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#rockbox log for 2014-09-10

00:00:08[Franklin]nor is it anywhere else... *PANIC*
00:00:27copperthere's always eBay
00:00:31[Franklin]and redirects to ipod :O
00:00:38[Franklin]it's over!
00:00:40copperway ahead of you, pal!
00:00:46copper20:10:30 UTC <copper> anyway, looks like the iPod Classic is finally out of production
00:00:49copper20:10:44 UTC <copper> redirects to and the Classic isn't listed
00:01:00*[Franklin] doesn't read the backlogs
00:01:27[Franklin]hey but there's still a picture of it here:
00:01:28copperI wonder if they'll keep the battery replacement program running for a while
00:02:17coppermakes me want to make a new theme for the Classic
00:02:23copperI need a new idea
00:03:14coppera new idea for a theme
00:03:21[Franklin]yeah... what is it?
00:03:40copperI don't have one
00:03:50copperwhich is why I said "I need one"
00:04:01[Franklin]oh... didn't read carefully enough
00:06:30*[Franklin] needs to recreate all the other games for ipod in rockbox
00:06:43[Franklin]so tower defence first
00:09:26*[Franklin] expects this to be possible in rockbox:
00:10:15[Franklin]or just some type of racing game
00:12:38[Franklin]and poker
00:12:42[Franklin].. and zuma
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00:35:32foolshWouldn't that be infringing on someones copyrights?
00:36:06[Franklin]call it "ruma" or something similar, and make the game different enough
00:41:34*foolsh nods
00:43:27foolshSleeping schedule was all flipped around lately, haven't talked to you in a day or two
00:45:27foolshOr "zoomah" lol
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02:12:41ZincAlloy[Saint], I found out earlier today what caused the troubles I was having browsing through lists with your theme. It was the %?Lt<> tag in your sbs. I can't select the top most items when it's activated.
02:13:23[Saint]Yeah, and we don't have a "back one" or "up one level" touch area.
02:13:29[Saint]But...back buttons.
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02:13:49[Saint]The .sbs was just something I was pissing around with anyway.
02:14:36[Saint]I may well end up caving in and adding an "up one/back" touch area, though.
02:14:40[Saint]Its trivial to add.
02:14:42ZincAlloymine came out quite nice. It may need more buttons in lists.. gotta make up my mind about it
02:14:46[Saint]I'm just lazy, and busy.
02:15:30ZincAlloyis there a reason why there is no action assigned to long presses on the back button? it could be quite useful.
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12:22:54wodzpamaury: Do you have an idea how to test lowlevel part of bulk transfer in rk27xx usb driver? I mean to check if we are able to push/pop arbitrary data over pipe without interacting with higher level code.
12:25:20foolshgevaerts: What syntax does the gigabeat f/x save it's touchpad sensitivity setting to in the config file, if you know off the top of your head? or anyone else who knows
12:25:27foolsh I'm asking because I'm working on the manual but don't have a gigabeat f/x to check against
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12:36:24foolshI'm looking at normal/high here, but I'd like to know if its, 0/1, true/false, or whatever since its boolean, I'd just like to be sure before I commit
12:44:34pamaurywodz: edit hwstub ? create stub driver in rockbox ?
12:45:46pamauryI don't have much time right now to discuss this
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13:38:34foolsh g#954 Anyone who can review this? I'm pretty sure now its normal/high for the gigabeat fx
13:38:37fs-bluebotGerrit review #954 at : Rockbox Manual - Gigabeat FX and Fuze+ Touchpad Config Appendix by Benjamin Brown
13:44:18gevaertsfoolsh: you could try in the sim
13:46:50foolshWould that work? It doesn't for the fuze+ but I'll have a go at it, thanks
13:47:12*gevaerts isn't sure
13:47:23gevaertsIf not, I should be able to check later today
13:47:44*foolsh tries it out
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13:57:00foolshgevaerts: Ok cool it worked, and yeah its (normal / high)
13:57:09wodzpamaury: One difference between rb rk27xx usb driver and of rk27xx usb driver is that we discard d cache for the whole buffer at once while of discards the portion of the single chunk of transfer
13:58:11wodzpamaury: there is also bit in udc irq register which is marked as reserved in datasheet while used in OF
14:10:19foolshAfter some simplifying and changes to the conditionals #954 is *really* ready this time
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16:16:33ideasman42Hey, Question about rockbox. Is there some way bookmarks can be removed, when I delete a file?
16:16:53ideasman42currently I can delete some file, but the bookmarks to it remain
16:17:09ideasman42even if it had to be run manually, a way to cleanup bookmarks would be nice
16:44:33dfktideasman42, you could probably configure the disktidy plugin to clean bookmarks, or write a lua script
16:44:59ideasman42dfkt, does rockbox run lua'
16:45:10ideasman42ah cool
16:45:16ideasman42dfkt, are you a rockbox developer?
16:45:30dfktnope, innocent bystander ;)
16:45:47ideasman42ah oki, was thinking could donate for it...
