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#rockbox log for 2014-09-03

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00:10:46[Franklin]foolsh: mind if I push my ipod keymaps to infones?
00:12:22[Franklin]It removes button_up for the time being because it causes weird behavior with the menu showing up unexpectedly (and yes... menu is menu+select)
00:12:37[Franklin]So I can play mario bros now
00:13:03[Franklin]But with some minor glitches like the sprites for the carnivorous plants not showing... :D
00:13:43[Franklin]and some code police
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00:23:24[Franklin]saratoga: does 2048 /really/ count as a major change? :)
00:28:33[Franklin]anyhoo :)... is/should there be calls to yield() in codecs? (especially APE)
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00:43:35foolsh[Franklin]: I was outside, go ahead, but squash your commits and remember keep change-id the same, and give it a shot.
00:46:02foolshThe missing sprites may be a caused by frameskip if you're using it.
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01:00:36[Franklin]no frameskip... I can see the sprites where they shouldn't be (inside the pipe), but not where they should be
01:03:20[Franklin]oh... and I can't update your patch set (invalid author)
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01:08:55foolsh[Franklin]: Could you do me a favor? Go checkout the sandbox make a change and push it back to the server and then let my try to work out what [Saint] meant yesterday.
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01:14:03[Franklin]no idea what he meant
01:19:19foolshI was the last to push a commit to the sandbox, so amending it just straight forward for me, but if you will push a change to the server, I can try to work out what it takes to push a change over top of your's, if you wouldn't mind
01:19:55foolshThen I'll share what I find
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02:16:55foolsh[Franklin]: Are you still there? Need help? Just ask.
02:17:36[Franklin]not working on NES right now... didn't merge in that FS change right... so need to go back and see what I did wrong
02:18:34foolshOk :-)
02:19:37[Franklin]maybe jhMikeS would be of help...
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02:22:45[Franklin]any way to re-merge in git?
02:23:04[Franklin]so say I merged wrong... commited a bit... and want to change that merge
02:23:23foolsh"git commit −−amend"
02:23:40foolshI think is what you're asking
02:25:46[Franklin]but no... that changes HEAD... I want 7d1a47cf13726c95ac46027156cc12dd9da5b855
02:25:55[Franklin]spamming with SHA1's
02:27:12[Franklin]so it's buried in history
02:28:29jhMikeSgit checkout (use hash or HEAD~n) will take it back
02:29:25jhMikeSor reset if you want to unstage changes
02:29:42[Franklin]say I want to undo your commit (and all the fixups) and re-merge... how to do that?
02:29:57jhMikeSre-merge from what?
02:30:07[Franklin]undo your commits, and merge with upstream
02:30:18[Franklin]so git merge vanilla (which is origin/master)
02:30:34foolshor "git rebase -i HEAD~N" where N is the number of commits behind you want to squash the later commit into, maybe?
02:30:36[Franklin]or is there a better way?
02:30:53[Franklin]yes... just delete all your commits in rebase :)
02:30:56[Franklin]then re-merge
02:30:58jhMikeSpretty much without knowing exactly what needs to be done it's hard to give advice
02:31:59[Franklin]my branch is not building after merging with upstream
02:32:14jhMikeSit gave no conflict resolution?
02:32:24[Franklin]there were some merge conflicts... (nothing obvious) and I want to try the merge again
02:32:48jhMikeSyou could hand-repair and do git rebase −−continue
02:32:57[Franklin]wait... what?
02:33:33jhMikeSconflicts should be listed when you tried rebasing from upstream, fix each conflict
02:33:41[Franklin]I know :)
02:34:17[Franklin]except I have about 64 commits... and conflicts in about 10 because they were merged into upstream... and some binary files, too
02:34:29[Franklin]How do/should I merge binary files? (bitmaps)
02:35:29[Franklin]so I really can't rebase on master branch anymore
02:35:35jhMikeSI don't know about that. did they change?
02:35:47[Franklin]change what?
02:35:52jhMikeSthe binary files
02:36:25jhMikeSyou kept working without rebasing from upstream?
02:37:30[Franklin]oh yes... 2048
02:38:05jhMikeSnormally it shouldn't conflict if what you've got is identical to what just came in
02:38:46[Franklin]hang on...
02:39:13[Franklin]and it's crawling slow :)
02:39:13[Franklin]probably that giant 80KLOC commit :)
02:40:20jhMikeSthat's all in one branch?!?
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02:42:45*jhMikeS seriously recommends different branches for different projects!
