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#rockbox log for 2014-09-19

00:00:24[Franklin]MBR can only have 4 primary partitions, you makoto has 6
00:00:35[Franklin]ahh... never mind... that's 6 gigs
00:00:44makotoyes, gigs sorry
00:01:57[Franklin]gevaerts: g968 should be good ... it's ready! :D
00:02:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #968 at : Ptable: hopefully fix all the warnings, modify actinide/lanthanide behavior once... by Franklin Wei
00:02:12makotoit's autodetected properly on winxp box
00:03:16makoto:O :O
00:03:24makotoi think it's just worked
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00:04:34kugelsaratoga: please ask someone to review instead of just committing
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00:04:55makoto7d11205 boots!
00:05:04gevaertsmakoto: if that linux box was my machine, I'd run memtest on it
00:05:06saratogai asked a lot of people to review
00:05:08makotothat was remarkably odd though
00:05:15gevaerts*something* is misbehaving in a bad way
00:05:19kugelsaratoga: where? I wasn't asked
00:05:20gevaertsAnd if it's not the ipod...
00:05:35makotowelll - i did have difficulty restoring using my win7 laptop
00:05:45makotoso i am wondering if XP is just beign dumb
00:05:52makotobut dumb in my favour?
00:06:03saratogafor example:
00:06:28kugelsaratoga: I didnt see that
00:06:29makotoregardless i'm rather confused as to what just happened and why it's suddenly worked on xp
00:06:35makotobut not on anything else
00:06:45kugelyou should make sure I see it if you want me to review
00:07:28saratogai assumed no one was interested
00:07:51*[Franklin] thinks autobuilding gerrit tasks would be nice
00:07:59kugelsaratoga: instead of hoping to get noticed in irc just use the actual "please review this" button on gerrit
00:08:07[Franklin]no more last second "ohh"s
00:08:15kugelthis gives me email notifaction and adds me to the reviewer list
00:08:29saratogaah ok i can do that
00:08:35saratogai also asked on the 1st too
00:08:47saratogaso i think 3 weeks of asking people and getting no replies is pretty reasonable FWIW
00:09:28kugeli disagree, if you get no replies you should try other channels, mailing list for example
00:09:31gevaertshmmm, is pamaury's build box misbehaving?
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00:10:36kugelor try harder
00:11:09[Franklin]yeah, I think so to
00:11:18kugeli honestly missed all of your attempts on irc; I don't get to read all of the logs anymore
00:11:30[Franklin]262 errors with a credits change?
00:11:38[Franklin]with green all before?
00:11:53makotoso D:shows up
00:12:01makotobut if i run chkdsk D: it says it's a raw device
00:12:24makoto(wonder if it's assigning D dos drive to partition 1 and somehting else to the data partition 2?)
00:13:27[Franklin]gevaerts: is this the root of the problem perhaps? unwarminder.c:(.text+0x3c): undefined reference to `UnwStartArm'
00:13:33gevaertsmakoto: normally windows just ignores partition type 0, so I wouldn't expect that
00:14:03makotojust saw somethine weirder going on
00:14:06gevaerts[Franklin]: why is that one different from the others?
00:14:19makotopartition table says it's 5gig, it mounts as ~50gig
00:15:06gevaertsmakoto: did you maybe forget to reformat it after resetting the partition to the small value?
00:15:10makotonope- opposite
00:15:17makotoperhaps- but i'm fairly sure i did
00:15:49[Franklin]gevaerts: yes: all the other ones are string functions
00:15:49gevaertsMaybe things are still as weird as they always were and you just got lucky for long enough to get the install done on the xp box
00:16:02[Franklin]atoi, snprintf, strchr, etc.
00:17:10[Franklin]vs armunwinder
00:17:49gevaerts[Franklin]: I don't believe that that's relevant, but it doesn't really matter. The one clear thing is that it's all the same machine, so it's up to pamaury to investigate
00:18:37[Franklin]so is it possible to take it out of the pool for now?
00:18:50gevaertsI've done that, yes
00:19:06*[Franklin] wonders how slow it will be without iridium
00:19:54makotoweird sthings still happening
00:19:54[Franklin]iridium was the fastest machine, right?
