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#rockbox log for 2014-10-17

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00:20:44[Franklin]forums seem awfully slow right now...
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00:46:56[Franklin]foolzzzz: how should the System abstraction be ported?
00:47:08[Franklin]keep it as is and replace the functions with function pointers?
00:47:13[Franklin]that seems doable
00:48:54[Franklin]foolzzzz: also, can I change the virtualmachine_ prefix to vm_?
00:49:00[Franklin]just too long to type :)
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01:10:54[Franklin]foolzzzz: gladly, the video "driver" only needs one function :O
01:11:06[Franklin]no framebuffers or anything in the system driver
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01:17:08[Franklin]foolsh: should I use rockbox's pallete support or write my own?
01:17:23[Franklin]it seems pal256 needs HAVE_LCD_MODE and LCD_MODE_PAL256
01:17:46foolshThats a good question, I'm not the one to who can answer it though
01:18:05foolshand vm_ is a great prefix
01:18:05[Franklin]foolsh: also, can virtualmachine_ be changed to vm_?
01:18:10[Franklin]same time
01:18:16*[Franklin] did that anyway
01:18:26[Franklin]well... it's looking pretty good
01:18:38[Franklin]I'm just gonna finish up the wrapper and push
01:18:48[Franklin]surprisingly easy
01:22:55[Franklin]... me remembers that he needs to scale the thing
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01:23:07[Franklin]forget that for now
01:24:12[Franklin]just unscaled for now
01:31:23[Franklin]aww... timers!
01:31:37[Franklin]but it's only used for sound :D
01:31:40[Franklin]which I don't care about
01:31:45foolshfor now no
01:31:59foolshthe frames a 20ms slices I believe
01:32:12[Franklin]which is two plugin ticks
01:33:38[Franklin]also, there's a function that's supposed to return the fb
01:34:04foolshthe pallete I think, we should keep the ones from the software for now it may also help keep it portable, later maybe add hardware support at compile time if the target offers it
01:34:30foolshI was thinking even a grey scale target could run this perhaps
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01:37:10inputnoisejust stopping by to ask, how long is an database init gonna take? my ipod classic 6th gen has been going at it for 10+ mins now, is this normal?
01:37:18[Franklin]how much music?
01:37:22inputnoise21 tracks
01:37:28[Franklin]ahh... no
01:37:55inputnoisei kinda thought so
01:38:31[Franklin]foolsh: just resource class left
01:38:37[Franklin]this may be a problem
01:39:16foolshyou're a machine [Franklin]! go go go go
01:39:21inputnoiseis there a fix for this?
01:39:27inputnoiseor do i need to try another version
01:39:29[Franklin]foolsh: lol
01:39:33[Franklin]inputnoise: restart?
01:39:38inputnoisedone it
01:39:40inputnoisealot of times
01:39:52inputnoisereinstalled rockbox too
01:43:02inputnoisehow long does it take normally with few files
01:43:08inputnoiselike lightning quick?
01:43:10[Franklin]seconds at most
01:43:59inputnoisedat sux
01:44:18[Franklin]what version of rb?
01:45:12[Franklin]so new
01:47:52[Franklin]foolsh: GCC's erroring out when I include stdlib.h
01:49:47foolshare your changes pushed to gerrit?
01:49:58[Franklin]not yet
01:50:17[Franklin]If you want really incomplete work, here it comes :)
01:51:02inputnoisetrying to push over other files than flac to the device
01:51:06inputnoiseto see if it helps
01:51:10inputnoiseim out of ideas
01:51:13[Franklin]foolsh: uploading now
01:51:26[Franklin]up now!
01:51:35foolsh[Franklin], alright
01:51:59[Franklin]resource class needs work
01:52:10*[Franklin] leaves to do "real" work now
01:53:01inputnoiseand wow
01:53:02inputnoiseit worked
01:53:15inputnoise6 albums only flac and it wont initzialize
01:53:29[Franklin]there's an unspoken rule agains't saying "LOL" and friends on this channel :)
01:53:29inputnoiseput some mp3s on there and it gladly complies
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01:56:35[Franklin]try compiling it now
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02:05:23[Franklin]foolsh: this is really addictive!
02:08:18foolshhaha, I'm still running about doing my morning rituals, and google keeps timing out here for some reason, if I miss you I'll see you tomorrow
02:09:15*[Franklin] will need to go soon
02:09:23[Franklin]everything times out here
02:09:37[Franklin]this wifi adapter drops out every ~20 minutes
02:09:45[Franklin]sorry... /topic
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02:25:29foolsh[Franklin] opps I see I added sys.c to SOURCES, doesn't exist
02:29:42foolshNo that was me
02:29:59[Franklin]... it was
02:29:59foolshoh, well ok then
02:30:04[Franklin]fix on the way
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02:33:02[Franklin]foolsh: new patch set
02:33:42*foolsh needs more coffee
02:33:46[Franklin]foolsh: not so sure about lines 35+37 in sys.c
02:33:52[Franklin]not sure if the x-coord is right
02:34:25[Franklin]ahh... nope
02:34:32[Franklin]the original source helps
02:37:36[Franklin]alright... that was 3 patch sets in 1 minute, but the drawing *should* work no
02:38:12[Franklin]ahh... lol still no
02:40:14foolshslow down... take a breath, you doing fine
02:41:21*[Franklin] stops spamming the channel
02:46:05[Franklin]foolsh: the drawing code is good except for one thing: the y-coordinate!
