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#rockbox log for 2014-10-13

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08:17:56wodzpamaury: (log) It looks like e100 and e150 use the same lcd controller :-)
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09:29:44wodzpamaury: Actually it seems all DAPs from this line (e100/150/200/300) use the same lcd controller.
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11:01:59pamaurywodz (logs): nice to hear. The guy told me he sent the e100 by the post, it should arrive anytime soon
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15:59:01pastenI'm looking at the rockbox code
15:59:14pastenof the bootloader
15:59:19pastenand I'd like to know
16:00:04pastenIt seems that there are two options to boot to OF. one in the rockbox bootloader C code, and one in the "dual-boot" assembly code
16:01:31pastenwhy are there two ways for doing this?
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16:03:56pastenyuriks: ?
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21:31:21pamaurylebellium: I tried usbaudio on my win7 box and it worked quite well, I had a few dropouts but that all
21:31:58pamaurythis is going to be a pain to debug :(
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21:58:21lebelliumpamaury: hum strange. The same player and the same OS...
22:14:03pamauryyeah...what is strange in your case is the data rate (~176 kB/s) seems to match the sample rate of 44100Hz so I don't quite understand why it keeps underflowing in your case :-/
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22:21:13[Franklin]is there a macro for endianness?
22:21:16 Quit foolsh (Remote host closed the connection)
22:23:01pamaury[Franklin]: we have rbendian.h
22:23:04pamauryin firmware/include/
22:23:38[Franklin]ahh so ROCKBOX_BIG_ENDIAN
22:23:44[Franklin]and ROCKBOX_LITTLE_ENDIAN
22:23:52[Franklin]makes stuff easier
22:23:57pamauryyeah we have a define ROCKBOX_{LITTLE,BIG}_ENDIAN and so swapping functions
22:24:02pamauryso don't reinvent the wheel ;)
22:24:07CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 58 seconds at the last flood
22:24:07*[Franklin] likes doing that
22:25:30[Franklin]and is thre something for comparing fb_datas?
22:25:42[Franklin](memcmp isn't safe)
22:26:24yurikspamaury: don't you need feedback to regulate the data rate depending on how the buffer's doing?
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22:30:36[Franklin]also, what 24-bit color targets do we have?
22:31:26[Franklin]the zen
22:31:34[Franklin]and sdl app
22:32:04[Franklin]good, not too many
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22:37:54pamauryyuriks: usb supports so-called feedback endpoints, but for audio streaming those are not necessary in theory because the host is supposed to send the data at the right rate
22:38:03pamauryin particular *not* at a slower rate
22:38:48pamauryand the code uses 4 buffers of 1023 bytes each, so that should be enough of buffer, and the code is supposed to handle both playback underflow and usb overflow
22:39:10yuriksPerhaps try printing buffer stats to see if it's slowly draining or similar
22:39:27pamauryyeah problem is that's a lot of data to print
22:39:46yuriksMaybe the rate clocks on each end are not in sync
22:40:23pamaurypossible, but lebellium log had extremely frequent underflow, no clock jitter could cause this
22:40:50pamauryI think I need to had extra debugging which writes stat to a file, for debug purpose
22:41:10pamauryotherwise that's impossible to debug
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22:50:26*[Franklin] has written plenty of bytecode interpreters
22:50:40[Franklin]GBA port?
22:50:46foolshand DS
22:50:46[Franklin]==Rockbox port!
22:50:55foolshdef yes
22:51:15[Franklin]ooh yeah
22:51:24[Franklin]double buffering
22:51:51foolshthe DOS binary is 20kb
22:51:53[Franklin]and the vm's already in c
22:52:01foolshI know I know
22:52:09foolshIts perfect
22:52:20*[Franklin] needs to start this port!!!
22:52:39foolshI even think with PLA as well
22:52:41[Franklin]argh... not cpp
22:52:54foolsheasily converted
22:53:22[Franklin]oh yeah... 24-bit bmp compression's working!
22:53:58foolshI need to look at that, what does t do? I've been swamped with work
22:54:25[Franklin]compress bitmaps!
22:54:33foolshon the fly as needed?
22:54:57[Franklin]cuts 2048 bin size from 200K to 40K
22:55:07[Franklin]but currently only really a proof of concept
22:55:15foolshwow impressive!
22:55:48[Franklin]not sure how to integrate it with other plugins, though
22:56:06[Franklin]I mean, with the POC, the compressed data is in the main source file
22:57:14foolshAs a system lib call obviously, in the end let the other plugins and such be upgraded at leasure
22:57:37*[Franklin] wants to do it that way
22:57:40[Franklin]but it's not that simple
22:58:05[Franklin]how does the build system know which bitmaps to compress?
22:58:22[Franklin]perhaps two SOURCES files under bitmaps/native?
22:58:29[Franklin]SOURCES.compress and SOURCES
22:58:38*[Franklin] has little experience with Makefiles
23:05:22[Franklin]argh!!! segfault!