00:19:59gevaertsDoesn't matter. Slow builds are better than broken builds
00:20:04[Franklin]but we still have all of roolku's machines
00:20:29makotoi've got a 6gb partition now. on a 60gb partition table. despite beign reformatted with mkfs.vfat
00:21:21gevaertsmakoto: all of this *might* be consistent with the sd adapter having a broken cache that doesn't always write properly or sometimes returns old data
00:21:50gevaertsI'm just speculating thoughj
00:24:05[Franklin]we need a spellcheck bot
00:24:39gevaertsYes. My finger slipped, indicating that it's really time for me to go to sleep...
00:24:56[Franklin]good night
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00:36:26makotooddly - it seems to "restore" fine with my mac, albeit as a macpod in hfs
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00:41:51makotoohh wow
00:42:00makotothis sd-to-cf shows up as 32mb when no sd is in it
00:42:04makotocache perhaps?
00:42:08makotowonder if it's useable
00:42:22[Franklin]try it! :)
00:42:41scorche|shdont use it all in one place
00:42:44[Franklin]plus, it should be fast
00:42:51[Franklin](if it's cache)
00:46:07makotobut- lost on poweroff
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00:47:52[Franklin]too bad
00:47:57[Franklin]how fast?
00:48:09makotonot sure - wasn't checking
00:48:17makotojust copied a few cat jpegs over
00:48:44[Franklin]but seriously, it could be worth a try
00:49:25makotoi dont see much use to it
00:49:42[Franklin]ahh... true
00:49:45[Franklin]only 32 M
00:49:46makotoam wondering if its the cause of corruption (ie added to design as a way to deal with slow cards?)
00:49:59makotoand it's causing problems. well, assuming that is the cause..
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00:55:12makotoaha! - " Note - there is a problem with mkfs.vfat on disks over 30GB in size. We recommend mtools format utility instead. See below. "
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01:04:16[Franklin]saratoga: I think g968 is ready... ;D
01:04:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #968 at : Ptable: hopefully fix all the warnings, modify actinide/lanthanide behavior once... by Franklin Wei
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05:56:04nialv7how many +1's do i need to get a patch accepted...
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07:30:39n9xvtanyone know about the ipod nano 2g that the installer reports as unstable?
07:36:33n9xvtit seems to run really good on mine,, other than finding a WPS with the VU meters i like,, even added all the music that was on it from itunes via the database
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08:31:13wodzTheSeven: Are you ok with g#970?
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08:31:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #970 at : ipod6g, ata: Fix audio drop off while waiting for ata not busy by nialv7
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08:32:16wodzTheSeven: And what is holding g#897 ?
08:32:18fs-bluebotGerrit review #897 at : iPod Classic: Fix several ATA driver bugs. by Michael Sparmann
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10:22:28 Join LinusN [0] (
10:27:09 Join wodz [0] (
10:28:49***Alert Mode OFF
10:29:02pamaurywodz: did you have time to test my qeditor pathes ?
10:29:39wodzpamaury: not yet, but I have now a few minutes so I can do it
10:31:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:35:20 Quit Guest_14083 (Quit: Page closed)
10:37:53wodzpamaury: which patches do I need actually?
10:38:21pamaurybut there are dependent on each other in gerrit so checking out the last one should be enough
10:39:33wodzlets try
10:39:52pamaury(be sure to checkout and not cherry pick)
10:41:42wodzok, and on top of this I should cherry-pick rk27xx clock analyzer patch, right?
10:41:59wodzthis gonna bring conflicts methinks
10:42:33pamauryyes, I think it should be fine
10:45:14wodzpamaury: look ok
10:50:51pamaurywodz: ok, if you don't run into any problem, I'll push it
10:51:13wodzI think its fine for pushing
10:51:31wodzI didn't hit any problem
10:52:45pamauryok wil do right now
10:53:28pamaurydamn, I need to rebase it
10:54:02makotoi think i found why my ipod mini wouldn't work last night - at 512 sectors it seems to crap out at 32 gigabytes from what i've been reading
10:54:36wodzpamaury: BTW. After closer inspection of how cp3 OF handles sd it comes out it still doesn't use DMA. It just happens that default value of A2A DMA engine after block reset is configured for mem-peri transfers from sd block
10:54:40makoto"The 5.5th Generation iPod actually has a normal 512-byte sectors disk for the 30GB model and a 1024-byte sectors disk for the 80GB model." - This suggests that I might have a bit more luck if I alter the sector size
10:55:14[Saint]makoto: that's only relevant for the 5.5G
10:55:19[Saint]Which you don't have.
10:55:32[Saint]So, no.
10:56:29makotodespite the fact that I have a 60gb disk?
