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#rockbox log for 2014-10-16

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00:02:03[Franklin]foolsh: that template workaround is... interesting
00:04:26foolshYes, interesting
00:04:38foolshIt would work though
00:06:02[Franklin]it would
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00:22:11[Franklin]ooh... sprintf!
00:23:35[Franklin]thankfully... the whole code has only got 6 malloc calls
00:26:52foolshI honestly, didn't get in to it deep enough, but I feel the sound engine maybe the hardest port, since SDL well does the heavy lifting
00:27:59*[Franklin] hasn't even looked at the sound
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00:41:17lleelooi have one question about firmware/common/file.c in line 708 variable "sectors" not declarated and thus not compiled with (D)EBUG option
00:41:36lleeloois someone fix it&
00:42:18lleeloo*is Does
00:42:40[Franklin]it is
00:43:05[Franklin]probably a global var
00:44:07[Franklin]does it compile with (D)EBUG?
00:44:40[Franklin]then nothing's wrong :P
00:44:45lleeloosorry? not
00:45:02lleelooit does't compile with DEBUG
00:45:10saratogaits probably a bug introduced when that code was recently refactored
00:45:38lleelooso what should i do? (stupid question)
00:45:45[Franklin]just take it out
00:45:48[Franklin]it'll be fine without it
00:45:57[Franklin]it's just a debug thing
00:46:43[Franklin]because the parameters are reversed
00:47:18lleelooi know that is for debug. i just try to debug my Cortex-m port
00:47:42[Franklin]well... flip the operands first of all
00:47:51[Franklin]and change sectors fo filesectors, I think
00:48:16[Franklin]or sectorcount
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00:48:56saratogawas removed here
00:49:19[Franklin]so what did that refactor add, BTW?
00:49:26[Franklin]or was it just a refactor?
00:49:59lleelooso there is another error in /firmware/common/file.c line 877 with variable "fd"
00:51:47[Franklin]DEBUGF("Descriptor %d is read-only mode\n", filedes);
00:51:52[Franklin]replace it with that
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00:54:09lleeloonever mind. there are many other errors when compile with (D)EBUG option in different files =( may be someone who made refacto will fix it?
00:55:15lleelooso i switch off this option... so sad
00:56:37[Franklin]probably not really many big problems
00:56:47[Franklin]perhaps post a paste of the errors?
00:57:03[Franklin]Has no one ever tried compiling with debug!?
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00:58:02lleelooall that need to change varibles name in DEBUGF macro
00:58:12[Franklin]then do it :P
00:58:27[Franklin]M-x replace-string
00:58:43lleelooi never try gerrit, so may be later=)
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01:11:22[Franklin]foolsh: forget total C conversion
01:11:36[Franklin]I'll just cheat and OO-ize C
01:11:47[Franklin]structs keep their data decls
01:11:47[Saint]lleeloo: (logs)
01:11:59[Franklin]and the functions get prefixeed
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01:14:04*[Saint] wishes there was a −−without-useless-plugins flag for configure
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01:14:23*foolsh kicks around running the DOS binary through a disassembler, and poking around in the aftermath
01:14:29[Saint]Its such a PITA to build without all the silly plugins yet retain all the useful ones.
01:14:42[Franklin]PITA wraps
01:15:22[Saint]All the games and demos, essentially.
01:15:32[Saint]viewers and testplugins I actually use.
01:15:54*[Franklin] is [Saint]'s opposite
01:16:05[Saint] so many ways.
01:20:44*[Franklin] finds it ironic that the whole point of the original author in making the code so abstract was to increase portability
01:20:52[Franklin]but in fact it does the opposite :)
01:28:18*[Franklin] really thinks it's time for a new release
01:30:51*ZincAlloy thinks we should skip a number and call it rockbox 5
01:31:21[Franklin]4 sounds cooler
01:31:27[Franklin]even numbers sound better
01:31:30[Franklin]Rockbox 4.0
01:31:35[Franklin]Rockbox 5.0
01:31:40*[Franklin] likes 4.0
01:32:07[Franklin]the MajorChanges for 3.13 is the longest it's been since 3.0!
