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#rockbox log for 2014-09-12

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01:09:43[Saint]What decides if a target gets HAVE_TC_RAMCACHE?
01:10:59[Saint]perhaps my build on the color is too old.
01:11:16[Saint]I can find lots of stuff /checking/ if HAVE_TC_RAMCACHE is defined.
01:11:22[Saint]But only one place defining it.
01:11:28[Saint]And, that's commented out.
01:12:34*[Saint] thinks he's found it and pokes around a little
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01:28:23saratoga[Saint]: gone with the file system rework, at least for now
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01:30:26[Franklin]foolsh, so have you considered what a "simple" mode might add/take away?
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01:37:37*[Franklin] thinks that the whole system menu under settings->general should be removed
01:38:14[Franklin]but that everything affecting audio playback should be kept
01:38:52foolshWe could start another project at and gather ideas
01:39:04foolshI started an outline for another idea I got from [Saint] about a build farm for testers
01:40:38foolshI got permission from bjorn to use the build server scripts he says they're GPLv3
01:48:09ZincAlloy[Franklin], I'd keep in LCD brightness settings
01:51:06[Franklin]oh yeah
01:51:12ZincAlloyfrom the playback settings I'd keep Shuffle, Repeat and FF/Rew speeds
01:51:16[Franklin]and LCD
01:51:23[Franklin]so timeout/etc
01:51:59[Franklin]But not the whole display menu
01:52:11[Franklin]Codepage,etc. is too... overwhelming?
01:52:20[Saint]Well...holy shit. How did I let that slip through?
01:52:24[Saint]Fuck me. Grrrrrr.
01:53:07[Franklin]System menu: take everything out but keyclick and car adapter mode
01:54:21[Franklin]maybe take out the database?
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01:54:36ZincAlloySound Settings should be volume, max vol limit, Bass, Treble, Crossfeed, equalizer and compressor. The last three should only contain presets.
01:55:02[Franklin]try to make it as much like OF as possible, essentially?
01:55:04ZincAlloyI'd keep in the database. but set everything so that the user won't have to do anything to enable it.
01:55:28[Franklin]Theme menu we can keep as is
01:55:41[Franklin]But how about manage settings?
01:55:41[Franklin]Maybe just "save"
01:55:58ZincAlloywe simply supply one good theme and that's it.
01:55:59[Franklin]So you can only have one preset at a time
01:56:33[Franklin]Nooo... people like RB because of the themes
01:56:53[Franklin]Maybe install all the "good" themes: 4+ stars
01:57:28ZincAlloyor pick a handful of good ones
01:57:38[Franklin]yeah, probably that
01:58:44ZincAlloymanage settings could be "save settings" and "load settings", right..
01:58:49[Franklin]definitely cabbie
01:58:59[Franklin]and reset to prevent screwups
01:59:22foolshI would lean toward a revamp UI with only static graphics like some/most commercial firmwares, maybe use coverflow-ish type animations - If I leaned one way or the other at all
01:59:25ZincAlloyif there can be screwups, we failed :D
02:00:09[Franklin]Well, I have some work that needs doing, sorry
02:00:28ZincAlloyalright :)
02:00:52foolsh[Franklin]: get to work!
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02:01:29ZincAlloyI wouldn't include themes that are copies of original firmwares..
02:01:35foolshI've heard the argument that roakbox was made to be listened to nd not looked
02:01:51foolshrockbox* and*
02:02:21ZincAlloybullshit if you ask me :D
02:03:02ZincAlloyyou can listen to music with any original firmware
02:03:03foolshWell, beauty can and should be experienced through all senses
02:03:44foolshNumber one statement I hear everytime I show rockbox off is "It's ugly"
02:04:07ZincAlloywhich theme?
02:04:34foolshIts the text menu that turns them off
02:04:56ZincAlloyisn't apple doing the same thing?
02:05:23*foolsh shrugs "IDK"
02:05:44ZincAlloyI believe their menus are text based
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02:14:43foolshNot counting the ipod with text menus, most other players use some form of graphic for the menus, and I think people are just accustomed to having that
02:16:03ZincAlloyyeah, big icons..