10:56:49makotothe fact it works absolutely fine with the OF when formatted as an hfs macpod makes me suspicious
10:56:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b2ef4a8, 254 builds, 23 clients.
10:57:21[Saint]Well my 128GB Mini disagrees.
10:57:43makotohow did you do yourS?
10:57:58makotois yours 512 sector fat32?
10:58:04makotoand if so how did you format it?
10:58:15[Saint]Mind you, it's currently nonfunctional, but it is using 512b sector FAT32
10:58:29[Saint]I didn't, I let the OF restore do it.
10:59:00pamaurywodz: feel free to commit your clock tree patch when it's fine
10:59:06makotohm - for me, of restore didn't want to work under win7
10:59:21makotocan you recall what platform you used?
10:59:23wodzpamaury: I was just about to push it
11:00:26[Saint]makoto: either Debian or Arch, one of the two.
11:01:00makotoohh, but you say you did OF restore?
11:01:02CtcpIgnored 8 channel CTCP requests in 8 minutes and 43 seconds at the last flood
11:01:02*makoto confuses
11:01:19[Saint]I did, yes.
11:01:29[Saint]ITunes is not a requirement.
11:01:48makoto..with itunes?
11:02:13makoto(sorry i'm lagging a bit- bad train gprs_
11:02:41[Saint]Check out our IpodManualRestore wiki page.
11:03:08makotowhen you said "let the OF restore" do it, i thought you meant itunes
11:03:09[Saint](IIRC I had to fudge the partition table for the larger disk but that's trivial.)
11:03:28[Saint]Well...OF is the firmware. Not iTunes.
11:03:37[Saint]Original Firmware.
11:03:39makotoi didn't have much luck fudging the table
11:04:17makotoah - equally, i could never format the CF in the first place when it was in the ipod
11:04:24makotoi had to put it in a usb reader first to format it
11:04:33[Saint]Oh. I see.
11:04:40*[Saint] shrugs
11:04:46makotoso i wonder if the cf-to-usb is doing nasty things to the partition table trying to be helpful
11:06:06[Saint]If my understanding is correct you should be able to use the standard partition table for the device presented on the above mentioned wiki page, regardless of capacity.
11:06:22[Saint](As long as the capacity is larger)
11:06:52[Saint]It should just end up with a smaller partition you can later expand, in, say, parted.
11:07:21makotoyeah - i had rockbox booting and a 6 gig partition
11:07:21[Saint]I seem to recall going down the route of building my own, though.
11:07:41makotoi then used fdsk to delete partition, and did mkfs.vfat on it to make a bigger one
11:08:07makotothat was where things went yucky - it stayed at 6gig but the table said it was 60gig
11:08:36makotoperhaps i should try with parted though - i didn't think of that at the time
11:08:36[Saint]Can't fdisk (like parted/gparted) just expand the partition?
11:08:51makotoi'm not sure to be honest, i'm not overly familiar wiht it
11:08:59[Saint]Nor I.
11:09:12[Saint]I know (g)parted can.
11:09:29gevaertsmakoto: the 80G ipod video issue is complicated :)
11:10:12makotogevaerts: whats that? or would i not want to know?
11:10:18[Saint]Now it all works behind the scenes with magic.
11:10:34[Saint]We used to have separate builds for 5G/5.5G
11:10:57gevaertsWhat's going on there (guessed/deduced from observed behaviour) is that apple got a 80gb disk from toshiba, found out or was told that odd sector accesses were broken on that model (so you need to access 1KB at a time), and decided to use 2K FAT sectors
11:11:15gevaertsThe disk still uses 512 byte sectors though
11:11:28gevaertsSo it's really a workaround for a *specific* disk firmware
11:11:32makotoso you ask for 4 times the data when you want just 1 bit?
11:11:42makotowell um, not bit
11:12:19gevaertsYes, but usually you want a few megabytes anyway on a DAP
11:12:42makotoahh, i guess that makes sense
11:12:54gevaertsAnd it was that or not have a 80GB model I guess
11:12:58gevaerts(at the time)
11:13:30gevaerts[Saint]: wrong
11:13:43gevaertsThe separate builds were not for 5G vs 5.5G
11:14:20[Saint]Well...indirectly they are, aren't they? There's no 5G with the lower capacity.
11:14:23gevaertsThey were for 32MB RAM vs 64MB RAM, i.e. 30gb vs 60/80gb disk (for new devices. On refurbished ones, who knows?)
