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#rockbox log for 2014-09-14

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01:05:07[Franklin]foolsh: I got up/down working... though it's an ugly hack
01:05:15[Franklin]an up/down index for each element
01:05:42[Franklin]but it works! :)
01:05:50foolshyeah, cool
01:06:32foolshI'm ready to pull my hair out been on g#656 all day
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01:06:55nialv7Can anyone review this: this fix decoding of id3v2 tags for me
01:07:20[Franklin]now to get a dev to review it :)
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01:09:49foolsh[Franklin]: compiling ptable now
01:10:32ZincAlloy1who's the android widget expert here?
01:10:39byteframeall y'alls roque bocks techno-jargon is receiving for me, a woodrow wilson.
01:13:50foolsh[Franklin]: Yeah thats how i imagined it could work last night before I went to bed ;-)
01:16:41foolsh[Franklin]: That's nice! Now to write the docs and an update to the manual
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01:20:13[Franklin]foolsh: ah... stupid manual
01:23:43[Franklin]foolsh: so what should the manual entry say?
01:23:51[Franklin]"periodic table is a periodic table
01:24:39*[Saint] wonders how up-to-date it is with the newfound super-heavey elements that keep popping up
01:24:48[Franklin]yeah, me too
01:24:56[Franklin]it has everything up to 118
01:24:58[Saint]I assume its the "classical" periodic table of elements
01:25:12[Franklin]1-118, hydrogen-ununoctium
01:25:23ZincAlloy1just read the wikipedia article on perodic table for inspiration
01:25:48[Franklin]so I'll get the manual entry, and it should be ready to go
01:27:21foolsh[Franklin]: A brief description of features and controls will do, it is after all pretty much self explanatory *cough* cheat sheet for chemistry *cough*
01:27:39[Franklin]yep :D
01:28:06[Franklin]All I can think of is "Periodic table is a periodic table viewer"
01:28:10[Franklin]any ideas?
01:29:31[Franklin]but wait... the up/down isn't exactly how it should be
01:29:44[Franklin]yttrium is "up" from lanthanum
01:29:49[Franklin]which is wrong
01:32:02[Franklin]instead, yttrium should be "right" of actinium
01:32:34[Saint](Pe)(R)(IO)di(C) table.
01:32:50[Franklin]but the code doesn't allow that easily... so who cares?
01:33:20[Saint]No point in doing a period table if the relationships are wrong.
01:33:29[Saint]No point. At all. Really.
01:33:43[Franklin](instead, it has barium to the left of lanthanum
01:33:51ZincAlloy1you could simply save a picture of the periodic table
01:34:04[Franklin]and [Saint], it's just the navigation of the table that's wrong
01:34:30[Saint]ZincAlloy1: is quite correct, though, we have am imageviewer.
01:34:53ZincAlloy1I used to use it all the time for subway maps :D
01:35:06[Franklin]Just 3 elements for which it is barely wrong, and even so, it has no impact on the accuracy of the table
01:35:18[Franklin]IE, the data is all correct
01:35:25ZincAlloy1still a bug
01:35:34[Saint]A rather glaring one.
01:35:59[Franklin]woohoo time to rewrite the whole plugin :)
01:36:09[Saint]If you're going to releationships to the mix, I'd kinda expect it to get it right.
01:36:23[Saint]But, then, honestly, I sincerely doubt anyone will be consulting their DAP for a periodic table.
01:36:34*foolsh s not sure [Saint] is pushing [Franklin] to do better and improve, or just being mean ;-)
01:36:39[Saint]So I doubt anyone would notice.
01:36:57*[Franklin] thinks the latter
01:37:02[Saint]foolsh: replace mean with realistic.
01:37:33foolsh[Franklin]: "The periodic table plugin allows easy browsing and viewing of details of elements, giving a detailed output for each selection. Navigate the table using the direction keys, pressing back or exit quit the plugin" note that I've done your job ;-)
01:37:50[Franklin]Copy+paste time! :)
01:38:22[Saint]"except if you want to look at elemental relations, in which case, it'll get it wrong" ;P
01:38:45*[Franklin] finally gets what [Saint] means
01:38:51[Franklin]and agrees
01:39:08ZincAlloy1"don't blame us for your chemistry grades"
01:40:17[Franklin][Saint]: if I made lanthanum right of strontium, the behavior would be weird
01:40:32[Franklin]putting it to the left of barium just makes sense
01:40:58[Saint]Its certainly an interesting conundrum.
01:41:16[Franklin]make it feel right, or be right
01:41:26[Franklin]good,fast,cheap... choose any 2
01:41:32*[Franklin] chooses fast and cheap
01:41:51ZincAlloy1I'm for good and cheap
01:42:19[Franklin]but I could just add a special case for the back/forward keys to do that
01:42:23[Franklin]easy peasy
01:44:09[Franklin]and then the atomic numbers wouldn't be increasing by one each time
01:44:34foolshnot sure that an issue if navigation "feels right"
01:45:05[Franklin]but then the atomic numbers wouldn't be increasing over the whole table
01:46:07foolshThat how the plug was written at first but, by adding up and down that idea kinda got tossed out
01:46:23[Franklin]but also, it's really not that hard to implement
01:48:35foolshI think just having navigation "feel right" is more important than incrementally stepping through the elements, which again kinda got tossed out with Up an Down navigation, people are smart they'll know whats up
01:48:57foolshwell some are smart
01:49:34ZincAlloy1it's the not so smart people who will need this for cheating
01:49:55ZincAlloy1or the smart but lazy ones..
01:56:40[Franklin]oh yeah, wikipedia is great
01:56:46[Franklin](on rockbox)
01:57:00[Franklin]links, fast search :O
01:57:14[Franklin]I mean, that's 50GB of text to search!
01:58:20[Franklin]well, 200MB of titles to search
01:58:27[Franklin]and 300MB of redirects
01:58:34[Franklin]but still... 1 second!
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02:01:21[Franklin]foolsh: I see complaints for this design in the future :)
02:01:46foolshHow so?
02:01:54 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
02:02:22[Franklin]people will go on the forums with posts like "Periodic table design sucks!"
02:02:31[Franklin]and come on IRC and complain, too
02:03:08[Franklin]if it happens, just comment out lines 624-652 and 664-694 :)
02:05:02foolshI think the it still needs tweaked in some ways, but it is what it is, really whats to complain about
02:05:16[Franklin]how so?
02:07:07foolshBy introducing movement up and down to adjacent blocks and rolling over to the next element at the bottom or top of the same column...
02:07:32[Franklin]that's done
02:07:56foolshnow left and right feel out of place, by jumping to the next row or previous row instead of staying in the same row
02:07:57[Franklin]except one more tweak
02:08:15[Franklin]ahh... that will be rather hard to do
02:08:28foolshI know, at least as it is now
02:08:35[Franklin]but really, who cares?
02:09:00[Franklin]one time issue left with up/down, and then it should be commitable
02:15:33[Franklin]ok... it's good
02:16:30[Franklin]now just need a review+commit :)
02:17:12 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 33.0/20140908190852])
02:17:56foolsh"pressing back or exit quit the plugin" should read "pressing back or exit quits the plugin"
02:18:13[Franklin]you can do that ;)
02:18:25foolshOr even "pressing back or exit quit the plugin" should read "pressing back or exit, quits the plugin"
02:18:47[Franklin]actually, no. I'll do it
02:18:56foolshright ;-)
02:19:13*[Franklin] can be distracted very easily
02:19:13foolshuse the comma
02:19:46[Franklin]git commit -m "
02:20:26*foolsh points look [Franklin] over there −−>
02:20:32*foolsh steals [Franklin]'s gerrit task while he's not looking
02:20:38[Franklin]that's my other terminal
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02:35:44*[Franklin] slaps fs-bluebot for not existing
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02:41:40[Franklin]ah... wifi broke up
02:44:49GloomyJDI've just been testing out the ZEN X-Fi port, even at this stage of development it is nicely stable. USB is significantly more reliable than my Clip+ and Clip Zip interestingly.
