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#rockbox log for 2014-09-22

00:00:07[Franklin]snow leopard is 10.6.8, right?
00:01:10[Franklin]any other errors?
00:01:31ZincAlloyno, just "illegal instruction"
00:01:39[Franklin]anything before that?
00:01:54[Franklin]can you run "file `which git`
00:02:06[Franklin]see if the binary is 32 or 64 bit
00:02:38[Franklin]Wait... there's similar complaints
00:02:55ZincAlloyah ha! /usr/local/git/bin/git: Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
00:03:05[Franklin]comments section
00:03:18[Franklin]yep... that's it!
00:03:47[Franklin]try an older version
00:04:14[Saint]How the almighty shit did that launch at all?
00:04:22[Franklin]or build from source
00:04:27[Franklin]using your toolchain
00:07:32[Franklin]or just go with an older version, there's really no big differences
00:08:27[Saint]Hell...if you don't actually care about the versioning at all, just pull it in with cURL or wget.
00:08:44[Saint]I imagine its the source files you care about more than the versioning.
00:09:37[Franklin]but if you wanna update your code... ;)
00:09:59[Saint]just pull again overtop.
00:10:17[Saint]ugly as almighty fuck, but, semi-functional.
00:10:53ZincAlloythat would actually do. versioning is no issue..
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00:12:03[Saint]Another option is breaking out into a sane operating system via a virtual machine.
00:12:15[Saint]or bootcamp, or whatever.
00:12:25[Franklin]LOL... sane system
00:12:29[Franklin]AKA linux
00:13:32ZincAlloybeen there… back in the days when I was running windows I had to set up a virtual machine to compile rockbox
00:13:56[Franklin]yes, you really shouldn't develop on anything but linux... :
00:14:17ZincAlloyluckily I'm not trying to develop.
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00:29:38[Franklin]saratoga: g962
00:29:41fs-bluebotGerrit review #962 at : ifdef out lcd_set_bg call by Franklin Wei
00:29:48[Franklin]wait... wrong one
00:29:56fs-bluebotGerrit review #968 at : Ptable: hopefully fix all the warnings, modify actinide/lanthanide behavior once... by Franklin Wei
00:30:00[Franklin]yeah, that one
00:30:16[Franklin](tested on ipod1g2g, clip+)
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00:34:54madcat1990Hey guys, I have a language DIFF for Portugal Portuguese
00:34:57madcat1990who should I send this to?
00:36:04[Saint]gerrit, or flyspray.
00:36:35[Saint]gerrit is preferable.
00:36:48[Saint]But flyspray has a much lower bar for submissions.
00:37:22[Saint]Be aware that we will require your full name, and that the patch should add you to the submitters list if you are not there already.
00:38:20[Saint](if you're uncomfortable with that you'll have to submit it and hope that someone else clean-room re-implements it so it can be accepted - its a licensing thing)
00:38:28[Franklin][Saint]: what if someone wouldn't give their name?
00:38:38madcat1990well, this isn't the first time I submitted a translation
00:38:38[Saint]Then no submission.
00:38:41madcat1990I thought my name was there already
00:38:46madcat1990either way :
00:39:11[Saint][Franklin]: we've had this discussion before and I don't care to have it again.
00:39:21[Saint]Real names are required for submissions and you know it.
00:39:28[Saint]thanks, madcat1990.
00:39:34madcat1990either way, I have my full name attached to my profile..
00:39:34[Franklin]what if someone wants to use a pseudonym?
00:39:43[Saint]Then they don;t do it here.
00:39:51ZincAlloyI remember that discussion :)
00:40:01[Franklin]how would you know, though?
00:40:22[Franklin]BTW, my real name is Bob Anderson Smith III
00:40:31[Saint]Its largely trust based. But we've caught and removed a few people trying to subvert this before.
00:40:57[Franklin]They did work for free... and you don't let them!?
00:41:04madcat1990licensing issues
00:41:06madcat1990I can understand that
00:41:07[Franklin]stupid in my opinion
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00:41:27[Saint][Franklin]: if they do't want to comply with our licensing, they can get fucked.
00:41:27 Nick [Franklin] is now known as [Bob] (
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00:41:40[Saint]No one *forces* them to submit here.
00:41:52madcat1990I for one don't care. I use Rockbox daily every day. Translating it is the least I could do
00:42:00[Franklin]madcat1990: thank you
00:42:06[Saint]If we ever wanted to relicense, those people would effectively stop us in their tracks through selfishness.