11:14:31gevaertsThere is, as far as I know
11:14:42[Saint]Oh? Hmmm. My bad.
11:14:58gevaertsDoesn't matter though, either 5G or 5.5G has both thin and thick versions :)
11:15:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1091 seconds.
11:15:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b888743, 254 builds, 23 clients.
11:15:18gevaertsAnyway, it's all rather academic now
11:23:06 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
11:23:37 Quit ygrek (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
11:30:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 903 seconds.
11:41:44 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
12:02:39 Quit R0ll3 (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
12:03:21 Join R0113 [0] (
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12:38:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f9be1ef, 254 builds, 23 clients.
12:53:20R0113gevaerts: is there any easy way to spot the 64MB motherboard for the 5.5, without being able to check numbers and codes
12:53:53R0113gevaerts: like "there are 2 big chips in the right korner on the 32 and four on the 64mb"
12:54:07R0113corner, sorry for the spelling
12:54:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 925 seconds.
12:55:41R0113I am contemplating buying motherboards as spares on the internet
12:57:47 Join nk2032 [0] (
12:57:48 Quit kugel___ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
12:59:05 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
13:19:20 Quit pamaury_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
13:28:18gevaertsR0113: I don't know
13:29:19R0113gevaerts: thanks
13:30:36R0113maybe I should just look at the pictures and see if the board look the same as mine (a 64mb)
13:32:20gevaertsYou also have to hope they're not using a photo they found somewhere else
13:43:56 Quit mortalis (Remote host closed the connection)
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13:46:18 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
13:54:21 Quit kugel_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
13:54:36R0113gevaerts: yes indeed
13:54:37 Join kugel_ [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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14:41:32 Part LinusN
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17:14:08gevaertspamaury: did you see the build errors from your client?
17:14:55pamaurygevaerts: the 302 errors ?
17:15:03pamauryseems like a random bug
17:15:37gevaertsI blocked your client for now, I didn't see those on any other client
17:15:40pamauryI can try a manual build to be sure
17:16:44 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
17:18:02pamaurygevaerts: I just did a manual build without problem
17:18:40pamaurycan you trigger a build to a client for testing ?
17:18:54 Nick megal0maniac is now known as Guest83341 (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
17:18:58 Join megal0maniac [0] (
17:19:13gevaertsNo. Maybe Zagor can, but I can't
17:19:48gevaertsAre you using -j?
17:20:32 Join chrisb [0] (
17:21:04 Quit Guest83341 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:21:13pamaury_gevaerts: I did make -j 5
17:24:24 Quit stickyb1t (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
17:26:42pamaury_gevaerts: hum wait, I managed to trigger the same errors, weird
17:27:36 Quit megal0maniac (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:28:23pamaury_this is strange, I have two rockbox repo: one for myself and one for the build server, one works fine and the other not
17:28:39gevaertshmmm, interesting
17:29:06gevaertsSome sort of file corruption?
17:29:09 Join Xyem_ [0] (
17:30:03pamaury_I don't know, all the errors are at the linker stage
17:30:25 Join Mir_ [0] (
17:30:36 Join maraz_ [0] (
17:30:47 Join megal0maniac [0] (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
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17:33:53 Join Slasheri [0] (miipekk@rockbox/developer/Slasheri)
17:34:21pamaury_maybe a problem with ccache ?
17:34:39gevaertsCould be, I guess
17:35:11gevaertsWhat happens if you remove the ccache bits from the generated makefile?
17:35:16 Quit Unhelpful_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:35:32 Join Unhelpful [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/Unhelpful)
17:35:48 Join jhMikeS [0] (
17:35:48 Quit jhMikeS (Changing host)
17:35:48 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
17:36:29pamaury_I'm trying...
17:36:56pamaury_it works
17:37:14pamaury_Ok I'm going to clear the whole cache and retry
17:38:56pamauryyeah that fixes the problem
17:39:04pamauryI think you can unblock my client
17:41:14pamaury_hum, it still says it's blocked
17:42:34 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
17:44:06 Join GeekShad1w [0] (
17:44:55gevaertsThe server only reloads that when a new build starts I believe
17:45:01 Join sobukus_ [0] (
17:45:04 Join shuffleb1t [0] (
17:45:31 Join Makinit_ [0] (
17:45:59 Quit Makinit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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17:49:21 Quit pamaury_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:55:29*pamaury should commit something soon to try ^^
17:55:49 Join chrisb [0] (
18:00:19pamaurygevaerts: I thought about this scsi thing I told you about
18:01:33pamauryMaybe each storage driver could export have a single function like this:
18:01:34pamauryint storage_scsi(int stage, void *buffer, int size);
18:01:34pamaurywhere stage could be COMMAND, DATA_IN, DATA_OUT, STATUS
18:02:09pamauryin case of DATA_IN, it would return the actual buffer size
18:03:16pamauryin COMMAND, buffer would point to command block, size would be size of the command block, and in STATUS stage it would NULL and the function returns the status
18:04:38gevaertsHow would things be hooked up? Would you refactor the entire thing to handle everything in this model. or only "extra" stuff?
