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#rockbox log for 2014-09-27

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00:32:05saratogais there a reason there is a separate pitch + pitch w/ timestretch mode on the pitch screen?
00:32:16saratogacouldn't they be merged into one mode since the latter lets you adjust pitch too
00:35:38foolshsounds reasonable
00:35:45foolshhope to it ;-)
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00:50:14saratogalooks like pitch_mode_timestretch might more sensibly default to true
00:54:19saratogaactually i think the current 3 modes is a glitch
00:55:41saratogathe code tries to toggle between 2 states as far as I can tell
00:55:55saratogabut actually has a wierd 3 state where nothign works
00:57:15saratogacan someone familiar with the code look at this for me?;a=blob;f=apps/gui/pitchscreen.c;h=200033bbf9b2d328f5da8abc0dc2f808be739d35;hb=HEAD#l965
00:58:01saratogamy reading is that the code intends to have 2 modes, semitone, and timestretch
00:59:01saratogatrying it though i actually get three modes, semitone, timestretch, and a weird one where it looks like timestretch but i can't change it
00:59:56saratogakugel: can you look at this?
01:06:24foolshThat is some confusing logic,
01:07:00foolshalmost tempted to write out a logic table to figure it out
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01:32:16*[Franklin] considers PLA'fying rockblox
01:32:24[Franklin](and adding ghosting)
01:41:04*[Franklin] wonders how to add ghosting
01:41:36*ZincAlloy wonders what ghosting is
01:46:08foolshnice idea
01:46:21[Franklin]or being able to slide after hard-dropping
01:46:34*[Franklin] has no idea hiow
01:47:08foolshadd a delay
01:47:45*[Franklin] doesn't think the code allows for that
01:48:38[Franklin]but ghosting should be easier
01:50:32foolshwithout looking at the code, I can say adding a delay between the collision detection and next piece being played should give you some kind of "window" to move it around, it's not a simple task, but doable
01:51:36[Franklin]not that easy...
01:51:51[Franklin]but possible, yes
01:51:58*[Franklin] will work on ghosting first
01:53:59[Franklin]problem is... the code was written with there only being one moving tetronimo
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02:00:51[Franklin]something like this:
02:02:05[Franklin]and hold feature?
02:02:23[Franklin]though possibly too few buttons
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02:04:37*[Franklin] redoes the keymap
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02:10:46[Franklin]to match the one seen in the video
02:11:00[Franklin]... and to get sued :(
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02:50:39*[Franklin] tries playing Chex Quest in RockDoom
02:54:13[Franklin]bah no luck
02:54:16[Franklin]missing textures?
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09:30:18plocosaratoga: I just update the balance control on Android. So it can be cherry pick again. was conflict with Dx50/Dx90 port patch.
09:30:27ploco g#914
09:30:30fs-bluebotGerrit review #914 at : enable balance control on Android by Chiwen Chang
09:35:01plocoIf you still interest, merge it. otherwise, review and make it -2. so I can abandon it for good.
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19:40:16copperis this guy a bot or what?
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20:17:58CateliteBest custom firmware ever :O
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22:17:32ulmutulIs there a reason why "global_settings.hold_lr_for_scroll_in_list" isn't accessible via menu?
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22:54:44saratogacan anyone explain how the pitch screen is inteded to work?
22:58:16saratogaflyspray down?
23:00:37ulmutulsaratoga: up=raise pitch, down=lower pitch. left=slower, right=faster; but beware, there are several modes that behave differently whith timestrech.
23:01:00saratogai don't understand the mode selection
23:02:02ulmutulOn my target FFWD is switching between modes. Default mode slows down as long as you press the left key.
23:02:18saratogais there is supposed to be a screen where speed is adjustable and a separate one where speed and pitch can be adjusted?
23:02:45saratogawhy does the speed only screen kind of glitch if i try to change the pitch (values change for one frame and then revert back)
23:03:47saratogawhen i first explored the menu, i assumed that the speedonly screen was a bug, but looking at the code i'm not sure
23:05:09ulmutulIt's all on one screen. Default says something like "Pitch Up" and "Pitch Down" on top/bottom of the screen and "-2%" or "+2%" on the left and right. Next mode says "Semitone up/down", next gives you percentage values in the middle (like "Pitch: 125%,Speed:80%"), and in the final mode you can adjust the pitch as "semitone".
23:06:44saratogaaren't only 2 of those needed though?
23:06:59ulmutulYou must enable timestrech in the menu: Sound Settings->Timestretch->Yes, or you can only change the pitch.
23:07:40saratogayes i've done that
23:08:08ulmutulI assume the default mode is something for DJs: lower the speed as long as you press a key to get the song in sync with another.
23:08:40saratogabut why does that screen even exist? you can do the same adjustment with the more useful pitch + time screen
23:08:52saratoga(nevermind that its default)
23:13:22ulmutulJust tried it out: if you deactivate the "timestretch" option, you get the same effect like a slow running tape: speed and pitch are changed at the same time, so maybe there's a different algorithm at work (just resampling)
23:14:12 Join stickyb1t [0] (
23:15:33saratogayeah thats how it works
23:15:42saratogapitch correction is very different than speed adjustment
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23:19:08saratogai just wasn't sure if the UI was really intended to work the way it does
23:19:42 Join [Franklin] [0] (
23:19:50saratogaat a minimum I would say make the time+pitch screen the default if timestretch is enabled (since its what 99% of people will use)
23:20:07saratogabut maybe just git rid of the pitch only screen since its essentially redundant and more than a little confusing
23:24:23ulmutulif people just care about one of the parameters the "pitch only" mode may give a better sound quality. But I would rather prefer to omit the menu entry an introduca an additional "linked" mode on the pitch screen, where both parameters are combined.
23:24:37saratogai don't think the quality will be different
23:24:59saratogaor if it is that is a bug
23:26:17ulmutule.g. with a slow time stretch setting (let's say 50%) you get something like a stuttering effect.
23:28:04ulmutulThere's nothing you can do about it. Professional pitch shifters have different algorithms to give the best sound quality, but some are more optimized for sustained sounds, and some for more rhythm dominant sounds.
23:28:27saratogai mean, if you don't change the time, then the setting does nothing and there is no loss of quality
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23:42:19saratogafascinating thread
23:42:43saratogaanyone feel like testing?
23:42:54saratogaseems we have not fully squeezed all the battery life out of the AMS devices
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23:53:57ZincAlloyoh, nice. improved battery life would be quite something for the clip zip..
23:56:39lebelliumwhat exactly should be tested saratoga ?
23:57:15saratogaall of it i suppose
23:57:25saratogathe voltage ones look questionable to me, so i'm less interested in those right away
23:57:42saratogathe USB looks like a good idea, so it would be nice to know that it doesn't break anything for people
23:57:43 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)

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