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#rockbox log for 2014-10-03

00:01:03Strife89Weird, the NDK download isn't working correctly.
00:02:58*Strife89 works around it
00:03:50[Saint]After the adt-bundle is installed, as a quick qorkaround, because Google moved some shit around in the latest tools, we need to do: ln -s /path/to/adt-bundle/sdk/build-tools/19/1/0/zipalign /path/to/adt-bundle/sdk/tools/zipalign
00:05:28[Saint]And, of course, we also want to export our env vars. Many places to do this, everyone argues about the "right" way to do it - not getting into that argument. :)
00:05:45[Saint]I, personally, use ~/.bashrc
00:06:12[Franklin]virtual reality existed when WOLF was written!?
00:06:18[Saint]export ANDROID_NDK_PATH=/path/to/blah, export ANDROID_SDK_PATH=/path/to/blah
00:07:11[Saint]You probably also want to export the path to adb as well, so you can automate installation with adb push.
00:07:19[Saint]It pays to have adb in the path, IMO.
00:08:29[Franklin]ahh!!! 386 sound code
00:08:41[Franklin]500 lines of pure terror
00:08:43[Saint]My relevant Androidy-bits are as such:
00:09:25[Saint](YMMV wrt paths, 'natch)
00:09:59Strife89[Saint]: I already have a (probably older) adb installed through the package manager. I assume I should remove it?
00:11:40[Saint]Regarding J{RE|DK}, I use Oracle's Java 7, but, openjdk-7-j{dk|re} is perfectly fine as well, if you're on a FOSS kick.
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00:12:31Strife89Debian and Mint, for the record (Debian on this machine).
00:13:13[Saint]The latter is definitely a lot easier to install and configure.
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00:17:23[Saint]If space is a concern, or just to cut down on shit you won't use anyway, you can run "android" to bring up the Android SDK Manager GUI, and delete everything except: Android SDK Tools (currently 23.0.2), Android SDK Platform-tools (currently 20), Android SDK Build-tools (19.1), and SDK Platform (19 {Android 4.4.2 (API 19)})
00:17:51[Saint]Everything else is superfluous to requirement for building RaaA for Android.
00:17:53[Franklin]wolf is ~40KLOC
00:18:01[Franklin]gonna be fun reviewing
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00:20:55[Saint]There's no additional build requirements other than those already listed by yourself and yours truly on the LinuxSimpleGuide wiki page
00:21:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 193ea09, 255 builds, 33 clients.
00:21:58[Saint]I really should fix up the Android toolchain build script and merge it with
00:27:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 323 seconds.
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01:54:59[Franklin]LOL [Saint]
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02:23:50[Franklin]foolsh: XRick is AWESOME!!!
02:24:05[Franklin]dynamic environments!
02:24:22[Franklin]one of two/three GOOD plugins :)
02:25:02foolshIt sucks on my fuzeplus's touch pad
02:25:22[Franklin]but ipod is awesome!
02:25:25foolshMight break out an old e280 I have
02:25:31[Franklin]multiple keypresses at the same time... :)
02:25:43[Franklin]but I've worn out the click wheel already
02:25:48[Franklin]play barely works now
02:25:57foolshstill a good game though
02:26:03[Franklin]yes, definitely
02:26:20[Franklin]probably not... save and resume
02:26:25foolshnot even close IMO
02:26:57[Franklin]too hard to install... perhaps it'll be like doom and pacbox
02:27:06[Franklin]the plugin ships, but you need the data to play
02:27:18foolshyeah that was discussed on the list
02:27:53*[Franklin] hasn't checked
02:28:06[Franklin]but will now
02:31:47foolshpla may work with xrick but some special cases like the fuze+ need consideration, the only way to make playable in to use the volume and power buttons
02:31:59foolshis to use*
02:32:52foolshOR toss it and get a better player ;-)
02:33:06[Franklin]so for now, probably just keymaps
02:34:56foolshor rewrite the input code for xrick to define down_left, down_right, up_right, etc
02:35:49foolshI took a stabe at it last night but the logic is bool when I anded "&&" the inputs I got button_right, I don't quite get it
02:36:23*[Franklin] has some work to do ATM
02:37:04[Franklin]but that's the issue with FOSS
02:47:53[Franklin]has that guy come on IRC yet?
