeSthough maybe those parentheticals should be below the form field and not hanging off the end (kinda looks odd now)
00:00:10[Franklin]argh wrong window
00:00:43jhMikeSsaratoga: your account must be goofed
00:01:01saratogasounds like it
00:01:02jhMikeSsaratoga: only stuff I can't edit are others' personal pages
00:04:40saratogai don't understand what the problem is with the DX50 install process
00:04:50saratogaIIUC, you need CWM first, then you use it to flash rockbox
00:04:57saratogathat sounds ok to me unless i'm missing something
00:12:37[Saint]Who's claiming there's a problem?
00:12:49[Franklin][Saint]: saratoga
00:13:05saratogathe gerrit task mentions one
00:13:10[Saint]I...what? Just...shuush [Franklin]
00:13:12 Part ZincAlloy
00:13:23[Saint]Answer when you know the answer.
00:13:25[Saint]ie. rarely.
00:13:58*[Franklin] has just made a portable annoy-a-tron :)
00:14:04[Franklin]now to push it to gerrit...
00:14:21*[Franklin] can just imagine the reviews that would get
00:15:16[Saint]saratoga: as far as I see it, there's only one other option.
00:15:33[Saint]Figure out how they're singing and/or summing, and either break it, or duplicate it.
00:15:40[Saint]I'm fine with sidestepping that mess entirely.
00:17:56 Quit IgoRR2 (Quit: Leaving.)
00:18:28[Saint]saratoga: I think the issue is that the installation revolves around an edited firmware image
00:18:42amiconnHmm, who is responsible for gerrit administration?
00:19:00jhMikeSmaybe torne too
00:19:25*amiconn needs to reclaim his login, but cannot reproduce the old openid identifier
00:20:49[Saint]That "I told you so" was a looooooooooooooooooong time coming.
00:21:17jhMikeS[Saint]: what was the "so"?
00:21:32amiconnImo openid is a mess, but apparently gerrit doesn't support some classic form of login
00:21:49saratogagerrit is generally a mess
00:21:59[Saint]basically "its silly to be your own openid provider when a bajillion services can do it for you and you probably use them already"
00:22:08[Saint]that so.
00:22:19amiconnThe last part of your sentence does not apply
00:22:25[Saint]I recall having that discussion at length several years prior.
00:23:22amiconnAnyway, it seems to be possible to link identities - but linking a new one to an old one requires to be able to identify with both of them at least once
00:23:45amiconnAnd if the fqdn is gone, it's gone
00:23:50jhMikeSI only have any of those services because of an old DSL provider (Yahoo) and then because of the play store
00:24:26[Saint]The Googs own my entire life.
00:49:55[Franklin]Is there anything wrong with reviewing your own gerrit change? g939 for example
00:49:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #939 at : Add touchpad deadzone entry in Rockbox manual by Benjamin Brown
00:50:06[Franklin]ah fs-bluebot does that too :)
00:51:21 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
00:53:41saratogai can just commit that, looks fine to me
00:54:03[Franklin]it's not mine
00:54:03saratogaoh you mean the original deadzone patch?
00:54:18[Franklin]just want to know if its acceptable practice
00:54:29saratogai'm not sure
00:54:36saratogai guess it makes sense to say you've tested it
00:54:44[Franklin]but code-review?
00:55:21saratogaprobably that manual patch should have been merged with the main deadzone commit
00:55:33[Franklin]BTW, could someone look at some of my superdom patches? they're all dependent on each other, so if one's bad, they all don't work
00:55:47[Franklin]So I'd like some feedback earlier rather than later
00:56:11saratogajhMikeS: were you ok with that DSP patch?
00:56:28jhMikeSsaratoga: which?
00:56:42jhMikeSthe one that got closed?
00:56:42saratogathe perceptual bass enchamenent
00:56:52jhMikeSwas there a new one?
00:56:56saratoga its reopened
00:56:58saratoga g#922
00:57:01fs-bluebotGerrit review #922 at : two new DSPs by Chiwen Chang
00:57:06saratogai think the author misunderstood
00:57:09 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
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00:58:32[Saint]"feel free to change the "precut" to something more manful."
00:59:07[Saint]What's more manful than penises. Nuthin', I tell you what.
00:59:33jhMikeSprecut was mandated by God to Abraham
00:59:54 Quit [Franklin] (Remote host closed the connection)
01:00:03 Quit efyx_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
01:00:40jhMikeSsaratoga: it really shouldn't be reading dsp outside of specific messages
01:00:55jhMikeSit may be NULL
01:03:09*jhMikeS doesn't even see how the way DSP_SET_OUT_FREQUENCY is handled is in any way relevant to the purpose of the message
01:03:26 Quit Provel (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
01:03:52 Join Provel [0] (
01:05:08jhMikeSok, you have a million examples of what is to go on already in the trunk and then follow none of it and hell if I'm writing a manual
01:08:15jhMikeSI have to wonder about this if one cannot discern that you update the filter coefficients there because now there is a different samplerate
01:08:59[Saint]I think you're being unreasonably harsh.
01:09:13[Saint]Its a fucking minefield of non-obviousness and apparent contradictions.
01:09:24jhMikeSnot really
01:09:32[Saint]Picking out the canonical way is seldom easy.
01:09:52jhMikeSsome things are really just not simple or obvious and won't ever be because of the pipelining
01:10:06[Saint]Lets put it this way - there's a reason it only seems to be you and saratoga willing to touch these areas.
01:10:07jhMikeSnothing i can really do about it
01:10:29[Saint]and there's not a terrible amount of meanigful comments in the codebase.