16:45:59dfkti think you can, on the website
16:45:59*gevaerts isn't sure dfkt is *that* innocent :)
16:46:14ideasman42assume such a feature would be <$500
16:46:28dfktwell, gevaerts, maybe i contributed one or the other bug ;)
16:47:36ideasman42it could be an option, refresh bookmakes (on-delete / on-boot / never)
16:47:57gevaertsI'd say that's work for a plugin
16:48:09ideasman42does rockbox have hooks/
16:48:19ideasman42could I hook into a delete event?
16:48:27ideasman42(to know when a files been deleted)
16:48:45gevaertsWell, not from a plugin. It might be possible from the core
16:49:21gevaertsThe thing is that you either have to maintain a global index of all bookmark files and the audio files referenced in them, or you have to scan every time
16:49:39ideasman42right, it would scan the entire drive I suppose
16:49:51ideasman42which Is why I was thinking of doing it on-delete
16:50:02ideasman42since that is quite logical and no need to scan
16:50:17ideasman42- if you remove a file, why would you want to keep a bookmark to it?
16:50:28ideasman42maybe it could just be an option
16:50:31gevaertsYes, the reason for this is easy and obvious :)
16:50:39gevaertsThe tricky bit is how to do it
16:50:51ideasman42[Delete bookmarks with audii]
16:51:18gevaertsAlso, it's not just a matter of deleting bookmark *files*
16:51:53gevaertsYou could easily have a bookmark file for a directory, and then delete some files in that directory. The bookmark file now contains some still valid bookmarks and some invalid ones
16:52:24ideasman42so it would have to look inside the bookmark file?
16:52:29ideasman42and remove entries?
16:52:36gevaertsIdeally yes, I'd say
16:53:14ideasman42gevaerts, are you a dev?
16:53:31ideasman42grabbing rockbox code now...
16:53:33gevaertsWell, you have to look inside *anyway*, to see if your deleted file is there at all
16:53:50gevaertsI'm a committer, yes
16:54:03ideasman42gevaerts, would you do this feature for some payment?
16:54:37gevaertsNo. I'm not looking for work :)
16:54:48ideasman42tsk, me neither
16:54:59gevaertsYou don't need a committer though
16:55:09ideasman42still, if I sent a few $100 - could I make it worth your time?
16:55:49ideasman42rockbox is way ahead of anything else I used, and its basically perfect for me, except this one issue
16:56:10ideasman42I dont mind footing the bill if it fixes for everyone else too :)
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17:07:40ideasman42looked into code, probably this is weekend task
17:07:53ideasman42will try this weekend.. or next
17:07:56 Quit ideasman42 (Quit: Ex-Chat)
17:07:59gevaertsideasman42: maybe you should start a discussion in the "feature ideas" section on the forums
17:08:02 Join bughunter2 [0] (~jg@unaffiliated/bughunter2)
17:08:03foolshideasman42: perhaps you should post in the feature ideas section of the forums, and if you want to offer a bounty mark it there and see if someone will take the job
17:08:10foolshcrap fast that one
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22:44:36TheSeven[Saint], kugel: I think wodz ran into the same issue while trying to push his patch for the patch ;)
22:46:31TheSeven[Saint], wodz: to clarify, only the patch cleaned up by wodz did fail on my classic, not my original. didn't have time to investigate yet.
22:46:41TheSeven[Saint]: did wodz's version work on yours?
22:47:45TheSevenwodz (for the logs): I think a millisecond should be a safe timeout for all of those busy loops. they're designed to wait for an in-flight transmission on the bus to finish etc.
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23:22:50[Saint]TheSeven: I should clean up my gerrit comments.
23:23:27[Saint]It turns out I ballsed it up completely by A: installing a wrong binary on N2G, and B: not testing USB connectivity thoroughly.
23:23:36[Saint]I _can_ reproduce your USB hard lock.
23:23:50[Saint]But only approximately 1 in 10 plugs.
23:25:03[Saint]My N2G testing is /completely/ irrelevant, as I ended up re-installing an all-in-one patched binary you sent me an age ago.
23:26:57[Franklin]Is there any way to edit Gerrit comments?
23:28:47[Saint]Technically we /could/ prod a Swede to scrub the comment and then re-post, but, its not worth the effort.
23:29:00[Franklin]LOL a swede
23:29:09[Saint]Well, they are Swedes.
23:29:17[Saint]From Sweden, no less.
23:29:19[Franklin]Who are they?
23:29:26[Franklin]definitely badger
23:29:29[Franklin]and zagor
23:30:07[Saint]Typically "the Swedes" would refer to the big three. Bagder, LinusN, and Zagor.
23:30:15*gevaerts isn't aware of any Swede named badger
23:30:19[Saint]LinusN isn't particularly active, though.
23:30:20[Franklin]Badger :P
23:30:48[Franklin]git deal
23:30:50[Franklin]big deal
23:30:58*gevaerts isn't aware of any Swede named Badger
23:31:01[Saint]bagder bagder bagder bagder mushroom mushroom.
23:31:23*[Franklin] is about to get kicked... He can sense it
23:36:31ZincAlloya disturbance in the force?
