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#rockbox log for 2014-09-07

00:01:48gevaerts"This software has been placed in the public domain"
00:02:20[Franklin]so it can be used in Rockbox
00:02:24gevaertsI'd document somewhere that that page says that :)
00:02:34*gevaerts bets the page will go away at some point
00:03:11[Franklin]just looks like it
00:03:49gevaertsWell, that page ( is newer than the software, so I'm interpreting that "public domain" line as overriding the comment in the source file
00:05:02[Franklin]I'll get it into
00:05:03gevaertsI'd put "Original work (C) 2000 David Leonard, public domain according to"
00:06:48gevaertsOf course the comment in the file says that the entire thing is "based on" some BASIC source code in a magazine, but I'd say it's unlikely to still be close enough to that for that to be an issue
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02:06:47*[Franklin] is looking for some way to convert ASCII guitar tab to Tonebox format
02:07:04[Franklin]... and renaming Tonebox to Tinbox
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02:08:15[Franklin]hey foolsh
02:08:27foolsh[Franklin]: o/
02:08:37[Franklin]2600box won't build :(
02:08:43[Franklin]so no space invaders ;)
02:11:18foolshIt's been awhile since I looked at that, what target?
02:11:40foolshI saw your bug report
02:30:33foolsh2600box might be a good one to PLA-ifiy
02:31:08[Franklin]but I have no idea how it works
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02:38:13[Franklin]so what does it compile on?
02:39:51foolshI had compiled it for Ipod video sim and fuze+ sim if I remember right
02:40:16foolshI lost interest quickly, the games are crap
02:41:46[Franklin]could you try it again?
02:44:07foolshSure, i'll dive into it tonight
02:44:52*[Franklin] is working on a guitar tab -> tinbox converter
02:50:27[Franklin]btw, where are you geographically?
02:52:13foolshMi, US
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02:56:43saratogacan someone test that g#941 doesn't impact building for android
02:56:47fs-bluebotGerrit review #941 at : Introducing Targets iBasso DX50 & iBasso DX90 by Simon Rothen
02:57:30[Franklin]can I build an android sim?
02:57:53[Franklin]is it an option?
02:58:00foolshActually one comes with the Andriod SDK
02:58:48[Franklin]which I'm not downloading (2GB?)
02:58:57[Franklin]My connection is slow enoguh without it :)
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03:02:04foolshJust under 400MB
03:03:30[Franklin]still big
03:03:45[Franklin](but hey, why not give app development a try?)
03:04:24[Franklin]but no NDK support :( so no C
03:05:03foolshNo, you can install the ndk-sdk
03:05:21[Franklin]not with android studio
03:05:27[Franklin]I'm gonna use that
03:05:30[Franklin]not ADT
03:06:17foolshIck, IDEs
03:06:38*[Franklin] loves emacs
03:08:41foolshThe ndk is just a library and is an integral part of android dev, there IS some way to added it to android studio, but I'm not doing your homework
03:09:57[Franklin]TBH, I don't care about android :)
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03:13:31foolsh[Franklin]: is all you need for rockbox as an app for android
03:14:13[Franklin][Saint] knows everything :)
03:18:29foolsh[Franklin]: I've elevated your privileges at my redmine site, you can do and see a little more now
03:18:38[Franklin]woohoo :)
03:18:54[Franklin]and btw, your site is /FAST/
03:19:08[Franklin](have you considered getting a .tk domain? they're free)
03:20:34foolshSo was the one I have , whats the difference? Top level domain?
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03:21:27[Franklin]I have
03:21:31[Franklin]nothing on there
03:21:41foolshRight, I'll look around, any how topic
03:22:15[Franklin]ok :)
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03:38:39foolsh[Franklin]: which ipod?