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03:01:55 Join mudlord [0] (
03:02:08mudlordquestion: will the following card work on a rockboxed sansa clip zip?
03:02:26mudlordits a samsung evo 64gb
03:02:46[Franklin]most likely
03:02:55mudlordjust was making sure
03:02:56 Quit Aldem2 (Quit: Leaving)
03:03:04[Franklin]Just make sure it's FAT formatted
03:03:17mudlordand not FAT32?
03:03:20[Saint]any sdcard will work.
03:03:31 Join Aldem [0] (~Aldem@unaffiliated/aldem)
03:03:38[Saint](assuming its FAT32)
03:03:48[Franklin]yes, FAT32, not FAT16 ;)
03:03:58[Franklin](usually, when I refer to FAT, I mean FAT32)
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03:11:13foolshI'd like to talk about (full address since our bot buddy is missing) these 3 new DSPs are nice and I'd like to advocate them to the testers here, its something I'd like to see included, but with out thorough testing a patch like this might go stale
03:11:51[Franklin]I tried it a while back, it didn't work
03:11:57[Franklin]but I'm guessing it will now
03:12:16foolshIt should,I've been running it for a week now
03:12:22[Franklin]what target?
03:12:53foolshfuze+ , have a e200 but yet to test it
03:13:24[Franklin]ok, trying for ipod6g
03:13:28foolshSo go find some music you like [Franklin]
03:13:41 Nick Zambezi_ is now known as Zambezi (
03:14:27*[Franklin] has no "real" music
03:14:33[Franklin]except those tinny piezo tunes
03:14:49[Franklin]imperial march, fuer elise, etc.
03:14:53[Franklin]SMB theme :)
03:15:59[Franklin]which actually sounds decent
03:16:11[Franklin]all the others are just terrible
03:16:24[Franklin]unless [Saint] has something to say about them :)
03:18:26 Join nialv7 [0] (
03:18:54nialv7where can I find the datasheets for S5L8702?
03:21:31[Saint]AFAIK, you can't.
03:22:29drvink there is (was) for the s5l8700 here, dunno how similar they are
03:23:00nialv7[Saint], oh ok..
03:23:14foolshCould be dupulicate, as far as chip makers go, but most likely has a few more features
03:23:20[Franklin]they're slightly different, I.E., Timer C doesn't exist on 02
03:23:25*[Saint] should clarify
03:23:28[Franklin]so no DOOM without a dirty hack
03:23:37[Saint]I was assuming you mean specific to the Classic?
03:23:50[Saint]In which case, that Datasheet will be /mostly/ helpful.
03:24:02[Franklin]but as I said, it's not exactly the same
03:24:04[Saint]But, there's rather a lot of differences there as I understand it.
03:25:45drvinklooks like you'll need to ask someone for the file, as the rapidshit is dead
03:26:54[Franklin]foolsh: the 3 DSPs are nice!
03:27:16 Join mshathlonxp [0] (mshathlonx@
03:27:17nialv7or if someone could explain to me how ipod6g ata driver works, that'll be great
03:27:26[Franklin]nialv7: ask TheSeven
03:29:27foolsh[Franklin]: I freakin told ya!
03:29:36[Franklin]Haas surround is the best
03:30:17[Franklin]though I can't see what PBE does
03:30:22[Franklin]it sounds the same to me
03:30:59[Franklin]the sound just sounds different with Haas surround
03:31:03[Franklin]not with PBE
03:31:23mudlordany chance of reverb/echo or are some targets too weak for that?
03:31:32mudlordI wish I knew fixedpoint arithmetic
03:31:42[Franklin]anything is possible
03:31:47mudlordotherwise i could port some FB2K DSP code I did
03:32:14[Franklin]Is MIDI DSP'ed?
03:32:39mudlordwith FB2K? Yes, all input components feed floats
03:32:48mudlordto the DSP/output/vis
03:33:13[Franklin]no, does rockbox run MIDI output through the DSPs?
03:39:49foolshI have no idea [Franklin] test a midi out I guess
03:42:06 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
03:42:18[Franklin]hey saratoga
03:42:28saratogamidi is a plugin, so no DSP effects AFAIK
03:42:38[Franklin]so yeah, try superdom
03:42:45[Franklin](my patch for it, that is)
03:42:56saratogaassuming it compiles, i think it can go in
03:42:59saratogayou had several right?
03:43:15 Join ikeboy [0] (
03:44:33saratogathe code itself looks good, but i didn't test on target
03:44:45[Franklin]so commit and test :)
03:45:07saratogai'll push g940 now, stick around for a few in case it breaks something
03:46:01saratogahuh merge conflict?
03:46:02 Quit GloomyJD (Quit: GloomyJD Out!)
03:46:33saratogadoes it depend on the other patches?
03:46:49saratogadamn it
03:46:52saratogai didn't notice that
03:46:55saratogaok let me look over it
03:47:05[Franklin]so first whitespace cleanup
03:47:08[Franklin]then code cleanup
03:47:13[Franklin]then game improvements
03:47:47saratogaok those look fine
03:47:49saratogahere goes
03:48:57[Franklin]fingers crossed.
03:51:56saratogamudlord: fixed point is annoying but not really that hard
03:52:13saratogabasically, you call a function that does a multiply followed by a shift
03:53:45 Quit steffengy (Disconnected by services)
03:53:45 Join steffengy1 [0] (
03:58:13[Franklin]yay all green! :D
03:58:23saratogakugel, JdGordon: you guys ok with the DX50/90 port as it stands? the code looks fine to me and is reported to not break anything on Android
03:58:56saratogaand in 20 minutes we'll know if the other patches worked :)
03:59:33*[Franklin] would run a build node if he had a faster machine
03:59:39[Franklin]it's slow enough already
03:59:41 Join Strife89 [0] (
04:00:00[Franklin]so unless a raspberry pi is needed in the build farm... :)
04:01:40*[Franklin] can't contribute much
04:02:11[Franklin]what's iridium?
04:02:14[Franklin](build node)
04:02:28[Franklin]some server?
04:02:47[Saint]they're a;; "some server", technically speaking.
04:03:15[Franklin]true, but a "purpose-built server"?
04:03:27*[Franklin] 'll ask pamaury
04:04:10[Franklin]iridium took 1 second for some builds :O
04:04:22*[Franklin] can do 1 minute best with a full ccache
04:05:37saratogahas anyone benchmarked the new DSP effects in g#922? test_codec should be able to do that
04:06:26[Franklin]a plugin?
04:06:48saratogaits a viewer technically
04:06:57saratogayou have to enable the test plugins when you run configure
04:07:10saratogafor some reason everyone insisted that it not be included in all builds ages ago
04:07:20[Franklin]so speed test with dsp?
04:07:33saratogabut it lets you benchmark codecs or DSPs with different files and also will output the PCM values to a .WAV file if you want
04:07:44[Franklin]which is useful
04:08:00[Saint]Not for Joe Average it isn't.
04:08:09[Saint]And anything that doesn't end up in "what is <this>?" is a good thing, to me.
04:08:29[Saint]If you actually _want_ test_codec, reconf, its trivial.
04:08:34[Franklin]true... but for everyone else, it's great
04:08:38*[Franklin] has it
04:08:47saratogaits not super useful for the average user, but for things like testing EQ settings it can be nice
04:08:56[Saint]The thing is "everyone else" is like a half dozen people.
04:08:58[Franklin]and converting to WAV
04:09:07[Saint]Joe Average couldn;t care a fuck about codec efficiency.
04:09:30saratogatheres probably people who wouldn't mind running RMAA on a DSP effect or seeing how much slower a format or effect is but don't know how to compile
04:09:53[Saint]Good thing we have a wiki that explains it then, huh? ;)
04:10:14saratogaprovided you don't mind downloading a half gig of files at least
04:10:53[Saint]That really shouldn't be a concern in this age.
