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#rockbox log for 2014-09-06

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00:06:55foolsh[Franklin]: I feel the "Hit a wall" message in amaze is useless info and can be axed, unless you intend to leave it in for historical accuracy.
00:07:02[Franklin]oh yeah
00:07:24[Franklin]as well as most of the other useless ones
00:07:38[Franklin]"you lose" after quitting?
00:08:02[Franklin]and update the save/load system to be simpler
00:08:12saratogayou mean the commit message? I think you just do a commit −−amend and change it
00:08:21foolshThat ones not so bad, but the other popping up when you're playing is
00:08:35[Franklin]in gerrit, when you upload a new patch set, you can change the comment message
00:08:48[Franklin]foolsh, not on quitting, I think
00:09:20saratogaassuming you mean the text explaining the commit, that is the commit message
00:09:30[Franklin]hang on...
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00:09:50[Franklin]like what foolsh did for g948, patch set 5
00:09:52fs-bluebotGerrit review #948 at : FS #8647: Amaze - 3D maze game plugin by Franklin Wei
00:09:59[Franklin]it says "updated pla handling, ..."
00:10:07[Franklin]how do you do that?
00:10:18foolshI went to the web page and added it
00:10:47saratogayou mean just posting to gerrit?
00:10:56[Franklin]it's part of the patch set comment
00:11:22[Franklin]oh... never mind :)
00:11:32[Franklin]sorry... :-[
00:11:57[Franklin]the patch set 3: thing in front of it makes it seem like you just uploaded the patch set
00:12:05[Franklin]when you uploaded it, and then commented on it
00:12:09[Franklin]never mind
00:12:57[Franklin]but i'll rework the savegame mechanism in g948 to be like the one in 2048
00:12:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #948 at : FS #8647: Amaze - 3D maze game plugin by Franklin Wei
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01:27:49[Franklin]any names for a periodic table plugin? periodic sounds to long
01:27:55[Franklin]ptable? periodic_table?
01:28:01*[Franklin] is leaning towards ptable
01:31:12foolshptable sounds naughty
01:31:23[Franklin]periodic_table then?
01:32:25[Franklin]even better
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01:39:08foolshsimple right to the point
01:39:44[Franklin]elements... of what?
01:39:57[Franklin]and now manual entry...
01:40:01gevaertsAir, water, earth and fire, of course
01:40:01[Franklin](for every plugin)
01:40:10[Franklin]that's it
01:40:20[Franklin]but wait... off-topique!
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01:46:28dunpealanyone has any idea why my "Unique Only" Recent Bookmarks menu saves multiple entries for the same playlist?
01:48:01[Franklin]ok... periodic table plugin updated and now g950
01:48:03fs-bluebotGerrit review #950 at : FS #9583 - periodic table by Franklin Wei
01:48:31[Franklin]make -j3
01:48:38[Franklin]sorry again
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01:50:15gevaertsdunpeal: that does sound a bit weird, but I don't really know...
01:50:26*gevaerts tends to use bookmarks within one directory
01:50:57gevaertsYou're definitely using one playlist, not something like auto-change directory?
01:51:16dunpealgevaerts: yes, let me get you a few more details
01:52:07dunpealgevaerts: it's a single playlist I made.
01:52:27dunpealbasically, it's a bunch of subdirectories inside a top directory
01:52:58dunpealI added them all, then saved the playlist, and then played it.
01:53:05dunpealthen bookmarked in the usual way.
01:56:05dunpealJust recreated it with a different name. Same bug.
01:56:27dunpealthis is weird. first time it happens to me.
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01:57:51*gevaerts looks at the code
01:58:41gevaertsI don't see how that can happen
01:58:55gevaertsBut then I'm not exactly familiar with that part of the code
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01:59:26dunpealgevaerts: could it be a fixed bug? I'm running latest stable
01:59:35[Franklin]which is pretty old
01:59:49gevaertsCould be, of course. Checking that is certainly worth a try
01:59:57[Franklin](we don't memorize 1+ years of commit history!)
02:00:22dunpeal[Franklin]: you don't? how disappointing
02:01:00dunpealnext you'll tell me you don't program by pricking your HD with magnetizied neeldes
02:01:22[Franklin]sorry GeekShadow
02:01:25[Franklin]sorry gevaerts
02:01:26[Franklin]wrong tab
02:01:49[Franklin](gevaerts hates having fun)
02:02:33[Franklin]and hey, that's actually a great idea
02:04:15[Franklin]and yes... the same thing works if you prick the RAM
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09:27:35wodzpamaury: (log) hwstub compiled with clang svn works correctly on rk27xx. Usb driver uses irq. This is compiled using integrated assembler. Only a few instructions in memcpy/memset/memmove needs to be changed to adhere to UAL syntax.