01:10:41[Saint](and some directly conflicting ones)
01:10:55jhMikeS[Saint]: there never were yet I figured it out anyway
01:10:57saratogahaha i try not to touch the DSP!
01:11:16saratogajust explain to him whats wrong so he understands
01:11:40[Saint]hopefully in a fashion entirely unlike that above.
01:11:45 Join efyx_ [0] (
01:11:53jhMikeS[Saint]: it's really not going to be super simple and also work properly, sometimes the two are in contradiction
01:11:56[Saint]"its wrong, and if you don't know how to do it right, I can't help you"
01:12:31[Saint]One could argue that if you knowingly left the codebase uncommented, knowing full well its very non-obvious, it sets others up for failure.
01:12:48[Saint]If there's only a single human that knows it inside out...
01:13:00jhMikeS[Saint]: right now, I don't even. I explained what I can. I think it's a good thing. If you can't work this out, leave it along, you're probably not qualified...I don't care if that's harsh but it sort of keeps it sane for maintainers
01:13:47jhMikeS[Saint]: you never read linux code did you :)
01:13:53saratogathe point of code review is to help people understand how to write better code
01:14:20saratogai think most of the difficulty here is due to language barrier than anything
01:14:39[Saint]This poor guy seems to have been actively discouraged several times now.
01:14:49jhMikeSsaratoga: I think that's true, and so I'm at a loss of what to do except go, "ok, I'll help write the patch"
01:14:50[Saint]And, he's a bright cookie, really.
01:15:16saratogai don't really understand how this code works, but i guess describe to him how it should be implemented?
01:15:21jhMikeSI could correct that framework stuff, probably without a ton of time spent on it
01:15:49foolshAs for g#939 I may have given birth to that one but pamaury raised it, a good thing to, and I tried to include the manual addition with it but git wouldn't let me because I'm a nobody :-(
01:15:51fs-bluebotGerrit review #939 at : Add touchpad deadzone entry in Rockbox manual by Benjamin Brown
01:16:09saratogayou can comment on individual lines too on gerrit, so i would say something like "don't do this, see how XXXX does it instead"
01:16:22[Saint]Perhaps its just me, but, if I *know* something is non-obvious, and I know how it works, I'll comment the fuck out of it.
01:16:37[Saint]One of the reasons my themes are ~30% comment
01:16:48jhMikeS30%? lol
01:17:00[Saint]Its required.
01:17:22[Saint]There's a dozen ways to do the same thing and no clear path to the "right" way.
01:17:43[Saint]So I'll explain my decisions and workarounds and comment behaviour while I'm writing.
01:18:22jhMikeSI ain't saying there's one right way, but there are examples in the tone controls and eq and other of DSP_SET_OUT_FREQUENCY in fact updating filter coefficients
01:18:51[Saint]I'm sure there's examples of it being done "wrong" in the current codebase too.
01:18:57[Saint]In fact, I'd almost bet on it.
01:19:00jhMikeSthen I did it wrong
01:19:08jhMikeSeven though I wrote it all
01:19:23jhMikeS...the framework bit
01:20:25jhMikeSit needed to be modular because what was there was just hacking crap into one huge loop and it just didn't work especially with things like tdspeed
01:20:54[Saint]Next up: that fucking Database mess
01:21:12jhMikeSwhich one? the whole database.c?
01:21:25[Saint]If you tamed that unruly cunt, I'd wave your banner.
01:21:38*jhMikeS just giggling wondering what is being referred to
01:21:52jhMikeSI meant tagcache.c of course :p
01:21:58jhMikeShow about playlist.c?
01:22:20[Saint]That's not /quite/ as nightmarishly fiendish, IMO.
01:24:09jhMikeSI haven't learned the database code but I haven't really though too much about messing with it
01:25:11[Saint]Those who have learned it actively avoid it.
01:25:32[Saint]Its rather impressive how no one has touched it in so long, and it hasn't fallen over.
01:26:37jhMikeSIf I were adverse to that stuff, I'd never have touched anything
01:27:14[Saint]Which is why you're the perfect man for the job!
01:27:39jhMikeShaha...if I do preemptive threading, I will absolutely have to
01:27:46*[Saint] now expects to not see jhMikeS for 6~8 months and for him to return with a ~20k LOC Database re-write.
01:28:06jhMikeSonly 20K? Let go for 50K!
01:28:56jhMikeSactually, I'd have a hard time believing the playlist code can't be simpler and not lose a bit of functionality
01:29:07jhMikeSdatabase I don't know though
01:29:51[Saint]all I know is that when the saratogas and amiconns of the world avoid it like the plague - there's a problem
01:29:52jhMikeSbut basically, there is nothing I'll keep my hands off
01:30:50jhMikeSIt's just been a matter of relevance to whatever I'm working on and it hasn't been that relevant
01:32:39jhMikeSI have noticed that it deals with memory largely in a pre-buflib way, much like dircache did
01:34:44 Join sanguinefurbelow [0] (
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01:35:10 Quit derf (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
01:35:50jhMikeS[Saint]: there was also, something with updating which really makes it slower than just rebuilding it. is that still the case?
01:36:14[Saint]In my experience, it /can/ be.
01:36:20[Saint]But its not an absolute.
01:37:04 Join derf [0] (
01:37:10 Join silverpuff [0] (
01:37:20jhMikeSone thing: are the various index file just a different sorting of the actual data, for each way of categorizing it?
01:39:45jhMikeS[Saint]: you're just hoping I'll get fixated on it and do something :)
01:40:35jhMikeS[Saint]: though I would like to know ahead of time (while I ponder) just what particular concerns there are
01:41:17[Saint]One issue seems to be that it is agonizingly slow, when compared with what its actually doing.