04:11:42[Franklin]what's wrong the build farm?
04:12:10[Saint]I guess the thing is, where do you stop? There's likely an argument for including every test plugin if you look carefully enough.
04:12:14[Franklin]Is it just me, or is it only building for ~12 targets?
04:12:43[Franklin]saratoga: with MP3 and Haas surround, 418% realtime
04:13:06saratogahit the "toggle" button
04:13:24saratogai'd recommend wav, but you can compare that to without that effect enabled too
04:13:36saratogaDSP overhead = with - without
04:14:08[Franklin]ahh... toggle :)
04:14:21[Franklin]but something's wrong with ares-obo
04:14:23saratogaanything else I should push while i'm here?
04:14:50[Franklin]DOOM workaround if you want
04:14:59[Franklin]and the rest of the superdom fixes
04:15:05 Join jhMikeS [0] (
04:15:07 Quit jhMikeS (Changing host)
04:15:07 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
04:15:18*[Saint] would prefer that DOOM workaround NOT go in.
04:15:28[Saint]Because that's exactly what it is, a workaround.
04:15:44saratogawhat does g#932 actually do?
04:15:58[Franklin]makes doom use the plugin timer instead of the HW timer
04:16:11[Franklin](HW timer doesn't exist on s5l8702)
04:16:16saratoga[WIP] Superdom: AI can now use nukes is no long a work in progres?
04:16:28[Franklin]Yes, it's good now
04:16:41[Franklin]I have it running on my ipod perfectly
04:17:04[Franklin]with all the patches applied
04:17:26 Nick Mir_ is now known as Mir (
04:17:36[Franklin]it's getting pretty late here, so I might leave any second
04:17:48saratogaok i applied the other patches
04:17:56saratogahmm thats going to take a while to build
04:18:05[Saint]saratoga: regarding 932, it makes bar tags update the config accordingly when that bar tag controls a setting in touchscreen targets.
04:18:11[Saint]there's another patch in thatseries.
04:18:38saratogabar tags in the WPS?
04:18:50[Saint]or SBS/FMS, yes.
04:19:15foolshwouldn't mind g#957 going in, all that whitespace makes my spidey senses tingle
04:19:19saratogai didn't know those existed
04:19:23[Saint]Id talk to mister Gordon before pushing that series.
04:19:28saratogaseems sensible, although someone who knows that code must review it
04:19:35*[Saint] nods
04:19:48[Saint]The DooM workaround I'd rather not go in.
04:19:56[Franklin]remember my massive whitespace patch? :)
04:19:58[Saint]It gives zero encouragement to fix the actual issue at hand.
04:20:19[Franklin]But for people who REALLY wanna play doom, it's there :)
04:20:27saratogai'll leave that one up to TheSeven
04:20:31saratogathat port is his mess
04:21:05[Franklin]saratoga: <−− DONT COMMIT!!!
04:21:27saratogayeah i'm not doing that
04:21:34[Franklin]what, 90KLOC :)
04:21:37saratogai dislike changing white space even if its wrong because it screws up the version control
04:21:50[Franklin]yep, that's why I abandoned it :)
04:21:55saratogathat configure thing looks ok to me, but probably someone else should comment on if we want to go around fixing it
04:22:23[Saint]ah, resolution sensitive buffer?
04:22:24[Franklin]and as [Saint] said, it's impossible to review
04:22:42[Franklin]but it's getting really late, so gnite!
04:22:44 Quit [Franklin] (Quit: Lost terminal)
04:27:40saratogaanyone understand the database well enough to answer this:,48534.msg229608/topicseen.html#msg229608
04:28:34[Saint]Everyone's been afraid to touch it for years.
04:28:49[Saint]At least the 5(?) years or so I've been around.
04:29:17foolshlooks like madshad is on his way to becoming maintainer of database no?
04:29:57foolshGive'm a nudge [Saint]
04:30:29[Saint]"This is your life now, embrace it."
04:32:08 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
04:45:20 Quit pixelma (Disconnected by services)
04:45:20 Join pixelma_ [0] (pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
04:45:21 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
04:45:22 Quit amiconn (Disconnected by services)
04:45:22 Join amiconn_ [0] (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
04:45:26 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
04:49:26 Join ivanf [0] (~ivan@unaffiliated/kferdous)
04:50:47ivanfcan a 64gb sd card be used in the clip+?
04:51:07[Saint]Assuming its correctly formatted.
04:51:22ivanfWhen you say correctly formatted.. what do you mean?
04:51:27[Saint]The standard dictates exFAT. We don't dig exFAt.
04:51:52ivanfOh okay
04:52:02[Saint](...why a standard dictates the filesystem is beyond me...but, yay...standards... :-/)
04:52:04ivanfAnything beyond 64gb though?
04:52:15[Saint]Anything up to 2TB.
04:52:24[Saint](which won't ever happen)
04:52:35ivanfHow come?
04:53:01[Saint]SanDisk has only /just/ released 512GB, and that took...over a decade?
04:53:14[Saint]I should bloody well hope that in another decade, this format is long dead.
04:53:37foolshMoore's law in reverse? lol
04:54:15[Saint]the tl;dr version is that a 512Gb card was am _amazing_ feat of engineering, and I really don't see anyone approaching 1TB in the very near future.
04:54:26[Saint]Let alone two.
04:55:28ivanfYou never know
04:56:16[Saint]We would need to turn fabrication technology on its head to get near that kind of density.
04:56:26[Saint]Current tech just doesn't allow for it.
04:57:02[Saint]I hope to God sd dies before anyone has a serious go at attempting it, though.
04:57:16[Saint]It had a good run.
05:03:29ivanfI mean why do you hate it so much
05:04:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:05:08[Saint]Carrying around sections of personal media is so...barbaric.
05:05:27[Saint]I just stream everything these days. I hope the world wakes up to this sooner than later.
05:08:19ivanfYou do understand there are places you can't always stream to right?
05:08:32ivanfAlso that nor everywhere in the world they're as connected.
05:09:59[Saint]Thankfully I don't live there.
05:10:20[Saint]Not my fault <locales> telephony and data sucks.
05:11:25[Saint]I don't really see much of a market for large format sd removable storage outside of professional digital photography (which isn't using consumer grade tech anyway)
05:11:29 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
05:12:51 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
05:12:51ivanfIn a way I think fragments are good.
05:13:09ivanfAllows me to keep diff genres if I like in diff cards
05:13:22ivanfAlso the fact that I can carry and change add or remove whatever I like
05:15:11[Saint]All of my DAPs realistically offer me far more storage than I could ever use during an "away period" from "the mothership" as it were.
05:15:34ivanfThat is true
05:15:44[Saint]I used to have this issue, as did we all, but storage progressed a lot.
05:15:54ivanfI mean atm my clip+ has only 8gb and 4gb card I added
05:15:55 Quit igitoor (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
05:16:01ivanfI would like to have a 128gb in there
05:16:48[Saint]at mp3 320, 12GB is still rather a lot of audio...
05:16:56[Saint]but I do see the point.
05:17:28ivanfI agree
05:17:37ivanfI guess we humans always want more than needed lol
05:17:52ivanfI think tbh 30gb is more than enough for an avg person
05:18:19[Saint]Mobiles put a very big hole in the DAP market.
05:18:22ivanfI bet most have never even listened to 1 song more than once, or even if they did.. they haven't listen to the other 96% of it
05:18:28[Saint]One I honestly don't see it recovering from.
05:18:30ivanfYes, that it did.
05:18:44 Join igitoor [0] (igitur@2a00:d880:3:1::c1ca:a648)
05:18:50ivanfUnless mobile actually will go for a good dap.
