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#rockbox log for 2014-10-02

00:10:10[Franklin]how do I find the length of a file in bytes?
00:10:23[Franklin](replacing DOS INT calls)
00:11:47[Saint]Or stat, if you know the filename.
00:12:03[Franklin]just an fd
00:12:19[Franklin]actually, I have a filename
00:12:40[Franklin]so fseek(SEEK_END)?
00:12:44[Franklin]and then ftell
00:13:13[Franklin]but what about for rockbox?
00:13:26[Franklin]ahh... nvm :(
00:13:35[Saint]Something like (beware, bad C follows):
00:13:35[Saint]fseek(f, 0, SEEK_END); //seek to the end of our file
00:13:35[Saint] size = ftell(f); //get file pointer
00:13:35[Saint] fseek(f, 0, SEEK_SET); //seek to beginning
00:14:07[Saint]Hmmm, actually, that doesn't look as terrible as I thought.
00:14:58[Franklin]but tell?
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00:18:00[Franklin]I can do lseek to beginning, then lseek to end, but that messes up the stream
00:18:13[Franklin]what's the ftell equivalent in rockbox?
00:23:48[Franklin]AHH!!! filesize(_
00:24:03*[Franklin] never saw that
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00:28:24[Saint]Ummmm...doesn't wolf3d have additional controls that are going to make this impossible to actually play?
00:28:44[Saint]Like, the need for crouching, walking, and jumping, to name a few.
00:29:06[Saint]Of course you /can/ just ignore the stealth aspects of the game...but...
00:29:59[Franklin]who cares...
00:30:11[Franklin]wolf has no jumping
00:30:36[Franklin]or crouching
00:32:42[Franklin]or walking, I think
00:33:33[Saint]It definitely has the latter.
00:33:38[Saint]as does DooM.
00:34:20[Franklin]well, doom works just fine without it
00:34:40[Saint]Doom has no stealth aspect.
00:36:39[Franklin]well... who cares? :)
00:36:47*[Franklin] plays wolf with guns blazing
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00:39:57[Franklin]ahh... gotta rewrite the whole input system
00:44:05[Franklin]is there some way to trigger an interrupt on a keypress?
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02:22:27*foolsh was hoping that new game Rick Dangerous might be on gerrit from the list this morning, or at least in flyspray... really wanted to check it out, does anyone have any news?
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02:24:45foolshAh, I see the source link on his site now.
02:25:26foolshcheck it out
02:26:44[Saint]That guy shaking is making me fucking seasick.
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02:29:37foolshIf thats a head mounted cam, he needs to drink less alcohol during a shoot
02:30:03foolshneat looking game
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02:45:54foolshmmmmmmk 'git pull
02:45:57foolshfatal: read error: Connection reset by peer'
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10:45:07wodzpamaury: ping
10:45:35wodzpamaury: did you look at usb dump I posted yesterday?
10:45:52pamauryNot yet, I should be able to have a look in 5min
10:51:09pamaurywodz: so the stub doesn't work at all after this ?
10:53:10wodzit refuses to connect
10:53:18wodzI mean hwstub_shell
10:54:41pamauryit looks like it chokes on set_configuration
10:55:10pamauryerror is ENOENT, I think it means the device somehow got disconnected
10:56:19pamauryis the gerrit code up to date ?
10:58:09pamauryhum, ENOENT means the URB was killed by the system, but why ?
10:58:26wodzpamaury: no, but the only major change is OTG_USBEIRQ = 0x50; at the end of UDC_ISR() to prevent irq storm
10:58:51wodzpamaury: I did also rewrite to truly utilize interrupts but this does not change the behavior
10:59:35pamaurydo you know if by chance the controller handles set_configuration in hardware ?
11:00:25wodzpamaury: the frame no. 26 is malformed BUT I think frame no. 20 is wrong and this is where problems start
11:00:51wodzpamaury: I believe only set_address is handled in hardware
11:01:34pamauryindeed frame 20 is suspicious
11:01:57wodzpamaury: I think frame no. 18 is bigger then single transaction and this is the culprit
11:02:23pamauryit could indicate a problem with multi-packet transactions
11:02:44wodzyes, that is what I suspect
11:03:18wodzpamaury: I don't have any example of something like this in adfu as their descriptors always fit in 64 bytes
11:04:00pamauryyeah I checked this too and it gives no clue
11:04:14pamauryI guess you don't have any other source code ?
