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#rockbox log for 2014-10-12

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04:57:58yuriksGod, the official Sansa firmware is so terrible... "Refreshing your media"
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05:09:39yuriksI'm getting "Error accessing playlist control file" every time I unplug my device from USB with this newer build I made. Anyone knows what's causing that?
05:10:33[Saint]Probably an error accessing the playlist control file.
05:11:05[Saint]start playback, reboot, ...magic.
05:11:05yuriksI have no idea what that is
05:11:56yurikslooks like my USB stability issues are related to the microSD. I almost never get USB disconnect when I eject it firt
05:12:42[Saint]You should _always_ safely eject media.
05:13:12yuriksoh I do
05:13:32[Saint]Sorry, that last statement kinda implied to me you didn't.
05:13:40[Saint]Guess I misparsed.
05:14:12yurikswhat I mean is that the device doesn't bug out from windows or crash if I remove the microSD from it before plugging the device in
05:14:59[Saint]it might be worthwhile checking the filesystem on said sdcard for error if that's the case.
05:15:14yuriksdoing that now, but I always eject when using it, so...
05:15:38yuriks(context: I have this issue where sometimes my Clip+ doesn't work with USB. I plug it in and it immediatelly connects and disconnects USB, and windows gives me a "This device had a problem blahblahblah" message)
05:16:00yuriksI thought it was cable related, but this brand new cable that was working fine yesterday isn't anymore, so scratch that
05:16:47yuriks[Saint]: hmm, this SD might just be borked. Chkdsk on it (connected directly via a SD adapter into the laptop's SD reader) seems to be taking longer than it should
05:22:11yuriks[Saint]: doesn't look like the FS is corrupted. I'll copy everything off and then reformat it, I guess
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06:47:09yurikshmm, Rockbox doesn't support SDXC?
06:47:43[Saint]It most certainly does.
06:47:55[Saint]It doesn't support exFAT, though.
06:48:05yurikscrap, I actually had it formatted as NTFS
06:48:12yuriksaaaargh, time to copy all the files again
06:48:19[Saint] doesn't support that either. ;)
06:50:46yuriksWindows railroads you into one of these two by not displaying FAT32 in the format screen for larger disks -_-
06:51:31[Saint]sane partition tools abound.
06:51:57yuriksyeah yeah, I just wasn't planning on using this card for rockbox when I formatted it
06:53:17yuriks"Volume is too big for FAT32"
06:53:25yuriksyeah, I don't think so
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07:00:35yuriks[Saint]: do you recommend one? I guess I'll just have to passthrough to my Linux VM
07:01:14[Saint]GParted will do it happily on either OS.
07:01:24[Saint]Up to you. Ask Google.
07:01:57yuriks[Saint]: I asked google and the top results were either dead links or dubious
07:02:15[Saint]GParted will do it happily on either OS.
07:03:25[Saint]Actually, not sure using GParted on Windows really counts as being "on Windows"...hmmm.
07:03:36yuriksyeah, isn't that kind of a livecd?
07:03:43yuriksI guess I'll try fdisk from cygwin...
07:04:08[Saint]Oh My. CygWin?
07:04:17[Saint]Rockin' it oldschool.
07:04:33yurikshuh? It's updated you know
07:05:03yuriksapparently virtualbox can't passthrough the SD reader (even though it's attached internally via USB)
07:05:06[Saint]There's only so much you can polish a turd.
07:05:48[Saint]Its unbearably slow.
07:05:56[Saint]But that's a topic for another channel.
07:06:44yuriksthat is true, few things are slower than cygwin's fork
07:08:17yuriksanyway, brainfart, fdisk won't help me here anyway
07:10:15[Saint]cygwin likely has some bastardized incarnation of dosfstools
07:13:56yuriksit doesn't
07:14:09yuriksjesus, maybe I should patch the filesize check out of format or something
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07:27:52yurikshm, this other card also causes problems with USB
07:28:10yuriksI'll try the new clip I got later and see if it produces the same results
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07:36:44yuriks"Invalid USB configuration descriptor." look like pamaury's patch won't work on windows out of the box
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07:53:53yuriksweird, USBpcap doesn't seem to be able to capture the traffic between the host and rockbox when I enable USB audio
07:55:03yuriksI guess it only gets the packets after windows finishes enumerating
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09:31:26yuriksanyone knows anything about the Clip+ USB stack rework pamaury was talking about?