05:19:14ivanfI mean tbh if mobile had good battery life then it's possible
05:21:02saratogai think Google claimed something like 50 hours of music playback on a Nexus 5 in airplane mode
05:21:24saratogacompared to running the modem, i think music playback is basically free
05:22:32ivanfI'm really shocked with all these advances ... we still can't get a full 24 hours or even 72 hours with full use of everything..
05:23:23saratogayou can, you'd just have to a get larger phone battery
05:23:45saratogathey pick the battery size so that it lasts a day, and if it lasts longer than that, they shrink the battery
05:24:33[Saint]People need to trickle charge more.
05:24:48[Saint]Sitting down for a bit, see a charger? Charge. At your desk? Charge. etc.
05:24:58[Saint]In the car? know it.
05:25:50[Saint]I honestly can't remember the last time my phone went flat or I needed to budget its charge out.
05:26:31ivanfBut 48 hours with full 100% usage should be standard
05:26:49ivanfI use my GPS all day.. so I would love to get a full 48 hours out of it
05:27:53[Saint]Isn't network location essentially free and largely good enough in populated areas?
05:28:21[Saint]network triangulation can be scarily acurate.
05:28:43ivanfI mean i'm in NYC. So we're good here.
05:28:58ivanfBut even so I love having control of my music in my hand I guess
05:29:19saratogaGPS is harder, since the analog electronics required to maintain a lock on the various satellites don't really improve in power consumption much over time
05:30:13 Quit igitoor (Changing host)
05:30:13 Join igitoor [0] (igitur@unaffiliated/contempt)
05:30:37saratogayou'll need the GPS modernization program to get off the ground for that
05:35:22 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
05:47:20JdGordonsaratoga: I really don't know anything about the android port, or that one in particular
05:51:09 Join ploco [0] (dce9b7f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
05:53:27plocosaratoga: there is no test_codec for hosted target right?
06:00:06 Join goom [0] (
06:05:47 Quit goom (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
06:20:36plocomy bad. there is test_codec for Android. and here' my test result:
06:20:41plocomp3 no dsp: decode time 4.81s, file duration 285.04s, 5925.98% realtime
06:20:46plocowith pbe: decode time 8.13s, file duration 285.04s, 3506.02% realtime
06:20:52plocowith haas: decode time 8.05s, file duration 285.04s, 3540.86% realtime
06:20:52 Quit stickyb1t (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
06:20:59plocowith afr: decode time 6.81s, file duration 285.04s, 4185.60% realtime
06:21:03plocowith all three: decode time 12.41s, file duration 285.04s, 2296.85% realtime
06:44:43saratogaploco: maybe try an older version before you added those queue and dequeue steps
06:44:49saratogathey look quite costly
06:48:58saratogaif at all possible, try to take the branch instructions out of the inner loop, they will be quite painful
06:50:11plocoplease point me to the line in the codes. (branch instructions?)
06:51:19saratogaif statements
06:51:35saratogain pbe.c the queue and dequeue instructions involve multiple if statements per multiply
06:53:38plocothere are three buffers associate in that dsp. each pair of enqueue dequeue are dealing with different buffer set
06:56:00plocopatch set 18 has removed all if statement in pbe
07:01:11plocobut if you mean those inside enqueue, dequeue... its possible not to use if statement, but the code would be really ugly again
07:01:49 Join dfkt_ [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
07:01:58 Quit dfkt (Disconnected by services)
07:01:58 Nick dfkt_ is now known as dfkt (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
07:02:06plocobecause that meaning involve macro
07:04:02 Quit mudlord (Quit: mudlord)
07:04:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:19:52plocofoolsh: would you like to rewrite the manual entry for the 3 dsps? I know my writing skills is extremely bad .
07:48:48 Join Galois [0] (
07:51:34 Quit Aldem (Quit: Leaving)
07:52:28 Quit ploco (Quit: Page closed)
07:57:22 Join mudlord [0] (
07:57:40mudlordjust wondering if the following SD card would work on a rockbox sansa clip zip
07:58:05 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
08:00:34[Saint]It would, but its absolutel overkill.
08:00:50[Saint]There's absolutely no need to have anything even remotely that fast for a DAP.
08:01:13 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
08:01:29 Join ygrek_ [0] (~user@
08:01:51[Saint]And it comes with completely irrelevant android "antivirus".
08:02:02[Saint]That should say something about the merchant right there.
08:02:25mudlordwell it comes with a microSD card reader and usb reader dongles on the site are 10 bucks each....
08:02:32mudlordand a sandisk sd card is 49 bucks
08:02:49[Saint]Your clip zip _is_ a card reader. ;)
08:03:06mudlordbut wouldnt i need to format it before i use it in rockbox?
08:03:39mudlordand wouldnt the original FW not support 64gb sd cards so I would be able to do a format?
08:04:26[Saint]I'm not sure if SanDisk did in fact cripple the hardware or not.
08:04:51[Saint]If it _can't_ read 64GB, there's no good reason for it and they did it just because they're either shortsighted or because fuck you.
08:05:13mudlordgood point, ill just buy the cheap sandisk 64gb card then
08:15:18 Quit mudlord (Quit: mudlord)
08:37:50copper06:00:50 UTC <[Saint]> There's absolutely no need to have anything even remotely that fast for a DAP.
08:37:57copperexcept for transfering music
08:39:05[Saint]Only if your reader or device actually supports all the UHS goodies.
08:39:25[Saint]And we know the device doesn't.
08:44:28 Quit markun (Remote host closed the connection)
08:46:06copperthe bundled card reader does
08:48:33copperthe real question is how fast can it be written to
08:49:05copperthat card has a rated read speed but no write speed (aside from being a class 10 device)
08:57:13copperer, not the bundled adpater, but a laptop card reader
08:58:19copperplus, the card can later be used on some other device (smartphone, tablet, camera), where read / write speed may be more important than on a DAP
08:59:24[Saint]Oh, yeah, sure. That's not in question.
08:59:48[Saint]My original standpoint was justthat for the purposes of a DAP, such speeds are largely overkill.
09:00:26[Saint]We're talking about the difference between waiting a fairly long time for transfer, and a reasonably long time.
09:00:51[Saint]Not like "dis w1ll totes revolutionz filesharez!"
09:04:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:17:21 Quit nialv7 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:22:14 Join nk2032 [0] (
09:25:20 Quit nk2032 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:25:57 Join nk2032 [0] (
09:26:45 Quit nk2032 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:28:00 Join nk2032 [0] (
09:30:11 Quit [Saint] (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
09:44:02 Quit radioastro (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
09:44:15 Join babylonlurker [0] (
09:46:48 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
09:58:42 Nick sobukus_ is now known as sobukus (
09:58:51 Quit sobukus (Changing host)
09:58:51 Join sobukus [0] (~thomas@sourcemage/mage/sobukus)
10:03:02 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
10:03:29 Quit Scall (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
10:09:21 Join xorly| [0] (
10:10:59 Join Scall [0] (~chat@unaffiliated/scall)
10:13:19 Quit mshathlonxp (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
10:15:26 Join ender` [0] (
10:27:47 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
10:28:49 Join mshathlonxp [0] (mshathlonx@
11:02:03 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
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11:49:55 Nick 20WABIF1C is now known as Pessimi- (Anon@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-zcjlxclxtjalttzt)
12:40:43 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
12:54:58 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
13:01:53 Join lebellium [0] (
13:03:42 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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13:05:35 Join zzzz_ [0] (1fb658cd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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13:31:07 Join kaniobal [0] (5c13426f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:32:27kaniobalHello, my clip plus went dead yesterday
13:33:41kaniobalWhen connected to PC it shows up as 30.6 MB drive that needs to be formatted, is there a way out of this?
13:39:38 Quit ender` (Quit: I remember being impressed with Ada because you could write an infinite loop without a faked up condition. The idea being that in Ada the typical infinite loop would normally be terminated by detonation. -- Larry Wall)
13:40:36 Quit xorly| (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
13:48:02[Saint]kaniobal: that's usually a reasonable indication that the storage failed, the AMS umbrick info on the wiki /may/ help, but I wouldn't put money on it.