03:38:48[Franklin]classic 6g
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04:00:09foolsh[Franklin]: For some reason rb_keyb.c was empty, not sure what happened try g#662 again now
04:00:11fs-bluebotGerrit review #662 at : box - An Atari2600 emulator for color targets by Benjamin Brown
04:00:45[Franklin]ooh yay fun
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04:21:29foolsh[Franklin]: PLA could work on 2600box if we throw out console reset
04:24:27*[Franklin] hasn't looked at that yet
04:24:32[Franklin]but it builds
04:29:55[Franklin]I'm sad to inform you that it doesn't work on iPod :(
04:29:57[Franklin]keymaps suck
04:30:05[Franklin](as always) :)
04:31:20foolshOf course
04:31:53foolshfile a bug report
04:32:27[Franklin]getting late
04:32:30[Franklin]too tired
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06:32:38foolshPerforming necromancy on some old plugin code. I see "inline void extern function(void) {foo;}" in my c file and "extern void f(void);" in my header file, that is backwards?
06:38:12jhMikeSwhere is that? maybe inline locally but inline extern?
06:39:34foolshLine 50 of
06:39:55foolsh38 of
06:42:25foolshTrying to resolve collision.c:50:1: warning: ‘extern’ is not at beginning of declaration [-Wold-style-declaration]
06:42:47foolshThe whole thing is nightmarish
06:44:33jhMikeSget rid of extern on a definition, it makes no real sense
06:45:01foolshThought so thanks
06:50:31foolshvmachine.c:256: undefined reference to `reset_collisions'
06:50:41foolshI see why he did that th efirst way, I should move the function to the header and call " reset_collisions ();"
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07:01:38jhMikeSI don't know. inline shouldn't bother it, don't make it static
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08:23:55rouingHello. I was wondering, does rockbox support multiple tags? Lets say Artist being Au5; Rouge
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09:25:16[Saint]Nope. No. It does not.
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14:14:31ploco[Saint]: I've clean up the codes and add Haas Surround to g#922
14:14:34fs-bluebotGerrit review #922 at : three new DSPs (WIP) by Chiwen Chang
14:14:49plocoso, have fun!
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17:15:06foolsh[Franklin]: I had some progress with 2600box but not much, works in the sim (for a minute or two), but I find it difficult to assign keys to the ipod's controls in a sane manner without leaving somethings out, like 'exit' and 'system option'
17:15:19[Franklin]ok good
17:15:25[Franklin]but I gotta go now
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19:07:20foolsh[Saint]: g#922 - Compiling for target Fuze+ error ->
19:07:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #922 at : three new DSPs (WIP) by Chiwen Chang
19:07:30foolshCan I increase IRAM?
19:10:59foolshOr is this a limitation of the imx233
19:15:19pamauryfoolsh: this is a limitation of imx233
19:15:22pamaurydon't use iram for dsp
19:17:12foolshhey o/ haven't seen you around
19:17:41pamauryactually, I really wonder if I shouldn't disable iram use entirely except for a few internal bits, because it's way too small
19:17:53pamauryI have been very busy recently
19:18:03pamauryand still am (writing my phd thesis)
19:18:21foolshAh good luck with that, either way I'll leave a note on gerrit for him
19:19:15ZincAlloyinstalled rockbox on my phone yesterday. I'm having troubles finding the SD-Card and .rockbox in the file system. do I need root access for this?
19:19:20 Join trampel [0] (
19:22:19foolshSorry ZincAlloy I wouldn't know, [Saint] would, but he's not around right now
19:22:39ZincAlloyno worries, he'll be back in time
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21:00:17pixelmaZincAlloy: you don't need root access and the folder you need to find is "rockbox" (without the dot)
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21:04:56ZincAlloyah. thanks. not much in it though
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21:39:06chrisbis there a repo for patches to give audio lineout for a sansa dock?
21:39:47[Franklin]probably not
21:40:36[Franklin]Rockbox doesn't like docks... especially iPod ones
21:41:52[Franklin](ipod classic at least)
21:43:32copperthe lineout works on the Classic with Rockbox
21:43:47copperyou just have to enable it in the preferences
21:43:53[Franklin]Sorry, I meant line in
21:43:59[Franklin]the 4-pin headphone jack
21:44:08[Franklin]ok, back to chrisb's question: no
21:44:23[Franklin]<chrisb> is there a repo for patches to give audio lineout for a sansa dock?