00:42:15[Franklin]Ahh... I see
00:42:24[Franklin]so what would it take to relicense?
00:43:00[Saint]Contacting all the submitters and getting consent.
00:43:11[Saint]Which we can't do if the contacty details are bullshit.
00:43:19[Franklin]Do *all* the contributors need to agree? What about long-lost ones?
00:43:35[Saint]Now you understand the difficulty involved. :)
00:43:51*[Franklin] wants to see ptable working
00:44:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #968 at : Ptable: hopefully fix all the warnings, modify actinide/lanthanide behavior once... by Franklin Wei
00:44:42[Franklin]"It's ready"
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00:46:42[Saint]I believe VLC had a lot of issues with contacting submitters when they pushed from GPL to LGPL
00:46:51[Saint]That took quite a while IIRC>
00:48:09[Franklin][Saint]: could contributors be given the ability to steal other's changes on Gerrit?
00:48:13*[Franklin] hates all this Vim syntax
00:48:28[Franklin]Why can't we use M-x replace-string Ret > Ret Ret
00:48:57[Saint][Franklin]: anyone can take over anyone else's submissions on gerrit...we've had this discussion too.
00:49:12[Saint]commit with the same change-id.
00:49:18[Franklin]gives an error
00:49:31[Franklin]"incorrect author" or something like that
00:49:33[Saint]Then you're "Doing It Wrong (TM)".
00:49:39[Saint]I do this frequently.
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00:49:53[Franklin]Do you have special privliges?
00:50:25*[Franklin] tries stealing some sandbox changes
00:51:04[Saint]You can't change the owner for obvious reasons, but you can submit to any open task.
00:51:15[Saint]regardless who authored it.
00:51:19[Franklin]How do I do that?
00:51:26[Saint]Like I said above.
00:51:33[Saint]Commit with the same change-id.
00:51:37[Franklin]Yeah... that gives that error
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00:54:39[Saint]you can see very clearly my doing so here:
00:54:53gevaerts[Saint]: what do you mean by,48058.msg229667.html#msg229667 ?
00:55:13*[Franklin] really doesn't want to piss anyone off by screwing up their tasks...
00:55:21[Franklin]so I've been playing in sandbox
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00:56:09[Saint]gevaerts: that Android appears to be something a build client can advertise capablities for, but that seems to be about the end of it.
00:56:20[Saint]Builds don't appear to actually hit the build table.
00:56:24gevaertsThey do...
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00:56:57[Saint]Under what label?
00:57:17[Saint]I must be fucking blind...
00:57:28[Saint](and apparently I'm not the only one)
00:57:32gevaerts"Android 480x800" and "Android 480x800 - MIPS". Right at the start
00:57:44gevaertsYou're aware that the build table by default only shows targets where there was at least a warning recently, right?
00:57:58gevaerts(a.k.a. the "Toggle full/compact table" link)
00:57:59[Franklin]Need to click toggle
00:58:08[Franklin]LOL exact same time
00:58:33*[Saint] wonders if this is a Chromeism.
00:58:52[Saint]Aha. Apparently it is.
00:58:59[Saint]Well, fuck me.
00:59:09[Saint]Ohh piss off.
00:59:27gevaerts[Franklin]: have we told you about the topic?
00:59:28[Franklin]I'd bet they steal all your passwords
00:59:33*[Franklin] stops
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01:02:08madcat1990well gents, I'm off. done my good deed for the day! Cheers
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01:33:17*[Franklin] likes [Saint]
01:33:28[Franklin]better than he likes gevaerts
01:37:28scorche[Franklin]: do you want it to be a real ban?
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04:24:13dongs-current rockbox still trashes filesystem on battery out while recording
04:24:19dongs(worse than 3.13 I must say)
04:24:29dongsat least 3.13 just misses t o write .wav header and file is OK.
04:24:39dongs-current trashes FAT, so the last recording ends up being in lost clusters
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04:43:26saratogathe recording code attempts a clean shutdown when the battery gets low
04:43:41saratogamaybe it waits too long and your battery cuts out?
04:44:00[Saint]This is if you ignore that and keep on trucking to a critical shutdown.
04:44:04[Saint]And...I don't blame it.
