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#rockbox log for 2014-09-02

00:02:30foolshPerhaps [Saint] knows, how can persons without commit privileges colaborate via gerrit, there arises an issue with the ownership of the patch when two different authors and gerrit rejects the changes. Is this even possible?
00:03:05foolshThat sounded better in my head, but you understand right?
00:04:09[Saint]commit privileges aren't relevant to gerrit whatsoever, anyone can post patches there, the only requirement is an OpenID identifier.
00:04:53foolshBut to edit another's patch is where I get trouble
00:05:10[Saint]anyone can abduct any existing gerrit task if they want to by simply committing a task with the same change-id
00:05:41[Franklin]but wouldn't the server reject it? it seems ripe for abuse
00:05:58foolshGive it a shot [Franklin] and post any error
00:06:10[Franklin]I'm busy right now... later :)
00:06:39[Saint]Don't just go walking over other people's gerrit tasks just to test this out.
00:06:46[Franklin]haha no
00:06:48[Saint]We have a sandbox you can play in. :)
00:07:10[Franklin]but I want my binky!
00:07:51[Saint]The sandbox is exactly the type of place you can go pissing around with gerrit tasks and learning how git/gerrit co-exist without pissing anyone off.
00:08:02copperoh piss it
00:09:57[Franklin]I would just fix the keymaps for g#946
00:09:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #946 at : InfoNES - FS #2911 - NES Emulator for Color Targets (WIP) by Benjamin Brown
00:10:20 Part ZincAlloy
00:10:26[Franklin](no - not PLA, PLA doesn't have enough buttons)
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00:19:40[Franklin]foolsh: g946 doesn't do what it should when USB connects
00:19:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #946 at : InfoNES - FS #2911 - NES Emulator for Color Targets (WIP) by Benjamin Brown
00:20:00foolsh[Franklin]: noted
00:20:29[Franklin]and again, the keymaps are... rather bad on the ipod
00:20:38[Franklin]to put it lightly :)
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00:42:26[Franklin]foolsh, and you need to name it something else... infones just sounds terrible :)
00:42:34[Franklin]rocknes? nesbox?
00:45:05[Franklin][Saint], how do you set the patch set message in Gerrit?
00:45:45foolsh[Franklin]: NESbox of course
00:45:55[Franklin]ok then, but it's your choice :)
00:46:05[Franklin]I like rockNES better... :)
00:46:26[Franklin]foolsh, but the button handling seems a bit funky ATM
00:46:39[Franklin]maybe a rewrite would be needed in that aspect
00:47:09foolshThe name I merely kept with convention and only dived deep enough to get a clean compile, it's a rather old patch from flyspray
00:48:06foolshOf course feel free I would feel no animosity what so ever if you finished it
00:48:38*[Franklin] always liked CPU ISS's
00:49:58[Franklin]maybe for the ipod, something like what rockboy does... you don't actually push the buttons
00:51:48[Franklin]I see that whoever wrote the keymap code started work on that already
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00:56:31[Franklin]OK, I've figured out the keymap: normal directions for d-pad (not sure if scrollwheel can handle two at once, or if the original NES did, either)
00:56:56[Franklin]bottom-right: b bottom-left: start top-left: select top-right: none
00:57:04[Franklin]no, top-right: b
00:57:08[Franklin]so two B's
00:58:00foolsh[Franklin]: lol, I thought you said you were busy. ;-) just don't break other targets in you "enthusiasm"
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00:58:11[Franklin]I'm not anymore
00:58:18[Franklin](I'm a great multitasker :))
01:05:00[Franklin]foolsh, weird... no up-down key mappings
01:05:08[Franklin]sorry, left-right
01:06:46[Franklin]Ok, what's BUTTON_REL for?
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01:10:55[Franklin]foolsh, ok, got the keymaps working for the ipod
01:11:31[Franklin]But one problem... the game freezes when I press select, and doesn't unfreeze till I press it again
01:13:56[Franklin]other than that, it's amazing
01:16:35[Franklin]super smooth emulation on ipod (frameskip?)... and it works! :)
01:28:25[Franklin]foolsh, BTW, here's the panic info on USB: usb_storage_init_connection(): OOM program counter is 0x5b460
01:36:52foolsh[Franklin]: Sorry bub, I stepped out for minute
01:37:04[Franklin]i just did, too
01:38:15foolshLeft and right are handled at the top of keymaps.h, it defaults to button_left and _right, all targets share left and right I assume
01:38:38[Franklin]ah stupid me
01:38:51foolshButton_rel = button release
01:39:57[Franklin]thought it was relative or something weird
01:40:16foolshIs select pause? I'm unsure, does the problem persist in the emulator?