18:04:51pamauryhum, good question
18:05:02pamauryI was thinking about extra stuff only
18:05:27pamaurybut surely it would be good opportunity to rewrite the SCSI handling to be more robust
18:05:38pamauryalthough I seem to remember TheSeven had some patch or plans for this
18:06:17gevaertsThat probably includes moving the SCSI_WRITE_BUFFER clock setting to "extra"
18:06:47 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
18:06:53pamauryyeah, the problem with this model is that this is per storage
18:07:01gevaertsFor COMMAND, there needs to be a return code for "Not for me, let something else handle this"
18:07:07pamauryyeah right
18:07:19TheSevenso you basically want a per-target SCSI interceptor?
18:07:46TheSevenI'm not fully sure whether that belongs into the storage code though
18:07:54TheSevencould also be used to handle e.g. itunes time setting etc.
18:08:04TheSevenand could still call target-specific storage code
18:08:12 Quit bcobco (Remote host closed the connection)
18:08:22pamauryyeah that would be nice, but that would a layer between usbms and storage because it's not really storage specific
18:08:38 Join bcobco [0] (~bcobco@
18:08:53gevaertsI'm not really clear on what the exact usecases are, as in, which SCSI commands do we need? If e.g. all anyone does is vendor-specific WRITE_BUFFER, then it can be simpler
18:09:16TheSevenlook at my patch to emcore disk mode, which is itself mostly a copy of rockbox's scsi code. that has some major improvements in error handling (making sure that the USB mass storage spec is adhered to, sending the right packets at the right time by keeping track of what stage we're currently at, etc.)
18:09:35pamaurygevaerts: I have a usecase for sigmatel SCSI emulation
18:09:51gevaertsTheSeven: you actually managed to get your head around the UMS spec? :)
18:09:54TheSeventhis is also a prereq for SMART / ATA passthrough support
18:09:56pamauryTheSeven: where is that patch ?
18:10:12*pamaury leaves the UMS part to TheSeven ;)
18:10:23gevaertspamaury: what does the sigmatel thing do?
18:10:45 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
18:10:57pamauryit gives device info, also gives access to all partitions of the disk (hidden ones): read/write/format
18:11:20gevaertsI mean, how?
18:11:49pamaurysee utils/imxtools/scsitools
18:11:55gevaertsTheSeven: I'm all for better error handling here
18:11:56 Quit KotH (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:12:24pamauryeach sigmatel commands starts with 0xc0 or 0xc1 and then the command blocks describe the command and parameters and so on
18:12:43TheSevenvery similar to what itunes is doing to upgrade ipod firmware
18:13:01pamauryit doesn't use any standard command I mean, even READ and WRITE are vendor specific
18:13:21copperTheSeven: did your iPod Classic patches get accepted?
18:13:32pamauryI need to go, will be back later
18:13:32 Join KotH [0] (
18:14:09 Quit pamaury (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:14:14 Join nck_2032 [0] (
18:14:37TheSevencopper: looks like wodz wants to merge the ATA one :)
18:14:42TheSevennot sure about the other ones
18:14:49gevaertsSo that huge switch (cbw->command_block[0]) gets a default: bit that hands the command block over to the various registered modules until one says it likes it, and then that module gets everything until the command is handled?
18:15:00 Quit bcobco ()
18:15:07TheSevenwill there ever be more than one such module?