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04:59:20saratogadongs: if you can compile, try increasing battery_level_dangerous for your device up a couple hundred millivolts and see if it fixes the problem
04:59:37saratogaif it does, its probably just an old battery thats dying suddenly
04:59:46saratogaif it doesn't, its probably a bug
05:00:56saratogaoh actually i have that backwards
05:01:09saratogayou'd want to increase the shutdown voltage, not the dangerous voltage
05:01:48saratogasee powermgmt-[your device name].c or .h
05:20:19dongssaratoga: the problem isnt battery level
05:20:38dongsthis is on sansa clip+
05:20:42dongsive reported similar stuff wiht 3.13
05:20:56dongswas told by the guy who wrote the stuff that it was being redone/worked on/fixed in -current
05:21:28*[Saint] recalls the conversation in question but no such thing pertaining to it being redone.
05:21:52dongsi think you mentioned about .wav header writing etc
05:22:00dongsand that filesystem shutdown was "safer" now
05:22:09dongsbuut, its acutally worse than in 3.13
05:22:54[Saint]There was recently a rather large filesystem overhaul.
05:23:03dongswith -current i get broken .wav header AND damaged fat
05:23:10dongswith 3.13 i get broken wav header and OK fat
05:23:14[Saint]The author thereof is usually AWOL, however.
05:23:27dongsby -current I mean literally like build from yesterday.
05:23:34dongsused rockbox-utiliy to download it.
05:23:50[Saint]The last issue I raised regarding the filesystem re-work was met with "just wait", I dunno.
05:24:20[Saint]It would seem it was introduced prematurely. If only for the fact that there's feature regressions I never noticed prior.
05:24:42[Saint]Whether this is rework relates to your issue or not I can't say.
05:25:20dongsso im sticking to 3.13 for now.
05:25:27dongsat least I dont need to run chkdisk to hope to get the file
05:25:40dongsive already worked out the missing wav header stuff so thats not a big deal
05:26:21[Saint]I would give saratoga's suggestion a go.
05:26:46[Saint]raising the critical shutdown battery level will potentially allow you enough headroom for a clean shutdown.
05:26:54[Saint]which apparently isn't happening.
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05:29:07dongsmaybe it should be adjusted for whole platform then
05:29:11dongs(i.e clip+
05:29:23dongs< saratoga> if it does, its probably just an old battery thats dying suddenly
05:29:36dongsi've replaced the battery with a higher capacity one thats new and works fine
05:31:16dongsi could easilyrepeat same test on a new unit, but there's not enough capacity in it to make it useful
05:31:59dongsalso i've got a clip+ that have seen about 3GB of writes per day for 2 years on it, that doesnt boot anymore (did like 2-3 days ago). Think flash took a shit?
05:32:30dongsi dunno how 3gb/day counts in terms of wear
05:34:59[Saint]that's /probably/ near the usable life of the flash I would posit.
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05:42:46dongsi dont suppose theres a way to make it work just to finish reading junk off eh
05:43:18 Join JdGordon [0] (
05:43:22dongssaw 'unbrick' stuff but requires lnix
05:43:46dongsit connects by uSB and windows wants to format flash.
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05:58:02saratoga_dongs: if you changed the battery, then the calibration won't be correct and the player may not know to shutdown . . .
06:08:21saratoga_while changes to the underlying file system code may make it more or less catastrophic when the battery dies during a write, thats still a circumstance that is never supposed to happen if the battery level is being detected correctly
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09:53:46wodzsaratoga: (log) The situation of Ingenic xmu instructions is a bit complicated. 1) There was xmu_user_guide.pdf posted on their ftp site which gives brief overview of ~50 simd instructions without actual encoding or some deeper technical details. The file is long gone and not easily googlable. 2) There was modified toolchain posted on their ftp which provided famous assembler for xmu which can assemble 100+ simd instructions (written in awk! http
09:53:47wodzs:// and jz_xmu.h file which provides C equivalents for some instructions. 3) Ingenic posted modified MPlayer which has massive 120,000 lines of xmu assembly with some hints to corresponding C functions.
10:06:03[Saint]Why is your client doing that?
10:06:22[Saint]second time today I've seen a split mid-word.
10:07:38wodzlet me dive into settings
10:14:57wodz[Saint]: irc messages are limited to 512b including all overhead so client tries to be on the safe side. It does the splitting in a stupid way I admire
10:15:42[Saint]Oh...hmmm...I see.
10:16:04wodz[Saint]: could you test g#970 please?
10:16:07fs-bluebotGerrit review #970 at : ipod6g, ata: Fix audio drop off while waiting for ata not busy by nialv7
10:16:09[Saint]Perhaps my client is stitching my messages back together tansparently for me and _you_ guys see it split as I do.