01:40:52[Franklin]select is the center button
01:41:02[Franklin]so no
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02:26:35pmartyI'm playing with ipodpatcher utility . I wonder: why installing swapping rockbox.ipod with
02:27:03pmartyApple firmware in OSOS makes Rockbox boot faster
02:27:12 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
02:28:38pmartythat is: loading rockbox.ipod from firmware partion is faster then from FAT32
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02:38:45pmartyi can see some cues here
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10:20:26Diaz6315hi all,
10:20:45Diaz6315is it possible to download source code ?
10:22:32wodzuse git
10:22:37Diaz6315do you know where ?
10:22:59Diaz6315git entry point?
10:23:04wodzgit clone git://
10:23:33Diaz6315and in advance,
10:23:36wodzno problem
10:23:47Diaz6315I find the patch about fixed point wma decoder
10:23:55Diaz6315when I google search
10:24:07Diaz6315is it work fine ?
10:24:41Diaz6315does git have http url for browser?
10:24:41wodzyes AFAIK
10:25:17wodzlib/rbcodec/codecs/libwma is probably what you are looking for
10:25:59Diaz6315mmm, ok thanks a lot!!!
10:26:46Diaz6315are you rockbox developer?
10:27:03Diaz6315and the question, which version about libav used by rockbox?
10:28:13wodzDiaz6315: yes, I am rb developer but codecs is not my field of expertise. If you have codec specific question try to catch saratoga.
10:29:43Diaz6315saratoga? the another peolple?
10:30:36Diaz6315or the company name?
10:31:07gevaertssaratoga is a rockbox developer
10:32:08wodzgevaerts: could you give g#434 a try? Turning off codec pll when not needed sounds like a good idea
10:32:11fs-bluebotGerrit review #434 at : optimize WSPLL work for iriver h100 and h300 series by Dmitry Gamza
10:32:26gevaertsI'll try to remember
10:33:48Diaz6315ok, thanks for your input
10:34:13Diaz6315because I woule like to try merge the wmadeci code to libav
10:34:23Diaz6315is there any do that?
10:34:40Diaz6315is there anyone do that?
10:35:28wodzbut why you want fixed point version for PC lib (or am I missing something?)
10:35:38wodzDiaz6315: ^
10:38:14gevaertsDefinitely talk to saratoga, he did a lot of work on wma in rockbox. He's in the US though, so he won't be awake yet
10:39:28alexbobphey I'm a USAnian with a fucked up sleep schedule and I resent that
10:39:44alexbobpjust kidding, carry on :P
10:42:56Diaz6315hi wodz, do you know when saratoga will on line?
10:43:32Diaz6315wodz ,,because I use wma decoder that is included in libav
10:43:46Diaz6315for my embedded system
10:43:59Diaz6315that will use a lot of cpu time when decode wma file
10:44:27Diaz6315hence I would like to try fixed point version
10:44:45wodzDescribe, the term embedded. Our targets lack fpu and that is the only reason we integerize decoders
10:45:04Diaz6315yes, my cpu does not include fpu
10:45:31wodzok, so working on this makes sense
10:45:58Diaz6315and my cpu does not support float instructions
10:46:38wodzif you don't have fpu, this are emulated in software
10:46:54wodztoolchain should take care of this
10:47:30Diaz6315do you have idea about how to merge the fixed point wma code to libav?
10:47:39Diaz6315any issues that I have to check about toolchain?
10:47:53Diaz6315my cpu is big endian
10:49:04wodzDiaz6315: big/little endian should not be a problem as some of our targets are big and some little endian ones
10:50:10wodzDiaz6315: you really, really discuss this with saratoga. I mearly know that we have wma decoder, it is fixed point and where are the files
10:51:49Diaz6315ok, thanks!
10:52:52Diaz6315sorry to bother you!!!
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11:10:39gevaertsDiaz6315: the development mailing list is going to be a *lot* more useful than the user mailing list for your kind of questions
11:13:15Diaz6315can I read development mailing list? and where I can see development mailing list?
11:14:26Diaz6315I'm afraid bother the developers
11:15:39Diaz6315I have subscribe developer mail list
11:15:50Diaz6315can I post question in developer mail list?
