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#rockbox log for 2014-10-22

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02:37:31JdGordon[Saint]: so, hows your android skin coming along?
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10:12:22b0hoonok, i think that all Samsung YH players deserve a stable status now. Finally...
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10:35:43wodzb0hoon: wow
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10:40:23wodzcopper: b0hoon persistence to bring YHs to stable state is amusing
10:44:55coppermust have missed it
10:59:52wodzpamaury: ping
11:01:08gevaertswodz: the word is "admirable", not "amusing" :)
11:01:37wodzgevaerts: true
11:03:45copperI'm confused. Is he _making_ it stable?
11:03:54copperor just wishing it were?
11:05:01gevaertscopper: that last commit was him fixing the manual for it
11:05:10gevaertsSo clearly not just wishing :)
11:05:17gevaertsWell, them
11:06:55wodzatj213x boot rom has really weird architecture. It must be partly written in assembly as it breaks calling conventions in a few places
11:06:55coppereven has committing privileges
11:17:37pamaurywodz: pong
11:17:43pamaurynot there for long though
11:18:14wodzpamaury: I guess you didn't play with e100?
11:18:34pamaurynot yet, I didn't have any free time, and tonight I'm not so sure either :-/
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12:05:54b0hoonwodz: gevaerts: don't exaggerate ;)
12:06:21b0hooncopper: yeah, even i have :P anyone against it?
12:14:33gevaertsb0hoon: I'd hope nobody is against this, but usually for various practical reasons we synchronise promotions to stable with a release
12:17:02gevaertsA release is long overdue, so we really should get around to that
12:17:09b0hoongevaerts: Ah, didn't know that
12:17:12copperyes please
12:17:38gevaertsThere are things like rbutil suddenly expecting to be able to download a release
12:18:06gevaertsDo we have blocker bugs right now?
12:18:14gevaerts(for any stable target)
12:18:29gevaerts(that are worse than 3.13)
12:18:54wodzI recall some themes regression
12:21:57b0hoonI always thought that this is independent...
12:22:02 Join xorly [0] (
12:23:04b0hoonThere may be some cosmetic changes in keymaps yet (for YH), but it could be done after promoting them to stable. Manuals should be complete.
12:24:08gevaertsIt *should* be independent, but in practice we always have issues if we don't coordinate
12:25:20gevaertsSo I'd say we try to get a release out as soon as possible, with the fallback plan that we promote them to stable anyway if we don't managet that
12:25:29b0hoonok np for me
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12:39:13bertrikwhat is "Touchpad Dead Zone"?
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12:52:22copperbertrik: dead spots on a Fuze+ touchpad, between "active" touch zones
12:52:44copperdesigned to reduce the number of erroneous touch actions
12:53:32bertrikso the setting defines the size of the "dead" area?
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14:49:21pamaurybertrik: yes, the setting exactly controls this
14:49:50pamauryI seem to recall someone wanted to do (or even did ?) a picture of this for the manual
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18:02:05pamaurywodz (logs): feel free to try g#984
18:02:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #984 at : qeditor: add register diff tab (WIP) by Amaury Pouly
18:02:14pamauryit's unfinished but much better I think now
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23:03:11 Nick foolzzzzz is now known as foolsh (
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23:08:43[Franklin]foolsh: I'd say the xworld port is 50% done
23:10:04 Join edhelas [0] (
23:10:23foolshserializer looks like its just a buffer of some kind
23:10:34foolshtape drive?
23:10:37foolshwho knows
23:10:43[Franklin]that's the one big problem left to work out
23:11:09[Franklin]foolsh: this seems like a good idea, though saratoga disagrees −−>,48593
23:11:39[Franklin]for little 1-character fixes, it'd be great to save me the hassle of having to use a computer
23:12:13 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:12:21[Saint]Any textual input in Rb is fucking broken.
23:12:29[Franklin]it works! :)
23:12:31[Saint]That kayboard is terrible.
23:12:37[Saint]It works...sure.
23:12:39[Franklin]then use morse code! :D
23:12:45[Saint]But its awful.
23:13:04 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 34.0/20141014134955])
23:13:06[Franklin]say the name of the artist is wrong...
23:13:11[Saint]To actually do anything meaningful its a LOT faster to just use a real machine.
23:13:16the-kyleMorse code input would be far better than what we have now *laughing*
23:13:18[Franklin]and you don't feel like using a computer to fix it, or you CAN'T
23:13:33[Saint]If the artist name is wrong, it'll also be wrong in your local store.
23:13:35gevaertsthe-kyle: what do you mean?
23:13:36[Saint]Fox it there.
23:13:49[Franklin]the-kyle: it already exists
23:13:54the-kyleMorse code can be faster than picking one letter at a time.