01:41:41[Saint]rebuilds/updates can often nuke the entire database as well.
01:42:09[Saint]You may have negated this somewhat with your filesystem re-work, though.
01:42:10jhMikeSI would expect a rebuild to do so
01:42:30jhMikeSit's pretty much a do-over
01:42:34[Saint]by "nuke" I mean "irreparably fuck up"
01:43:54jhMikeSsmall read/write can be alot faster now, sure which might play into that
01:45:55 Quit silverpuff (Remote host closed the connection)
01:48:09jhMikeSlseek also doesn't do any I/O now, it just sets the file pointer
01:49:41 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
01:51:01jhMikeSthe FS code is still WIP though. I didn't do everything yet (in commit message).
01:52:30[Saint]If its still WIP, wouldn't the best course of action been to branch it and push out test builds before it hit head?
01:52:38[Saint]...just sayin'. But late for that now.
01:54:40jhMikeSit didn't really kill any essential functionality, just disabled some dircache dependant code
01:56:00jhMikeSit feels better having that behind and just polishing up rather than holding onto a huge turd
01:57:16jhMikeSand yeah, that's a good description of the sensation of that sort of thig
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02:04:40jhMikeS[Saint]: alot that dependent code assumes the total completeness or total unavailability of dircache but now the cache is usuable in any degree of completeness
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02:07:45jhMikeShrm, maybe I should start a simple DSP module SDK primer or whatever, ugh....documentation
02:07:45 Nick alucryd- is now known as alucryd (~alucryd@archlinux/trusteduser/alucryd)
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02:07:51jhMikeSriding freenode...
02:09:07 Join Jack87 [0] (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)
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02:19:43saratoga[7]: I noticed some of the modified builds for the 6G floating around lower the CPU voltage quite a lot
02:20:01saratogaif you can safely lower it so much, might be worth lowering it a little in rockbox as well
02:21:30[Saint]The issue is some devices _reaaaaaaally_ hate it.
02:21:38[Saint]And the gains aren't particularly worthwhile.
02:21:40saratogayeah but it lowers it a huge amount
02:21:59[Saint]right - it doesn't translate particularly well to real world savings, though.
02:22:07saratogaare there tests somewhere?
02:22:16saratogai would expect a fairly large difference for such a large change in voltage
02:23:16jhMikeS[Saint]: if you try running the SoC outside its intended voltage range, you're gonna have a bad time...sometimes :)
02:23:36[Saint]I haven't done a bench run in a long while, but for me it translated to less than an hour in runtime.
02:23:36saratogado we even know what the intended voltage range is?
02:23:48saratogadid you post the results?
02:24:09[Saint]They're likely in the IRC logs somewhere.
02:25:11foolshIs there a way to grep the IRC logs?
02:25:14jhMikeSsaratoga: I'll bet is not much wider than retailos would set it
02:26:01[Saint]I'm willing to do some more bench runs.
02:26:15[Saint]It would be good to have up-to-date benches for this target anyhow.
02:26:47[Saint]I think the real issue here is that some of the hardware is *really* intolerant to undervolting.
02:27:23[Saint]Some guys units flatly refused to boot, or corrupted their data, if I recall correctly.
02:27:36[Saint]whereas others were fine.
02:29:22saratogai guess its probably because the CPU rarely boosts, so the decrease at max voltage matters very little
02:29:27saratogaand the difference at the low end is smaller
02:30:03saratogalooks like the original changes did make a large difference
02:30:30[Saint]The only reason the CPU boosts is UI interaction (complete bullshit, legacy from PP ipods), and decoding.
02:30:44[Saint]Oh - and a few plugins that also boost for bullshit legacy reasons.
02:32:33saratogai hate how stupid git is about branches
02:32:59saratogajust let me drop changes without googling for 10 minutes to figure out how to change branches with a white space change
02:34:10[Saint]git co branch
02:34:36[Saint]just remember clone for checking out repos you don't have, and checkout for switching between branches of repos you do have.
02:37:25jhMikeSsaratoga: iirc git was written specifically to be stupid
02:49:17saratogalatest 6g build with ata patch ( g#897) in case anyone wants to test it:
02:49:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #897 at : iPod Classic: Fix several ATA driver bugs. by Michael Sparmann
02:50:55jhMikeSdoes that need updating to apply?
02:51:21saratogano it applied for me I believe
02:52:01saratogait changes how the disk is powered on and off, but nothing higher level, so your patch probably has no impact on it
02:52:33jhMikeSthe small addition could've throwm the patching off, I just wondered
02:52:52saratogaactually i forgot to do a pull today
02:52:57saratogaso its probably from before your patch
02:54:27saratogaand trying to rebase fails with some incomprehensible message about branches
02:54:31saratogai hate git so much
02:54:46jhMikeSwhy does 6g need its own full ata implementation?
02:55:37jhMikeSis it using a HD? I really know little about it
02:55:51saratogayeah the 6g is the last HD ipod
02:55:55[Saint]It is.
02:56:09[Saint]I suspect you're looking at the CE-ATA implementation?
02:57:02 Quit yosafbridge (Remote host closed the connection)
02:57:23jhMikeSah, different standard
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05:02:19ikeboyThis new fat code produces a looping bug for certain folder names on the microsd card on fuze+ (all I tested, at least). If there's a top-lever folder called .a, entering it on device looks like a copy of the card, like a symlink.
05:03:16ikeboyI had a folder like that to keep a backup .cfg file that's easy to reach alphabetically in case I messed up the settings
05:03:41ikeboyI renamed it to ..a, but someone should figure out why it does that.
