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#rockbox log for 2014-09-20

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00:29:15ezzieyguywufi have a quick question, and searching has not found me an answer
00:29:36ezzieyguywufI have a car that recognized an ipod when plugged in via USB, and allows me to pause, play, ff/rw with the head unit controls
00:29:58ezzieyguywufis there a feature on rockbox that can fool the car in to thinking it's enough of an ipod in order to allow me to use these same features?
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00:31:05TheSevenezzieyguywuf: not at this time
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00:31:42ezzieyguywufanything in the works? is it a large hurdle to overcome?
00:31:58TheSevenit's yet another completely closed and undocumented thing
00:32:02ezzieyguywufmay convince me to finally try my hand at contributing, I have a tad bit of programming experience
00:32:05TheSevenwhich would need to be reverse engineered
00:32:07ezzieyguywufah, I see
00:32:28ezzieyguywufyeesh, one of the reasons I haven't bought an apple product
00:32:32TheSevenand I guess apple will have done everything they can to prevent third party products from working with it
00:32:33ezzieyguywufphone, laptop, nothin
00:32:42ezzieyguywufI like their stuff, but the closed off nature just rubs me wrong
00:32:44TheSevenso it probably involves cryptography
00:33:15TheSevengiven that we have full control over the ipod that should be breakable, but someone would need to have a closer look at at
00:33:34TheSevenat that*
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00:59:05makotosudo dd if=./Downloads/Firmware- of=/dev/sda1
00:59:16makotoi just did a really stupid thing didn't i? :/
01:00:30makoto/dev/sda1 2048 4208639 2103296 82 Linux swap / Solaris
01:00:36*makoto breaths a sigh of releif
01:00:42gevaertsswapoff -a
01:00:56gevaertsAnd then mkswap again
01:05:13makotointeresting - fdisk won't let me put first sector below 2048
01:05:25makotoyet original ipod disk had first sector at 62
01:07:48gevaertsYou should be able to tell it to do that anyway
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01:08:26gevaerts"fdisk -c=dos", google tells me
01:08:28makotoit tells me it's out of range
01:13:09makotothanks0- thats let me write the table
01:13:22makotointerestingly i've managed to write a valid 64gb fat32 now too
01:13:30makotobut i just don't have firmware running
01:14:30makoto4508672 bytes (4.5 MB) copied, 0.018513 s, 244 MB/s
01:14:40makotosuspiciously fast for usb..
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01:21:12TheSevenmakoto: that just went into the cache
01:21:34TheSeventoo small sample size to tell anything from it
01:22:01TheSevenand valid hundreds-of-gigabytes FAT32 partitions aren't a problem, it's just windows that refuses to format them for some reason
01:22:56drvinkit still has support to do it, it just hides it from the gui
01:23:22drvinkif the volume is over some number of gigabytes
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02:29:21nick_pI've just reviewed and tested g958, I was planning on committing it, ok with everyone?
02:29:24fs-bluebotGerrit review #958 at : unicode: Fix getle16 and getbe16 by nialv7
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03:23:22*[Saint] sees above the reason why he made a wrapper for dd to make damn sure he can't do very silly things
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04:47:30foolshStrife89: Saint tells me you've some Palm and Window's (Mobile/CE/PocketPC )devices? Does palm run its own OS or that also a WinCE derivative? The reason I'm asking, is that I'm soliciting for any help on g#656 that someone may be willing to offer, interested?
04:47:32fs-bluebotGerrit review #656 at : WinCE SDL port & new Toolchain CeGCC 0.59 (WIP) by Benjamin Brown
05:00:18Strife89foolsh: Palm OS is its own thing.
05:01:11Strife89I've no programming experience on either platform, but I'll gladly test stuff.
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05:36:34foolshStrife89: Ok cool, I've made a lot of head way, but no binaries yet. The next thing I'm working on is writing all the sleep functions, and disk access functions. But thats easy and can mostly be stolen from the simulator's functions, because it's really a rockbox simulator running on in WinCE after all.
05:38:03foolshThe toolchain I'm using needs patched to add back in errno.h and signal.h and I haven't automated that yet, but once I do I'll update the task in gerrit
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05:41:52foolshIf there's a gcc toolchain floating around somewhere for palm I'm defiantly interested knowing about where, it should be trivial to write adapt what I'm doing to work on palm as well
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09:21:42makotoTheSeven: any ideas how i'd flush the cache? i can't get the firmware written :(
09:24:11makotook scratch that
09:24:33makotoi set partition id to 82 so it shown up on my mac, dd'd it there, then went back to linux and set id to 00
09:31:30makotoit works!
