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#rockbox log for 2014-09-05

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00:15:31[Franklin]saratoga, "haha ok if you think you know better than us feel free to ignore the answers you get in this thread. "
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00:24:06saratogafunman: i looked at one of those prison-model sansa firmwares a while back, but the amsinfo tool didn't know how to unpack it and i was too lazy to try anything else
00:24:17saratogadid you figure out anything looking at it?
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00:43:05foolsh[Franklin]: Amaze failed to compile for my fuze+. I haven't even glanced at the source. It was a bunch of PLA errors, I might crack it open later tonight.
00:43:23[Franklin]what line?
00:44:03[Franklin]oh... pla_fire doesn't exist anymore
00:44:37[Franklin](only tested on ipod which has special keymaps
00:45:42[Saint]Hmmmm. M-Robe's release build link is 404ing.
00:45:44[Franklin]ah.. it's using old PLA
00:45:51[Saint]And a few other targets...weird.
00:46:19[Franklin]and PLA_QUIT has become PLA_EXIT
00:46:58[Franklin]and some unused variables that don't show up for ipod build
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00:55:00byteframehi I bought a cheap 64gb ($10) microsd, to replace a busted 32, and its all wack in rockbox. cuz it's crap, right?
00:55:28[Franklin]the sd card or rockbox?
00:55:31byteframesd card,
00:55:55[Franklin]what's wrong with it
00:56:25byteframeI can fill it up with several gigs, but (assuming there isnt some crazy filename problem) it will not boot in rockbox.
00:56:45byteframeredid its part table and did vfat partition.
00:56:52[Franklin]are you trying to boot from an sd?
00:56:58byteframeno no.
00:57:01[Saint]We don't support VFAT.
00:57:05[Saint]Only FAT32.
00:57:12byteframethere is a differance...
00:58:12byteframeauxillary slot on sansa clip+ btw.
00:58:49[Franklin]so is it not mounting? is that the problem?
00:59:19byteframeno it would seem to work as I went through cycles of adding a few GB,
00:59:35byteframebut eventually after around 20 or so gigs or w/e it woldnt boot.
00:59:41byteframeor crash with data error abort or some such.
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01:00:07[Franklin]so format fat32 and retry
01:00:08byteframelet me try a proper formatting.
01:00:31[Franklin]data abort?
01:00:32[Saint]Make sure its FAT32.
01:00:43byteframeyes sir.
01:01:02[Franklin]sir? :)
01:01:07byteframeor maddam.
01:01:16[Franklin]no... LOL
01:01:35*[Franklin] greps the logs for "sir" or "maam" or "madam"
01:02:11[Saint]I am a saint. I have transcended sexuality.
01:03:02[Franklin]Probably the first time anyone's ever said "sir" or "maam" or "madam" :D
01:03:16byteframeI got a busted sound machine :/
01:03:29byteframeI must have humility and be proper.
01:03:49byteframethough I may just get the newer model.
01:04:16[Franklin]Sure... Be sure to capitalize the first letter of every sentence. And use proper grammar. :D
01:04:23[Franklin]which I never do :)
01:04:38byteframeI used to do that, but it just looks out of place with everyone else.
01:04:44byteframeI like captial I though.
01:04:56[Franklin]So stop :)
01:05:19[Franklin]and type l1ke th1s :)
01:05:28[Franklin]off-topique :)
01:06:28[Franklin](gotta use brit english to not piss anyone off)
01:06:46[Franklin]they're very picky about it here :)
01:07:07byteframeok im linux nerd but how to fuss do I format this correctly.
01:07:32[Franklin]first fdisk the device to make the partitions, then use mkfs to make the FS
01:07:49byteframeI must set the type, ok.
01:08:10[Franklin]mkfs -t fat32
01:08:22[Franklin]no... vfat
01:08:24[Franklin]sorry :)
01:08:46[Franklin]or mkdosfs
01:09:14byteframe0B=W95 FAT32, or 0C=W95 FAT32 (LBA) ?
01:09:18[Franklin][Saint]: isn't that the exact format we /don't/ want?