05:07:35[Saint]Odd. I can't repro.
05:13:18 Quit [7] (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
05:14:02 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
05:31:19jhMikeSjust that target?
05:31:34ikeboyI haven't tested any
05:32:27ikeboyI went back and forth between a version from a week ago while renaming the folder, so it's definitely the rockbox version that did something
05:33:02jhMikeShmmm...maybe I goofed some later changes and it thinks it's "." for some reason
05:34:16ikeboyI also noticed that it's been renamed from MMC1 to microsd1
05:34:43ikeboyI was expecting that to mess with my shortcuts and saved bookmarks, but I was pleasantly surprised
05:35:01jhMikeSif it says it has a microsd, it will show up as microsd
05:35:06[Saint]it'll just strip the path until it finds a hit.
05:35:08jhMikeSthe letters are ignored anyway
05:35:34jhMikeS[Saint]: the parsing changed so it only cares about the number
05:36:04jhMikeS /<WhateverYouLikeBlahBlah1> is just the same
05:36:25[Saint]That seems failure prone.
05:36:36[Saint]I must be missing something.
05:36:41jhMikeSit's pretty much what was going on anyway
05:36:56[Saint]So it'll think any toplevel directory with a number is removable storage?
05:37:23jhMikeS /<blahblah0> is still volume 0
05:37:35jhMikeSonly "/" is really the root level
05:38:12jhMikeS"/" != "/<0>"
05:38:29jhMikeSonly "/" enumerates volumes
05:39:12*jhMikeS gets on this ".a" thing right away
05:40:34[Saint]Hmmmm. I can't manage to repro this on any hosted targets.
05:40:45[Saint]likely "hosted" is the key there.
05:42:51jhMikeSoops, found the goof
05:43:00jhMikeSthe code responsible is only native
05:43:33jhMikeSwalk_path() in file_internal.c, did a break; without checking if it was a NULL
05:44:49[Saint]Blame ikeboy.
05:44:56[Saint]He found it. Must be his fault.
05:45:16jhMikeSlol, what?
05:45:25jhMikeSok, it's his fault! :)
05:45:36ikeboyI specialize in weird use cases that break completely normal code!
05:45:37jhMikeSeasier way to fix bugs
05:45:59jhMikeSit's not really a weird use case, it was just wrong when I changed some code late on
05:46:33ikeboyDoes that bug also break anything with "normal" names/
05:47:21jhMikeSwell, anything starting with "." that isn't "..", it's treating like "."
05:48:00jhMikeSthere should be a check before it thinks it's "." only
05:48:49jhMikeSbut, I rushed a bit and never looked back and that's what I get :) should have that fixed up in a few minutes; just wanna check
05:49:13ikeboyWell, I can get into .rockbox just fine, is that a special code or something?
05:50:00jhMikeSit's not length 1 or 2, that's all
06:06:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 802e011, 253 builds, 31 clients.
06:09:17 Nick Kohlio is now known as Kohlrabi (
06:15:31 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
06:16:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 584 seconds.
06:17:14charlieis there a way to speed up rockbox boot? specifically on e200 models
06:17:30charlielike stripping out showing the rockbox logo
06:17:39charlieand making the e200 bootloader skip checking for the original firmware
06:17:44jhMikeSwhich e200 models
06:18:57charlienon rhapsody
06:19:08charliei’m decent at coding
06:19:11*[Saint] honestly can't imagine boot time being an issue
06:19:15charlieif anyone knows where i could start looking
06:19:33charliei haven’t done much with rockbox in a while and a lot has changed :P
06:19:45jhMikeSnot resetting the LCD in the firmware would get you a good fraction of a second
06:19:51charlie$ find -iname '*e200*'
06:19:53charliegood start...
06:19:53[Saint]There's nothing I can think of that would make any worthwhile difference.
06:20:03[Saint]we'd be talking tenths of a second.
06:20:03charlieoh, also
06:20:10charliehow good is power management?
06:20:14charliei’d like to leave my device on all the time
06:20:18jhMikeS*whew* those sim error have nothing to do with my changes, looks like the client choked
06:20:18charliemaybe in some kind of sleep state
06:20:27 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
06:21:24*jhMikeS looks at ares-obo
06:21:24charliei’d like to use it as a handheld version of this
06:21:30charliea tape recorder
06:21:42charlieand constantly turning it on / off
06:21:46charlieis clunky
06:22:17jhMikeSikeboy: the problem you pointed out should be fixed now should also still be showing MMCx
06:34:31jhMikeSwhich thing is which? is the internal MMC and the removeable SD?
06:35:03jhMikeSfor fuze+
06:47:51 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
06:49:57saratogacharlie: which e260?
06:54:08charliesaratoga ~ what do you mean? SanDisk Sansa e260 4 GB
06:54:15[Saint]not the R variant.
06:54:26saratogav1 or v2?
06:55:18saratogai think both can be made to boot in a second or two, although i'm not sure about v2, been forever since i used one
06:55:30charliei think v1
06:55:34charlieit’s really old
06:56:01JdGordonsaratoga: whats the iBasso android port?
06:56:14saratogaJdGordon: DX50/90
06:56:23charlieit’s definitely a v1
06:56:24saratogabasically 2 devices that run android but without the java layer
06:56:31saratogacharlie: see this task then: if you do have the v1, you can see this task:
06:56:39saratogadidn't mean to say that twice
06:56:51charlieit’s been so long since i’ve done anything with rockbox lol
06:56:56charliei forgot all about the v1/v2
06:57:00charliefor this model
06:57:26saratogai think that gets boot down to about 2 seconds
06:57:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:57:48saratogavs maybe 4-5 otherwise
06:59:18*[Saint] apologises
06:59:24[Saint]I had no idea that task existed.