09:31:35yuriksI searched gerrit for something relevant but came out empty
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12:10:01pamauryyuriks: g#949
12:10:05fs-bluebotGerrit review #949 at : usb-designware: New USB driver for Synopsys DesignWare USB OTG core. by Michael Sparmann
12:10:16yurikspamaury: oh, it's that same driver
12:10:32yurikspamaury: I assume you saw my coment on the patch?
12:16:08pamauryno I just went through the logs and saw your question
12:16:34pamaurywhat is printing ""Invalid USB configuration descriptor."" ?
12:17:04yuriks(it actually says that in device manager, I later used ETW tracing to figure out the exact cause)
12:17:47yurikspamaury: well, I left a comments on your patch with my findings
12:18:42yuriksI tried to hack the driver to get it to work, but wasn't quite successful, and fixing it properly would require larger changes I think...
12:18:43pamauryah but you tested in on the clip+
12:20:09pamaurywell the driver on the clip+ is shaky at best, however it should handle control transfers longer than 64 bytes, because these are very common for configuration descriptors and strings
12:20:28yuriksit doesn't seem to, as far as I could see
12:20:59yuriksit sets len on the driver without checking it, simply overflowing the register bitfield
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12:21:44yuriksassuming this datasheet I have (for the s3c6400x) is correct, anyway, but the experimental results seem to match
12:22:43pamaurywell, the datasheet only partially applies, that's a big problem because there are some many variations of this core, but I know that in pio mode it works on a per packet basis so it should split up transfer manually
12:22:45yuriksall endpoints handle 19-bit transfer sizes with 10-bit packets counts
12:23:03yuriksexcept for the control endpoint, which only does 64 byte transfers of 1 packet
12:23:22lebelliumpamaury: you saw my report yesterday?
12:23:45pamaurylebellium: yes, I was about to ping you, I want to know more about this
12:23:56pamaurydo you recognise the sound or is it complete garbage ?
12:24:17lebelliumI recognise it very well, it just like "crackling" quite often
12:24:31yurikspamaury: I couldn't see anywhere where it splits the packet, so I'm pretty sure this is the issue, but if you're motivated you can take a look at it
12:24:47yuriksI might try out that new driver at some point
12:25:18yurikslebellium: does it sound like interference from the USB port? (I know the Clip+ has that, I dunno about other devices)
12:25:28pamauryyuriks: to be honest I'm fed up with this code, because I initially wrote the driver for clipv2 and clip+, then we realised it was the "same" core as s3c644x, both were buggy, someone tried to merge them and now I think it's worse
12:25:58yuriksthat seems to match the stability of the driver over time for me :)
12:25:59pamaurylebellium: if it's complete garbage, I might have an explanation, if you still recognise the sound I'm not so sure
12:26:10yurikspamaury: btw, those USB disconnect problems weren't the cable
12:26:29yurikspamaury: I was getting them again with the same brand-new cable
12:27:00yurikspamaury: also worked fine on OF. removing the microSD seemed to stop it from happening, so I was just doing that for testing
12:27:30pamauryI see, I'm not specialist of the clip+ but I seem to remember that on this device the microSD seems to influence USB in a negative way, for some unknown reasons
12:27:44pamauryI also observed this issue on my clip+
12:28:28pamaurylebellium: could you go to the debug menu and dump the log please ?
12:28:31yuriksso, how do you know the new synopsis driver is "correct" for the clip?
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12:29:03yuriksor should it simply be less crappy in general?
12:29:38pamaurybecause it was started by TheSeven who worked on a lot on those synopsys cores and we assume that over time he has since sufficiently manu variants to know how to write a driver for it
12:29:41lebelliumpamaury: which menu is that exactly?
12:29:52pamaurylebellium: System > Debug Menu > Dump log
12:29:59pamauryit will dump it to .rockbox/logf.txt
12:30:06lebelliumI don't see it
12:30:33yurikspamaury: makes sense
12:30:45pamaurylebellium: it is at the end of the debug menu, right after "Show Log File"
12:31:04lebelliumI don't have that on my Fuze+ hum
12:31:04yurikspamaury: well, I'm going to sleep, it's way late. I was actually waiting for you to show up to see if you had any insights
12:31:05pamauryah damn, you need to enable logf in the build before :-/
12:31:10pamaurylebellium: ^
12:31:20pamaurywhen running configure, make sure to select "enable logf"
12:31:26yuriksthanks for the work on the patch, even if I can't quite run it yet ;)
12:31:34pamauryno problem
12:32:09lebelliumdon't you have a ready build pamaury?