23:07:45foolshYou could set "#define USE_RLE" at configure time per target, then look for it later with "#ifdef USE_RLE" in you plugins and SOURCE files
23:08:17[Franklin]but some bitmaps want compression and others don't
23:08:41[Franklin]I want the build system to know whether or not to make a compressed bitmap
23:12:09 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
23:12:31foolshThats what I said, using define and ifdef is making the build system aware just have to sort out which one's need it in the SOURCE files with #ifdef #ifndef etc
23:13:15foolshStill a monster though
23:13:19[Franklin]so run the preprocessor from the build system with -DRLE to get the compressed bitmaps
23:13:32[Franklin]and then how do I get the non-RLE'd ones?
23:13:40[Franklin]never midn!
23:14:09[Franklin]but yes... not easy!
23:14:21[Franklin]foolsh: any other classic bytecode games?
23:15:19gevaerts[Franklin]: have you considered that maybe some bitmaps are better off compressed for some targets but not for others?
23:15:36[Franklin]my point exactly
23:15:57[Franklin]so perhaps two SOURCES files would be needed?
23:16:27foolshnot really it can be wrap into one
23:16:37foolshNo foul there
23:16:46[Franklin]ahh yes
23:16:47foolshjust define them out
23:16:53[Franklin]but still... not that easy
23:17:06[Franklin]gevaerts: how good are you at makefiles?
23:17:07gevaertsAlso, make sure it
23:17:12gevaertss worth it
23:17:16[Franklin]you may need to help me with this
23:17:38*[Franklin] hates the ' key
23:18:22[Franklin]gevaerts: what do you mean?
23:18:26gevaertsIt's going to be more of a win on high resolution devices, but those will also tend to be those with the higher disk capacity, which means larger FAT clusters, which might mean it doesn't actually save anything
23:18:51gevaertsDepending on the plugin, of course
23:19:05*[Franklin] won't implement it in many plugins for now
23:19:44foolsh[Franklin]: start by putting "#define <FOO>" in your firmware/export/config/<TARGET>.h
23:20:06 Join Galois [0] (
23:20:29foolshThen use that define to sort out the SOURCE file
23:20:33[Franklin]foolsh: the compression shouldn't be target-specific
23:20:39[Franklin]only plugin specific
23:20:44[Franklin]and screen specific, possibly
23:20:47gevaertsYou're not going to fill export/config/* with lots of plugin-specific defines
23:21:52foolsham I wrong to think that it should be either flip off or flipped on at compile time?
23:22:03 Quit stickyb1t (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
23:22:06[Franklin]not completerly
23:22:23[Franklin]yes, some bitmaps shouldn't need to be compressed
23:22:44[Franklin]such as those that don't have many runs of >=4 pixels
23:22:53[Franklin]otherwise it actually uses more space
23:23:47[Franklin]and the plugins will need to be edited to include calls to uncompress the bitmaps
23:24:03[Franklin]so some plugins may not support them until they have been edited
23:24:24[Franklin]so it should be plugin-specific (and hence bitmap-specific) as to which bitmaps are compressed
23:26:15[Franklin]git diff
23:29:56foolshI was thinking along the lines of a library call, that can be defined at compile time with a #define on a per target basis (don't break other targets), then each plugin or library that could use RLE needs to be sorted out, one by one, with more ifdef's until they're all done. Then and only then, would we enable RLE on all targets and eat the dogfood.
23:30:39[Franklin]yes, library call is my preferred method, too
23:30:50 Join ZincAlloy1 [0] (
23:31:17[Franklin]the bitmaps that should be compressed are marked that way somehow
23:31:32[Franklin]yeah, that's pretty much how I want to do it
23:31:42 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 33.0/20141007073543])
23:31:51 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:33:51 Quit ZincAlloy (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:34:07[Franklin]weird warning:
23:34:07[Franklin]rockbox/apps/plugins/2048.c:135:1: warning: variably modified 'scaled_data' at file scope static fb_data scaled_data[(int)(BMPWIDTH__2048_tiles*SCALE_FACTOR)*(int)(BMPHEIGHT__2048_tiles*SCALE_FACTOR)]; ^
23:34:14[Franklin]only on sim build
23:34:29foolsh[Franklin]: Scummvm has another byte code engine
23:35:22foolshbut controls are a pit fall with the types of games that use it
23:35:24[Franklin]foolsh: could you test the RLE overhead?
23:35:50foolshspecific target?
23:36:51[Franklin]not really
23:40:55foolsh"error: ‘BMPSIZE__2048_background’ undeclared here" am I missing something?
23:41:03foolsherror: ‘BMPSIZE__2048_tiles’ undeclared here
23:41:24foolshjust those two errors
23:43:45 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:48:49foolsh[Franklin]: I pulled your fresh gerrit commit rebuilding
23:49:59foolshstill not compiling for real targets fuze+ and ipod6g
23:51:06foolshOr in a sim build [-_-]
23:53:37[Franklin]you need to run some weird commands
23:53:45[Franklin]./bmp2rb -f 5 -c ../apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_tiles.48x48x24.bmp -h ../build_sim/pluginbitmaps
23:54:21[Franklin]and ./bmp2rb -f 5 -c ../apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_background.224x224x24.bmp -h ../build_sim/pluginbitmaps
23:54:26[Franklin]all from tools/
23:55:59[Franklin]that'll generate the headers
23:57:50[Franklin]then run make

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