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#rockbox log for 2014-09-29

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00:13:37foolshA true mono chrome display
00:14:16foolshdoes it vibrate, cause it looks like a "pleasure" device lol
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00:15:53foolshThen they price this so close to other one, it's like gee which would you buy
00:16:40saratogaif you're going to look into porting to cheap generic devices, at least find one thats close to existing hardware, otherwise by the time the port is half done it'll be impossible to find the devices
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00:18:36copperand measure them beforehand, to determine if they're worthy players to begin with
00:18:46[Saint]The bajillion rockchip based reference designs are likely worth looking at.
00:19:04[Saint]some of them have interesting hardware features tacked on.
00:20:22copperwho makes those players, and for whom?
00:21:10coppernever mind
00:24:05foolshHonestly I've never heard of Naxa before today
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00:24:37copperI've measured my Wiko dumbphone's output impedance at over 100 ohms
00:25:17copperthe DAC is otherwise fine
00:25:53copperbut the output impedance makes it pretty useless without self-amplified headphones
00:28:10copperthe player "app" inside sorts files by inode instead of alphabetically
00:28:35copper(or whatever the FAT equivalent is called)
00:30:19[Saint]sorting is a fucking nightmare for those making an OS.
00:30:34[Saint]EVeryone has their own idea of the way sorting should be done.
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00:30:51[Saint]When leading digits get involved, things get _real_ fun.
00:31:10copperalbums are all sorted by track number
00:31:13copperalways have been
00:31:53[Saint]and what if they're improperly tagged, and some have leading zeros, and some dont? What then.
00:31:59[Saint]its fucking nightmarish.
00:32:54[Saint]Rockbox "gets this wrong", for the large majority of people's assumptions of "right".
00:33:06[Saint]Joe Average doesn't understand natural sorting and never will.
00:33:57[Franklin]multiple options?
00:34:05[Franklin]run sort −−help
00:34:29[Franklin]"month sort"
00:34:46[Franklin]"version sort"
00:35:26[Franklin]random sort!?!?
00:35:45[Saint]I would posit a large number of users don't even /have/ embedded metadata to sort by.
00:35:55*[Franklin] is one
00:35:58copperstop it, I'm getting nauseous
00:36:11[Saint]And their files are likely all called "01 Track 1 (*).mp3"
00:36:22[Saint]where * is anywhere from 2 to several thousand)
00:37:16[Saint]And then there'll be a bunch of "Copy of 01 Track 1 (*).mp3"
00:38:24[Franklin]LOL... winblows
00:44:02saratogagevaerts: what do you think about this? worthwhile or not? i hate changing bootloaders.,48551.msg229754/topicseen.html#msg229754
00:44:48[Saint]I don't think pushing a new bootloader is worth it for a purely cosmetic change, is it?
00:47:29saratogai wouldn't push one for this
00:47:36saratogabut eventually we might accumulate enough changes to push a new one
00:54:45[Franklin]saratoga: if you're in the patching mood, try G#990
00:54:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #990 at : New Rockblox features by Franklin Wei
00:55:17saratogaits well tested on grayscale, color, and 1 bit?
00:56:06[Franklin]"well" tested?
00:56:12[Franklin]one of each
00:56:22[Franklin](ipod6g, ipod1g2g, clip+)
00:56:22saratogagood enough
00:56:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4991544, 255 builds, 31 clients.
00:57:09[Franklin]iridium's back :D
01:01:28gevaertssaratoga: that last fix looks reasonable to me
01:01:46gevaertsHe really should push his patches to gerrit though.
01:02:50[Franklin]ok... dat red!!! :O
01:03:17[Franklin]but no... that's from the last commit
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01:05:37[Franklin]yay (almost) all green!
01:05:49saratogayeah i'm trying to commit
01:05:54saratogamy git decided to fuck up though
01:06:38*[Franklin] loves and hates git
01:06:48[Franklin]but usually the former
01:07:14[Franklin]saratoga: is G#990 deserving of a MajorChanges mention?
01:07:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #990 at : New Rockblox features by Franklin Wei
01:07:29saratogasure if you want
01:07:46saratogaok i've managed to fuck up my git checkout badly enough that git reset −−hard fails
01:07:58saratogawhats the stronger version of that?
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01:09:16saratogai don't understand why git makes it so hard to undo things
01:09:27foolshtry using git log to find an earlier commit you like and use the hash on the end "git reset −−hard HASH"
01:09:30saratogai feel like i need to make a copy of my git checkout before i do anything
01:09:51gevaertsgit reflog can almost always save you
01:11:09fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7c20d8f, 255 builds, 31 clients.
01:11:14saratogayes that worked
01:11:39[Franklin]otherwise, just do a clean clone
01:12:47saratogaanyway, i'm testing the clip+ (yesterdays build) as a reference, and today's zip + 1.1v core voltage to see how much of a difference that makes
01:14:08saratogaon gerrit, if i want to checkout something into a new branch, which option is the best for that?