02:43:25 Join Aldem [0] (~Aldem@unaffiliated/aldem)
02:43:25[Franklin]and it's asking me to merge the bitmaps
02:43:26[Franklin]what to do? get a vanilla branch and cherry-pick all my commits into it?
02:43:27[Franklin]probably the only option left :)
02:43:57jhMikeSquite possibly
02:44:59jhMikeSI find I have to consider my specific changes when dealing with this sort of thing
02:45:29jhMikeSbut I'll never have 64 commits of unrelated stuff in one branch either :)
02:47:33jhMikeSwell, you could checkout master (up to date!) and checkout -b from there and cherry pick the relevant ones into that and repeat until everything is picked off
02:48:02[Franklin]master is every other branch I have
02:48:05[Franklin]merged into one
02:49:23*jhMikeS recommends a different approach than that
02:49:26jhMikeSoh well
02:49:29[Franklin]like how?
02:49:39[Franklin]I want every feature I can possibly have on my device
02:49:40jhMikeSkeep master clean, do work in branches
02:49:42[Franklin]at once
02:49:44[Franklin]I do
02:49:57[Franklin]no... I do work on master and cherry-pick to branches for review
02:50:27[Franklin]that way master is newest, most feature-complete branch with other branches off vanilla for related stuff
02:50:32jhMikeSwhitespace correction is a feature?
02:50:51[Franklin]yes... for the programmer
02:51:24jhMikeSyes, for the programmer
02:51:42[Franklin]so it is a feature :)
02:52:07jhMikeSonly if I'm a programmer I guess
02:52:25[Franklin]of course you are
02:53:34jhMikeSbut I don't care about whitespace correction that much so...well I'm confused now
02:53:41[Franklin]about what?
02:53:55jhMikeSif I'm a programmer or not
02:54:15[Franklin]you wrote a gigantic patch that only took about 3 commits to fix...
02:54:18[Franklin]of course
02:54:46*jhMikeS writes a facepalm plugin
02:54:51 Quit Aldem (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
02:54:56[Franklin]of useful stuff... unlike that useless whitespace one I made :)
02:56:16[Franklin]well... giving up for today
02:56:19[Franklin]cya later
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02:57:04franklin_jhMikeS: later as in possibly tomorrow
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03:30:06foolshCould someone/anyone push a commit to the sandbox, please? I'd like to work something out, and I need the last commit to be owned by another author.
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03:44:34jhMikeSfoolsh: done
03:44:44foolshThank you
03:50:28[Saint]You don't need the _last_ commit to be owned by anyone in particular.
03:50:36[Saint]You can take over _any_ commit.
03:50:44[Saint]All you need is the change-id.
03:51:47foolshOk let me try again, then
03:51:57jhMikeSthat's what this is about?
03:52:15[Saint]learning how to abduct a gerrit task.
03:52:39foolshYes, but in a not so nefarious way
03:52:46jhMikeSI just did it without thinking about it, use its change id instead of a new one
03:52:59jhMikeSthe resampler comes to mind
03:53:34[Saint]It can be a bit tricky if you want to preserve authorship.
03:53:53[Saint]but there's a flag to pass a specific author, iirc.
03:54:07[Saint]can't recall it at this instance.
03:54:19 Join Aldem [0] (~Aldem@unaffiliated/aldem)
03:54:48jhMikeShow to search gerrit by commit message?!
03:55:13[Saint]ah. derp. I'm an idiot.
03:55:36[Saint]realllllly out there, that flag. no wonder I didn't remember it. ;)
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03:56:10[Saint]"−−author "Author Name <author@email.address>""
03:56:39 Join Aldem [0] (~Aldem@unaffiliated/aldem)
03:57:44foolshThanks that helps somewhat, I just need to work out exactly what to do with the change-id
03:58:07jhMikeSit changed authorship but not ownership
03:58:36[Saint]changing ownership is possible, but a /whole/ rigmarole-fuck-around-doo-be-doo.
03:58:40jhMikeSjust looking back at it
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04:02:31*jhMikeS like the little keyword suggestion
04:03:54jhMikeSin gerrit
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04:14:32jhMikeS g#947 <=??