01:09:38[Saint]yes. it is, I had a brainfart.
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01:10:57[Saint]and, yeah, there's a multitude of ways to do this.
01:11:09[Saint]gparted is likely the most foolproof method.
01:11:31byteframetwas a cfdisk user, trying fdisk here.
01:12:05[Franklin]not if xorg crashes in the middle like it does over here :)
01:12:10[Franklin]it's happened...
01:12:47[Franklin]byteframe, what distro? on arch the package you need is dosfstools
01:13:07[Franklin]ah... :)
01:13:22byteframeim good, just really tried so im slow. recently tried arch linux, it looks howt.
01:14:16[Franklin]how can someone who posted something be a zero-poster?,42682
01:17:03[Franklin]and what is ? spam?
01:17:26[Franklin]so a password generator has been "in development" for three years?
01:18:44[Franklin]a search for "multiverse productions" reveals an ad agency and a video distributor
01:21:31byteframekiller apps both.
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01:24:38[Franklin]they don't exist yet :)
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01:36:16foolsh[Franklin]: more PLA errors for you
01:36:41foolshOr not keymaps maybe?
01:37:11foolshI can't dive in right now, busy
01:41:06[Franklin]ahh pastebin is down for now
01:41:14[Franklin]back now :)
01:43:25[Franklin]I guess we can assume that PLA will always be present now, right?
01:47:05foolshThe pla library in rockbox?
01:47:14[Franklin]ok good
01:47:27[Franklin]some old code has #ifdef __PLUGINLIB...ACTIONS stuff in it
01:47:42[Franklin]and if not... it'll be obvious through the loads of red :)
01:51:08foolshIf I understand correctly PLA was meant to simplify the key mappings, but it could never be an all encompassing replacement. Do to the myriad of different physical button layouts possible.
01:51:23[Franklin]so it works for most games/plugins
01:51:41[Franklin]As in it has up/down/left/right/exit/cancel
01:52:02foolshIf you only need up down left right select and exit then its perfect
01:52:13[Franklin]yep.. 2048 :)
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05:16:36plocojhMikeS: Thank you for everything you've done to the new DSPs. and I've implement ring queues in PBE to handle the arbitrary input buffer sizes.
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09:14:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 50778c8, 253 builds, 30 clients.
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09:52:43funmansaratoga: the .bin given by laszlof is extracted fine
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10:14:59wodz[Saint]: Is it possible for you to test g#949 (considering new TheSeven's driver worked for you)
10:15:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #949 at : usb-designware: New USB driver for Synopsys DesignWare USB OTG core. by Michael Sparmann
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10:54:32TheSevenwodz: a quick test tonights just hung on USB insertion, after showing the USB screen
10:54:45TheSevenhaven't looked into the cause yet
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11:10:19wodzTheSeven: if it hangs hard it may be one of thous busyloops in driver.
11:10:30TheSevenvery likely
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12:07:39wodzpamaury: I managed to compile hwstub for rk27xx using clang from svn. Looking disasm irq handler looks ok (not strange as it is written in asm. What strikes me is that clang can produce functions without prologue and with simple bx lr in epilogue while gcc always do push pop sequence
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12:34:40foolshI am trying to push an update to a gerrit task g#948 specifically, but keep getting " ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/for/master (invalid author)" How do I go about this?
12:34:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #948 at : FS #8647: Amaze - 3D maze game plugin by Franklin Wei
12:37:44foolshI used "commit −−amend" after making my changes [Saint] said I should use the same the Change-ID and it would go through but as far as I can tell I am using the same ID. but still failing
12:39:47foolshNever mind I got it Thanks /s
12:43:11wodznow only manual and you are ready for inclusion :P
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12:51:11foolshTempting, but i feel it needs some more work the "Hit a Wall" message is bit redundant, IMO
12:52:28DrJeddHello there :)
12:52:54DrJeddI keep having various errors and freezes when plugging my Sansa Clip Zip to my notebook.