21:44:26copperthe TRRS socket is for headphone remotes
21:44:46[Franklin]that doesn't work
21:44:49copperthat's not a line-in
21:45:01[Franklin]ok... you know what I mean
21:45:39[Franklin]but that doesn't work, but the line out does?
21:45:59*[Franklin] has never cared much about audio... at least not "normal" audio
21:46:11[Franklin]instead, I've been fooling around with the piezo
21:47:54[Franklin]chrisb, what dock is it?
21:49:06[Franklin]if it's not in Rockbox already, chances are that such a repo does not exist
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22:01:43wodzpamaury: There are a few categories of issues regarding compiling rb with clang (with internal assembler) - 1) pre-UAL asm 2) some asm macros evaluation 3) non asm statements in naked functions are forbidden 4) struct dirsab definition in dircache.c (conditional definition of array in struct) 5) core_asmdefs.h has @ after macro definition which clang doesn't like after expansion 6) missing __aeabi_* functions definitions (aliases) 7) clang em
22:01:43wodzits .ARM.exidx section which needs to be discarded in our case
22:03:38 Quit y4n (Quit: MOTHER EUROPA CALLING ME!)
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22:20:05pamaurywodz: ok, I guess we are good for fixing those ;)
22:20:17 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
22:22:46wodzpamaury: I am not sure what to do with asm macros. ldrb \inv, [\inv, #.L_udiv_est_table-.-64] - clang doesn't like the offset (error says offset must be const)
22:23:32wodzpamaury: I am not so sure what to do with dircache.c conditional array size in struct
22:24:04pamauryhum, I should have a look at the code, out of the blue I don't even remember what it does !
22:24:31pamaurythe conditional is known at compile time ?
22:25:17chrisb[Franklin]: this patch
22:25:39pamaurywodz: I'll check this tomorrow, I'm going to bed now
22:25:41chrisbi have one failing chunk when i apply to git-master
22:26:19[Franklin]it /is/ 3 years old
22:26:38wodzpamaury: nop, struct sab_component stack[issab ? DIRCACHE_MAX_DEPTH : 1]; where issab is the param to this function
22:27:04[Franklin]hence it not applying cleanly
22:27:16pamaurywodz: ah I see, that's a gcc extension
22:27:30[Franklin]chrisb, what hunk does it fail on?
22:28:34wodzpamaury: core_asmdefs.h generation is also not trivial as it is single line of perl magic
22:32:49chrisb[Franklin]: 1st file, 2nd hunk void audiohw_set_master_vol(int vol_l, int vol_r) has been changed to void audiohw_set_volume(int vol_l, int vol_r) in the latest git pull
22:33:03[Franklin]so apply it manually
22:33:32[Franklin]take audiohw_set_volume and change it's contents to match the patch
22:38:42 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
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22:56:29rojhello and help! i've managed to mess up my sansa fuze v1 and now can't get the sansa OF to run. the error message is that the fat partition is corrupt. i have a working fuze v1 of the same size. i was wondering if i could use linux dd to image that 8gb fuze to the messed up fuze. linux and windows both see the messed up fize as a drive (rockbox can be installed on it and runs). thoughts?
23:00:35 Quit [Franklin] (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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23:08:56jhMikeSroj: or do a dd image of the broken one and try to repair it
23:10:33rojjhMikeS: i can do a dd image of the broken beastie but i have absolutely no concept on how to repair it. the method outlined by me takes that ignorance into consideration :) how would i repair that image?
23:12:30rojjhMikeS: i saw this link: but i mentions FOUR partitions. yikes!
23:12:40jhMikeSthere's something called TestDisk that might work but I've not used it
23:13:03rojsec... lemme look for it
23:13:43 Quit ygrek (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:13:56jhMikeSI broke my clipv1 and just dd'ed it, mounted it, formatted the player and then dumped everything back (then kept a boot sector handy till I found the issue)
23:15:11rojah, this thingy: the additional info i did not mention (my bad) is that i tried to remove all partitions using gparted. it only found one partition though. then i reinstalled rockbox successfully and it ran. the problem is getting the sandisk stuff back.