12:32:22pamauryyeah, wait a minute
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12:41:16lebelliumso basically what should I do? Listen to music via USB audio then dump the logs?
12:42:22pamauryjust wait for a few "cracks" to happen, disconnect the device, dump the log, plug it again and upload the log file
12:42:53 Join varogami1 [0] (
12:48:38pamaurythat's what I expected :-/
12:49:07pamauryI will send you a new version with more debug in a few minutes
12:49:39lebelliumI can try to record the sound but I guess I have no line in cable here
12:50:50pamauryit will not be useful, the problem is that the device doesn't receive all the audio data
12:51:05pamaurysome it underflows and the playback stops for a few instants
12:51:30lebelliumI disabled HID for info
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13:06:21pamaurythis is strange
13:07:23pamaurythe device seem to receive the correct amount of data
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13:12:15lebelliumyou don't have win 7?
13:13:56pamauryI do, but it's dualboot with my laptop which makes it uneasy to work it because I cannot develop and test without rebooting
13:14:34lebelliumI see
13:14:35pamauryI'd rather try at work where I have a linux box and I can boot my laptop in Window and develop on the work computer
13:14:53pamauryor maybe I can grab the laptop of one of my housemates :D
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13:18:55lebelliumUSB audio doesn't seem to work with VirtualBox
13:19:02lebelliumI wanted to try with Ubuntu
13:20:41 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
13:21:01pamauryit requires isochronous transfer pass-through, I'm not sure VirtualBox can do that reliably
13:21:18pamauryusb is already broken on VirtualBox at times...
13:22:27[Saint]That's putting it mildly.
13:23:22pamauryfor me it seems random, sometimes it's flawless and sometimes it's a nightmare
13:23:43lebelliumI found the solution: no longer update VirtualBox
13:23:48lebelliumI just keep a working version
13:24:27pamauryyeah, recently usb has regressed :(
13:25:42 Join kugel___ [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
13:27:49pamaurylebellium: I need to run more test and I'll ping you if I have another file to test. Thanks for your time :)
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19:07:43[Franklin][Saint]: got the RLE to be lossless!
19:09:00[Franklin]just an off-by-one before
19:25:02 Join n9xvt [0] (41b96f3d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:26:25n9xvtcan anyone recomend a different player with same size color display as ipod nano 2ndG?
19:26:40[Franklin]same size?
19:26:47n9xvti want to snag the WPS from there builds
19:27:38n9xvti really like one on my sansa but not one close for the ipod,, i have tried a few but the sizes are wrong
19:27:47 Quit stickyb1t (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
19:28:19*[Franklin] 'd like RB on N3G
19:28:33n9xvtblue spectrum from the sansa c240 series is my dream,, or somthing close,,
19:28:46*[Franklin] had a c250
19:28:54[Franklin]plasticky junk
19:29:30n9xvtverry good players imho,, for a cheap player,, mines over 4 years old and still ticking,,
19:29:58[Franklin]dropped it a couple of times and it broke
19:30:04[Franklin]ipod classic is MUCH better
19:30:57n9xvti got one of those,, even got rockbox running on it,, loaded my 80+ gig music collection,, than the drive decided to DIE
19:32:00[Franklin]but it looks great
19:32:06[Franklin]and is *FAST*
19:32:46n9xvti though i might see prices drop on a drive to fix it,, but havnt seen that happen yet
19:33:32n9xvtfigure i find a good deal on a drive,, i'll put a new battery in it too and have a "new" ish one
19:34:57[Franklin]but yes... spinning disks suck
19:35:03[Franklin]hence SSD's :D
19:36:37[Franklin]ok... with RLE'd bitmaps (ipod classic), the 2048 binary is 37K vs ~200K
19:37:03[Franklin]80% size reduction
19:40:51 Quit ikeboy (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:42:07n9xvtis there a ssd to fit that application? i know it would be more cost but being less fragile would be win
19:42:21[Franklin]and fast
19:42:31 Join ikeboy [0] (
19:43:45n9xvti wish i could use the drive out of my a1099 ipod,, granted it's smaler storage,, but i got a failed 1099 for parts,,
19:45:01 Quit ikeboy (Client Quit)
19:51:24[Franklin]How do I detect if a target is big/little endian?
