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#rockbox log for 2014-10-15

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00:03:35[Franklin]gevaerts: decompression on the fly would certainly be possible with such a "fast" compression algorithm such as RLE
00:03:44[Franklin]though I'd like to decompress in place
00:04:14[Franklin]it's just easier to integrate
00:04:40*[Franklin] thinks agani
00:05:04[Franklin]perhaps just lcd_*_rle in the API
00:08:35[Franklin]but no... too low level for my liking
00:20:23gevaerts[Franklin]: have a look at how INIT_ATTR is handled. You'll then have to do something similar for plugins
00:21:58[Franklin]so what does it do?
00:22:09[Franklin]it puts the data in the .init section of the binary
00:22:14[Franklin]so what?
00:24:06gevaertsYou then make that section sit at the end of the binary, overlapping with another section where you reserve room for uncompressed bitmaps, and you then uncompress the bitmaps in the right order taking care not to overwrite things too soon
00:24:38[Franklin]and no MMU on these devices
00:24:45gevaertsThe details are left as an exercise for the interested reader :)
00:24:48[Franklin]so that's perfectly fine
00:25:09*[Franklin] smells linker scripts
00:25:26foolshINIT_ATTR works in tandem with a .lds, right?
00:25:32gevaertsYes is the one you need to play with
00:26:59*[Franklin] found it
00:28:17*[Franklin] can't find a .init section in there
00:28:31[Franklin]so add one?
00:28:57gevaertsYou'll probably want something specific for bitmaps, not plain .init
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00:29:11[Franklin]and .bmpdata uncompressed
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00:30:11*[Franklin] has no idea what to do
00:30:31[Franklin]so add ".rledata{}"?
00:30:49[Franklin]how do I make the .bmpdata section overlap?
00:30:55gevaertsAnd then you modify the bitmap c file generation to create two arrays instead of one, with the RLE one ending up in .rledata and the other one (which has no data in it) in .bmpdata
00:31:34[Franklin]how do I add the new sections though?
00:31:50gevaertsThis is where you need to do some studying I suspect :)
00:32:16*[Franklin] hates GNU docs
00:32:26[Franklin]all plain HTML
00:33:17gevaertsThe uncompressing also might need some work. You probably need to uncompress the bitmaps in reverse address order if you don't want to overwrite things too soon. You'll have to figure out a way to do that without forcing plugin authors to write fragile code for it
00:33:52gevaertsWell, you want RLE bitmaps :)
00:34:07*[Franklin] wonders how he'd do it with his threshold-based RLE
00:34:17[Franklin]for each byte, look at the two before?
00:38:13[Franklin]keyoard is actig up agai
00:51:52[Franklin]ok... new keyboard
00:52:10[Franklin]anyway, how do I make a section overlap another?
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03:52:30baerman714Minisk likes the cawk
03:54:51baerman714Who remembers minisk
03:55:06baerman714 ?
03:56:26baerman714I see on google he impersinated my user name many moons ago made me look like a ipod theif
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04:27:20[Saint]...what the heck was that? :-S
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07:55:32wodzpamaury: e100 early lowlevel init is exactly the same as e150 so we should have working lcd on e100 as well
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08:51:50baerman714Misky pooo
08:56:43Mode"#rockbox +o [Saint]" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:56:46Kick(#rockbox baerman714 :Not you again - piss off) by [Saint]!~saint@rockbox/staff/saint
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08:58:33baerman714Wat do u mean again
08:59:51baerman714R u minsk :-o
09:01:15[Saint]AGain, as in, from several hours ago, when you came in and started spouting shit in a development channel.
09:01:38[Saint]...and then decided it was a good idea to do it again.
09:03:02[Saint]Please consider that a friendly reminder to not do that.
09:08:44baerman714How do i get those old logs took off google
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09:09:14[Saint]You don't.
09:09:46[Saint]If you're in the UE, you can ask for Google to derigister the link, but anyone else in the world can still access it.
09:09:54[Saint]And, its not getting taken down.