09:31:53makotorockbox util just managed to install the bootloader
09:43:00makotothanks everyone <3 i've got music again :3
09:43:11foolshSweet sweet music
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10:07:37makotooh wow - cfmodded ipod is so fast too!
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11:30:55pamauryTheSeven: ping
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12:38:31TheSevenpamaury: pong
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14:23:58pamauryTheSeven: I want to implement data abort "rescue" in hwstub so that read/write to invalid memory regions do not kill the stub
14:24:09pamaurydoes your emcore or whatever-it-is-called tool does that ?
14:24:34TheSevendepends on the environment that you're in
14:24:44TheSevenonce that happens, you can't return to the code path this happened in
14:25:12TheSevenso the USB stuff may not be part of that code path if you want it to survive
14:25:35TheSevenemcore just kills the thread that caused the fault
14:26:10TheSevenrockbox just panics, using safe code, and then halts
14:26:55TheSevenmy OF debugger uses it as a trigger to halt OF/application code and enter a safe data capture mode (similar to a breakpoint injected into the OF, in fact breakpoints are implemented as such a fault)
14:27:30pamauryok, I implemented it with a setjmp-like way
14:27:30TheSevenso what's the origin of that bad memory access?
14:27:53pamauryunfortunately on imx233 some register access trigger a data abort if some clocks are gated
14:28:05TheSevenand who's accessing that?
14:28:20TheSevenapplication code? stub code? stub at user's command via USB?
14:28:29pamaurymy tools when doing a register dump for example
14:28:34TheSevenok, so the latter
14:28:46 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
14:28:56TheSevenwell, in that case you need to make the code aware of this kind of error possibility and basically add exception handling
14:29:16TheSevensetjmp seems useful for that, yes
14:29:41pamauryyeah I did that, g#980
14:29:44fs-bluebotGerrit review #980 at : hwstub: implement read/write data abort recovery on imx233 by Amaury Pouly
14:30:22pamaurycould you have a look at tell me if you see something suspicous ? it seems to work but I would prefer that someone else have a look at the code ^^
14:31:43pamauryset_data_abort_jmp() saves the current context and returns 0, and if a data abort occurs, it acts like nothing happened and returns 1
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14:33:30TheSevenyeah, well this generally assumes that the code that ran in between doesn't leave anything in an unsafe state
14:33:52pamauryyeah of course
14:34:11pamaurybut since only memcpy is supposed to trigger the fault, it should be safe
14:34:59TheSeventher code looks good, but I guess some things could be optimized
14:35:44pamaurylike ?
14:36:22TheSevenI think you can get away without switching modes
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14:37:23pamauryyou mean push the value of lr in set_data_abort_jmp instead of restoring it in the handler ?
14:37:32TheSevenfirst load spsr, then ldmia r1! {rr4-r11,sp,lr,pc}^ should do the trick
14:38:18pamauryhum, can you restore lr_sys from the abort handler this way ?
14:38:25TheSevenI think so, yes
14:38:33TheSevenand at the same time copy spsr to cpsr and branch back
14:38:36 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
14:38:52pamauryyeah that would simplify the code if that's the case
14:39:41pamauryI need to check that
14:40:43TheSevenyou could also restore right back into user code instead of that function
14:41:01TheSevenjust save r0 as well, but don't save PC, then restore LR into PC
14:41:05TheSevenor even set r0=1 in the handler
14:41:15TheSevenwould make it a bit less generic, but would do the trick here
14:41:22pamaurythat's unclear if mode is switched before or after the register restore
14:41:32pamaurybut yeah I could save lr in another register
14:41:52TheSeven"Otherwise, data is transferred into or out of the User mode registers instead of the current mode registers."
14:42:46TheSevennot sure if that "otherwise" is quite semantically correct there, might be misleading
14:43:10pamauryyeah, I'm not sure what otherwise refers to
14:43:25TheSevenI'd probably just try it
14:43:30pamauryyeah definitely
14:46:00 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
14:46:05pamaurydoes not seem to work:
14:46:05pamaury ldr r1, =data_abort_jmp_ctx_ptr
14:46:05pamaury ldmia r1!, {r0}
14:46:05DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
14:46:05pamaury msr spsr, r0
14:46:05pamaury /* return from exception to store data abort jump point */
14:46:07pamaury ldmia r1, {r4-r11,sp,lr,pc}^
14:46:12TheSeven page 132 might clarify this
14:47:30TheSevenso yeah, you might have to split off the PC load
14:48:01pamaurythe Operation code says CPSR is set after
14:48:12pamauryso yeah I need to split
14:48:42 Quit krabador (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:48:53TheSeventhat's not the problem
14:49:13pamaurywhat is then ?