06:59:39[Saint]kinda similar to the iPod's OSOS boot.
07:02:03jhMikeSA good chunk of the boot time is the dark screen then the silly sandisk splash
07:02:44charliei was wondering if there was a way to modify that as well
07:02:54charliei remember using a tool to edit the images
07:04:18charliei don’t remember the name of the program
07:04:53saratogaif you follow those directions, you won't see the sandisk splash, the rockbox one for maybe 500 ms
07:07:30saratogaJdGordon: sorry g#941
07:07:33fs-bluebotGerrit review #941 at : Introducing Targets iBasso DX50 & iBasso DX90 by Simon Rothen
07:07:49 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
07:09:29JdGordonsaratoga: better if kugel or [Saint] review
07:09:36JdGordonor ploco
07:10:40saratogai looked quickly and it seemed mostly ok
07:10:52[Saint]It seems a bit weird to me to associate it with the Android port.
07:10:59[Saint]As its essentially not Android.
07:11:04saratogayes there is that
07:11:07[Saint]But there's not a lot connecting the two.
07:11:12saratogaalthough the ifdef required is fairly low
07:11:17*[Saint] nods
07:11:23saratogai'm not sure how hard it would be to make it another catagory of port
07:11:27saratogai think it does share some code with android
07:11:32[Saint]where else would it go?
07:11:38[Saint] /platform/hosted?
07:11:40saratogageneric hosted I guess
07:11:53saratogaprobably have to reach into the android folder anyway though
07:12:25jhMikeSno java == better :)
07:12:46[Saint]I have no idea why they used Android for the OF.
07:12:54saratogaits funny how android has become the new uclinux
07:12:59[Saint]Android sans Java/Dalvik is just...bastard Linux.
07:13:07JdGordonwhat is it? andoird kernel without userland?
07:13:20jhMikeSno userland?
07:13:23saratogathey probably had a SOC that only had android drivers
07:13:23JdGordoneasier base kernel to deal with?
07:13:44saratogaso they took the android port, removed the java, and wrote a basic music player UI
07:13:59jhMikeSso it's a bare kernel in supervisor mode all the time?
07:14:25saratogai don't know about that, but only the linux bits of android are there
07:14:37saratogamaybe they have some other user mode stuff to replace it
07:14:52saratogai never looked into it
07:37:41 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
07:59:10 Quit amiconn_ (Remote host closed the connection)
07:59:11 Quit pixelma (Remote host closed the connection)
08:02:00 Join pixelma [0] (pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
08:02:01 Join amiconn [0] (amiconn@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
08:06:51 Join LinusN [0] (
08:16:53 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
08:18:44 Join mortalis [0] (~kvirc@
08:49:13JdGordonjhMikeS: I think I asked before, but seen as you've commited the FS chages, how difficult is it now to add callbacks into whatever does the filesystem scanning for dircache?
08:50:58jhMikeSI don't know. You mean have dircache call callbacks?
08:52:11JdGordonor is it just better to walk the filesystem like the databse does and call callbacks from that - that will go through dircache always now right?
08:53:05jhMikeSdircache stops when it fills, limits the scan depth and the thread doesn't stick around so it's not at all suitable for general scanning
08:53:46jhMikeSit's also not depth first
08:57:23jhMikeSalot of things explode with deep folder levels though (as I discovered)
08:57:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:58:08jhMikeS1) make directories really deep (like 30 levels) 2) go to the menu directly 3) select "Files" => kaboom
08:58:22jhMikeSplaylist will just blow up too because it blows the stack top
08:58:31JdGordonnoice :)
09:02:06[Saint]jhMikeS: does that also bork the same way with a not-so-deep directory structure, and _very_ long filenames?
09:02:17[Saint]I believe I have seen such behavior.
09:02:47 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@
09:02:47 Quit Zagor (Changing host)
09:02:47 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:05:53jhMikeS[Saint]: I don't know. I checked depth with like /a/b/c/d/e/... sine that was my concern at the time. A path like that isn't actually long in chars though.
09:06:38[Saint]I had some problems with Android's long paths and lengthy filenames.
09:07:12[Saint]I "fixed" it by scanning /sdcard/Music instead of /storage/emulated/sdcard0/Music
09:07:22JdGordonoh, whats the story with master and android?
09:07:24JdGordonstill crashing?
09:07:31[Saint]seems the extra path length was enough to push it over the edge.
09:07:34jhMikeSI am astounded at the sheer amount if strlcpy truncation that can happen without any checks, which could identify the wrong entity
09:07:41[Saint]JdGordon: fine for Dalvik.
09:07:57 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
09:08:13[Saint]ART still needs a patch sitting in gerrit I should really split up as its a clusterfuck of unrelated changes.
09:08:23jhMikeSthe app file code was hit or miss and might've done weird things. I made it check for truncations and fail if it did truncate.
09:08:51[Saint]But, if people don't care about that (they're unrelated, but related insofar as they're mostly all necessary to fix ART), push away.
09:09:02jhMikeSthere were checks at one level but then nothing checked for a null pointer
09:09:55jhMikeSwhile could very well have caused the problem
09:10:16JdGordon[Saint]: was anyhing fixed? was there an actual problem? when i tested it was with dalvik
09:10:35[Saint]Yes, there was a problem, and yes, it was fixed.
09:10:48[Saint]jhMikeS didn't /break/ anything specifically.
09:11:00[Saint]He merely uncovered the fact that it was a miracle it ever worked to begin with.