09:10:16baerman714They been there for years i think its on rockbox server
09:19:01baerman714Weird you keep logs from so long ago
09:19:08baerman7142006 lol
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20:43:03copper"This fix is also required to support the selection of OF, Rockbox, Disk Mode, etc. in the iPod Classic Rockbox bootloader."
20:43:09copperis there one yet?
20:50:31copperDid I ask this already?
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20:54:53saratoganot a fully working one
20:55:09 Nick olspookishmagus is now known as Guest56136 (
20:55:12saratogadoes anyone actually use WMA still? I have some fixes that need testing and i barely have any files
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20:57:03coppersaratoga: old files lingering in music collections, maybe
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20:57:32copperwhat does Windows Media Player default to, these days?
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21:43:14pamaurywodz (logs): I've got package tracking for my E100, I should get it on friday if everything goes right
21:54:16CyberphobieHi there folks, RockBox beginner reporting in
21:54:38Cyberphobiecurrently in the process to flash the Clip+ but have one humble question prior to starting
21:55:21CyberphobieI wonder how I apply the changes from Git. Do I install the stable release and do some sort of update, or should I stick to the daily-build?
21:55:34 Join the-kyle [0] (
21:55:37Cyberphobiecouldn't find anything regarding this on the Wiki or forums
21:56:01ZincAlloybetter just stick to the dailies :)
21:56:08Cyberphobiealright :)
21:56:15Cyberphobiethank you for the fast answer
21:56:57 Quit y4n (Quit: coob ov vood?)
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22:31:11[Saint]copper: there's been one for several months.
22:31:31[Saint]Its a bit of a stretch to call it "the Rockbox bootloader", though.
22:31:53[Saint]Kinda jumping the gun a bit, as no one but those working on it have even seen the sources or actually used it...
22:31:58[Saint]But, it exists.
22:32:51[Saint]The development process is, for some odd reason, happening on fucking Skype...and none of it bleeds over here.
22:32:55[Saint]But, its happening.
22:33:03[Saint]And has been for several months.
22:33:52copperbring it over already!
22:34:13*[Saint] shrugs
22:34:26[Saint]I can't force anyone to do their development out in the open, sadly.
22:34:30[Saint]If I could, I would.
22:35:01the-kyleWould be really nice to hear some of what's going on. Wish if nothing else, everyone could connect to Mumble or something.
22:35:24[Saint]We have an IRC channel for just this purpose. :)
22:35:28[Saint]We're using it now.
22:36:59the-kyleI guess maybe some people prefer voice communication. It's too bad they've chosen the most closed form of voice communication available to discuss development of open source software though.
22:37:26*foolsh thinks using "voice" communication is nothing but awkward
22:37:38*[Saint] too, personally
22:37:53foolshlots of breathing and umm, uhhs, and hmmms
22:37:55[Saint]But I get questioned on my non-obvious accent all the time. :)
22:38:39the-kyleI tend to communicate primarily via IRC as well, as instead of having to make people repeat something I've missed, I can just read back through.
22:39:08the-kyleAnd this channel is logged, so it would be much easier for people to see development progress.
22:39:46[Saint]Well, I certainly made it known that I would prefer it to not happen this way, but, the fact that its happening at all is somewhat amazing, so I'll take it.
22:44:32bertrikI think we did have a couple of g+ hangouts, but it wasn't really practical
22:45:08bertriklike the 15 minutes asking people to please fix their microphones to prevent feedback, then 10 minutes of awkwardly saying nothing
22:45:50[Saint]The G+ hangouts, as I understand it, we're relevant to Rockbox development at all.
22:45:56[Saint]At least none I participated in.
22:46:09[Saint]If that was the intention, it devolved very quickly.
22:51:59 Quit foolsh (Remote host closed the connection)
22:52:38 Join foolsh [0] (
22:53:01 Join franklin [0] (
22:53:04 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (
22:53:15[Franklin]foolsh: mind if I steal your gerrit task?
