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#rockbox log for 2014-10-18

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03:22:56[Franklin]foolsh: what did you change in patch sets 12+13?
03:23:03*[Franklin] wishes Gerrit could show that
03:57:06foolshgerrit can but I only changes a typo and uhh I can't remember
03:58:18foolshI think I removed endian.h and changed the files to use rbendian.h oh and commented out the template code
03:58:37foolshI sure we don't even need it
03:58:47*[Franklin] really thinks a shell script can automate 99% of the conversion process
03:58:57[Franklin]take all the functions out of the classes
03:59:06[Franklin]prefix them with the class name
03:59:18[Franklin]add a pointer to an object of that class as an arg
03:59:33[Franklin]replace ClassName:: with classname_ in the .cpp file
03:59:48[Franklin]replace all references to class-local vars with ptr->varname
04:01:55foolshhonestly you have a real talent, and you're a pleasure to learn from, I don't have any experience with c++, and I am only slightly more familiar with c
04:03:43*[Franklin] comes from C++
04:04:02[Franklin]oh yeah... constructor
04:04:21*[Franklin] wonders why no one has done this
04:04:50[Franklin]perhaps a G++ backend would do?
04:05:13[Franklin]it'd save me the hassle of writing a lexer/parser
04:11:25[Franklin]or... I could write my own parser for fun :)
04:11:36[Franklin]... in c++, ironically enough
04:12:13foolshhaha, I've been looking over SDL src to get an idea of what it takes to port sfxplayer.c
04:12:35*[Franklin] has all the sound stuff commented out
04:12:46foolshyeah good idea
04:12:59[Franklin]*for now*
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05:35:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fe519c7, 255 builds, 29 clients.
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05:59:05BLUEtab[Saint], On the clip zip, can a base skin modify the rockbox main menu so much that it appears like the main menu on the original firmware, where each main menu item appears in it's own screen with it's own background and/or icon? Here's what it looks like on the original firmware (jump to 1m20s)
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09:17:40[Saint]BLUEtab: No.
09:18:03BLUEtabOk, thanks. I guess it's more of a firmware thing.
09:19:07[Saint]Sorry if that seemed overly terse.
09:19:12[Saint]Just, frustrated.
09:19:18[Saint]Not with you, in general.
09:20:07*[Saint] has spent 14 hours today reverse engineering the LG update handshake and verification process for a subset of mobile phone
09:20:33BLUEtabNo, it's cool. It really was a yes/no question. It answers why I didn't see such a theme on the catalog.
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10:53:38pamaurywodz (logs): I have the E100 \o∕
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18:27:16[Franklin]Where'd the best place be to put static data?
18:27:20[Franklin]in the header, or the source?
18:27:30[Franklin](the data is only used by the source)
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18:31:52pamaury[Franklin]: source
18:34:00[Franklin]pamaury: or another header?
18:34:20pamauryimho, headers are not a good place for static data
18:34:35[Franklin]ok then
18:35:15[Franklin]pamaury: but I find it annoying to have to scroll through ~500 lines of data to get to the code :)
18:35:40pamaurythen put it in a separate source file
18:35:49pamaurywith a header just for the extern declaration
18:39:42*[Franklin] needs some tool that rewrites function calls
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18:42:04[Franklin]cause this is just too hard
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19:56:19wodzpamaury: Great news!
19:56:47pamaurywodz: is you code on gerrit ?
19:56:55wodzpamaury: which?
19:57:10pamauryhwstub, so I can try to debug it
19:57:30wodzlet me check which version is there
19:57:30pamauryand also everything else to get the screen working :)
19:57:49wodzpamaury: Ok, I'll try to clean it a bit and push
19:58:32pamauryi'm still working on qeditor, I have to rewrite some stuff because qt's default table widget is too slow
19:59:59wodzpamaury: The version of hwstub WIP on gerrit is definitely buggy. I'll upload more recent version.
20:05:58wodzpamaury: updated hwstub work g#982
20:06:01fs-bluebotGerrit review #982 at : hwstub: atj213x support WIP by Marcin Bukat
20:18:16fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c626fe7, 255 builds, 32 clients.
20:18:43wodzpamaury: I also pushed lcd example.
20:21:03wodzpamaury: Uploading binary somewhat involved procedure. First you need to find update package for the player (E100.HEX).
20:21:47wodzpamaury: Then you need to descramble it and unpack with atjboottool.
20:22:02wodzpamaury: Then you need to dismantle the device, short some nand data pins and power up the device. This should drop you into adfu mode.
20:22:12pamauryok, is it written somewhere ?
20:23:05wodzpamaury: Finally you can use adfuload with something like this: adfuload -s1 ~/e150_firmware/ADEC_N63.BIN -s2 ~/rockbox/utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/lcm.bin
20:23:24wodzpamaury: I am afraid I didn't document this so far
20:26:45wodzpamaury: My device decided to stay in adfu mode permanently after some experiments. It is possible to recover from this using some Actions windows tool I found. For me this state where I am in adfu by default is very handy as I don't need to short nand.
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20:34:22wodzpamaury: I also have hw desc file for regtools/hwstub/qeditor but not on this machine.
20:35:40wodzpamaury: The sources of information are: 1) datasheet and programming manual 2) 3)
20:36:07wodzpamaury: and RE of course
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