14:49:46TheSeventhe caret only means "write to user mode regs" if r15/pc isn't in the list
14:49:57TheSevenso that "otherwise" is to be taken literally
14:50:14pamauryyeah, so I need to ldmia r1!, {r
14:50:23pamauryto restore user/sys
14:50:32pamauryand then ldmia r1,{pc}^ to return from exception
14:50:51TheSevenyeah, but it doesn't allow an ! if it has a ^
14:51:17pamauryah yeah, assembler says it's unpredictable
14:51:35TheSevenhm, or wait...
14:51:43TheSeventhere's another form of LDM that can seemingly do both
14:51:58 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
14:52:30TheSevenheh, but only if PC is in the list
14:52:40pamauryyeah the PC one :-(
14:52:56pamauryI guess I have to manually add the offset to r1
14:53:19TheSeven...or just reload the values into the abort mode regs
14:53:33TheSevenI don't think anything will care if you trash those at this point ;)
14:53:41TheSevenand the shared ones will receive the same data that's already in them
14:54:42pamauryyeah but then I do restore lr_sys ? I still the ldm {}^, I don't think I can do that with just str
14:54:58TheSevenprobably slower than just manually adding the offset though, or using an ldr lr, [r1,#something]; subs pc, lr, #0 style return
14:55:01pamaurysame for sp
14:55:28TheSevendo you even need an abort mode stack?
14:55:39pamauryerrr, actually no ^^
14:55:41TheSevenand who cares about lr_sys
14:55:53TheSeventhat's only useful to diagnose the exact abort location anyway
14:56:04TheSevener, lr_abt i mean
14:56:18TheSevenlr_sys is previously restored by the ldm^
14:56:19pamauryyeah I don't care about lr_abt, but I do care about sp_sys though ;)
14:56:36makotohmmm odd
14:56:45makotoi can't write to ipod over usb in rockbox
14:57:04makotoi have to boot OF - in rockbox it seems to crash, but potentially i have isolated one folder of files that seemsto reliably upset it
14:57:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:57:16*makoto thinks more testing might be in order later
14:57:44TheSevenldmia r1, {r2,r4-r11,sp}^; msr spsr, r2; ldmia r1, {r2,r4-r11,sp,pc}^
14:57:47TheSevenwhat about that?
14:58:00TheSevenwastes a little bit of time restoring useless regs, but who cares?
14:58:25pamauryhehe nifty ;)
14:58:45TheSeventhe first one will take care of the _sys regs, the second one will just restore things again to fix the offset, and then restore cpsr and pc
14:59:32TheSevenr2 and lr_sys are trashed, but that's okay as we're doing a function return anyway
14:59:55pamauryyeah that's a nice solution
14:59:59[Saint]makoto: if you can compile you own build, you can try backing the source out to prior to the huge filesystem changes of late
15:00:17TheSevendefinitely deserves a verbose comment though ;)
15:00:21[Saint]and depending on the result, bisect the issue.
15:01:00makotoahh, that might work
15:01:20makotoi'm a little inexperienced but it may be worth a shot
15:01:22TheSevenso the data abort handler is a whopping 16 bytes ;) - and you don't need an abort mode stack
15:01:31makotohaven't compiled my own build since 2010 or so
15:01:49TheSevenmakoto: not much has changed since then, except for a newer gcc version
15:02:32makotoin which case that sorts out what i'm doing when i'm home from work \o/
15:02:47TheSevener, 20 bytes, unless we want to save the r0 value to the buffer in set_data_abort_jmp
15:03:07makotoi remember debug build being around 23000 ish numbering
15:03:24TheSevenyeah, that was back in the SVN times
15:03:28makotoand i got really excited when my phone number came up as a debug build
15:03:36TheSevenso yeah, that's another change, we now use git
15:03:59[Saint]Indeed. No more obvious sequential digits.
15:04:22[Saint]Unique hashes that make it impossible to ascertain the version offhand now.
15:04:39[Saint]One more fun git-ism.
15:05:15TheSevenpamaury: do you even need to save cpsr btw?