04:15:58jhMikeS g#947
04:16:03foolshRight, I was going to ask about that, nothing to see here
04:16:53jhMikeSthough you might be trying to find a way to make registered users get push access
04:17:18foolshWell, only for the sandbox I thought
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04:26:47foolshI'm having the hardest time with this change-id hijacking thing, in the sandbox mine or jhMikeS' commits don't have the change-id hook, I'm finding it hard to practice my hijacking ;-)
04:27:07foolshOriginally I wanted to combine #939 and #677
04:27:51foolshThen [Frankie] wanted to work on #946 and here I am
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04:44:46jhMikeSfoolsh: why check out meta branch? kinda out of the way
04:49:56foolshExcuse me, sorry that went over my head
04:51:28jhMikeSyou had to fetch meta branch and check it out to get project.config :)
04:52:09 Join rela_ [0] (
04:53:26foolshOh no, that was filled out by a form in gerrits project sandbox page somewhere
04:53:38foolshAll done auto magically
04:55:36jhMikeSwhere's that exactly?
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04:59:26jhMikeSmore out of the weird pages...
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05:01:48Diaz3716hi saratoga,
05:02:17Diaz3716about how to merge libwma to ffmpeg libavcodec for fixed point wma decoder
05:03:29Diaz3716it seems asf_read_packet() will prepare audiobuf that has a specific format ,right?
05:04:04Diaz3716or the audiobuf from asf_read_packet is the original wma data?
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05:36:31*jhMikeS doesn't get all this if (dir_exists()) mkdir/rmdir(); (it's really quite unnecessary)
05:36:59*jhMikeS has to squash it
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09:24:33wodzpamaury: (log) It 'just' works for me that way. I didn't investigate it deeply. Feel free to change this to proper syntax.
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10:52:20timemobdo lower mp3 bitrate use more CPU time in recorder
10:53:35 Join t1memob [0] (
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11:01:43wodzTheSeven: ping
11:02:37timemobanyone answer my question while I was busy pinging out
11:03:12timemobalso is there a debug mode where I can overlay CPU usage over any screen
11:05:43 Join LinusN [0] (
11:07:58timemobwhy not?
11:08:31timemobhow can I debug what's causing warning 0000002 in recorder app, which stops recording and crashes rb
11:15:55 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
11:26:14TheSevenwodz: po
11:31:15wodzTheSeven: I see some names mismatch between how you named fields in designware registers and STM32F4xx manual. Any reason for this?
11:33:05TheSevenprobably grabbed those from STM32 standard library headers instead of the datasheet
11:35:37wodzTheSeven: I started rewrite of your driver to switch bitfields into good & old shits and masks with macros. This is painfully slow process though.
11:42:38timemobcompiler not smart enough for you?
11:42:51TheSevenbasically yes
11:43:05timemobdon't see now
11:44:26wodztimemob: basically C standard doesn't guarantee the order of bits in bitfields so messing with hw registers is quite fragile this way
11:44:36TheSeven...and old gcc doesn't like the way how some of them are declared
11:45:01timemobthat's obvious. who would ever think otherwise?
11:45:22wodznot speaking what gcc tends to do with bitfields access
11:45:27TheSevenapparently STM and also IIRC some linux kernel modules
11:45:34TheSevenwodz: that was taken care of ;)
11:45:37timemobwhy were bit fields even used that way
11:45:51wodzTheSeven: I know, but it required manual intervention :-)
11:46:19timemobstm what? stdperiphlib doesn't use bit fields
11:46:39timemobor any of their libs that I've seen
11:47:29TheSevenoh? then you apparently haven't seen any
11:47:48TheSeventhey use it for *every* hardware register definition
11:50:27timemobum what.
11:50:32timemobwhich file
11:53:42TheSeventimemob: in this case STM32_USB_OTG_Driver/inc/usb_regs.h
11:53:59timemobthat's the new time cube shit
11:54:06timemobnobody sane uses that
11:54:14TheSeventhat's from way before cube even existet
11:54:51timemobthere's no bit field in stm32xx.h or any drivers
11:55:00TheSeventhis one is from july 2011 btw
11:55:08 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
11:57:50wodzTheSeven: Is hnptxsts from your driver the same as GNPTXSTS form manual?
11:58:17TheSevenquite likely
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12:23:40Michal___Hi, please, try work anybody with Rockbox simulator?
12:25:04Michal___How can I go to wps screen? I every receive Nothing to play and in files I dont see any files.
12:28:25 Join t1memob [0] (
12:29:41 Join Scall [0] (~chat@unaffiliated/scall)
12:30:42Michal___Know anybody, how is maximum size of code in .wps file?
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19:26:24pixelmaHmm, Rockbox on Android let's you enable A-B repeat but how do I set the markers?