09:11:54jhMikeSI am astounded that I can browser 30 or more levels deep but I can't return to that depth directly from the menu without a data abort
09:13:58jhMikeSIt would work so long as nothing got truncated, otherwise that internal function would return null yet the result would still get used :)
09:15:49jhMikeSI guess that's only for HAVE_SPECIAL_DIRS though
09:17:55jhMikeSI can't say it fixed anything for android in that regard for app file code. may it was another change if something actually works now
09:23:59jhMikeSoh, shit I read that backward, it would affect android
09:24:31[Saint]Is there some artificial path length?
09:24:48jhMikeSMAX_PATH for the temp buffers
09:24:51[Saint]I "fixed" my Database issues by trimming ~30 chars off the path
09:25:41jhMikeS_get_user_file_path prepends "/sdcard/rockbox" so that could make it go over
09:34:58jhMikeSthe calls should fail with errno = ENAMETOOLONG and then it's up to whoever called it to do the right thing
09:38:54 Join goom [0] (
09:46:05 Join xorly [0] (
09:47:55 Join petur [0] (5bb7304d@rockbox/developer/petur)
10:02:17 Join einhirn [0] (
10:45:38 Quit zoktar (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
10:53:46 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
10:53:53 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
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11:11:30 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
11:11:31 Quit zoktar (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
11:16:57 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
11:19:20 Quit mikroflops (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
11:22:52 Join mikroflops [0] (~yogurt@
11:38:24TheSevensaratoga: we once did lower it in rockbox, with random crashes being the result. likely not so much due to the actual voltage, but due to dynamic voltage scaling (ramp up/down times, i2c communication in the handler, etc.)
11:39:11TheSevenI think we're also lowering it a bit - to the minimum that turned out to be safe on all devices for maximum freq - just not lowering it even further when clocking down
11:40:01TheSevensaratoga: do you have numbers on which voltages those unofficial builds use?
11:40:12[Saint]I recall the period when pissing around with this caused a clusterfuck of devices that functioned and devices that didn't.
11:40:19[Saint]With seemingly zero connection.
11:40:19TheSevensaratoga: also, I have testing builds for the classic myself, which also integrate the USB patches etc.
11:42:18[Saint]TheSeven: all we know about those builds is,48503.msg229461.html#msg229461
11:42:22TheSeven[Saint]: we should maybe just make this configurable in the menu, with safe defaults, and only applying the settings after checking whether a button is pressed during boot etc.
11:44:09[Saint]Hilariously, even the builds that claim to have no patches are all M builds.
11:44:10TheSevenwho is this "castor munoz" guy btw?
11:44:10 Quit goom (Quit: Leaving)
11:44:11 Join foolsh [0] (
11:44:18TheSevenhe seems to have some inside knowledge about this SoC
11:44:33TheSevenadding some comments to some code that are either purely guesswork or based on datasheets that we don't have
11:45:23[Saint]He goes by prof_wolfff
11:45:32[Saint]and, I'm putting money on guesswork.
11:46:17TheSevenever seen him on IRC?
11:46:19[Saint]Simply because not sharing datasheets if he had any would be a dick move.
11:46:26[Saint]Occasionally, yes.
11:46:29[Saint]But not for a while.
11:46:31TheSevennot sharing patches is a dick move as well
11:47:11TheSeven"I am HIGHLY interested in this patch: ipod6g-powermgmt.patch.20140326 beacuse it deals with hard drive activity. Author claims that this patch lower disk activity!" - aha
11:47:12[Saint]But, that's Head-Fi for you.
11:47:13TheSevenlet me guess
11:47:18TheSevenlower spindown time, nothing else? :P
11:47:37[Saint]Lower than...3 seconds? Awesome.
11:47:48TheSevenI see no other way...
11:47:50[Saint]That wouldn't be detrimental at _all_...nope nope nope.
11:49:52[Saint]"but some two years ago Castor Munoz wrote a patch for this port which introduced frequency scaling. Before then, a Rockboxed Classic had a battery life of only 5 to 6 hours. "
11:50:02[Saint]Wasn't that *you*, TheSeven?
11:50:25[Saint]And, regrettably, no.
11:50:48TheSevenyeah I remember him just enabling stuff that we hadn't enabled for a reason ;)
11:50:49*[Saint] just realized he answered in the wrong channel
11:52:18*[Saint] can't understand some of the posts in that thread
11:52:36[Saint]Why the flying fuck would the fallback image work on OSX but the installed binary not?
11:52:41[Saint]TheSeven: ^?
11:52:51[Saint](if the reports there are to be believed)
11:53:05[Saint]P/VID is the same.
11:54:25*[Saint] finds himself heavily quoted in a thread he's never visited
11:54:33[Saint]odd odd world.
11:55:51[Saint]"Thanks a lot.
11:55:51[Saint]It works great after I changed the VID/PID.
11:55:51[Saint]I don't need to switch to fallback image to transfer files now."
11:56:02[Saint]I...what? WHY would that work? o_o
11:56:07[Saint]It shouldn't.
11:58:36[Saint]TheSeven: if you have any insight on the aboce craziness, I'd love to hear it
11:59:18TheSevenbecause the installed binary (of those hacked builds) might be different?
11:59:27TheSevenbecause the FS might have been set up differently in the meantime?
11:59:39TheSevenif it's the same code and same FS, there's just no way
12:15:51 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:33:21 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:44:21 Quit alexbobp (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:53:36 Join alexbobp [0] (
12:56:46 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
12:57:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:17:02[Saint]TheSeven: something makes me doubt anyone other than you is building emCORE.