11:04:33 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
11:06:22wodzpamaury: ralink patch
11:07:02pamauryyeah...but you said it doesn't match completely ?
11:07:34 Join Arico [0] (c7bbc8f7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
11:07:53AricoHello everyone!
11:08:08pamauryArico: hi, ask your question if you have one
11:09:12AricoI do. Anyone here know the current status of the Ipod Classic 6g port? The website seems abit outdated.
11:09:36copperArico: it works well
11:09:48copperyou still need to install emCORE first though
11:10:06TheSevenwodz: ah, finally you're here
11:10:23TheSevenI tested your build a while ago, and it still freezes on USB insertion, no panic, nothing
11:10:35TheSevenIIRC that build already has timeouts for those waiting loops?
11:10:43TheSevenwhich means it must be stuck somewhere else :/
11:10:43copperArico: and
11:11:02wodzpamaury: I exchanged email with the author of ralink patch. They use the same family of IP core BUT probably with different synthesis options. The synthesis options for this core are avability of dedicated dma engine, number of EPs, fifo depths and OTG part
11:11:19wodzTheSeven: yes every busy loop should have timeout
11:11:53pamauryI see, so it should probably apply anyway. It seems unlikely but could the "memcpy((void *)&OTG_EP0INDAT, ptr, xfer_size);" confuse the fifo engine ?
11:12:19AricoSo basically they haven't made any progress
11:12:54copperprogress with regards to what?
11:13:50wodzpamaury: unlikely, 1) ep0 doesn't use fifo - both in and out have dedicated buffer 64bytes each. 2) adfu accesses this buffers in words while ralink sources in bytes so unaligned accesses seems to be permitted
11:14:08TheSevenArico: there has been quite a bit of progress, but these things aren't in shape to be released yet.
11:14:58AricoIs there a more "active" build/progress log aside from the site?
11:15:07AricoOther than here, of corse.
11:15:12coppergit log
11:15:20TheSevenfreemyipod svn mostly
11:15:37TheSevenand could give you an idea of where we're at currently
11:15:49copperArico: what do you need that's not there yet?
11:16:37AricoWell Dual boot isnt supported, nor is the Rockbox Utility
11:17:01copperRockbox Utility works after Rockbox is installed for the first time
11:17:16copperi.e. you can use it to update the iPod, install themes, etc
11:17:50AricoSo its actually stable, just missing a few features?
11:18:01TheSevenand it has a bunch of issues with USB
11:18:23AricoWierd, I wonder why
11:18:29TheSevendriver bugs
11:19:12AricoAhh. So getting the usb to work is sorta trial and error?
11:19:16TheSevenit's just a hell of a lot of work to figure out all these things and do them right
11:19:44AricoOh I completely understand
11:19:44 Quit xorly (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
11:20:07TheSevenand there seem to be some hardware bugs on the rather old USB hardware used in this device, which were probably worked around by apple somehow, but figuring out what exactly is going on is rather tricky
11:21:06copperArico: it's well usable, if that's your question
11:21:11 Join xorly [0] (
11:21:39TheSevenwe have completely rewritten the USB driver in the meantime, and it looks quite promising (many of the issues seem to have gone away), but it needs a newer gcc version that rockbox doesn't use yet. so some things needed to be changed to make it work with that older gcc, and that modified version is now completely broken, at least on some devices (just hangs)
11:21:53TheSeveninvestigating why that is happening (and fixing it) is one of the next steps
11:21:59AricoWell Im glad to hear its actually still under the microscope, so to speak. I had a creeping sadness that the work on rockbox software had stopped.
11:22:22TheSevenit has slowed quite a bit, people just don't have enough spare time anymore
11:22:33TheSevenbut things are still moving forward occasionally ;)
11:23:12AricoHey that's better than nothing :D
11:23:38wodzTheSeven: I did published patch some time ago which makes rb gcc to compile your driver BUT it didn't work on my n2g. I am not quite sure if this is n2g specific or not though.