02:46:17[Franklin]not sure what y to draw the pixels at
02:48:31foolshI don't know off the top of my head, but it "draws" to a section of memory with offsets for each frame buffer right, so I guess i depends how the memory is laid out
02:48:44foolshit depends*
02:48:58foolshYou probably know better than I do now
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02:55:44[Franklin]foolsh: <FACEDESK>
02:55:51[Franklin]just need y+height
02:55:55[Franklin]two keys
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02:59:08foolshWhen I was seventeen I spent 2 months trying to figure out how to do Z depth for my 3d engine..... I messed around with cos and sin functions, many perturbations of everything I knew... it was Y divided by Z so easy so simple, <FACEDESK> to be sure
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03:03:28[Franklin]foolsh: lol
03:04:17noisesauceSorry guys, having issues with rockbox util in installing on a Clip Zip - would check the FAQs and forum topics but, for some reason I get this:
03:04:19noisesauceSorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum! banned host This ban is not set to expire.
03:04:58[Franklin]noisesauce: have you been spamming it :D
03:05:03noisesauceI've not logged in to the rockbox forums in years, and was able to view topics just this morning.
03:05:28[Franklin]ask one of the forum moderators, maybe
03:05:37[Franklin]foolsh: anyway, gnite
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03:05:44noisesaucecan't ask - can't log in
03:06:46noisesaucerockbox util fails with: Could not open: //F:clipza.bin for writing
03:07:54noisesauceso it's failing to patch the firmware
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03:08:35foolshnoisesauce, is the file clipza.bin there? when you browse to the folder
03:09:46noisesauceno it's not in the root directory
03:10:21noisesauceI tried renaming the up to date firmware accordingly and pasting in the root - no luck
03:12:04foolshOf course I'm taking a guess sorry, Sometimes the mods get trigger happy, spam is annoying to deal with, it happened to me, just hang out and see if a mod comes around help
03:12:05noisesaucecould it be that it's coming up as Sansa Clip Zip 4GB / "Internal Memory" - rather than F:// ?
03:12:21noisesauceI've not posted in the forum in 5-6 years
03:12:24noisesaucenot even logged on
03:12:42foolshwierd maybe its your IP address then
03:12:57noisesaucecould be the proxy client I was using?
03:13:16foolshthats a good guess, tey not using it
03:13:20noisesauceanyway I turned that off, still banned. awesome
03:14:03foolsh[Saint] should waking up soon, he'll most likely help you
03:14:40foolshnoisesauce, tried google cache?
03:14:47noisesaucetrying to manual install - nothing explaining how to compiling the bootloader manually though, just the .rockbox download.
03:15:49noisesaucemust be missing something here...
03:16:54noisesaucewill try now
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03:21:55noisesaucecan some kind soul point me in the direction of how to take the stock firmware and add the bootloader? I remember doing this with some kind of command prompt back in the day on my old H140 - Rockbox Utility seems to not want to work
03:31:32foolshnoisesauce, sure, give me minute
03:32:54foolshfirst try switching usb mode from MTP to MSC in the player settings
03:34:45foolshand give rbutil another try, from the forum posts it's a common thing
03:36:05noisesaucewill give that a try!
03:37:44foolshall so here's a post with someone who had a different issue,
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03:47:45noisesauceall working - thanks for your time foolsh!
03:47:55foolshcool yw
03:47:58noisesaucegreat to have a rockbox device again
03:48:33foolshgive you IP address and we'll see if MOd picks out the irc logs and unbans you
03:48:48foolshghaa, my spelling is aweful this morning
03:49:40noisesaucer.e. the forum ban, think you someone should tell the mods - my IP address is as follows: and it could be the chrome extension "Zenmate" playing a part
03:49:50noisesauceah beat me to it
03:51:40noisesauceand the IP address when extension is on:
03:52:02noisesaucethanks again
03:52:24foolsh[Saint], saratoga, gevaerts LOGS ^
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08:16:15foolshRockbox runs on the Clip v1, Clip v2, Clip+ and ClipZip? models, and is generally stable enough to use
08:19:13BLUEtaboops. I read that the port to zip clip was "unstable" ( ) and I mistook that for "unsupported."
08:21:24foolshit's commonly mistaken for a misnomer, but it just means "don't throw a fit if there is a bug you don't like"
08:22:02foolshfirst switch usb mode from MTP to MSC in the player settings before you use rbutil
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10:19:34*gevaerts doesn't find any trace of any of the ip addresses mentioned re. this ban
10:23:27gevaertsscorche: can you check if,, or appear in the apache logs, (at around 01:00 to 01:40 UTC this morning, which I think is 18:00..18:40 yesterday in the server's time zone) and give me an exact timestamp if you find something? I can then investigate this possible ban further (unless you want to do it...)