13:48:51[Saint](An interesting titbit is that no one here knows what that ~30MB volume actually is)
13:49:30kaniobalThank you, I will probably try it. When I opened it I found out that the battery is swollen. Do you think it may be connected with the problem?
13:50:23[Saint]I wouldn't think so, but it my be possible. It might just be usual signs of end of life.
13:53:45 Quit kaniobal (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
13:54:45[Saint]I should also mention its possible that you might lose the ability to boot the original firmware, if a recovery is possible.
13:55:15 Join kaniobal [0] (5c13426f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:56:14kaniobalThe pins are extremely tiny and I am fairly sloppy. Would you have any advice on how to short them?
13:57:09[Saint]Metallic tweezers or a flathead precision screwdriver.
13:57:33[Saint]Bent paperclip works in a pinch.
14:06:49kaniobalHm, it's showing up as 32MB drive with damaged table regardless of whether the pins are shortened or not. Am I missing something?
14:13:10kaniobalIn the guide, there are two pins circled by red and some other two by blue, what are the blue-circled ones for?
14:19:36ZincAlloycabbie or not?
14:22:32kaniobalWhat is cabbie?
14:22:54ZincAlloythe default theme
14:23:14ZincAlloytrying to come up with a better layout for the android widget
14:29:18kaniobalI don't know if it helps, but I like the upper one a lot more than the bottom one.
14:31:29[Saint]Too bad. ZincAlloy cursed us to a life of black and grey gradients and odd yellow years ago. ;)
14:34:53*ZincAlloy is not into cabbie for touch screens
14:35:58 Join stickyb1t [0] (~egon@
14:36:54kaniobalUm, I don't want to flood this channel, but I cannot find what the blue pins in this image: are for. Does anyone know where's the origin of this image?
14:38:47 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
14:39:39kaniobalI see now, I forgot to use my eyes, they're not pins...
14:40:48ZincAlloycabbie or not, my layout would inprove useability
14:47:51ZincAlloythe current one has the icons spaced too closely together:
14:56:14 Quit stickyb1t (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
14:56:45 Quit kaniobal (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
14:58:45[Saint]Donpeople really still use widgets?
14:58:55[Saint]*do people
14:59:08ZincAlloyI'd use it
14:59:13ZincAlloyif it looked nice
14:59:58[Saint]If my screen is on, I can jump to the full screen app, if its off, volume button media navigation ftw.
15:00:19[Saint]Fortunately Rockbox seems to listen to the system in the regard.
15:00:49ZincAlloywould be nice if there was a way to drag a widget onto the lock screen
15:00:52[Saint]Need to change the volume steps.
15:01:18[Saint]Its fucking painful to change the volume with hardware keys.
15:01:46[Saint](Unless were on the lock screen in which case sane system volume steps seem to be used)
15:01:54ZincAlloymy phone's audio hardware seems to be rather nice.
15:02:00ZincAlloysounds better than the clip zip
15:03:01dfkt<ZincAlloy> cabbie or not? <−− cabbie is awful, as usual - the other one looks quite nice, and should blend in nicely with the rest of an android home screen
15:03:11[Saint]Regarding lock screen widgets, that's probably your vendor fucking youbover.
15:03:15ZincAlloythat's what I was thinking..
15:03:19[Saint]*you over
15:03:29ZincAlloyah. damn it :D
15:03:49[Saint]Lockdcreen widgets in android are definitely a thing.
15:04:05ZincAlloyyeah. and it seems they were a thing on the galaxy s3 as well
15:04:06[Saint]The right page should be camera. Left pages are all for the user.
15:04:11ZincAlloyuntil the 4.3 update
15:04:22ZincAlloyit's missing a couple of features it used to have actually
15:04:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:04:51[Saint]That's touchwiz bastardization. Not really Android.
15:05:10ZincAlloyI see
15:05:51[Saint]I have as many pages of lock screen widgets as I want with AOSP 4.4.4
15:06:01ZincAlloybut it's google that got rid of mass storage mode, right?
15:06:17ZincAlloyI guess I'll look into that sooner or later
15:06:53dfktZincAlloy, here's a very old version of the widget i de-cabbie'd once :) -
15:06:57[Saint]You mean MTP?
15:07:27ZincAlloynot bad...
15:07:32 Join xorly| [0] (
15:07:35[Saint]If so, that's more limitation than a removal.
15:07:49[Saint]With emulated storage shit gets tricky.
15:08:16ZincAlloyI have to use mtp. my computer doen't see it as a drive when I hook it up
15:08:33[Saint]If there's a real'll get MTP.
15:08:40[Saint]Or should.
15:08:54[Saint]If its emulated, you won't.
15:09:13dfktyou cal always use adb instead of mtp... i never touch mtp at all, since it's unusable
15:09:26[Saint]Says who?
15:09:36[Saint]I use it daily and have for years.
15:10:53dfkti assume you use it on linux. i have no idea how it handles there. but on windows (xp to 8.1) mtp does not work at all
15:11:30ZincAlloyOSX here. doesn't seem to be working
15:12:13ZincAlloyandroid suggests to use their file transfer application on a mac, but that seems to be broken as well
15:12:24[Saint]Gotta love those professional OSes huh? ;)
15:12:37dfktand don't forget who created mtp in the first place :p
15:12:46ZincAlloymicrosoft :D
15:13:22dfktwell, adb push/pull, and android commander work nicely
15:23:44ZincAlloyso, dfkt: you must be the one I have to annoy about the widget.. you sure know how to decrap it :)
15:24:48dfkt:) i think that one from the screenshot was very nice
15:25:01dfktsure like the horizontal layout more than the square one as well
15:25:41ZincAlloythe square or vertical layouts are like little while playing screens
15:25:59dfkttrue, the different dimensions have different uses
15:26:21dfkti acutally use a "fullscreen" widget for my subsonic client
15:26:23ZincAlloyI guess a smaller horizontal one could be useful, too
15:26:46ZincAlloysome of the music player widgets on my phone can be resized
15:26:56ZincAlloyyou can actually pull out a playlist on the bottom if you want to
15:27:47dfktyeah, resizeable widgets are nice. the launcher i use (apex) can resize anything, but eg. the stock rockbox widget doesn't work too well with it
15:28:04dfktit resizes, but the album art stays small, and text lines don't get wider as well
15:28:34ZincAlloyit sure could be a much better widget..
15:28:45[Saint]It resizes well enough for me if I also play with the grid size.
15:29:09[Saint]Ibuse XGELS to shape the launcher to my bidding.
15:29:15[Saint]*I use
15:32:03 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:44:21 Quit krabador (Quit: Take the time.)
15:46:25 Join stickyb1t [0] (~egon@
16:02:07 Quit funman (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:02:29 Quit stickyb1t (Remote host closed the connection)
16:03:07 Join stickyb1t [0] (~egon@
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16:12:59 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
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16:15:55 Quit zoktar (Quit: -)
16:20:19 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
16:24:20 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
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16:33:20 Join funman [0] (
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16:38:17 Quit stickyb1t (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
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16:49:55 Join Cultist [0] (
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18:26:40bluebrother[Franklin]: slapping bluebot because it dropped of the channel is really pointless. Better ping me, so I can restart it.
18:30:20 Quit [Franklin] (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:30:56 Join [Franklin] [0] (
18:31:03 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
18:31:25*[Franklin] welcomes fs-bluebot back
18:53:43 Join foolsh [0] (
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20:14:43*foolsh slaps fs-bluebot for ditching us last night
20:14:44fs-bluebotfoolsh: ouch!