11:23:54pamaurywodz: I'm sorry I can't find anything suspicous, as far as I understand the ralink source code your code looks correct
11:24:23pamaurybut without an actual usb trace it's very hard to trace it down
11:24:27TheSevenwodz: yeah, I guess we just have to carefully analyze where the semantic difference between my original driver and your latest one is
11:24:49TheSevenand maybe do some on-target debugging to figure out where it hangs
11:24:55AricoI actually had saw a friend years ago with rockbox, and recently got the same MP3 player as he had so I tired it out and my god its SOOOOO awesome.
11:25:03TheSevenshould be fairly straightforward to locate that problem, but I need to get around to it ;)
11:25:25TheSevenand I'm not seeing that happen before mid of next week, if this month at all
11:26:06pamaurywodz: but I have found a E100, I should get it soon
11:27:35 Quit pamaury_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
11:27:45TheSevenpamaury: I usually use wireshark on linux for USB high-level analyzing, and a USB1.1 hub + DSO quad for low-level analyzing
11:29:55AricoWell I thank you all for the info, Ill definitely download the firmware and see if I can get it installed. Peace
11:30:57 Quit Arico (Quit: Page closed)
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11:35:21wodzTheSeven: Still DSO quad is $200+. It is quite high entry price for hobby
11:37:36 Join megal0maniac [0] (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
12:22:05pamauryTheSeven: I have the rockbox usb analyser, I think the problem is is price of the hardware mostly
12:27:17wodzpamaury: and the quality of software :-)
12:32:38pamauryyeah, I'm still in the processus of rewriting the ubs analyser software
12:32:52pamauryI'm still convinced there is room for a way better usb analyser software
12:32:58pamaurywireshark is not that great
12:33:33wodzpamaury: vusb (virtual usb analyser) has some value too
12:34:01wodzespecially visualization of time dependence of events
12:34:09pamauryyeah but it's unmaintained
12:35:03wodzwhich is kinda strange. Looks like wireshark is considered standard and noone looks at alternative
12:36:35wodzpamaury: before you start rewriting usb analyzer, finish qeditor work first :-)
12:36:59pamauryyeah, don't worry, the usb analyser is long term project, every now and then I push a bit of work on it ^^
12:38:29wodzpamaury: consider your after-PhD topic to be reverse engineering and you are done
12:38:55pamauryI have other plans ;)
12:39:15pamauryI have ~1h30 free time now, I'll work on qeditor reg diff
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12:48:11flingWhat is the best player? :P
12:48:31copperfling: define "best"
12:49:04flingcopper: idk?
12:49:11flingI'm about to try the software
12:49:13copperthen I don't know either
12:49:29flingidk which hardware player to choose.
12:49:46copperwell, what's most important to you?
12:50:11 Quit Catelite (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
12:50:12coppersound quality? portability? large display? large storage? weight?
12:51:23flinghmm hmmm
12:51:51copper10:49:12 UTC <fling> I'm about to try the software
12:52:00copperdoesn't that mean you have a suitable player already?
12:52:28flingI have an old iriver, looks like it is not working with rockbox
12:52:40 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
12:56:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f5e2c25, 255 builds, 33 clients.
13:03:39wodz[Saint]: Could you retest and confirm or deny that g#949 works for you?
13:03:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #949 at : usb-designware: New USB driver for Synopsys DesignWare USB OTG core. by Michael Sparmann
13:08:52 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
13:11:11wodzhmm, we have 255 builds - what a nice value !
13:11:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 476 seconds.
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13:24:07wodzgevaerts: Did you look why manual stopped building?
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13:49:27wodzgevaerts: for me manual builds just fine with ../tools/configure −−target=iriverh120 −−type=s && make MAKEFLAGS= manual-zip (exactly the same command which fails in build table)
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14:05:56pixelmaIIRC bluebrother looked a bit at it and said it's probably a toolchain issue, so it probably depends on your exact versions of tex and related packages
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14:18:34wodzpixelma: That what I expect considering my test
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14:24:22b0hoonIt looks like a problem with tex4ht package.
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14:25:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 26a486e, 255 builds, 33 clients.
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14:33:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 474 seconds.
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15:54:44*Strife89 ponders whether it's worthwhile running a build client on his machine.
16:05:28gevaertsStrife89: depends
16:06:16gevaertsIt never hurts, but how much it helps is not a simple question
16:06:21 Join sLite [0] (
16:07:13Strife89gevaerts: My main concern is my upload speed. Namely, that it's the worst of all the clients.