10:16:38fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 582035c, 254 builds, 24 clients.
10:30:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 844 seconds.
10:30:43fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d392da8, 254 builds, 23 clients.
10:30:49wodzour build farm seems to suffer major slowdown
10:42:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 677 seconds.
10:54:01 Quit pystar89 (Remote host closed the connection)
10:55:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision da417ab, 254 builds, 24 clients.
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11:06:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 660 seconds.
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11:23:49wodzgevaerts: Maybe you remember how can I look at the C file after cpp pass?
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11:30:32gevaertswodz: there's -E of course, but you probably want -save-temps
11:32:41wodzgevaerts: ah, yes.
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11:53:28wodzTheSeven: [Saint], others: g#949 now has timeouts in busyloops so it is a bit more safe (at least it should throw an panicf() indicating where it deadlocked). Unfortunately I f*** up the thing a bit and didn't incorporated whitespace cleanup.
11:53:31fs-bluebotGerrit review #949 at : usb-designware: New USB driver for Synopsys DesignWare USB OTG core. by Michael Sparmann
11:54:09TheSevenok, I'll give that another go tonight
11:54:49TheSevencan you post an ipod classic testing build against an otherwise clean tree somewhere? I think results using the official toolchain are more important than with my gcc 4.9 experiments
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22:15:02copperugh, apparently, there's a 256 GB microsdxc card from SanDisk available in China right now
22:15:29copperThat's just insane.
22:15:50ZincAlloyactual sandisk or fake?
22:16:06ZincAlloythey just released the 128gb half a year ago
22:16:19copperwell, a guy from FiiO "just ordered one"
22:16:35copperand yeah the assumption is that it's legit
22:16:46ZincAlloyhow much?
22:16:53copperhe didn't say
22:17:19ZincAlloythat would be a great opportunity to rerip everything as flac
22:17:36coppermy FLAC collection would fit on it
22:17:42copper209 GiB
22:18:15copper256 GB would be about 238 GiB
22:19:28coppermeh, why China? Isn't SanDisk an american company?
22:20:06ZincAlloytheir manufacturing facilities are in china and japan
22:21:04copperI can't find anything on the web about that card
22:22:00 Join chrisb [0] (
22:22:39ZincAlloyI'd be surprised if it turned out to be real
22:25:17copperthe guy may be confused
22:25:32copperdunno, we'll see!
22:33:04 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:33:50 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
22:39:29 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
22:39:29 Quit kugel (Changing host)
22:39:29 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:40:43[Saint]copper: literally all I could find...
22:40:52[Saint]on fucking reddit.
22:41:02[Saint]and the purchase link is from Amazon.
22:41:16*[Saint] doubts the legitimacy of this product
22:41:24ZincAlloythey were selling it exclusively on amazon
22:41:51[Saint]Well, that's bloody weird.
22:42:24[Saint]Bah. Wrong link.
22:42:37[Saint]Aaaaaand, I closed my browser, and don't keep a hostory.
22:42:53[Saint]I *did* find a mention of it.
22:43:22ZincAlloyoh, exclusively at bestbuy and amazon
22:43:59[Saint]you fell for the same trap I did
22:45:32ZincAlloyno. I was referring to you referring to the 128gb version
22:45:52ZincAlloyI guess it's too early for a 256gb microsd card
23:08:32copperdunno, seems like the new product cycle is down to 6 months these days
23:09:10ZincAlloybut is flash memory development happening that fast? I was under the impression that things are going a lot slower than they had planned
23:09:19[Saint]6 months is a hell of a turnaround to double the capacity at this density.
23:09:29[Saint]I sincerely doubt the legitimacy of this.
23:09:31copperfair point
23:09:56copperit's not like I trust FiiO with ANYTHING
23:11:46 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
23:12:08*copper should capslock less and underline more
23:13:47 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:14:06[Saint]keep it for later.
23:16:23copperfull size sdxc, 512 GB :-O
23:17:09 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 33.0/20140918174809])
23:17:33copper21:09:20 UTC <[Saint]> 6 months is a hell of a turnaround to double the capacity at this density.
23:17:44copperwhat about those vertical NAND chips or whatever?
23:17:55copperI think Samsung uses those
23:18:56coppertwo 128 GB layers = yay 256 GB
23:21:19copper"3D NAND"
23:23:38 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:24:43 Quit ender (Quit: PCMCIA: People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms)
23:26:04 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
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