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10:25:07wodzpamaury: ping
10:27:11pamaurywodz: pong
10:27:25pamauryjust saw your message, that's a good piece of news
10:29:33wodzcompiling rockbox with the same setup is considerably more work as we have quite a bunch of pre-ual asm in our tree
10:30:39pamauryI think it would be a good move to just get rid of pre-ual asm
10:30:47pamauryanyway, you can disable integrated as
10:31:41wodzpamaury: I know but I support your view that this is good opportunity to move to ual syntax
10:32:06pamauryespecially since llvm has no plan to support pre-ual syntax
10:35:53wodzA bit irritating is that I can't compile current clang straight on my box since I have a bit outdated gcc here.
10:36:44pamauryoh really ? They might have started using C++1x feature in their codebase
10:37:15wodzafaik gcc 4.7 is minimum requirement (4.8) recommended
10:37:29pamauryanyway compiling clang takes ages ;)
10:37:56pamaurythat's a very recent gcc for a minimum indeed
10:38:16wodzwelcome to c++ world :-)
10:41:02pamauryC++ has been moving quite recently
10:41:11pamaury*moving fast
10:41:41pamauryit's good but it doesn't make c++ any faster to compile :(
10:42:14wodzpamaury: do you know if it is possible to tell gas to choke on pre-ual syntax?
10:42:28wodzI can't find anything related in docs
10:42:43pamaurynot that I remember, but gas is quite undocumented
10:46:23wodzpamaury: they compile it with -std=c++11 which is not supported in older gcc
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15:17:18pamaurygevaerts: do you know a source about backlight perception ? I seem to recall it's was near logarithmic
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15:35:06wodzpamaury: Look at backlight-rk27xx.c There is comment with reference how to relate percived lightness and pwm fill factor
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16:59:46[Franklin]foolsh, I can't seem to get save/load working
16:59:56[Franklin]I thought it was the file permissions, but it's not
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17:01:08[Franklin]and the save/load code is nightmarish
17:02:55*[Franklin] refers to 2048 save/load code
17:03:13[Franklin](to see how it should be done)
17:04:01[Franklin]and the filenames are right
17:04:46[Franklin]open() is returning error
17:04:51[Franklin]but why?
17:05:41foolshIt works in the target, right? not the sim
17:06:24foolshThats what I found stranger
17:06:52[Franklin]Prefs work in target, not savegame
17:07:00[Franklin]probably file permissions then
17:07:40[Franklin]the permissions for the prefs file are weird: x for user, and SUID bit
17:08:32[Franklin]so something wrong with the call to open()
17:09:27foolshI sense a rewrite coming
17:10:11[Franklin]ok fixed the prefs error
17:10:20[Franklin](using 0666 as permissions)
17:13:14[Franklin]maybe the same would work for savegame
17:14:03[Franklin]ok now it saves normally but can't load
17:14:40[Franklin]perhaps an off-by-one error?
17:16:15[Franklin]y is 39 and maxxy is 40... off-by-one!
17:17:19[Franklin]w00t! it works!
17:17:31[Franklin]needs for(y=0;y<maxxy-1;y++)
17:17:41[Franklin]stops at maxxy-1 instead of maxxy
17:18:29[Franklin]but why does this error occur?
17:18:47[Franklin](me loves+hates dirty hacks like this one)
17:20:37[Franklin]... rewrite time?
17:20:55[Franklin]now time to test on target
17:21:31[Franklin](and maybe the viewdist could be upped)
17:25:31foolshI was thinking about looking up different kinds of maze generators, that one makes boring mazes, all straight ways and little niches everywhere, not very maze like imo
17:26:30[Franklin]if you wanna implement a new one, go ahead
17:29:59foolshthe ones that maze.c makes are more more maze like
17:30:43foolshBut amaze has those thick walls not like maze.c
17:31:11foolshI suppose that doesn't really matter
17:34:08[Franklin]and I'll add a "Start new game" option to the pause menu
17:35:01foolshWhat do think about removing "Save and Quit" leaving only*
17:35:09 Quit [7] (Disconnected by services)
17:35:23foolsh"Save" saves game and "Quit" quits plugin
17:35:25 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
17:35:51foolshIt seems redundant to me
17:39:32[Franklin]yeah, did that already
17:39:54[Franklin]so now the save mechanism is pretty much like that of 2048
17:40:36[Franklin]never mind, it now has quit wo/ save and save+quit
17:40:40[Franklin]and new game
17:41:18foolshPushed to gerrit?
17:41:43[Franklin]not yet, testing
17:41:53foolshLet me help
17:42:13[Franklin]ok, commiting
17:42:55 Join CaptainKewl [0] (
17:43:19[Franklin]ok, g950
17:43:21fs-bluebotGerrit review #950 at : FS #9583 - periodic table by Franklin Wei
17:43:27[Franklin]sorry, g948
17:43:29fs-bluebotGerrit review #948 at : FS #8647: Amaze - 3D maze game plugin by Franklin Wei
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17:45:49[Franklin]here's an idea: make amaze and maze mazes compatible!