23:14:06gevaertsWell yes
23:14:17[Franklin]it'd just be a nice feature to have
23:14:25*[Franklin] starts working
23:14:26gevaertsBut it's not better than what we have now, given that we do have it :)
23:14:38the-kyleIs there a way to switch that? I get the virtual whenever I need to input something.
23:14:41[Franklin]I mean the ID3 tag editor
23:14:44[Saint]Its not better than it is.
23:14:52[Franklin]the-kyle: there's a setting on some devices
23:14:53[Franklin]not all
23:15:05the-kyleAh, OK. Maybe it's just not on the clip family.
23:15:27[Franklin]possibly the keys aren't as good as the ipod :P
23:15:29gevaertsFeel free to fix that :)
23:16:12the-kyleThe keys seem like they can handle it. Now that I know it's there, I can take a look at it.
23:16:48[Franklin]the-kyle: it may be as simple as defining HAVE_MORSE_CODE_INPUT in the config.h
23:16:56[Franklin]but it was probably disabled for a reason
23:17:39gevaertsAlmost certainly not
23:17:53the-kylePossibly, but it's worth a shot. I'll attempt to define it and rebuild.
23:18:14gevaertsIt's usually not enabled because the people doing the port either aren't aware of it or forget about it
23:18:39[Franklin]so fix it!
23:19:03gevaertsYou do need to find a usable button though
23:19:13the-kyleI've looked at the Clip+ and Clip Zip keymaps. They both know when a key is held down or when it's pressed and immediately released. That's all that's needed for Morse Code.
23:19:51the-kyleWithin text input, most of the buttons should be usable, unless I'm way off with that assumption.
23:20:31[Franklin]select of course, if there is one
23:21:25the-kyleAs long as the arrow keys aren't needed for while in Morse Code input mode, I could probably use up or down. BUTTON_SELECT should probably be like the enter key or OK key, and BUTTON_POWER should probably cancel.
23:21:49the-kyleI'm guessing, as I haven't known that the code was there.
23:22:13[Franklin]the-kyle: be like ipod!
23:22:24[Franklin]see how it works first
23:22:56the-kyleYeah. Sounds like a good starting point, and keymaps can be reused and merged together easily enough.
23:23:17[Franklin]scroll wheel up/down to move between input and deletion modes
23:23:24[Franklin]PLAY to submit
23:23:31[Franklin]and SELECT to... select
23:23:37[Franklin]and MENU to cancel
23:23:49the-kyleHmm. We don't have a scroll wheel on the Clips.
23:24:05[Franklin]so up/down to navigate
23:24:11[Franklin]long SELECT to submit
23:24:18the-kyleAnd play and up are the same key in different modes of operation.
23:24:42[Franklin]so do this: up/down are for navigation between modes (input and edit)
23:24:48[Franklin]long select for submit
23:24:52[Franklin]power for cancel
23:25:26*[Saint] is reminded he needs to unify the keyboard keymapping
23:25:33the-kyleCould work. Then I guess I could set either up or down to enter a dot or a dash, depending how long it's held down.
23:25:39[Saint]Its different across devices for no good reason at all
23:25:45[Franklin]the-kyle: no...
23:25:45[Saint]Literally no reason.
23:25:50[Franklin]select is for morse code
23:25:55[Franklin]quick press=dot
23:26:02[Franklin]I see why
23:26:12the-kyleLong select should be dash then.
23:26:22[Franklin]but then what's submit?
23:26:57[Franklin]just one of the left/right ones then
23:27:08[Franklin]probably right would be the best
23:27:42the-kyleYeah. Sounds good. So if I press right followed by long right, I should be typing an A.
23:28:01[Franklin]select is dot/dash'
23:28:05[Franklin]right is submit
23:28:12the-kyleLeft could maybe toggle uppercase and lowercase maybe, unless we have a way for handling that already.
23:28:24[Franklin]morse is always lowercase
23:28:27the-kyleAh, I see.
23:28:27[Franklin]on ipod
23:28:33[Saint]Upper case Morse?
23:29:06[Franklin]no... it outputs lowercase characters
23:29:09[Franklin]in rockbox
23:29:28the-kyleShouldn't be an issue. I need to look at the patches I have kept running in my local build. I think the text I need to input is supposed to be case insensative.
23:29:59the-kyleIt's like aa ba ddcc or something simple like that.
23:30:07gevaertsIf you want to implement something caps-lock like, and you can find free buttons, go for it
23:30:15the-kyleAnd I think the characters are supposed to be all lowercase anyway.
23:30:54the-kyleIt may start out a bit funky, but it could work, and will probably improve.
23:32:52 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:40:03 Quit edhelas (Quit: Quitte)

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