01:15:20*[Franklin] just makes a branch in git, uses the patch off gerrit, and commits
01:15:46[Franklin]not the most elegant way, but it works
01:16:16fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 306 seconds.
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01:26:16foolshsaratoga: I do the same, and use something like this "git checkout -b 922 && git fetch git:// refs/changes/22/922/19 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD"
01:26:55foolshI'm sure theres a more elegant way, but havn't run across it yet
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11:11:09wodzpamaury: I made atj213x hwstub to enumerate. hwstub_shell fails to connect though
11:12:31wodzpamaury: I still see some strange payload here and there but no irq storm at least
11:19:04wodzhmm maybe this additional payload comes from hwstub custom descriptors
11:24:34wodzpamaury: hwstub_shell prints libusb:error [submit_control_transfer] submiturb failed error -1 errno=113 but I don't see any traffic in wireshark
11:28:36wodzpamaury: any idea?
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13:35:28pamaurywodz: could be anything, submiturb failed error is very vague, maybe the errno helps a bit but it could be a STALL or just the device didn't respond or responded incorrectly
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13:57:48wodzpamaury: Any idea why I don't see anything in wireshark when firing hwstub_shell?
13:58:01pamauryyou mean nothing at all ?
13:58:19pamaurywhat does hwstub_shell say ?
13:58:35pamaurydoes it find the device ?
13:59:34pamauryhum, it is possible that when the kernel enumerated the device it encountered some error and later on the device simply cannot be used
13:59:54pamauryin which case I advise running wireshark and simply capturing what happen when you plug the device
14:00:12wodzstring descriptor 0 malformed (err = -61), defaulting to 0x0409 in dmesg
14:00:21wodzcan't set config #1, error -110
14:00:38pamauryok that's because of the set config maybe
14:00:55CtcpIgnored 5 channel CTCP requests in 16 minutes and 44 seconds at the last flood
14:00:55*pamaury is thinking about getting a e100 or e150 for testing
14:04:55wodzpamaury: testing is a bit more complicated since I upload the stub with adfuload
14:05:49pamaurythe problem at this stage is that without a real usb analyser it's hard to tell what is the actual problem
14:06:38wodzyeah, for me is like poking in the dark
14:08:43pamauryI have found a e50 and a e100 on leboncoin, maybe I can get a cheap one
14:08:58pamaurythere are all based on the same soc right ?
14:10:35wodze50 no
14:11:19wodzthis four are based on the same SoC
14:14:14pamaurywhat is e50 based on ?
14:15:34wodzdon't know
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18:49:08OidMapsHello. Just registered for the Wiki, "OidMaps", I want to contribute some FM presets and want to ask if anyone can give me the appropriate write access.
18:49:29 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
18:49:35OidMapsAnd sorry when I won't hang around at IRC otherwise; I don't use instant messaging at all, asynchroneous communication is my preferred way to communicate.
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19:16:51saratoga1.1v core voltage + yesterday's changes gives 1.47 times the battery life
19:19:19Strife89|netbooksaratoga: 12h 46m in an informal test on my Zip.
19:19:43Strife89|netbookq3 Vorbis album
19:20:45saratogai'm going to see how low i can set the core voltage
19:21:05saratogathe as3525 said 1.2v was needed at max clock, but the 3525 is a different ARM core
19:21:56Strife89|netbookI'll try out the core voltage patch later
19:23:24saratogai didn't test the one on the forums
19:23:31saratogasince i'm not sure about some of its changes
19:23:59saratogai just took the CVDD1 bit and changed the voltage
19:26:22chrisbwhat a great idea to extend battery life
19:27:11saratogai guess if nothing else, getting frequency scaling working would mean a lower core voltage, which is worth at least an hour
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22:51:57MihailWhat reason call lcd_clear_display() before lcd_init_device() in lcd-color-common.c lcd_init ?
22:52:49gevaertsI'd guess to avoid the display briefly showing random garbage
22:53:46MihailBut lcd device not inited, how can we use it?
22:54:18gevaertslcd_clear_display() presumably only writes to the RAM buffer
22:54:25*gevaerts isn't a specialist in this area
22:57:33 Quit markun (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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23:18:49 Quit RiDD (Quit: A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.)
23:19:55pamauryMihail: lcd_clear_display() only touches the framebuffer, it is not send to the device until lcd_update() is called
23:22:12MihailOk. Thanks!
23:23:51 Quit foolsh (Quit: foolsh)
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23:57:12Catelite`..So like :o
23:57:40Catelite`My sansa zip clip has always lasted until exactly 4:30 in the evening starting from 7:30 AM
23:57:48Catelite`give or take depending on screen usage
23:57:54Catelite`>_> it's still going, with rockbox
23:58:06Catelite`says 16% battery left

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