01:35:51[Franklin]argh... superdom bug
01:37:43foolsh[Saint] I know, move all the "useful" plugins to a new section "tools", and add a configure option to choose plugins games, applications, demos or tools
01:38:42*[Franklin] wonders what [Saint] has against plugins
01:39:38[Saint]At the end of the day, its an audio player.
01:42:05*[Franklin] wonders what to do with a DAP without earbuds
01:42:09[Franklin]... play games!
01:42:50[Franklin]but seriously... when will the next release be?
01:43:19[Franklin]3.0 was 2 years after the previous release
01:43:42[Franklin]it's been about 1.5 years since 3.13
01:43:45[Franklin]... time to release?
01:51:35[Franklin]foolsh: I've stolen your change!
01:51:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #1015 at : [WIP] My Xworld branch, Another World interpreter for Rockbox by Franklin Wei
01:51:45[Franklin]not much, thogh
01:52:54foolshYou can hijack the original task don't cha know
01:53:22[Franklin]I can?
01:53:26*[Franklin] has tried
01:53:27[Franklin]doesn't work
01:53:37[Franklin]invalid author when I push
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01:53:49[Franklin]or... wait!
01:54:34foolshgit gerrit −−author Firstname Lastname <email@host.tld>
01:54:40foolshI think is how it's done
01:54:47*[Franklin] just realized that
01:54:59[Franklin]yep it worked
01:55:21foolshOf course it did =)
01:55:31[Franklin]Well, it's getting late and I gotta go now
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10:08:45wodzfinally figured out how to set dma transfer to lcd on e series
10:09:50[Saint]huzzah - nice
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10:16:08wodzWhat is interesting in atj213x architecture is the fact that it has additional separate bus for dmac and some of the peripherials are dualported.
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10:21:52wodzpamaury: see logs
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10:55:35pamaurywodz: awesome :)
10:57:49pamaurywodz: by the way, about qeditor diff. I don't know how to put bold lines between some columns easily. Doing so would mean custom drawing the grid or some of the cells, which is not very easy.
10:58:36pamauryHowever, I image other ways to make the difference more obvious: in case where the value is the same, we only display one value instead of two, and when there is a difference, it is blue (say) and one of the value is in bold
10:59:32pamauryIf that sounds fine, I'm going to implement it and upload it to gerrit, so you can give me some feedback
11:01:06wodzsounds good. Howver what about inserting additional empty column between two 'sources' of values and fill it with some color (substitute for bold line)
11:02:16wodzwhen we speak about colors, I'd set background on differing lines to some redish
11:02:49pamauryhum, it can definitely be done, however I'm not sure if I can control the size of the column with such high precision, i'll try
11:03:18pamauryI'll make all the colors configurable anyway
11:05:00wodzok, off to work
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23:01:25copperbroken WPS detected
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23:22:16[Franklin]foolzzzz: are you foolsh? :)
23:23:01[Franklin]you're logged in as foolsh :P
23:23:57[Franklin]nice try
23:24:42*gevaerts watches [Franklin] pollute the logs yet again
23:24:50*[Franklin] apologizes
23:26:34[Franklin]foolzzzz: there must be a simple C++ to C converter out there
23:26:48[Franklin]There's nothing TOO fancy in XWorld
23:26:54[Franklin]no operator overloading, etc.
23:27:32[Franklin]like cfront
23:27:38[Franklin]but newer
23:30:38[Franklin]apparently llvm can do it
23:31:23*[Franklin] tries it
23:46:51[Franklin]it kinda works with c++ to c
23:46:51[Franklin]but it generates UNREADABLE code
23:46:51[Franklin]so that's a bad idea
23:50:00[Franklin]foolzzzz: how about sticking with the vm_ prefix?
23:50:05[Franklin](for xworld)
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