15:05:38TheSevenif you don't mess with the IRQ/FIQ flags in the protected section (which you shouldn't anyway), trashing CPSR should be fine as well
15:06:18TheSevenso down to 40 bytes buffer space, 16 bytes saving code, 16 bytes restoring code
15:06:57pamauryhum, I wanted to make sure there is no problem with IRQ/FIQ but that's probably paranoid
15:07:30TheSevenactually you might have a problem there, as I think IRQs/FIQs are disabled on abort mode entry, thus also in the SPSR that would get copied to CPSR
15:07:47TheSevenso the cleanup code would have to re-enable them - might even be a good idea to handle it that way ;)
15:09:36pamauryyeah I don't know, I think I prefer the cpsr restore solution
15:09:51pamauryI've uploaded the new code g#980
15:09:53fs-bluebotGerrit review #980 at : hwstub: implement read/write data abort recovery on imx233 by Amaury Pouly
15:12:50pamaurythanks for the help :)
15:19:01 Quit ygrek (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
15:33:26TheSevenpamaury: looks good
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17:16:35copperThe FiiO X1 looks really nice
17:17:14copperand it's affordable (£99)
17:22:43[Saint]IIRC, pamaurywanted to look at that?
17:22:55[Saint]And, yes, I was thinking of picking one up.
17:23:09[Saint]It does look very sexy.
17:23:57copperthe only major flaw I can see is the battery life
17:24:05copperdunno if Rockbox would fare better?
17:24:13pamaurywhat is the chip inside ?
17:24:22coppererm the only major flaw beside the original firmware
17:24:47 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
17:25:19copperI'd totally chip in to buy one for pamaury or whomever
17:27:30pamaurywe would need to know the SoC inside to know if the port is feasible
17:27:34copperpamaury: "Ingenics 4760BS SoC"
17:27:45pamaurywhere did you get this info ?
17:27:50copperfrom the link above
17:28:08copperin "X1 main features" (scroll down)
17:29:04copper"TI PCM5142 DAC" (dunno if that matters)
17:29:30pamaurythe JZ4760B is XBurst-base (MIPS compatible) so wodz is probably the right guy to ask
17:30:41pamaurywe already have a port to the JZ47xx series, so it's probably feasible but I don't know the state of this port
17:32:25copperwhat target, and who's working on that?
17:33:24pamauryMaurus Cuelenaere
17:33:49coppernever heard of either one :P
17:34:02pamaurythese are pretty old DAPs
17:34:11pamauryand mcuelenaere has not been around for some time I think
17:34:30copperis that an old SoC then?
17:35:24pamaurynot really, the JZ47xx series is "old" but the JZ4760 is from 2011 I think
17:36:09pamauryand I don't know how close related the newer chips are to the older ones
17:36:17copperwell, ping me if someone wants to buy a FiiO X1 to work on it
17:36:19pamauryat least the datasheets seems available online
17:36:34pamaurybut yeah ask wodz, he knows about the MIPS architecture way better than me
17:38:07copperI see there's a Rockbox port for the iBasso DX50 floating around, but it's bloody expensive (iPod-like price)
17:38:44copperand I much prefer the X1's scroll wheel
17:41:34*[Saint] may or may not have recently ordered a DX90
17:43:11[Saint]I figure if you're already considering the DX50, you may as well go that little step higher on the insanity scale and get the *90
17:43:28[Saint]...its just _so_ pretty. Kinda.
17:43:58[Saint]No, it is. Well, I'll know for sure after Impossible Slow SHipping COmpany Inc.(TM) gets it to me.
17:44:30elBundinio I've recently taken my Fiio X3 apart, photographed the board and found datasheets for the chips. I was going to add some info to the wiki. the X1, X3 and X5 have the same jz4760b (I believe) but different dac chips
17:44:43copperit's bloody 400 euros
17:45:10copperalso, touch screen
17:45:18[Saint]it was just shy of $700 NZD shipped.
17:45:43copperI'm not interested in the "audiophile" part of those DAPs
17:45:54[Saint]That's with ISSHI(TM)'s insurance, though.
17:45:57pamaurythe price is just crazy
17:46:20copperI'm rather interested in an Classic-like DAP with a microsdxc card reader
17:46:31[Saint]The hilarious thing is that I'm fairly sure the Rockbox port negates a lot of the fancy DAC fuckery onboard.
17:46:32copperwith a non sucky display and decent output
17:46:36elBundiniothe dev kit is maintained for a jz4770 soc which has different pinout but is also two ingenic mips cores with vivante gpu but it has 3d instead of gc200 and different pinout
17:47:42pamauryI'm not even sure the DAC on those player is really that much better
17:49:05[Saint]Like my amp, and my IEMs, I got this because it is a functional luxury object. Not so much because of the audioph{ile|ool} characteristics.