17:46:18[Franklin]now that would be awesome
17:48:16[Franklin]but maze mazes are screen-dependent
17:49:52[Franklin]so it's basically impossible :)
17:50:00[Franklin]actually, no
17:50:15[Franklin]amaze could read maze mazes, but not vice-versa
17:51:19foolshamaze mazes suck I say go with maze's mazes ,lol
17:51:30[Franklin]I agree totally
17:51:52[Franklin]I mean, in "expert" mode, it generates a massive (50-units long) hallway
17:52:55[Franklin]and here's a bug: settings map size when you have a savegame, then resuming makes a bad read
17:53:10[Franklin]so perhaps clearing the savegame when you change a setting?
17:54:56[Franklin]though it makes for some interesting mazes when you do
17:56:31foolshIt managed to create for me once a maze that had no solution on time
17:56:49foolshwhen I "cheated" it just ran back and forth between two long hallways
17:57:31[Franklin]and it seems to freeze when you cheat
17:57:35[Franklin](right before you win)
17:57:58foolshyes I see
17:58:34[Franklin]ah... showmap isn't the solver... walkleft() is!
17:59:19[Franklin]and it needs some yields in there
17:59:52[Franklin]it'll be a loong time before this gets accepted
18:01:53[Franklin]weird... adding yields() slows it down hugely
18:03:32foolshNo no.. I wouldn't there must be something else first
18:03:46 Part ZincAlloy
18:03:57[Franklin]yield makes it SLOW
18:04:40[Franklin]why not?
18:05:11foolshThink of the battery
18:05:39foolshWhy boost the cpu if there might be another way first
18:05:51[Franklin]taking out the yield() calls
18:05:57[Franklin]which is a terrible idea
18:08:10[Franklin]btw, what do I put in the copyright header?
18:08:15[Franklin](C) me?
18:08:36foolshSim still gives me "Could not save preferences" on the first "Start New Game", but not on a subsequent new game
18:09:15[Franklin]not here
18:09:34[Franklin]what target?
18:10:15[Franklin]well, that shouldn't matter
18:10:25[Franklin]have you deleted all the save files?
18:11:20[Franklin]and what about the licensing?
18:11:39[Franklin]original work is BSD by David Leonard
18:11:51[Franklin]original RB port is by Jerry Chapman
18:12:15foolshI would retain the original license and credit the original author(s) as long anyone else knows better
18:12:22foolshgevaerts: ^
18:12:44*[Franklin] summons gevaerts for enlightenment
18:13:29[Franklin]but the original FS patch has the old GPL header
18:15:16foolshThis is where you'll need to seek out others [Saint] most likely will have the correct answer
18:15:36[Franklin]and it's pretty vague, too: "<Berkeley License>" ... which one?
18:18:39[Franklin]but for that, you'll need to wait till he wakes up :)
18:18:58[Franklin]but I think gevaerts should know, too
18:19:58foolshClearing the old files did worked on the sim
18:21:24 Join dys [0] (~user@2a01:1e8:e100:8296:21a:4dff:fe4e:273a)
18:23:01[Franklin]but if it's to be commited, the licensing needs to be worked out
18:23:20[Franklin]so asking one of the devs is the best optino
18:24:21foolshYes, trust they'll let you know if it's wrong ;-)
18:25:05foolshsaving resuming works on the a real Fuze+ works too
18:25:29foolshI'm tired been up all night |-)
18:26:55[Franklin]ok good!
18:27:00[Franklin]and get some sleep!
18:27:50foolshnah, not yet
18:28:13foolshJust over look the grammer and spelling
18:28:49foolshbuilding for e200
18:29:54[Franklin]that's not a word! :)
18:31:56[Franklin]but what do you mean?
18:33:15foolshsaving resuming works on the a real Fuze+(works too) 12:25:07 PM
18:33:20foolshextra words
18:33:50foolsh12:12:17 PM
18:33:53foolshI would retain the original license and credit the original author(s) (as long anyone else knows better)
18:34:20foolshJust don't worry about it then
18:35:29[Franklin]ok cya later
18:35:33 Quit [Franklin] (Quit: Leaving)
18:36:00foolshThat was... sudden... did I offend?
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19:25:16foolshI just discovered that maze.c has no entry in the manual
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23:39:31Xerionwtf :p
23:41:48[Franklin]that's six connects/disconnects :)
23:42:34[Franklin]anyone here experienced with licensing issues?
23:48:34gevaertsfs-bluebot: what's the issue?
23:48:47[Franklin]see g948
23:48:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #948 at : FS #8647: Amaze - 3D maze game plugin by Franklin Wei
23:48:59[Franklin]the copyright header
23:49:29[Franklin]original be Jerry Chapman, port by someone else, update by me
23:52:25gevaertsSo what's the issue?
23:53:19[Franklin]here's the original copyright header:
23:54:17[Franklin]so can it be used in Rockbox?
23:55:15gevaerts"All rights reserved. <Berkeley license>" is not clear at all
23:55:36gevaerts"All rights reserved" says "no", "Berkeley license" might say "yes", depending on what exactly is meant
23:58:01[Franklin]so yes or no?
23:58:37gevaertsThe thing has an annoying name that makes it hard to find
23:58:58[Franklin]what thing?

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