11:17:27gevaertsOf course you can. This is the sort of thing it's there for
11:17:49gevaertsOn the user mailing list, you're very unlikely to find people who even know what you're talking about
11:43:43Diaz6315it seems the libwma does like libav style
11:43:49Diaz6315it seems the libwma does not like libav style
11:44:04Diaz6315and the usage about decoder is different
11:44:47Diaz6315for example: libav wma decoder does not have wma_decode_superframe_init, but rockbox libwma has that
11:45:34Diaz6315any mapping relationship between rockbox codec and libav
11:46:06gevaertsrockbox isn't based on libav, so probably not a straightforward one
11:55:05Diaz6315but I really need the fixed point wma decoder
11:56:29Diaz6315or , any method that describe how to use libwma in rockbox
11:59:31Diaz6315but in very old version, that seems base on libav, right?
12:04:13 Join LinusN [0] (
12:05:49 Join einhirn [0] (
12:11:58wodzDiaz6315: looking at the code our decoder seems to be derived from ffmpg
12:42:48Diaz6315ffmpeg ? right? but I also have ffmpeg code, that does not include fixed point wma decoder, the style is similar between libav and ffmpeg
12:47:52 Join b0hoon [0] (1f3d8894@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
12:51:36wodzDiaz6315: AFAIK we started from floating point ffmpg code and then reworked this to not use malloc() and changed to all fixedpoint
12:53:36Diaz6315ok, thanks
12:53:55b0hoonulmutul: (if you read the logs) i've sent you an email.
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13:07:49ulmutulb0hoon: Thynk you!
13:08:50ulmutulSo it definitely is a hardware issue, where we have no influence.
13:10:06ulmutulBest thing imo is to autodetect a non-working RTC and disable clock functions on-the-fly.
13:15:24 Quit Diaz6315 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
13:16:25*pixelma managed to still get Rockbox on Android in this kind of just black screen state even though the version with the fix installed
13:17:08b0hoonulmutul: i thought on some reanimation guide on wiki :D but yeah, it's a solution too.
13:18:03b0hoonulmutul: especially it's not confirmed
13:18:25b0hoonulmutul: did you try it ? :D
13:19:09ulmutulNo, not yet. Remember, I have a working one :p
13:19:52b0hoonulmutul: yeah i know but you have a non working one too ;)
13:21:40pixelmaIt seemed some settings and/or screen changes (going from menu to WPS) were involved. If I remember, I'll try finding a recipe to reproduce later when I don't annoy people with this
13:22:16ulmutulb0hoon: I think it's good to have both at the moment, so I can test on both. Maybe getting it to a stable port somedays :)
13:22:42b0hoonulmutul: i don't know from where this strange date is coming from (2-2-2), clear data from i2c always gives only zeros
13:22:59b0hoonulmutul: it's probably a rockbox code
13:23:47b0hoonulmutul: well i think it should be consider as stable now, cause it's a hardware bug
13:23:50 Quit dfkt (Remote host closed the connection)
13:24:12ulmutuli didn't dug so deep in the low level code yet.
13:24:15b0hoonulmutul: only manual is missing
13:24:40 Join dfkt [0] (
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13:24:56b0hoonulmutul: and i'll try to do the most boring part in near future (manual)
13:25:37b0hoonfor all YHs
13:25:47ulmutulUnfortunately the RTC bug causes other bugs, i.e. the "hang if recording another file" bug :(
13:26:08b0hoonthen i'll think about gogears
13:26:43ulmutulYes, I thought of working on manual too, but wanted to make keymaps first.
13:27:10ulmutulWhat do you think about the "press two buttons at once" keymaps?
13:27:16b0hoonulmutul: yeah, i know recording is affected
13:28:39b0hoonulmutul: well, i don't have a strongly opinion about keymap, for me it's ok, lotsa target uses key combos
13:30:13b0hoonulmutul: i think that basic functions should be simple to reach and the rest i personaly don't care
13:30:42ulmutulMaybe we should discuss some keymaps, because the layout is different on YH9xx and YH8xx.
13:31:10ulmutulThe combos mainly affect things like AB repeat, shortcut key, ...
13:31:27b0hoonulmutul: but that's not a problem now, no? we have aseparate keymap
13:32:12b0hoonulmutul: well these are the things i don't care too :)
13:33:08ulmutulNot really a problem, but I think they should be as similar as possible. It's better to fix it before putting much work in the manual :)
13:33:56b0hoonulmutul: if you have some ideas about keymap put it on gerrit
13:35:13 Quit ygrek (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
13:36:01b0hoonulmutul: it would be good to do plugins remaping before doing the manual but again who cares about plugins :D
13:36:23ulmutulBTW I'm enhancing my scrollstrip code at the moment. I think it will be a nice thing for the GoGears.