12:53:18DrJeddIt's happened with different notebooks and different players (I do break them quite often :P)
12:54:09DrJeddThe most common is "undefined instruction:" followed by a number which is clipped by the screen edge
12:54:55DrJeddBut there are plenty of other freezes (sometimes more "graphical" a.k.a. everything is messed up)
12:55:32DrJeddThat always happens upon plugging my device to any of the USB ports of my notebook. Whether I boot the Clip Zip beforehand or not doesn't change a thing.
12:55:48TheSevenhow often does that happen?
12:55:51DrJedd(Oh and sometimes it just works... no particular changes to what I did)
12:55:58DrJeddMore often than not, alas :/
12:56:21TheSevenintermittent memory corruption - rather nasty :/
12:56:46DrJeddThis time I just see one disk and it's empty. (I'm using a microSD card btw)
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13:02:47DrJeddTheSeven: anything I can try?
13:03:04TheSevenlatest release build vs. development build
13:03:16TheSevenother than that... you need to ask someone who actually has sandisk devices :)
13:04:00copperDrJedd: install the "development version" of Rockbox, using the Rockbox utility
13:05:10DrJeddI'll try, but so far neither the rockbox utility or Windows itself detect the device :P
13:05:32TheSeventry booting into the original firmware
13:05:36copper^ this
13:07:57DrJeddThat worked.
13:08:06DrJeddOn to install devbuild
13:08:12DrJeddwill keep you posted
13:09:07DrJeddShould I remove the previous rockbox install? What about the bootloader?
13:10:25coppernothing to remove
13:11:21DrJeddI guess this is due to me having updated and installed the firmware before?
13:12:43TheSevenDrJedd: you don't need to mess with the bootloader at all
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13:17:51DrJeddThe device doesn't boot anymore (Black screen)
13:18:14DrJeddAnd Windows displays an error when plugging it:
13:19:03TheSeventhat sounds like you managed to mess up the bootloader somehow...
13:19:32copper+10 XP
13:19:37DrJeddWell pressing the power button for 30s fixed it.
13:21:39DrJeddOkay devbuild seems to work better. I'll stress test it today.
13:22:29DrJeddThanks for the help so far guys :)
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14:40:37wodzby playing with clang I found out that we use depreciated arm instruction notation in some files. Current standard dictates to put conditional part at the very end i.e strbne instead of strneb
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14:56:49wodzgevaerts: maybe you know where is the rule which generates core_asmdefs.h ?
14:59:41wodzmy grep-foo is too weak to find this
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15:00:25gevaerts've never looked at anything involving asm :)
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15:01:18chrisbwhat determines whether lineout patches for sansa make it into the release?
15:01:27gevaertsAh, possibly tools/root.make:422
15:02:15wodzright, looks like thats it
15:02:35gevaertschrisb: there's no better answer than "whether or not they're pushed to master before we branch for release"
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15:05:34wodzasmdefs2file line is rather scary
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15:07:44 Part ZincAlloy
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15:16:44chrisbdo releases like archon, iriver, etc. support lineout from docks
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21:01:24byteframePANIC. Stkov dircache....
21:01:30byteframebunk microsd?
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23:22:50dunpealHi. I have a playlist with multiple albums. Whenever I update the playlist bookmark, it appears in the "Recent Bookmarks" menu as another entry, rather than just update the original entry. Any idea what's going on ther?
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23:47:13 Join byteframe [0] (~byteframe@unaffiliated/byteframe)
23:49:11 Join [Franklin] [0] (
23:49:49[Franklin]ok... foolsh uploaded a new patch set for my gerrit change, and now I want to pull it into my local branch. how do I do this?
23:57:31 Join saratoga [0] (123e1c18@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:57:40 Join foolsh [0] (
23:57:45saratogai'd like to get g#941 committed, does anyone need to look at it? Maybe kugel?
23:57:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #941 at : Introducing Targets iBasso DX50 & iBasso DX90 by Simon Rothen
23:58:14 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
23:58:28[Franklin]never mind... got it, just needed 3 rebases :)
23:58:59[Franklin]btw, saratoga, how do you set the patch set message in gerrit?

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