20:15:45gevaertsIt's *so* nice that when I see my irc client mention activity in this channel, I *know* it's going to be worth reading
20:21:05copperI usually feel that way about internet forums
20:21:26copperor… "lol"
20:21:27*copper hides
20:27:42nialv7my rockbox keeps disconnecting and reconnecting with my computer, even on usb 2.0
20:27:49nialv7what can I do? try windows?
20:27:54 Quit stickyb1t (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
20:28:02[Franklin]what target?
20:28:27[Franklin]what host?
20:28:46[Franklin]what desktop environment?
20:28:57[Franklin]those automount environments like to screw things up
20:29:02nialv7no desktop environment
20:29:13[Franklin]so bare tty?
20:29:29nialv7I have xorg
20:29:37[Franklin]and openbox?
20:29:49[Franklin]or any of the *box es?
20:29:52nialv7something like that
20:30:00[Franklin]techinically, boxen :)
20:30:07*[Franklin] used openbox exclusively
20:30:12[Saint_]Asking all the relevant questions here I see...
20:30:23[Franklin][Saint_]: it actually does matter :)
20:30:35[Franklin]nialv7: so how do you see that it's connecting/disconnecting?
20:30:59[Franklin]what build?
20:31:03[Franklin](of rockbox)
20:31:11nialv7git HEAD
20:31:18[Franklin]from today?
20:31:20[Saint_]No one seems to have said that USB is fucking known broken and to use the fallback.
20:31:32nialv7and it worked yesterday
20:32:07[Franklin][Saint_]: USB works just fine for me with the same setup
20:32:15coppernialv7: what build
20:32:19copperwhat rockbox build?
20:32:20[Franklin]copper: git HEAD
20:32:21[Saint_]Good for you.
20:32:29coppersorry I missed that
20:32:32[Saint_]It doesn't work for a lot of people too.
20:32:36[Saint_]Your point?
20:32:47[Franklin]So it's something with nialv7's setup
20:32:53[Franklin](host setup)
20:33:00[Saint_]USB issues? Try fallback. This is gospel.
20:33:09*copper disagrees
20:33:40[Saint_]That's the known course of action here and its WAY better than speculation.
20:33:42gevaertsgit head isn't actually a useful thing to say
20:34:04[Franklin]gevaerts: I know... today's git HEAD vs a month ago's git HEAD
20:34:37[Franklin]but it implies that its a recent build
20:34:39gevaertsYou need the commit hash
20:34:53nialv7ok 12f5c63474c03a5f06ea5c04de267a1a8fa36233
20:34:55[Franklin]a7f23a5d05dcb2c56529bac2fdf1155794a78184 is latest
20:35:22[Franklin]which is like 5 commits ago
20:35:38copperall for "superdom"
20:35:40coppera game
20:35:44[Franklin]lots of stuff can happen in 5 commits... like skynet in superdom learning to use nukes :)
20:35:50gevaertsNothing useful changed since then
20:36:04[Franklin]so nialv7 try fallback image
20:36:08coppernialv7: did you try rebooting your PC?
20:36:14nialv7copper, yes
20:36:17[Franklin]gevaerts: "nothing useful" ?!?!
20:36:18[Saint_]I still can't believe I'm the only one bringing up the fallback image. Let's test that so we KNOW if its the host instead of just assuming, sane, yeah?
20:36:25nialv7[Franklin], you mean the fallback image come with emcore?
20:36:28[Saint_]Can we do that?
20:36:37copper[Saint_]: you seem to imply that the fallback build always works
20:36:38nialv7I've tried that
20:36:41[Franklin]So tools->run fallback image
20:36:48[Franklin]hmm... what distro?
20:36:56copper[Saint_]: again, IME, the newer builds always work better than the fallback build
20:37:06[Franklin]if so, you have the exact same setup I have
20:37:17copperif the fallback build fucks up too, it doesn't mean anything
20:37:25[Saint_]copper: that's why its the fallback. JTS known good and long term verified.
20:37:35[Franklin]is /dev/sdb showing up?
20:37:42copper[Saint_]: I have verified that it doesn't always work.
20:37:50[Franklin]no games :(
20:37:53copperI may know what's going on
20:37:58coppererm, no
20:38:25coppernialv7: did you successfully mount your iPod prior to it getting disconnected?
20:38:36nialv7[Franklin], it shows up then disappears
20:38:47[Franklin]weird... what does dmesg say?
20:39:11copper[Saint_]: the fallback build has all the bugs that were fixed semi-recently
20:39:21nialv7[Franklin], nothing really. it just report a new usb mass storage, then says it disconnects
20:40:18[Saint_]copper: the bit head build doesn't have any of the USB relevant commits either...
20:40:48coppernialv7: did you successfully mount your iPod prior to it getting disconnected?
20:41:05nialv7copper, yes
20:41:15 Join ygrek_ [0] (~user@
20:41:16 Quit [Franklin] (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:41:32coppercan you pastebin the relevant dmesg part?
20:41:37 Join franklin [0] (
20:41:42copperI'm running Arch Linux too
20:41:43 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (
20:41:50[Saint_]As I.
20:42:25[Franklin]So all 4 are using arch... and I'm assuming we all have ipod6g?
20:42:38[Franklin]and also assuming git HEAD or very close to it
20:42:44[Franklin]so something's wrong
20:42:50copperI don't run git head
20:43:04copperI settled on a build that works and applied TheSeven's patches
20:43:25[Franklin]Still... weird
20:43:48copperit may be difficult to even update his build, if the iPod disconnects before the files could be successfully written to the iPod
20:44:25[Franklin]so a modded HDD>
20:44:39copperhmm, it disconnects only a few seconds after showing up
20:44:41nialv7modded with a msata ssd
20:44:47[Franklin]perhaps the HDD?
20:44:50[Saint_]Tarkan strikes again.
20:45:07copper[Saint_]: my patched build should work better with those
20:45:16nialv7so that's the problem?
20:45:28copperlet me upload a copy just in case
20:45:40nialv7but it worked yesterday. I managed to copy 25G musics to it
20:45:56copperwhat is the battery level?
20:45:57[Franklin]and then did pacman -Syu?
20:46:09[Franklin]perhaps the new kernel screwed things up?
20:46:10nialv7copper, near full
20:46:16[Saint_]We did have him over on freemyipod talking to TheSeven directly yesterday
20:46:43[Saint_]That's how things progressed this far.
20:46:52[Saint_]No idea what happened since.
20:47:39[Franklin]maybe try windows
20:48:05[Saint_]Oh...actually...I see no binaries exchanged hands.
20:48:10nialv7[Saint_], well I successfully installed rockbox. then I try to build rockbox with TheSeven's patch myself. succeeded after some failure. then I copied a couple of songs to it
20:48:16nialv7and then I went to sleep
20:48:16coppernialv7: fwiw, I'm successfully running this patched build:
20:48:40copperit has TheSeven's patches
20:48:54[Franklin]if you don't tell, it's against GPL :O
20:49:08copperthose listed on the emCORE TODO page
20:49:16[Saint_]emCORE requires a fairly particular environment to compile.
20:49:21[Franklin]yes it does
20:49:38copperwho said anything about building emCORE?
20:49:42[Saint_]I wouldn't be surprised if it could compile but in a broken fashion .
20:49:57nialv7i didn't build emcore
20:50:00[Franklin]but nialv7 never said he compiled emcore
20:50:20[Saint_]Ah. Sorry. I misread.
20:50:48[Saint_]To get all the relevant fixes'll need an updated emCORE.
20:51:17[Saint_]Otherwise there'll be that massive battery drain issue.
20:51:29[Franklin]the what?
20:52:21[Saint_]These adapters helped point out emCORE wasting a fair bit of power somewhere. TheSeven is really the man to talk to there.
20:52:36[Franklin]these adapters?
20:52:58[Saint_]The tarkan adapter plates allowing this to happen.