22:53:36foolshJump right on in
22:54:19*[Franklin] didn't expect foolsh to get a gerrit task up that quickly
22:54:33[Franklin]C++ to C is pretty easy
22:54:44[Franklin]but this is too OO-ish
22:56:46foolshIts mostly written for sdl, but at the heart the vm is easy stuff, and there's nothing graphically being done that we can't do natively
22:57:33 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
22:58:00[Franklin]no malloc!
22:58:59*[Franklin] decides on calling it rockworld
22:59:24[Saint]Please don't.
22:59:36[Franklin][Saint]: then what?
22:59:43[Saint]Rock* or *box plugin names make me want to murder people.
22:59:49*[Franklin] would be dead
22:59:59[Franklin]then what?
23:01:26[Saint]foolsh: hahaha - I wasn't watching gerrit - nice work. This reminds me on a task I had to do in university, the Another World engine is hilariously simple.
23:01:32[Saint]And *tiny*.
23:01:44[Franklin]just in C++
23:01:51[Saint]Its rather visually intense, but, its done is such a simple and pleasing way.
23:02:09[Saint]just a bunch of 2d polys and fills.
23:02:18[Franklin]perfectly portable :)
23:02:26foolshYeah, I thought it was a good candidate for rockbox too
23:02:36foolshgreat game too
23:02:52[Franklin][Saint]: can plugin functions be called main()?
23:03:36[Saint]There's a few bits in the game that I /think/ are going to be /tremendously/ fucking difficult on a DAP...but, that's besides the point.
23:03:56[Saint]I mean, on almost every target its impossible to finish DooM, so, yeah...
23:04:16foolshThe simpler controls the game offered gives me hope though
23:04:20[Saint]Playability is somewhat secondary.
23:04:33[Franklin]such as...
23:04:33[Franklin]if only RB could support C++
23:04:33[Franklin]this would be 1000x easier
23:04:33DBUGEnqueued KICK [Franklin]
23:04:33[Franklin]but still... it's easy
23:04:46[Franklin]just the cool factor
23:05:04[Saint]foolsh: its the timing of some things that bugs me, I seem to recall a few rather timing specific sections of the game that would be difficult or perhaps impossible to replicate on a quickwheel or DAP pad.
23:05:12[Saint]maybe on a touchscreen, though....hmmm.
23:05:15[Franklin]foolsh: did you replace "class" with "struct"?
23:06:16foolshI'm not familiar with c++ at all, so I was doing a lot of researching and very little coding
23:08:47foolshI though that would be the case most likely yes, but there is link to an article I commented it, that shows how to do something akin to c++'s "template <foo>" in C
23:09:14foolshand that's where I stopped
23:09:44 Quit the-kyle (Remote host closed the connection)
23:11:06[Franklin]but thankfully it's tiny!
23:12:57[Franklin]ok... mostly done converting the Engine class to C
23:13:18[Franklin]only about 40 opcodes!?
23:13:46[Franklin]all implemented in <1k lines of C++
23:15:27foolsh outlines some details about the engine
23:17:08[Franklin]the threading structure is SUSPICIOUSLY similar to rockbox's :)
23:20:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:20:22*[Franklin] wishes structs could have functinos
23:21:20foolshfunctinos - the latest particle detected at the LHC, "makes spacetime function"
23:23:01 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:23:09 Quit lycide (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:25:33[Franklin]some problems with resource class
23:33:19 Join lycide [0] (~kvieta@
23:37:07[Franklin]video time!
23:41:52foolsh[Franklin] :-D
23:42:42[Franklin]so the framebuffers are _pagePtrs
23:42:44[Franklin]4 of them
23:42:49[Franklin]allocated with malloc
23:44:42[Franklin]argh!!! nothing is private data!!!
23:44:48[Franklin]all structs!
23:45:08bertrik[Franklin]: you can put function pointers into structs, of course
23:46:02[Franklin]but nothing that makes it compatible with C++
23:50:50bertrikfoolsh: interesting read
23:57:52[Franklin]this code has no notion of data hiding!
23:57:58[Franklin]everything is a struct!
23:58:10[Franklin](it'd be easy if it were data-only structs, but it's not!)

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