02:51:17*foolsh doesn't know
02:52:45*[Franklin] would tell him to rename it :)
02:53:15[Franklin]get the idea?
02:56:02*[Franklin] likes rickbox
02:57:00drvink[Franklin]: did you ever fix the ipod classic doom issue?
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02:58:42[Franklin]drvink: work around, yes
02:58:45[Franklin]fix, no
02:58:45[Franklin]a fix would require fixing the timer
02:58:45[Franklin]but the workaround just falls back to the plugin timer
02:58:45DBUGEnqueued KICK [Franklin]
02:58:45[Franklin]very simple, in fact
02:58:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #912 at : Worked around DOOM bug on iPod Classic by Franklin Wei
02:59:01[Franklin]so if you really want to play doom, use that patch
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03:00:09drvinknah i was just curious, that's cool
03:00:28[Franklin](which is what I did :))
03:00:47[Franklin]but I think doom is worth it
03:02:39 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
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03:06:11[Franklin]but now I want WOLF3D!!! :D
03:07:17[Franklin]so I'm working on it
03:07:26[Franklin]first graphics engine... then input
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04:44:32DarkLinkXXXXWolfenstein? What's next, cube engine based games?
04:46:08CateliteCube engine
04:48:46 Part Cultist ("Leaving")
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05:01:11DarkLinkXXXXCube engine is derived from the Doom engine, after all.
05:01:53DarkLinkXXXXBut I still can't see controlling games like Assaultcube and Suarbraten on an ipod, or similar device.
05:04:58DarkLinkXXXXWhat happened to
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05:26:21DarkLinkXXXXUmm, is there a way I can restore the apple firmware to the iPod Classic 6th gen?
05:33:03drvinkput it into dfu mode, restore with itunes
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06:19:00madcat1990Hey guys, can someone tell me the state of the NWZ-S54x series port? I am trying to read the wiki on hte Rockbox website, but I keep being given an access denied error even though I just registered
06:21:19madcat1990I don't need a full report, I just need a "Started" "Dropped" "WIP" or "Done"
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08:23:42madcat1990Hey, is flyspray down?
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10:05:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 037547d, 255 builds, 33 clients.
10:11:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 328 seconds.
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14:28:43wodzpamaury: I did an experiment and removed optional hwstub descriptors. The string descriptor is still corrupted despite vastly reduced previous transfer size.
14:29:10pamauryeven if the full descriptor fits in one transfer ?
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14:32:32pamaurywodz: ^
14:36:10wodzpamaury: wireshark does not report number of transfers. Before my change the transfer size reported by wireshark was 113 bytes and I removed 64+ bytes so it should fit in one packet
14:37:30pamauryat HS 64 is the typical packet size but it could be less, I don't know if the core let you configure it
14:37:46wodzpamaury: besides, there are successful transfers reported by wireshark as bigger then 64 bytes (89 or something). I am not sure how it reports the size though (only payload or what)
14:38:17wodzpamaury: AFAIK I can't set control ep transfer size (I can for other eps)
14:38:37pamaurybeware that the size displayed by wireshark is the total capture size (including headers), you have to check the size fields in the capture header. Ok
14:41:00wodzpamaury: I am afraid I will not move further unless you get your hands on e100
14:43:53wodzpamaury: adfu doesn't provide any STRING descriptors btw
14:44:30pamauryI see, but string descriptors are not at all special
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16:21:55kugelyay, new ypr0 for me
16:26:47chrisbkugel: new used one, or real new one?
16:27:26kugelused of course, there are no new ypr0s
16:28:14chrisbkugel: just hoping1
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22:55:07CateliteFoobar is still doing some really peculiar stuff while converting my music into OGG format
22:55:15 Quit nk2032 ()
22:55:23CateliteDepending on whether or not I tell it to convert songs one at a time or not, among other things
22:55:36Cateliteproducing hugely loud blips at the entrances of some songs and not others
22:55:48Catelite...I'm not sure how multi-core converting goes along with resetting DSP between tracks
22:58:41copperCatelite: #foobar2000
22:59:10CateliteIt has a channel tooo
22:59:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:59:11*Catelite gone
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