20:54:57[Franklin]BTW, I think G#950 is ready to go
20:55:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #950 at : FS #9583 - periodic table by Franklin Wei
20:56:35copperthat's a Rockbox patch addressing the power issue
20:56:54copperincluded in my build linked above
20:57:23[Saint_]I'm aware.
20:57:32copperthough I guess that addresses the issue only while Rockbox is running?
20:57:37ZincAlloydfkt: we could get away with a 2x1 widget instead of 2x2:
20:58:11nialv7what could i do now?/
20:58:53copperdid you reboot the iPod, too?
20:59:21copperthis feels like we're talking about Windows 95
20:59:27 Join Aldem [0] (~Aldem@unaffiliated/aldem)
20:59:40[Saint_]Hook up with TheSeven on freemhipod and install patched binaries of both emCORE and Rockbox while he's on hand to debug, would be my guess.
21:00:21[Saint_]I _thought_ that happened yesterday...but my logs show otherwise.
21:00:44nialv7yesterday the same thing happens with usb 3.0
21:00:54nialv7and it worked with usb 2.0
21:01:08copper[Saint_]: it's been established a few times already that your logs are not to be trusted ;)
21:01:12gevaertsI suspect it didn't
21:01:18nialv7but now usb 2.0 stops working as well
21:01:32gevaertsNeither the ipod classic nor rockbox does USB 3.0
21:01:41[Franklin]so it falls back to 2.0
21:01:41copperhe means a USB 3 port
21:01:52copperI always use a USB 3 port with my Classic
21:01:56[Franklin]but that still falls back to 2.0
21:02:26[Franklin]so why? :)
21:02:40copperbecause both my USB 2 ports are already taken!
21:02:53[Franklin]We are Microsoft. What you are experiencing is not a problem; it is an undocumented feature.
21:02:53copperand because the "charging port" is the USB 3 port
21:03:17nialv7[Franklin], I don't know! it just doesn't work with a usb 3 port
21:03:25 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:03:25copperdunno if it makes any difference wrt charging
21:03:28[Franklin]so try 2.0!
21:03:33nialv7[Franklin], now it doesn't work with usb 2 port either
21:03:43[Franklin]then try 1.1! :)
21:03:52[Franklin]We are Microsoft. What you are experiencing is not a problem; it is an undocumented feature.
21:03:54nialv7I don't have one!
21:04:38[Franklin]then reset the ipod? last-ditch option, but who knows?
21:04:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:06:05[Franklin]BTW, how do you make plugins talk?
21:08:21nialv7where can i find the patched emcore?
21:09:48foolshI'm having trouble, I can't understand why my condition (enable_mmx="no") is ignored in the configure script, does anyone have a minute for me to pick your brain? g#656 tools/configure line 263 and 327 and 3617 are relevant, I'm trying to resolve (cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-mmmx")
21:09:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #656 at : WinCE SDL port & new Toolchain CeGCC 0.59 (WIP) by Benjamin Brown
21:10:41nialv7[Saint_], where can i find the patched emcore?
21:10:45[Franklin]-mmmx works with my GCC
21:11:03foolshIts a special case for mingw32ce
21:11:26[Franklin]will it work without MMX?
21:11:41[Franklin]IIUC that's mostly for video
21:11:41[Saint_]nialv7: by approaching TheSeven directly and asking for it as I mentioned yesterday.
21:12:08[Saint_]He's able to issue you an installer that will address these issues.
21:12:13foolsh[Franklin]: yes I can comment out the line, but that breaks other things I'm sure, I'm trying _really fix it_
21:12:39[Franklin][Saint_]: an installer?
21:13:08[Saint_]Yes. An installer...why the question?
21:13:10[Franklin]copper: on the ipod is still an ipod
21:13:15[Franklin][Saint_]: what installer?
21:13:39foolsh[Franklin]: I have the tools chain building smoothly for the port, but the configure script chokes on the mmx part, I don't see what I'm doing wrong
21:13:42[Saint_]emCORE for fucks sake.
21:13:59[Franklin]can I get it too?
21:14:49[Saint_]Of course you can. can ask. Its not a secret club.
21:14:49nialv7is TheSeven online now?
21:15:03[Franklin]TheSeven: ping
21:15:29[Saint_]...because the frequent mention of his name wasn't enough.
21:15:38[Saint_] /roll eyes/
21:15:39[Franklin]nialv7: he's connected and not marked as away
21:15:47 Quit krnlyng (Quit: huiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
21:16:08[Saint_]But that's kinda meaningless.
21:16:09 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
21:16:28[Franklin]yes, true
21:25:08nialv7what's the disk mode?
21:41:48 Join xorly| [0] (
21:50:42 Quit y4n (Quit: MOTHER EUROPA CALLING ME!)
21:54:37 Quit ygrek_ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:56:25[Franklin]nialv7: disk mode is irrelavant in rockbxo
21:58:52 Join RiD [0] (
22:09:18foolshI got the configure script for #656 worked out, now to wrangle the wince port of SDL into rockbox
22:11:22[Saint_]Naw...SDL2, so we can get dat sweet, sweet GPU accelerated decoding on raspberrypi.
22:12:00[Saint_]...'cos, ARMv6 /totally/ shouldn't die.
22:12:07[Saint_] /s
22:12:18nialv7after I charge my ipod to 100% it works
22:12:19copperissue a KILL order
22:12:30copperah ha!
22:12:36nialv7at ~90% it does not work
22:13:18nialv7the power requirement seems to be pretty high
22:13:41copperI think I read something to that effect.
22:14:09nialv7yes, msata
22:14:20nialv7maybe the usb 3.0 problem is the same thing.
22:14:33nialv7but even at 100% usb 3.0 doesn't work
22:14:35copperstill, 90% is plenty
22:14:46nialv7[Saint_], why?
22:15:03[Saint_]Because its not relevant.
22:15:28[Saint_]We've seen this issue (USB3) on entirely unmodified devices.
22:15:40[Saint_]Invalidating the claim.
22:16:12nialv7but what exactly is your issue? maybe we are seeing different issues?
22:16:37[Saint_]Who said I have an issue?
22:17:34copperthe issue you alluded to
22:17:38nialv7I mean, what's the issue you mentioned here?
22:18:36[Saint_]That USB3 ports are REGULARLY reported to fail with emCORE installation and emCORE/Rockbox in general.
22:18:53[Saint_]And no one has any idea why, as it frankly shouldn't happen.
22:20:30[Saint_]I'm entirely unsure if the rewrite addresses this, but copper seems to allude to it functioning in his case.
22:20:42copperwhat rewrite
22:20:44nialv7what kind of failure?
22:20:48copperaddresses what?
22:20:56nialv7disconnecting then reconnecting?
22:21:22copperRockbox git head works over USB 3, but emCORE installation on a USB3 port failed in my case
22:22:18[Saint_]That installation would've been prior to he USB driver rewrite, no?
22:22:24nialv7emCore installation on usb3 port fails for me as well. but it's kinda different with rockbox
22:22:32[Franklin]foolsh: I can't seem to figure out how to get smooth animations in 2048!
22:23:02 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:23:15saratoga"fatal: You are in the middle of a merge −− cannot amend"
22:23:19saratogawhat the hell is git talking about
22:23:21[Franklin]git merge −−abort
22:23:28saratogawhat is a merge?
22:23:46[Franklin]run git status and see ;)
22:24:21[Saint_]copper: depending on the timing that failure may be explainable, its able to be tested fairly trivially in any case if there's doubt.
22:24:38[Saint_]If it was an old installer it makes some we see indeed.
22:24:53[Saint_]Bah. Auto complete.
22:25:01[Saint_]*some sense indeed
22:26:12[Franklin]saratoga: I think that g#950 is good to go
22:26:14fs-bluebotGerrit review #950 at : FS #9583 - periodic table by Franklin Wei
22:26:56[Franklin]though the way it handles navigating between the main table and the lanthanides/actinides has been the subject of much debate...