02:16:47ZincAlloyI never felt they added much to the user experience
02:17:00ZincAlloyif anything, they made navigation harder
02:17:37foolshRight I guess you can't tell where you are relative to anywhere else
02:18:23foolshscrolling through every menu just to see whats inside
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02:27:32ZincAlloyapple got it right. they left away the unnecessary icons
02:27:46ZincAlloymaking the device easier to use
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02:48:27[Saint]It seems at some point we lost tagcache RAM.
02:48:49[Saint]If anyone that's not me wants to bisect that...go nuts.
02:48:59[Saint]3.13 good; HEAD bad.
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03:00:15[Franklin]ok foolsh: some of the barely-functional plugins should defintely be disabled for the "simple" edition
03:00:30[Franklin]md5sum, for example
03:00:42[Franklin]and settings_dumper
03:00:58[Franklin]and of course test plugins should be disabled
03:02:11foolshI would say maybe all the plugins that need exta files or were legally in the grey
03:03:03[Franklin]but most of the other games
03:03:13[Franklin]well, it's late now, so gnite!
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03:08:47foolshThat kid has a lot of energy
03:09:17foolshIf we can somehow train harness and focus that energy
03:14:41foolsh[Saint]: I found where it's removed I think
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09:37:39wodzpamaury: What is this UNRECOGNIZED stuff?
09:37:53wodzor more precisely what should be there?
09:51:03pamaurywodz: that's normal, these are hwstub specific descriptors
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11:42:30[Saint]Aaaaaaand, back.
11:42:38[Saint]This house is now 90% Arch.
11:42:48*gevaerts pushes [Saint] to the other channel
11:43:07[Saint]whoops, thanks.
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21:58:15yoooHi, I want to make some improvements to Rockbox so I got the source code and managed to build it, but now I'm trying to get an overview over the code and don't know where to start. Is there any documentation of the sourcecode that could give me a hint what file is relevant for me? Or what a given file is actually doing? Thanks
22:00:14alexbobpif you talk about what kind of improvements you want to make you might get pointers to specific parts of the code
22:00:58 Join Unhelpful [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/Unhelpful)
22:03:21yooowell, I wanted to understand the general structur first. Then I have some improvements in mind. One would be to show the number of files inside a folder in front of the foldername in the file browser.
22:04:50foolshyooo: I have an unoffical index of the source here
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22:07:26foolshYou can browse and search the repo there, not sure if thats what you mean, but the official rockbox wiki is full of helpful gems
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22:16:19foolshyooo: Basically if its something you interact with and see its in rockbox/apps/ But if its something behind the scenes (drivers, hardware definitions) then its most likely in rockbox/firmware/
22:17:27Pessimisthow did you guys manage to reverse engineer so many firmwares from different devices? is it mainly because those manufacturers gave out free firmware upgrades? I have sandisk in mind
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22:41:08funmanPessimist: there are not much differences between sandisk devices
22:42:34ZincAlloyRockbox is not a modification of the original firmwares, but a replacement, written from scratch and ported to the hardware the device has.
22:43:20ZincAlloyFrom what I understand there's not much need for reverse engineering
22:48:49foolshJust having a boot loader is enough
22:50:49foolshThe architecture of the processors is pretty much standard industry wide
22:51:04foolshAnd documented mostly
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23:13:27rojquick question: is there a ballpark date for release of 3.14? i have issues with the "previous" button and opus files (it doesn't go to the previous file but goes wherever it will) that i'm hoping is fixed. i'd run a dev build but i don't know if it's stable based in your disclaimers. the target is a fuzxe v2
23:20:14gevaertsroj: there shouldn't be major issues with the dev build, and in many respects it should be better tan 3.13
23:20:21 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:21:47ZincAlloyIs it possible to theme RaaA's widgets?
23:24:07 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:32:36foolshZincAlloy: I believe only at compile time or with a third party theme app inside android, but I'm not 100% in this
23:32:46ZincAlloyI see.
23:32:54ZincAlloyThey need work then
23:33:21 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:35:14foolshZincAlloy: There are some things that the android sdk does take of with respect to way an app is presented and such, its inside the manifest.xml I think, but again not 100% positive
23:36:35ZincAlloyI'll try to come up with a touch friendly and more neutral design..
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