23:37:37[Franklin] /s/force/Force/
23:38:10foolshIt's usually quit civil here until right about 5:30 every week day
23:38:29*[Franklin] wonders why
23:38:38[Franklin]force disturbance?
23:42:35 Quit crose (Quit: Leaving)
23:43:07[Saint]ZincAlloy: a little heads up, I think with Rockbox on Android, having very large short press touch areas is a pretty big usability issue.
23:43:38[Saint]You _really_ want long press activiation on such large touch areas that are going to be potentially pressed accidentally often.
23:43:44ZincAlloyright. you might hit it accidentally
23:43:54*[Saint] has found this one out with trial and error and a lot of being bitched at.
23:44:18*ZincAlloy doesn't use playlist view anyway...
23:44:40[Saint]This is one of the reasons I tried hiding everything away in an overflow menu. ;)
23:45:33ZincAlloymy approach is a little different
23:45:53ZincAlloyeverything but the stop button and tiny cover art should be easy to touch
23:46:15[Saint]I really like the pitch screen icon, btw.
23:46:25[Saint]You have a way with aesthetics that I do not.
23:46:45[Saint]We really need to collaborate some day.
23:47:08[Saint]I guess, technically speaking, we have. Just multiple years apart. ;)
23:47:17ZincAlloyI needed an icon. I googled for pitch icons. found a picture of a pitch fork. so I made the most basic pitch fork icon I could come up with out of the letters U and i :D
23:47:24ZincAlloyyeah. far out.
23:48:00ZincAlloywhat we really need is a theme that will scale nicely to any screen size
23:48:12[Saint]I haven't actually looked at the code, can the progressbar be disabled?
23:48:36ZincAlloyno, the greyed out bar is part of the backdrop
23:48:52ZincAlloybut you could comment out the blue part.
23:49:15[Saint]Errr, why did I say progressbar...ummm...words...English...fuck.
23:49:25ZincAlloystatus bar?
23:49:46[Saint]Can the _statusbar_ be disabled? ;)
23:49:47 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 33.0/20140902214533])
23:50:07ZincAlloyno, I should add this..
23:50:15[Saint]In older Android versions, you'll end up with two status bars.
23:50:34[Saint]In newer Android versions, you'll have Rockbox go fullscreen and Android drop into immersive mode.
23:50:40[Saint]And again, have two ststus bars.
23:51:02[Saint](but the immersive mode one will be hidden until you swipe down from the top)
23:51:38ZincAlloyI'm on 4.3. didn't cause any issues
23:52:09[Saint]but the statusbar still surely draws overtop of the theme one, yes?
23:52:18[Saint]or have you not discovered immersive mode yet?
23:52:38ZincAlloyit goes fullscreen and I can swipe down the android one I think.. let me try
23:52:48[Saint]right, that's it.
23:52:59[Saint]I didn't personally see the point in doubling up on info here.
23:53:06[Saint]but, that's me.
23:53:08[Saint]and you're you.
23:53:49ZincAlloythat way I don't need to swipe it down to see it. and honestly I dind't even consider this when I came up with it
23:54:02[Saint]I "solved" this issue by relying on Androids statusbar and volume overlays entirely.
23:54:23[Saint]s/solved/avoided/...whatever. ;)
23:54:27ZincAlloycan you keep it on screen permanently?
23:55:05[Saint]There _is_ a way to say "hey, Android, don't do immersive on fullscreen"
23:55:15ZincAlloyspeaking of swipes: swiping would make navigating trhough the menus even more pleasant
23:55:17[Saint]but I'm unsure if that would be universally wanted.
23:55:25[Franklin][Saint]: what do you mean in your comment on g910?
23:55:28fs-bluebotGerrit review #910 at : Improved viewers.config by Franklin Wei
23:55:31[Saint]We can do swipe gestures in a very tricky way.
23:55:34[Franklin]"The display of viewer icons is deeply broken."
23:55:41[Saint]Its something I've been playing with.
23:55:47[Franklin]in this patch? or in rockbox itself?
23:55:57[Saint]In rockbox itself.
23:56:01[Saint]It has been for years.
23:56:12[Saint]Maybe it never worked.
23:56:14[Saint]I dunno.
23:56:22[Saint]Its always been broken in my experience with it.
23:56:28[Saint]...5 years?
23:56:30gevaertsThat's easy to find out :)
23:56:32[Saint]something like this.
23:57:29ZincAlloyI basically copied android's screen structure for my theme. kinda looks like a bastard child of android and windows phone, eh?
23:57:37[Saint]It has always /mostly/ worked, but if you try to do a custom viewers.icons, it'll almost always get something hilariously wrong.
23:57:55[Saint]And some viewers icons are just plain wrong, despite the code seemingly agreeing.
23:58:10[Saint]Torne looked into it many, many, many moons ago.
23:58:14ZincAlloyspeaking of icon sets: the really huge ones you shared with me didn't work on target
23:58:23[Saint]Pretty sure he recoiled in horror and just said 'fuck it' though.
23:58:28[Saint]likely paraphrasing.
23:58:59[Saint]ZincAlloy: quite probably overflowed the buffer.

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