10:27:23gevaertsBLUEtab: I'm not familiar with the clip zip's original firmware, but I once made a theme (which I then lost, unfortunately) that showed a large icon for the currently selected menu, with left and right of it a smaller icon for the previous and next item (and maybe, I don't remember, an even smaller icon next to it for the next one)
10:28:02gevaertsWith some effort I can imagine making those smaller icons look a bit sideways for a 3d effect
10:28:54gevaertsNot sure if that's more or less what you meant...
10:29:11BLUEtabI'm just looking for a closer emulation of the original firmware than the existing attempt called "doppelganger," and wondered if it was even possible.
10:29:40BLUEtabSo from that I think it might be.
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10:31:21BLUEtabI don't know how to make a theme, but I'll check the website to see how complicated it is.
10:32:11gevaertsSimple themes are fairly easy, complex themes sometimes less so :)
10:35:17gevaertsI'm not sure if there's a theme on the themesite that does this sort of thing. might try to make a proof of concept one of these days (maybe tonight, but I'm not sure if I'll have time)
10:38:01BLUEtabIt's not really a 3D carousel. It's like a sideways slideshow with each main menu item on it's own page.
10:42:04 Quit toso (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
10:59:40gevaertsSo it only shows one at a time?
10:59:58gevaertsI'm not sure the sliding bit is doable, but the rest certainly is
11:00:09BLUEtab yeah. it's like a simple page switch. one menu item per page
11:00:41gevaertsWe're not very strong at animated transitions :)
11:02:45BLUEtabIt worked well on the original firmware because their top level menu had around 5 items.
11:03:29BLUEtabI think I see why it would be less useful with rockbox's larger main menu
11:05:34gevaertsDepending on how you use rockbox, you can always hide some of those items
11:06:39BLUEtabI'll try that, thanks
11:09:04 Join toso [0] (~toso@
11:25:21foolshBLUEtab: hmm you're looking for something pictureflow / coverflow-ic perhaps? Doesn't exist...
11:26:06BLUEtabNot as fancy as the 3D flow
11:27:37BLUEtabJust a main menu where each item has it's own screen, much like the original firmware. Let me see if I can find an example.
11:29:54*foolsh daydreams of menuflow; the code is right there, but then there's the memory and processor over head to think about, but on the other hand with today's hardware that's not an issue.. it would be neat
11:32:51BLUEtabThere's a brief moment, maybe a few seconds, where this reviewer scrolls through a bit of the main menu on the original firmware.
11:41:39foolsh[Saint] know more of the themes and such, when he's comes around ask him
11:41:57foolshBut I've not seen anything close to that
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11:48:13BLUEtabThanks. In the meantime I'll keep reading the manual. This thing is really long
12:11:23 Quit BLUEtab (Quit: Be back later.)
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17:47:12Whippler_hey, could it be possible to get 2000mah option in battery settings for ipod classic rockbox
18:01:34 Join sakax [0] (~sakax@unaffiliated/sakax)
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18:37:29scorche|shgevaerts: i might be able to later, but not now
18:37:37*scorche|sh scrolls up and reads history
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19:27:31 Join doubleman [0] (5b7da2db@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:28:28doublemanthis seller seems to have a number of ypr0 players.
19:28:39 Quit doubleman (Client Quit)
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20:52:54gevaertsscorche|sh: no hurry as far as I'm concerned
20:54:33copperI only see one ugly pink YP-R0
20:54:47 Quit charlie (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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22:13:47 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:16:21lebelliumpamaury: I assume you didn't have time to look at the USB audio issue?
22:16:40lebelliumkugel__: did you get your new YP-R0 already?
22:25:17 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
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22:52:36 Join wodz [0] (~wodz@
22:53:18wodzpamaury: You wanted me to test qeditor diff patch from gerrit or you wanted to extend it with colors firs?
22:53:44pamaurywodz: wait, i'm not done yet
22:54:16wodzI assume e100 didn't arrive yet
22:54:38 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: leaving)
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23:00:34 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:09:11pamaurywodz (logs): not yet, I think I should get it tomorrow
23:09:48lebelliumI got the Spinn today
23:09:52lebelliumbetter than the e100 :P
23:21:32 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:26:34 Join xorly [0] (
23:30:41pamaurylebellium: is it good ?
23:31:26lebelliumpamaury: looks interesting, quite different from its competitors back to the time like Samsung P3 and Cowon S9
23:31:41lebelliumpamaury: more testing tomorrow
23:31:42pamaurywhat is the soc inside ?
23:33:22lebelliumTelechips but I don't know which one
23:33:30pamauryit says telechip but not which one
23:34:31lebelliumI assume TCC7901 like in YP-P3 and YP-Q3?
23:34:59lebelliumor maybe the old TCC7801 like in YP-P2 and YP-Q1?
23:36:19pamaurywhere did you find it ?
23:37:51lebelliumpamaury: on a French forum replacing generationmp3 called I'm a 4 years member there and people gift or sell me their old players sometimes :)
23:43:46 Quit ender` (Quit: If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. -- Mark Twain)

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