19:47:38 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Quit: Leaving)
19:52:07pixelmaand on another note (although a bit related because specific to touchscreens), I find the cabbiev2 OSD unusable on my phone: I don't know what will appear and if I touch the screen once to make it appear and accidentally already hit an area with a function (e.g. showing the quickscreen) then I'll be taken there immediately
19:52:21 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
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21:00:26foolshlol opps
21:02:08foolshpamaury: BTW #939 and #677 Think they're ready to merge?
21:04:51foolshDo you need them combined beforehand?
21:06:59 Join drnez [0] (
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21:27:17pamauryfoolsh: no that's fine, I just need to find some time to do it
21:27:33 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:29:53foolshpamaury: Alright B-)
21:33:00 Quit foolsh (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:10:30[Franklin]jhMikeS, so how should I fix my master branch?
23:14:00 Join ender1 [0] (
23:16:39[Franklin]Or just pull a fresh branch?
23:16:46foolsh[Franklin]: Wat is exactly wrong? I did't really understand what you needed yesterday?
23:17:08[Franklin]ok... I just merged with upstream and probably screwed up somewhere
23:17:22[Franklin]I want to undo that merge and try again
23:18:12 Quit ender` (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:19:27foolshyou can use something like "git reset −−hard 990498483674637345522332323" where is the nubers are a shahash of the commit right before you goofed
23:19:58foolshuse 'git log' to find the hash
23:20:11[Franklin]But I'm not sure where I goofed :)
23:20:18[Franklin]but ok, I'll bisect and find out
23:20:34[Franklin]after I fix this bug in something else
23:22:08foolshdo you use "git checkout -b NEWBRANCHNAME" when mucking around with new ideas? It can save you a headache or two
23:22:21[Franklin]nope... :)
23:22:29[Franklin]only when I'm done my work on master and want to push
23:23:42foolshLike said you shoud it would help you out, I never mess with master, ever
23:23:56[Franklin]I have a vanilla branch
23:24:14[Franklin]vanilla is upstream, master is my personal bleeding edge
23:25:10*[Franklin] hates resolving conflicts
23:25:15[Franklin]especially binary ones
23:26:11[Franklin]now make clean+make again
23:26:18[Franklin]even with ccache it's SLOW
23:28:34foolshI don't understand, do you build in the source tree? The wiki really should be changed in that regard. I build out of tree by one directory level so I use "../rockbox/tools/configure" and my source never gets clobbered.
23:28:56[Franklin]yes.... :)
23:29:08[Franklin]Though I probably shouldn't
23:29:11[Franklin]as you said
23:30:24[Franklin]so you wanna change it?
23:32:01[Franklin]w00t... it builds!
23:32:12[Franklin]now to merge it right :)
23:32:16foolshI think more input from other members first would be prudent before a change.
23:32:26[Franklin]mailing list?
23:32:59[Franklin]I think it should be changed
23:33:41[Franklin]or just put it on the wiki and see who complains on IRC :)
23:34:42[Franklin]thankfully... only 3 conflicts
23:39:11*[Franklin] should start changing his workflow
23:40:47foolshYou're getting smarter'er :-)
23:41:17 Join Gallomimia [0] (
23:42:53[Franklin]yay... merged correctly this time :)
23:42:53[Franklin](last time was because of one of my hunks got mixed in with remote)
23:44:02[Franklin]btw, why did you abandon g947?
23:44:10 Quit Gallomimia (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:44:36 Join Gallomimia [0] (
23:45:03foolshIt was unnecessary really, I think i didn't do exactly what I thought it would after talking last night on IRC
23:45:19[Franklin]but you still like the idea?
23:46:10foolshOf having power to merge and revert in the sandbox? yeah sure I could use the practice
23:46:26 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0/20140825202822])
23:46:29[Franklin]oh... I mean master :)
23:46:36[Franklin]oh different branch
23:47:10*[Franklin] is looking at fs8647
23:47:17*[Franklin] is looking at fs#8647
23:47:18fs-bluebot Amaze - 3D maze game plugin (patches, unconfirmed)
23:47:21[Franklin]ok good
23:48:23foolshI'm not sure we use the same conventions, I speak of master as the up to date copy I receive from "git pull" and my bleeding edge is what ever branch I'm one when trying something new
23:48:48[Franklin]master is my bleeding edge and vanilla is from
23:50:10foolshAh, confusing
23:50:33[Franklin]and then I have other branches with related stuff
23:50:37[Franklin]they're all merged into master
23:52:24[Franklin]so master has everything

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