22:27:28[Saint_]Because its wrong! ;)
22:27:31saratogaremote rejected
22:27:36saratogayou are not allowed to upload merges
22:27:39saratogathe fuck does that mean
22:27:42[Saint_]( is)
22:27:57[Franklin]It just feels weird
22:28:24[Franklin]jumping from yttrium to actinium just feels werid
22:28:43[Franklin](but I have it implemented that way on gerrit)
22:28:48[Saint_]I personally would prefer it feeling weird and acting right...but honestly, I'll never use it, so...yeah.
22:29:03[Franklin]but wait... there's a bug!
22:29:19[Franklin]fg/bg colors are default theme colors
22:29:32[Franklin]no... only bg color is theme color, fg is always white
22:29:40[Franklin]... so if theme BG is white, you can't read it!
22:30:23saratogai seriously would like to change one line of a commit
22:30:27saratogawhy is this fucking impossible in git
22:30:34[Saint_]Yeah, it really needs to respect user fg.
22:31:01[Saint_]Nice catch BTW.
22:31:12saratogai feel like anytime i try to do something in git i have to solve a combinatorics riddle to proceed
22:31:16[Saint_]That's the type of thing that renders a ui totally unusable.
22:31:34[Saint_]saratoga: it honestly seems like you're cursed dude.
22:31:55[Saint_]You seem to have the worst luck with git. Constantly fighting it.
22:31:58saratogawhat is the right way to do this?
22:32:06saratogai tried checking out a branch, but theres one line in conflict
22:32:20saratogaif i fix it and do a commit i'm apparently blocked from gerrit
22:32:34saratogais there some way to change the code that doesn't fuck up git ?
22:32:49[Saint_]Didn't it ask you to drop into one of several modes to address the conflict?
22:33:33saratogait told me "automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result"
22:33:36[Franklin][Saint_]: except if I don't mess with the BG/FG, with cabbie it's all black
22:33:46saratogaso i changed the one line manually and committed it
22:35:37[Saint_][Franklin]: you can't force any foreground color here or there will always be the potential for conflict. You need to trust that the theme knows what it is doing and respect user foreground (and background if there's no backdrop) colors.
22:36:17saratogathis would be so trivial in SVN
22:36:26saratogai don't understand why git can't do it
22:36:46[Franklin]So could I force BG and FG?
22:36:58[Franklin]or is that just bad?
22:37:14[Saint_]Did you read what I wrote above?
22:37:30[Franklin]but if I force BOTH?
22:37:32[Saint_]If you force either...there will always be a potential for conflict.
22:37:38[Franklin]but both
22:37:42[Franklin]black bg and white fg
22:38:09[Saint_]Then you'd be chucking out themeing for seemingly no reason?
22:38:43[Saint_]You can't decide what the user wants set for them.
22:38:56[Saint_]Thats their job.
22:41:02[Saint_]saratoga: I really have no idea. Even re-reading the backlog several times.
22:41:29[Saint_]I don't think I fully understand what happened.
22:41:30 Quit the-kyle1 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:41:36[Saint_]So he wah out is muddied.
22:41:45[Saint_]*the way
22:45:28saratogai think i'm just going to delete my git checkout and try again
22:46:29[Saint_]No need.
22:46:55[Saint_]git reset −−hard origin/master
22:48:45[Saint_]And 'git clean -f' to pick off any untracked layabouts that may remain.
22:49:35[Saint_]That should have you at an absolutely clean working checkout.
22:50:33copper[Saint_]: install in august, but with the old installer
22:51:12[Saint_]Aha. Be nice to see if the failure is repeatable with the new USB driver.
22:51:30[Saint_]I have no USB3 hardware any longer.
22:52:47saratogaif i make changes manually and then copy the old commit message and id, can i still update to the same gerrit task
22:52:50[Saint_]Regarding git, would it be nicer if I went a tad more in depth about recovering from fuckuos on the wiki? Be they self administered or otherwise?
22:53:08[Saint_]I only know so much, but I can add what I know.
22:53:26saratogai think switching to git was just a terrible idea in general since it seems to have alienated pretty much everyone who wasn't already familiar with it to begin with
22:53:31[Saint_]saratoga: yep.
22:53:43[Saint_]And yep.
22:54:18saratogahilarious, git pushed my previous commit to gerrit
22:54:28saratogawhich is already in git
22:54:45[Saint_]That it drove off several seasoned committers was evidence enough that the experiment fsil
22:55:21[Saint_]and the lead gerrit champion is no longer here anymore
22:55:28saratogahaha and i can't even delete it because it thinks its not my patch
22:55:54saratogaas bad as git is, I can at least see the value in having all those extra features, even if they are painfully difficult to use
22:55:58[Saint_]You're likely not the _owner_
22:55:59saratogabut gerrit is just bad software
22:56:13saratoganot hard to use, just badly made
22:56:23[Saint_]You can be he author, and append to task, but you don't own it.
22:56:45[Saint_]Fucking mobile. Sorry for shitty typing.
22:57:52 Join ygrek_ [0] (~user@
22:59:07saratogaheh and the new gerrit lost all the files
22:59:12foolsh[Saint_]: I miss a physical keyboard on my mobile as well, still have a tilt I want to fix up and use again, don;t care if it can only run eclair or not
22:59:43 Join the-kyle [0] (
23:00:10[Saint_]My fingers are faster than my oses touch recognition I guess.
23:00:33[Saint_]I'm one of the few people that types with more than just their thumb on mobile.
23:02:05saratogasomehow git managed to come to a state where all of the new files in that patch are unchanged and tracked in version, but also have never been committed to version control
23:02:57[Saint_]Well done sir.
23:03:03[Saint_]That's quite a feat.
23:03:35saratogawell i give up
23:03:40[Saint_]We don't go to Gerritholme.
23:03:49saratogaif someone wants that dx50 port, they can figure out how to get git to do things
23:04:35[Saint_]Well...that's that then.
23:04:52[Saint_]You're one of very few committees these days.
23:05:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:05:44[Saint_](That doesn't just push their own stuff directly or stuff that only interests them)
23:06:03[Saint_]There's really very few people in that position now.
23:08:13[Saint_]Not that I'm entirely convinced you accepted that position entirely willingly.
23:08:46[Saint_]You seem go get hounded into a lot of your reviews and pushes lately.
23:08:52[Saint_]*seem to
23:23:02 Quit nk2032 ()
23:30:10 Quit pystar89 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:30:19 Join RiDD [0] (
23:30:20 Quit RiD (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:36:26 Quit RiDD (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:38:05 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
23:41:34[Franklin]is HAVE_LCD_COLOR the same as LCD_DEPTH>1?
23:41:42 Join pystar89 [0] (
23:42:41TheSeven[Saint_]: CF adapter battery drain is only an issue as long as emcore is running, it will go away once a patched rockbox boots
23:43:00TheSevenalso, the affected devices typically don't manage to boot rockbox at all with a broken emcore build ;)
23:43:02[Franklin]TheSeven: patched as in g897?
23:43:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #897 at : iPod Classic: Fix several ATA driver bugs. by Michael Sparmann
23:43:12TheSevenoh, and latest emcore head has the fixes for that already applied
23:43:29TheSevenwe just haven't officially released that yet, but I think user890104 has autobuilds somewhere on our server
23:43:59TheSevenI'm also wondering if USB3 ports are still a problem with the latest USB patches
23:44:05TheSevenif things are working right they shouldn't be
23:44:12TheSevenbut who knows... I'm interested in feedback on that
23:44:30TheSeven[Franklin]: yes
23:44:42*[Franklin] thinks he has that
23:47:46 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 33.0/20140911191954])
23:57:30saratoga[Franklin]: grayscale devices are greater than 1 bit (e.g. 256 shades of gray would be 8 bit)
23:58:54[Franklin]so is there lcd_set_foreground on LCD_DEPTH==1 devices?

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