17:49:18[Saint]Its a "Very Pretty Thing".
17:50:52*[Saint] confesses he was jealous of the Tinkerer Edition of his amp when it came out because playing with LEGO style interchangeable DAC stuffs he doesn't understand at all sounded blooded cool
17:51:28copperDAC in an amp?
17:51:40*[Saint] likely misused a word
17:52:33[Saint]Yes. Indeed. I mispoke deliberately to throw you off the scent of my closet audiophileness.
17:53:29copperhurr durr
18:07:48copper15:47:43 UTC <pamaury> I'm not even sure the DAC on those player is really that much better
18:08:07coppertheir selling point is 24 bit / 192 kHz playback support
18:08:45copperdoesn't make an audible difference but that's why those DAPs sell
18:09:20copperthe specs also list relatively high SNR (110 dB)
18:09:41copperdunno if anyone's measured those yet
18:10:14copperhigh SNR, if it proves to be real, could be useful with ultra sensitive IEMs
18:10:38copperespecially with their low output impedance
18:11:37copperI'm unsure about channel balance though: they list "Left right channel adjustment: 5 dB"
18:11:48copperIf I parse that right, that's pretty bad
18:19:00copperI'm also worried it may be _too_ shiny
18:19:05copperdat bling
18:31:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:35:30elBundiniofor the rockbox am I right in thinking that I need to figure out how to use the scramble.c program to unpack the manufacturer supplied firmware since I can't figure out how to get the device to usb boot?
18:37:24elBundinioSorry, ignore me, premature asking of question.
18:49:03 Join xorly [0] (
18:53:21 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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20:38:05 Part halina
20:38:58makotodatabase isn't working - it initialises, tellls me to reboot, i reboot, then it says commiting, then, when i press database, it says i need to initialise it again
20:42:04[Saint]from your problems earlier, this smacks of filesystem corruption.
20:43:02[Saint](It may or may not be the case that the OF is more tolerant in this regard - it surely wouldn't surprise me)
20:43:14[Saint]Its worth checking.
20:43:29makotothat is true - i haven't checked since the issues earlier
20:44:49[Saint]It could also potentially be malformed database files, but that alone without filesystem corruption would be surpringing.
20:45:30 Quit zoktar (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:45:43[Saint]If a filesystem check doesn't turn up anything obvious, you could try just wiping out all the .tcd files from ~/.rockbox and starting the database fresh
20:46:09[Saint]errrr, not ~/.rockbox, /.rockbox, rather.
20:46:20makotogiven a panic during writing, i suspect fs may be upset
20:49:47 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:50:43 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
20:52:21makotoevery boot from now on, it prints "Committing database"
21:28:44 Join cholero [0] (5c69dd54@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:30:34cholerocan I become a WikiUser? I would like to edit the page of the IBassoDXPort (and maybe more in the future, who knows)
21:36:35gevaertscholero: what's your wiki name?
21:37:10 Join nick_p [0] (
21:37:22*gevaerts attempts to do the necessary work
21:39:06cholerowow, that was quickissimo. Thanks a lot!
21:39:27gevaertscholero: if I did things right, it should work now
21:39:43gevaertsShout if it still doesn't work
21:39:51choleroit does :-), thanks again!
21:40:11gevaertsYou're welcome
21:41:30nick_pI plan to commit g958 in an hour or so, unless anyone objects
21:41:32fs-bluebotGerrit review #958 at : unicode: Fix getle16 and getbe16 by nialv7
21:41:45gevaertsRequiring this manual activation is a bit annoying, but it's the only long-term effective way to keep spammers out
21:44:43gevaertsnick_p: that fix looks trivially correct to me, I'm not sure if waiting another hour is needed
21:45:34gevaertsI do have some doubts about the author's name though
21:47:59nick_pgevaerts: Shall I hold off and ask them to confirm then?
21:49:24gevaertsProbably. For such a trivial fix I don't think it's a real problem, but we do have the real name policy...
21:49:51nick_pOK, will do
21:55:47 Join stickyb1t [0] (
21:58:58 Join GloomyJD [0] (~DarkInsom@
22:02:21GloomyJDAnybody else notice the e200 crashing when viewing System > Debug > FM Radio? A cool looking if unexpected pattern on the LCD!
22:05:58 Join burgobianco [0] (
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