13:37:04ulmutulAnd I got a SA9200 recently :)
13:37:42b0hoonulmutul: i mean whatever you put on gerrit i won't be wondering about it long.
13:38:19b0hoonulmutul: if it goes about gogears, except hdd6330 they have a play in the middle and that's the problem
13:39:05ulmutulYes, my patch would't allow "long play"...
13:39:17b0hoonulmutul: i thought about adopting your driver in hdd6330
13:40:16b0hoonulmutul: but first things first...
13:41:06ulmutulNice :) The hdd6330 code is virtually finished, just needs some cleanup and beautifying...
13:42:59b0hoonulmutul: great, i'll try to test it soon but now i suffer on a lack of time a little, and i try to do some things when i can
13:44:07ulmutulI agree, that time is always the biggest problem :(
13:44:17*ulmutul also lacks of time
13:51:59b0hoonulmutul: ok, have to go now, regards, goodbye.
13:52:33 Part b0hoon
14:18:56 Part ulmutul
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14:24:02wodzTheSeven: ping
14:24:11TheSevenwodz: pong
14:24:17 Quit tchan (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.3)
14:24:39wodzTheSeven: What was the datasheet you derived designware register map?
14:24:59TheSevenstm32f4xx series chips
14:25:46TheSevenalong with some register define headers from the linux kernel (which contain more info about the regs associated with features that aren't present on the stm32 chips, and the registers that actually tell you which are present)
14:27:57wodzthere are like 3 drivers in linux kernel for this family of OTGs :-)
14:31:41 Join amayer [0] (
14:33:34wodzTheSeven: you mean OTG_HS part of Reference manual?
14:33:51TheSevenOTG_FS is basically the non-DMA subset of it
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19:56:14saratogaopps top posted to the list
19:57:21*gevaerts gets a pitchfork
19:57:46saratogathe new hotmail interface is confusing
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20:06:55scorche|shsaratoga: i think i see your problem
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20:43:35funmansaratoga: wma fixed point decoder isn't enabled in android VLC builds
20:43:46funmanit could but i doubt anyone benched it
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21:53:33[Saint]pixelma: Ms. [Saint] has managed that several times as well.
21:54:32[Saint]In fact, she can manage to get it into a weird state where it will only play one track, and one track only, and then crash - if the LCD is asleep.
21:54:59[Saint]Clearing the settings magically fixes it.
21:55:30[Saint]Or even, bloody weirdly, cat'ing the config.cfg to itself.
21:55:47[Saint]Makes no sense at all.
21:56:50[Saint]I've only ever been privy to the aftermath when any traces are long gone from the logs though, if any existed to begin with.
21:58:30[Saint]After Ms. [Saint] manages to do whatever sequence of events it is that triggers this, and it hangs at the black screen, it'll hang at launch every other time even after force killing it until you clear the config or rewrite it.
21:58:37 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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22:00:06[Saint]Weirder still is that she's using the exact same hardware as my test device, with the exact same ROM, GApps, same everything, as her Android DAP and I've not seen this issue once.
22:00:24 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:07:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0a66545, 253 builds, 31 clients.
22:12:13jhMikeS[Saint]: writing the settings isn't thread safe yet it's done on different threads so it might just end up clobbered
22:13:17[Saint]I've had the chance to compare a "broken" config.cfg, and a functional one, and they're identical.
22:13:36[Saint]I should've made that clearer. Sorry.
22:13:54jhMikeSsame md5sum?
22:14:17jhMikeSI just wonder about unprinable chars
22:14:30[Saint]Ah. Hmmm.
22:15:06[Saint]In that case cat'ing to itself shouldn't work IIUC.
22:15:15jhMikeSthen agian, maybe the bug is in android instead
22:16:34jhMikeSswitch phones? see if it can happen on yours if she uses it :)
22:17:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 597 seconds.
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22:35:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 21373e9, 253 builds, 31 clients.
22:38:01 Join wodz [0] (
22:40:13wodzpamaury: I just commited rkwpatch.lua script for hwpatcher which uses crc routine as promised.
22:45:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 591 seconds.
22:46:47 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:47:51pamaurywodz (logs): how can hwp.crc(RKW, ...) work ? I thought the tool defined RKW in its own namespace, like hwp.crc.RKW
22:47:56pamauryor hwp.CRC.RKW
22:58:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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