19:51:30[Franklin](no "weird" tests)
19:51:45[Franklin]so no is_big_endian(uchar test[4])!
20:01:45*[Franklin] isn't sure how to compress 24-bit data
20:02:12[Franklin]perhaps 1-byte BGR, but that limits the number of repeats representable
20:03:28n9xvtabove my paygrade
20:04:07[Franklin]or... do that, and store the last 3 bytes when compressing, and write the number of repeats with 2 bytes
20:04:15[Franklin]it could work!
20:05:08[Franklin]same for 8-bit
20:11:26 Quit dfkt (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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20:35:37[Franklin]same for 8-bit
20:41:28[Franklin]hmm... seems to work
20:43:50 Join JdGordon [0] (
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21:00:11[Franklin]anyone here an expert in the build system? (not the farm, all the makefiles)
21:01:53pamaurydepends on what you want to do, I'm not an expert but I understand pieces of it
21:03:24[Franklin]I want to make it configurable which plugin bitmaps are compressed
21:03:27[Franklin]and which are not
21:03:39[Franklin]so I guess two SOURCES files in each bitmaps/* dir
21:03:46[Franklin]so SOURCES and SOURCES.compressed
21:04:10[Franklin]the bitmaps in SOURCES.compressed have an additional -c flag to bmp2rb
21:04:17[Franklin]simple enough
21:07:01[Franklin]pamaury: it's basically implementing G#1008 in more plugins
21:07:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #1008 at : [POC]: RLE compression of plugin bitmaps by Franklin Wei
21:07:12[Franklin](currently only 2048)
21:07:56[Franklin]it's plugin-specific because some bitmaps may not be easily compressable
21:08:06[Franklin]and it's hard to know which bitmaps to uncompress
21:08:13 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
21:08:16[Franklin]so leaving it up to the plugin at runtime is easiest
21:20:06 Join stickyb1t [0] (
21:23:02pamauryhum, I'm not sure how easy it is to do this
21:24:08*[Franklin] said it was simple, not easy ;)
21:24:24pamaurywouldn't it be best to make sure of the BMP structure ? if I remember correctly, BMP allows for compressed images
21:24:44[Franklin]it does, yes
21:25:07[Franklin]but bmp2rb still would convert it to the uncompressed native format
21:25:27pamauryso then it would be best that our code understands compressed bitmap and that bmp2rb compresses if it's useful
21:25:51[Franklin]see the 2048.c diff
21:25:54 Quit varogami2 (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:26:15[Franklin]it uncompresses the bitmap at runtime, and then uses it as if it were never compressed
21:26:43pamauryah you mean the image is included in the source code of the plugin
21:26:51[Franklin]that's just a POC
21:27:17*[Franklin] would like to implement it just like it is now
21:27:37[Franklin]a header in build/pluginbitmaps/ and the source in build/apps/plugins/bitmaps/
21:28:04pamauryproblem is that I now next to nothing about how bitmaps are hanlded by the build system
21:28:15*[Franklin] barely does
21:29:42pamaurywouldn't it be better that bmp2rb produces some structure saying whether it's compressed or not, and then the loading code uncompress it only if needed
21:30:12[Franklin]it kind of does that with the patch
21:30:15[Franklin]it has a #define
21:30:46[Franklin]better than nothing
21:32:28pamauryyeah, that's still somehow unpractical because you would need to #ifdef-uncompress each bitmap but it could work
21:32:43[Franklin]but yes, it'd be best for it to be transparent to the plugin
21:32:48pamauryand it would only work for RLE, if someone comes up with another compression algorithm...
21:33:47[Franklin]for now, maybe just add a bmp_uncompress function to the pluginlibs
21:33:58[Franklin]and then think of some way to have it be compressed
21:34:13[Franklin]because what if a plugin doesn't want a bitmap to be compressed?
21:34:29[Franklin]RLE only works with runs of 4+ bytes
21:42:20[Franklin]so some bitmaps aren't really well suited for compression
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23:45:41[Franklin][Saint]: the compression/decompression is working fine now
23:45:57[Franklin]just how it's going to be integrated is a problem
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