16:07:30gevaertsI mean, there are some toolchains for which we don't have a lot of build clients (ypr0 springs to mind, but possibly also latex and maybe android), so extra redundancy for those is always welcome
16:07:40 Join ikeboy [0] (
16:07:45gevaertsYet another ARM builder is less likely to make much difference
16:08:16gevaertsIf upload speed is your main concern, you could concentrate on those builds that don't upload
16:08:19gevaerts(except logs)
16:08:30gevaertsi.e. sim, android, latex
16:08:43Strife89My machine is set up for everything but android and ypr0 at the moment.
16:08:59gevaerts(also bootloaders of course, but you can't say you want bootloaders but not main builds)
16:09:19Strife89It mostly gets bootloaders and wpses.
16:09:34gevaertsThat's not unexpected
16:10:03gevaertsIf it's a slowish machine with slow upload, the server will tend to give it those
16:11:00Strife89I've gathered as much from previous attempts.
16:15:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f313253, 255 builds, 33 clients.
16:15:41 Join pauldgroot [0] (
16:17:10Strife89It does get full builds for some Archos targets, oddly enough.
16:19:47 Quit ikeboy (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:24:41Strife89I'll probably let it run for the foreseeable future and see how much it really does. Might add android later.
16:29:36 Join ikeboy [0] (
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23:09:13[Saint]Strife89: 32 or 64 bit?
23:09:22[Saint](the build host)
23:09:49 Join edhelas [0] (
23:11:27[Saint]Strife89: If you have a 64 bit build client, I'll be happy to provide an archive of pre-compiled toolchains.
23:11:50[Saint]I'm also happy to guide you through the Android toolchain setup - should you require this.
23:18:52 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
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23:29:24 Join franklin [0] (~franklin@
23:29:26 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (~franklin@
23:30:02DarkLinkXXXXAnyone else notice that in the development version, changing themes while music is playing is finicky?
23:30:55[Saint]Yes. Changing themes is now fundamentally fucking broken.
23:31:21[Saint]It now requires a power cycle to apply the theme properly.
23:31:29[Saint](this is NOT intentional)
23:31:32*[Franklin] wonders if he can push XRick to gerrit
23:32:00[Saint]Let OP do it.
23:32:20[Saint]Don't steal his project for no good reason other than being impatient.
23:32:30*[Franklin] needs to work on wolf anyway :)
23:33:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:34:11[Franklin]in any case, I'll test *cough* play *cough* it
23:34:15DarkLinkXXXX[Saint], For me it isn't that bad.
23:34:56DarkLinkXXXXI'm using an iPod classic though.
23:34:59[Franklin]surprisingly, the binary is smaller than 2048
23:35:30DarkLinkXXXX[Franklin], 2048 what? Bytes?
23:35:41[Franklin]the plugin
23:35:53[Saint]DarkLinkXXXX: the main issue is backdrops failing to apply.
23:36:11[Franklin]2048 is ~200K and XRick is only 64K
23:36:23[Saint]DarkLinkXXXX: /sometimes/, applying the theme twice will work.
23:36:32[Saint]But most times it requires a power cycle.
23:36:39[Saint]This should not be the case.
23:36:49[Saint]It is most certainly a bug.
23:38:17*[Franklin] is stunned by XRick
23:45:35 Quit markun (Remote host closed the connection)
23:51:54 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:52:20*[Franklin] 'd say it's a must-have
23:53:42Strife89[Saint]: 32-bit; although I have a 64-bit machine, it's a single-core and running a 32-bit kernel anyway.
23:53:49 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 33.0/20140929180120])
23:53:57Strife89Also, sure, I'd like some help with setting up for Android.
23:54:23[Saint]Ah - bugger.
23:54:45[Saint]I can't help with the YP-R* toolchain, then, sorry.
23:54:58[Saint]I can help with Android, should you require it, though.
23:56:56Strife89[Saint]: (Also, I have a lappy running Windows with a 64-bit Athlon, but VirtualBox - which I was going to set up a compiler VM in - always crashes with odd errors)
23:57:16Strife89[Saint]: Sure. Can you do that right now?
23:57:21[Saint]I can.
23:57:42Strife89I have ... about 50 minutes to kill.
23:58:27[Saint]Do you already have the {N|S}DK and a J{RE|DK} installed?

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