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#rockbox log for 2014-10-11

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05:32:13CateliteI'm starting to notice
05:32:33CateliteThat when I don't have a SD card plugged into my Sansa Clip Zip, Rockbox behaves very differently with respect to updating its library.
05:37:48CateliteThe 'disk reading' light comes on at length whenever it's plugged in :o
05:37:55CateliteI guess it really -is- updating in background
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16:41:51pamauryyuriks: I have made some progress on usb audio
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16:43:41pamauryI can get a consistent data rate, audio is garbage at the moment for some reason but at least I received the data. However, I still had to do slight modification to the usb core because although sustaining ~1000 interrupts/second is fine, the usb completion handlers are queued and ran from a separate thread, which is way to slow (the schedule runs only 100 times/second), so we need a new completion handler function which is called directly from
16:43:41pamaury the usb driver, but that's a small modification. I'll push the code to gerrit so you can have a look if you feel like it
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17:59:07pamauryyeah usb audio working on my fuze+ \o/ \o/ \o/
18:00:42pamaurystupid alignement bug took me two hours to track
18:03:27lebelliumwhat device do you plug to the Fuze+ for testing pamaury ?
18:03:55pamauryand the host is my computer running linux
18:04:15lebelliumah ok
18:04:29lebelliumI thought you connected an USB DAC/AMP to the Fuze+
18:04:54pamauryah no ^^ the fuze+ emulates a usb dac
18:05:41lebelliumso that it can replaces a shitty laptop sound card?
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18:07:07pamaurylebellium: yeah for example
18:07:17Szczepanciohello all, how to turn official firmware off on nwz-e370/nwz-e380?
18:07:29pamaurySzczepancio: you cannot, you must reset it
18:07:49Szczepancioah small button at back
18:08:04pamaurywhen you "power off" the OF, it simply sleeps. Use a paperclip and press in the "reset" hole at the back
18:08:52pamaurylebellium: at the moment on playback is supported but in theory it could playback to headphones, speakers & line-out (if the device have some), and also record from microphone, line-in and possibly radio
18:10:52lebelliummy laptop output is noisy with sensitive IEM
18:10:55lebelliumthat could help :)
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18:25:34pamaury g#1009
18:25:38fs-bluebotGerrit review #1009 at : Add USB Audio 1.0 support (EXPERIMENTAL) by Amaury Pouly
18:25:40pamauryyuriks: ^
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18:31:50copperpamaury: will you make USB audio work with other targets, like the Clip+?
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18:32:36pamauryI may have a look but first the hardware has to support isochronous tranfers, and second I would prefer that the rework of the clip+ usb driver be finished before this
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18:36:30copperpamaury: you're making Rockbox compete with FiiO on this
18:36:34copper(which is good)
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18:39:53pamaurythe usb audio patch has been around for many years now, this is long overdue
19:12:35lebelliumpamaury: I'll try out your patch with my Fuze+ and Win 7
19:12:43pamauryok thanks
19:12:54pamauryI expect some problems, as usual with Windows
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19:28:37lebelliumpamaury: the sound is awful but it works :D
19:29:33copperwhy awful?
19:30:26lebelliumvery noisy
19:31:11lebelliumIt's like poor FM signal
19:31:14lebelliumbut still impressive
19:31:34lebelliumI'm listening music from my PC through the Fuze+ Jack output!!
19:31:47copperyes, but why the noise?
19:31:58lebelliumI'm not a dev
19:32:04lebelliumI can't answer that
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20:59:25rojhi folks... are there any issues with the october 4th build and later with opus files and replaygain tags? i had problems with volume (they played very soft and i couldn't raise the volume even with the volume control on my player)
20:59:53rojthe problems were with earlier builds
21:00:56rojadditional info: the eplaygain tags were added with foobar2000
21:04:05n1sroj: is there an example file available somewehre?
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21:04:57rojnls: i could send one to someone
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21:17:16copperroj: Opus "Replaygain" is 5 dB quieter than "normal replaygain"
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21:18:40rojcopper: thanks - news to me. how come?
21:19:33copperit's part of the standard
21:19:43copperit's part of the Opus standard
21:20:02rojcopper: wow... wonder why they did that? replaygain is a standard itself...
21:20:18copperit's actually sensible, considering there are lots of albums with positive gain, which would clip
21:20:56copperand it just so happens that, in order to avoid clipping with the worst cases in my music collection, I have to set the Replaygain preamp to -5 dB
21:21:09rojcopper: ah... yeah - all pop albums today are recorded major "hot"... annoying as heck :)
21:21:12copperwhich brings it down to the Opus reference level
21:21:28copperroj: the problem is not the hot albums
21:21:38copperit's the ones with lots of dynamic range
21:21:47coppere.g. symphonic music, opera
21:21:48rojcopper: like classical?
21:21:57rojcopper: bingo
21:22:12rojcopper: which is what i listen to along with jazz
21:22:27copperanyway, it's a problem when you're already nearly maxed out with a given device and a given pair of headphones
21:22:53 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
21:22:56rojcopper: thanks very much for the info. i'm using a sansa fuze v2 and senn cx980s
21:27:21copperroj: an easy fix is to set the RG preamp value in Rockbox to a positive value
21:27:32copper+5 dB if you want to "match" the Replaygain standard
21:28:05coppersome of your content might clip, but probably very little of it
21:28:35copperthere's a good chance the duration of the parts that will clip is so small that you won't even notice
21:29:03copperit's in the replaygain settings
21:29:15rojcopper: again thank you - you're a scholar and a gentleman :)
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