13:17:41 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
13:20:34 Part ZincAlloy
13:22:01TheSevenwell, a few people, but I don't think those released unofficial builds
13:22:17TheSevenand yes, it's unlikely that anyone got that crazy toolchain set up without help
13:22:49TheSevenso yes, they're likely shipping our fallback image
13:24:26 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
13:34:05copperwhat are you guys talking about?
13:43:48[Saint]Apparently, the embedded fallback from r867 emCORE can mount on OSX
13:44:03[Saint] Fuck knows. It seems impossible.
13:44:32*TheSeven suggests that the main build won't behave any different ;)
13:44:44[Saint]Do you have a legit Mac, copper? Could you confirm or deny this?
13:45:12[Saint]TheSeven: oh, certainly. That's just the version referenced in the thread.
13:45:17copperbut I did link to user890104's build that includes the USB ID patch
13:45:20[Saint]So, consistency.
13:45:21copperin the fallback image
13:45:31copperhold on
13:45:39TheSeven[Saint]: no, I meant "main" vs. fallback in that version, unlike other versions
13:46:14TheSevendid we ever get around to asking openmoko for a bunch of legit USB IDs?
13:46:28[Saint]...and a release?
13:47:05TheSeventhese IDs are like 3 cents a pop, but you can only buy them 65k at a time :P
13:47:13TheSevenand openmoko has such a chunk
13:47:17[Saint]Sorry. That was a bit terse and overly cuntish even for me.
13:47:25[Saint]I didn't mean to be so snarky.
13:50:10gevaertsTheSeven: no, we forgot about that
13:50:16gevaertsFeel free to contact them :)
13:50:21 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:50:27[Saint]The crap thing is that now would be a pretty bad time for a release
13:50:54[Saint]So soon after that huge filesystem shuffle around.
13:50:56copperisn't it always?
13:51:35[Saint]Someone with a clue needs to carve out HWcodec.
13:57:12copperRockbox is slowly becoming rolling-release software :P
14:17:39pamauryoops, wrong channel ^^
14:45:53user890104[14:17:04] <[Saint]> TheSeven: something makes me doubt anyone other than you is building emCORE. <<
14:46:17TheSevenuser890104: but not with patched USB IDs I guesS?
14:46:19user890104and the usb ids build is not mine i think, i just mirrored it
14:46:36copperI built it for you
14:46:59user890104also, i have a macbook running os x 10.9, if anyone wants something tested
14:47:09copperI gave you a patched build of Rockbox 2012, which you incorporated into the emcore installer
14:47:17user890104ah, i see
14:47:51user890104i haven't paid attention to the usb ids in the fallback image of the installers
14:48:34copperuh? you're the one who asked for it :P
14:48:57user890104but i don't know if it's actually in the builds or not
14:49:08copper11:46:12 UTC <copper>
14:49:11copperit's in that one
14:49:15user890104i just use some rockbox binary that's sitting in my folder
14:49:21user890104it could be this one, or not
14:49:44user890104i'll check this now
14:52:20user890104copper: my builds include TheSeven's rockbox binary (the one with the new usb driver + some patches)
14:53:05user890104the url you posted is just a mirror of your build, so we can direct os x users there if they need it
14:53:27coppera mirror of what?
14:53:31copperI don't host it
14:53:36copperthat's the only copy I know of
14:53:45copperthe .ubi file, I mean
14:54:05copperah, I used to host it
14:54:27user890104exactly :) that's where i got it from
14:54:43copperI didn't produce that file
14:55:03copperyou did
14:55:23copperI sent you the rockbox.ipod file, and you produced that build
14:55:45user890104ah, i see
14:55:55coppermy copy is still online, just not linked to
14:56:13user890104so i just integrated it in the current version of the installer
14:56:25user890104makes sense
14:57:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:04:19copperpermalink to the latest iPod Classic Rockbox build with the USB ID patch:
15:04:26copperpermalink to the patch:
15:05:15copperthe patch is continuously updated against the source from HEAD
15:31:33 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
15:39:13 Quit galledallegator (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:48:35 Quit pystar89 (*.net *.split)
15:48:36 Quit Elfish (*.net *.split)
15:48:42 Join Elfish [0] (amba@2001:1608:12:1:13:3:3:7)
16:02:46pamauryTheSeven: has there been any progress in exploits for the recent iPod nano ?
16:03:00TheSevenI'm not aware of even any attempts
16:03:14TheSevenI guess some of the more recent iphone exploits might work there as well, but nobody seems to care
16:03:16copperare you aware of odd attempts?
16:29:11 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:34:01 Join dys [0] (~user@2a01:1e8:e100:8296:21a:4dff:fe4e:273a)
16:34:06 Part LinusN
16:34:28 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
16:35:53 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
16:44:03 Join Strife89 [0] (
16:46:55 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
16:47:35 Join RiD [0] (
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16:59:36 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
17:01:01 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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17:29:57 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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17:33:55 Join ender^ [0] (krneki@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
17:41:05 Quit mortalis (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:46:38 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
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17:53:49 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:54:08 Join kuldeepdhaka_ [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
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18:21:51 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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18:39:27 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
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19:04:53 Quit xorly (Quit: I quit, that is all)
19:28:40 Join krabador [0] (
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19:28:41 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
19:29:45 Join ender` [0] (
19:29:57 Join Molverin00 [0] (c51d4cc2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:33:13Molverin00i want to ask unbricking Sansa Clip+ procedure
19:34:53Molverin00my Sansa clip+ cannot be formatted by Windows or linux
19:37:16Molverin00the internal memory is "read-only" even if i remove any file or change any settings, after rebooting the device, it will reset
19:38:13Molverin00any help please
19:40:07gevaertsMolverin00: so everything still works, except writing?