23:16:26 Quit Epakai (Quit: Epakai)
23:17:10jhMikeSroj: probably a bad idea to just start removing stuff :\
23:17:20rojalso, it takes dd forever to image the working fuze - like a couple of hours for 8gb. hoping the usb connection holds up for the return shot tpo the damaged fuze. usb is pretty poor for the v1 fuze.
23:18:03rojtrue dat on the removing stuff but the partition was already giving me massive error messages so i didn't think i had much to lose. i was quite obviously wrong
23:21:25jhMikeSdepending on the actual damage and (hopefully) everything exists at the same place, you could just dd boot sectors, making a backup first of what's there
23:21:31 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
23:22:38rojgood point. certainly a lot safer than jumping off the cliff and building the boat on the way down hoping for water
23:23:14jhMikeSroj: maybe wait and someone with more specific knowledge about that player make better suggestions
23:23:47rojthat too - however you've been a help. at least i can see i'm going in more or less the right direction
23:24:51 Quit Xerion (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:25:09jhMikeSroj: personally, I don't know that since I'm not present to assess it all :)
23:25:56rojlol - dair enough
23:26:03rojer, fair
23:26:39jhMikeSroj: at least with a backup, you can undo stuff so you're at worst back to the current state
23:28:09rojso, just a backup of the boot sectors then?
23:28:41 Join chrisb [0] (
23:28:57chrisbdo the sansa lineout patches risk bricking the device?
23:29:12chrisb[Franklin]: thanks
23:29:23[Franklin]anything could brick it
23:29:29[Franklin]but o
23:30:14chrisb[Franklin]: leaving the bootloader alone should reduce the risk, right?
23:30:39[Franklin]just kidding... you have about 0.00000001% chance of bricking it by using the patch
23:30:59[Franklin]so play around
23:33:17 Join xorly [0] (
23:41:23 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:42:22 Quit Zagor (Quit: Leaving)
23:44:35[Saint]ZincAlloy: define don't work, from *-community
23:45:08ZincAlloyI select a font, it says "loading" and then nothing happens
23:45:42[Saint]Might sound odd, but see if it applies after a reboot.
23:45:56[Saint]Just force kill the fucker.
23:45:57ZincAlloygood idea
23:46:06 Quit simabeis (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:46:56 Quit knitt1 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:47:20ZincAlloynope. I'll try some regular fonts next..
23:47:54 Quit WakiMiko (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:48:04 Join simabeis [0] (
23:49:09[Saint]It may be that extraction failed in some hilarious way.
23:49:23[Saint]I should upload a more user friendly archive.
23:49:52[Saint]That zip is crushed HEAVILY with some trickery everything except 7zip seems to choke on.
23:50:28[Saint]Rather surprised I didn't see any "this archive is broken!!!1!" posts actually.
23:50:40[Franklin]with the !!!1!
23:50:50 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 33.0/20140902214533])
23:51:09ZincAlloyI opened it with 7zip I believe
23:51:23ZincAlloyor some 7zip derivate for osx
23:51:41[Saint]Ah. Hmmm.
23:51:47[Saint]No idea then.
23:52:03ZincAlloyyup, it's the fonts
23:52:58[Saint]Weird. Using them on my device with head literally right this very second.
23:53:09 Join knittl [0] (
23:53:09 Quit knittl (Changing host)
23:53:09 Join knittl [0] (~knittl@unaffiliated/knittl)
23:53:21ZincAlloyweird indeed
23:54:43ZincAlloylet me try them on my clip zip
23:55:19ZincAlloynot working either.
23:55:49ZincAlloyeither something went wrong when I unpacked them or anti aliased fonts are broken in current builds
23:55:51 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:57:26[Franklin]wow... 62.5 MB for a font
23:57:30[Saint]I'm a couple of commits behind now that I check. Its possible. I'll have a look this evening.
23:57:30[Franklin]one font
23:57:54[Saint]That's several thousand 50px high glyphs ;)
23:58:59[Saint]GNU Unifont has always been huge. But this conversion process does it no favors either.
23:59:00chrisbfails to compile on undefined reference to tenthdb2master()

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