18:15:19TheSevenIIUC we could just make this a handle_target_scsi() function or so
18:15:20gevaertsI think so
18:15:27TheSevenwhich takes care of splitting it up further if needed
18:16:00TheSevenhm, maybe if we add SAT / SMART globally, that should be such a registered handler
18:16:14TheSevenbut we could as well put that into the generic scsi code, ifdeffed for ATA devices
18:16:27gevaertsThe ipod RTC setting code is generic, but it can't grab WRITE_BUFFER exclusively I think, because other stuff might use that too
18:16:43gevaertsSo that one needs to be outside the generic code
18:16:53TheSeventhe ipod RTC stuff would just have to go away into an ipod-specific handle_target_scsi handler
18:17:07 Quit nk2032 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
18:17:12gevaertsThere's no good reason to take it away from non-ipods
18:17:48TheSevenin that case it could also just defer every sub-command that it doesn't know of to a target handler
18:18:18TheSevenor we could give the target handlers a higher priority, allowing them to override generic handlers
18:18:34TheSevenand return some "I don't know this" return code otherwise
18:18:57gevaertsYes, but you can't handle them the easy way in default: then :)
18:19:22TheSevenwell, put the target-specific thing into an if before the switch? skipping the whole switch if it was handled?
18:19:26TheSevenI see no convincing reason to keep track of a list of handlers yet ;)
18:20:03gevaertsIt's probably going to be small enough to handle statically
18:21:09TheSevenis someone willing to port that SAT code? ;)
18:22:45*gevaerts has to go for a few hours too...
18:23:12*TheSeven concludes that SAT can chase away people :P
18:23:48*copper wants to know of a way to make his Classic eternal
18:28:34copperby the way, "first buttonpress enables backlight only" still doesn't work on the Classic
18:28:51copperDo I need to file a bug report for it?
18:29:14*TheSeven is confused that this can fail on just one target
18:29:34copperand, FS #12971
18:29:36fs-bluebot iPod Classic charges on USB even with "Charge During USB Connection" set to "no" (bugs, unconfirmed)
18:30:05TheSevenI suspect it's something like "the clickwheel sends a click and a finger movement event, only the first one of which is getting ignored"
18:30:17TheSevenbut even that should affect all ipods then, because they share the clickwheel driver
18:30:27copperI wouldn't know about other iPods
18:30:34copper[Saint] would
18:31:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:32:22TheSevencopper: does it still charge even with g#898?
18:32:26fs-bluebotGerrit review #898 at : iPod Nano 2G and Classic: Fix power and charging detection. by Michael Sparmann
18:32:38copperis it on the emCORE TODO list?
18:32:45 Join chrisb [0] (
18:32:45TheSevenyes, and included in my builds
18:33:00TheSevenalso, does it charge with 100mA or 500mA?
18:33:06copperno idea
18:33:58copper16:32:23 UTC <TheSeven> copper: does it still charge even with g#898?
18:34:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #898 at : iPod Nano 2G and Classic: Fix power and charging detection. by Michael Sparmann
18:34:18TheSeventhis would mean that usb_charging_maxcurrent_change isn't called, or not with the right argument
18:34:46TheSevenwhich could be related to the fact that the classic is one of the very few targets (or even the only one by now?) which doesn't use the new USB detection framework yet
18:34:58 Join RiD [0] (
18:35:10copperI like it when you guys talk dev stuff.
18:35:24TheSevenso this should hopefully get fixed as a side effect of finally migrating to the new one, which we'll probably have a look at once the new USB driver is committed
18:35:33copperI just go "uh hu, yeah, sure" behind my computer screen
18:36:03 Join rela_ [0] (
18:36:39copperyour patch does enable charging detection, according to my theme
18:37:01copperi.e. my theme shows that it's charging, as opposed to just "connected to a charger"
18:37:17TheSevenyes, but I suspect that this setting will only work if it detects being connected to a computer
18:37:33copperhmmm no, I think it works with wall warts too
18:37:48copperlet me check
18:38:25TheSevenI mean the "disable charging" setting, not the status indicator
18:38:47TheSevenand it might still report that it's charging despite not actually doing so if charging is disabled
18:39:00TheSevennot quite sure how that detection behaves in these corner cases
18:39:21 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
18:42:22 Quit rela_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:49:31 Quit mortalis (Remote host closed the connection)
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20:47:15gevaertsTheSeven: we're not afraid of SAT!
20:49:02TheSevengevaerts: I may add that my patch to emcore that I linked above only implements the subset of SAT required by smartmontools
20:49:37TheSevenand the commit right before it adds the required interface to the ATA driver
20:50:07TheSeventhe UMS and ATA architecture is very similar to rockbox's, indeed most of the code was simply copy&pasted with a little bit of search&replace
20:52:02*gevaerts nods
20:59:31 Quit alexbobp (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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