19:41:08gevaertsIf so, I'd suspect the flash going bad, which would mean there isn't much you can do about it. I'm not an expert though
19:41:17Molverin00yes but some settings when i access them the device crashs
19:42:27Molverin00and i can't access to the original firmware
19:42:45 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
19:43:32Molverin00any changes the unbricking procedure will works?
19:44:27Molverin00i mean the one with shorting the pins...
19:44:30gevaertsI very much doubt ir
19:45:33 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
19:46:47Molverin00is there a solution?
19:47:32gevaertsIf I'm right and it is the flash, no
19:48:10Molverin00how can i do it?
19:49:03gevaertsDo what?
19:49:45Molverin00the flash
19:49:47gevaertsOn the sansas, the internal storage is really an SD card without the usual packaging. If that goes bad, nothing you do on the main CPU is going to make a difference
19:50:33gevaertsWhen I say "the flash is bad", I don't mean "something went wrong with flashing"
19:50:44Molverin00ah ok
19:51:32Molverin00flash you mean the internal memory
19:52:04 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
19:52:09 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:53:42Molverin00is there to make the external sd card the main storage memory for rockbox?
19:54:01Molverin00is there a way to make the external sd card the main storage memory for rockbox?
19:54:20 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:55:20gevaertsThat would involve installing a new bootloader, which involves being able to write to the device
19:56:49Molverin00yes you're right
19:57:58Molverin00is there a way replace the internal memory?
19:58:08Molverin00i mean in home^^
19:59:05Molverin00chipset from a flash drive or something
19:59:59 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
20:00:22gevaertsI think it's the chip on the lower left on
20:00:44gevaertsI wouldn't try it myself, but... :)
20:02:11Molverin00i have soldering tools "curiosity problems" ;) ... but i am no electronics expert
20:02:52TheSevenalso depends on whether the SD controller for it requires any special data to already be present on the flash / with which flash models it's compatible at all
20:03:12Molverin00yes it looks like the ones in a flash drive, the other one is the cpu i think
20:04:00Molverin00ah i didn't think about that
20:06:26Molverin00ok thank you so much gevaerts and TheSeven
20:07:52Molverin00when i buy a new mp3 player, i will try replacing the flash memory ;)
20:09:14gevaertsGood luck! :)
20:10:16 Join lebellium [0] (
20:10:19 Quit benedikt93 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
20:10:34Molverin00thanks and have a nice day^^
20:13:11 Quit Molverin00 (Quit: Page closed)
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22:23:06 Join [Franklin] [0] (
22:23:16[Franklin]foolsh, g#946! :D
22:23:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #946 at : InfoNES - FS #2911 - NES Emulator for Color Targets (WIP) by Benjamin Brown
22:23:32[Franklin]keymaps could use PLA
22:25:21[Franklin]and the tabs are a bit nasty
22:25:37[Franklin](use 4 spaces instead)
22:27:15foolshOf course, feel free
22:29:00[Franklin]But how do I edit your patch set?
22:29:27[Franklin]What have you tested it on?
22:29:40foolshSansa e200 and fuze plus
22:30:01[Franklin]ok, I'll try ipod6g when it's done building
22:31:38foolshgood question, can some help? I ran into the same problem trying to add the manual entry to #677 because pamaury is the author now. So how does one edit another's gerrit code
22:32:19[Franklin]or just start a new patch set?
22:32:26[Franklin]but then you couldn't edit it
22:33:38[Franklin]wow... stunning
22:33:47[Franklin]but like you said, keymaps are bad
22:34:16foolshIt really depends on the physical layout of the player
22:34:32[Franklin]yeah, so I'll PLA-fy it
22:35:07foolshYou do now, I didn't write it right. Anything you find wrong is totally not me. ;-)
22:38:09[Franklin]So what did you do to the patch?
22:40:34foolshMoved COPYING to LICENSE for clarity, added a (,NULL) to the wave_out function and somewhere else too, and added fuze+ keymappings and two #endif s
22:41:45foolshnot much really, just what ever stopped it from compiling
22:41:47[Franklin]soo... I'll try to pla-fy it
22:43:08foolshDoes PLA support enough buttons? It's been forever since I messed with it.
22:44:00[Franklin]I don't think so... :(
22:44:13[Franklin]Missing 1
22:44:29foolshRight, I thought it might be so
22:46:16foolshSo question to anyone in the know, Can we collaborate via gerrit, there seems to be an issue where gerrit rejects a patch because when you are not the original author. Is this client side or server side?
22:47:30gevaertsI believe it's set up like that for non-committers
22:48:24gevaertsI don't know if that's just more or less an arbitrary choice or if there's an actual reasoning behind it
22:48:49[Franklin]We could use PLA_EXIT for B and PLA_CANCEL for exit
22:54:06 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
22:55:55foolshI'm more apt to just uses key mappings, since the layout on the player is what should under consideration. I button in a funky place will make it unplayable, when you talking about playable on a DAP
22:56:09foolshshould be under consideration*
22:56:41foolshHang on I'll host it somewhere else
22:57:11foolshOr we could revert to diff and patch
22:57:56*gevaerts would bring up the issue on the mailing list
22:57:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:58:15foolshgevaerts: Thank you
23:01:19gevaertsAnd then if you get no response, try poking Zagor
23:01:59*foolsh nods
23:17:22*[Franklin] pokes Zagor
23:48:08 Quit Xerion (Quit: )
23:50:28foolsh[Franklin]: May I private message you?
23:52:26 Join trampel [0] (
23:53:20 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
23:55:06 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0/20140825202822])

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