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#rockbox log for 2014-10-25

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00:39:52[Franklin]foolsh: weird warnings in engine.c
00:40:05[Franklin]says sys_init is not declared, though sys.h is included
00:42:02[Franklin]nvm, it's the include guard
00:42:06[Franklin]collision of macros
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00:44:46foolshyou work at a blistering break neck pace kid :-)
00:44:57*foolsh fails to keep up lately
00:45:52[Franklin]welcome to open source :)
00:47:02*[Franklin] estimates 1 month to a compiling prototype :)
00:47:11[Franklin]no guarantees, though
00:48:35[Franklin]but then it'll take FOREVER to debug
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02:20:23[Franklin]foolsh: it seems audio format for mixer is 8-bit signed
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02:57:06*foolsh considers giving up on an SDL WinCE port, and leans toward the idea of native rockbox ports to the hardware
02:57:34*[Franklin] doubts that will be easy
02:57:40[Franklin]that's x86?
02:58:38foolshSo much documentation exists for old PPC, WinCE, and Windows Mobile devices
02:59:30foolshHave to scrape it all together from whats left over from and openembedded
02:59:58*[Franklin] works on converting SfxPlayer and Mixer classes
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03:01:07[Franklin]foolsh: it's too hard to leave out the sound stuff
03:01:20[Franklin]so I'm just going to try to make everything work at once
03:01:39[Franklin]It won't be easy, but it might happen
03:02:07foolshthe PCM data is a wav essentially
03:02:40[Franklin]the mutex stack makes heavy use of OO stuff
03:02:50[Franklin]it doesn't even instantiate an object
03:03:18[Franklin]it just calls the constructor, and lets the destructor be called when the implied MutexStack object goes out of scope
03:03:31[Franklin](I've devised a workaround though)
03:06:56[Franklin]but then there's another problem
03:07:06[Franklin]how do I alloc the memory for a mutex?
03:07:19[Franklin]tlsf time?
03:08:39[Franklin]or perhaps just have a "pool" of memory for mutexes in the System struct
03:10:36foolshmutex is in place to run on a faster target and keep the sound synced (SDL), so I think maybe just dump the mutex all together if you can, and just let the player playback sounds as fast as it can
03:10:59[Franklin]uhh... really?
03:11:49foolshmaybe something to think about
03:14:05[Franklin]pointer arithmetic time!
03:18:01[Franklin]gettin' late... gnite
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04:27:05seeegmaHey, so I don't know if this is the place to ask this, but there is a bug in resuming opus files (it resumes at the last seekpoint, not the point it was last playing from), and I've looked through the source files but I don't know where the problem file(s) would be−−can someone point me in the right direction? sorry if this isn't what IRC is for...
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17:02:09franklinfoolsh: got the error/warning line count down to 835!
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17:02:40[Franklin]mainly the issue is that some errors are caused by other errors, which in turn are caused by other errors...
17:02:48[Franklin]so fixing one error might also fix 10 more
17:03:02[Franklin]so that number shouldn't be so intimidating :)
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17:24:19pauldgrootanybody here who can help me with a keymap?
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17:40:51[Franklin]pauldgroot: for what?
17:40:54[Franklin]a plugin?
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17:41:16pauldgrootNo I want to remap the keys on my dx90
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17:41:41pauldgroot[Franklin]: No I want to remap the keys on my dx90
17:42:08*[Franklin] has no idea how
17:42:38pauldgrootToo bad, I know how but it isn't working so I must be doing something wrong
17:42:44pauldgrootAnyhow, gtg bye
17:42:49[Franklin]how are you doing it?
17:43:09pauldgrootGrabbing the sources and modifying the keymap file
17:43:27pauldgrootJust switching around some actions
17:43:36pauldgrootRebuilding and uploading it to my device
17:44:06pauldgrootCompiler gives no errors but the weird thing is that nothing changes on my device
17:44:33pauldgrootEven if I would change all buttons to volume up, everything acts as it did before
17:44:39pauldgrootI did that ofc
17:44:53[Franklin]is the checksum different?
17:46:03[Franklin]which source file did you change?
17:46:33pauldgrootthe dx90 uses the keymap from the dx50
17:46:38pauldgrootSo I used that one
17:46:45*[Franklin] has that up in emacs right now
17:47:21[Franklin]what'd you change?
17:47:39pauldgrootIm trying to open my virtual machine for you but it fails..
17:57:43pauldgrootah booting
17:59:08pauldgrootOk I'm editing apps/keymaps/keymap-dx50.c
17:59:52pauldgrootI swapped around action_kbd_down and kbd_up
18:00:10pauldgrootSo that down maps to button_vol_up
18:00:18pauldgrootand up maps to button_vol_down
18:00:34pauldgrootJust to try if it works
18:00:54pauldgrootI also tried to switch stuff around in button_mapping button_context_standard
18:01:03pauldgrootand button_mapping button_context_wps
18:01:11pauldgrootBut with the same results
18:01:28pauldgrootIt's like I'm editing the wrong file
18:01:35[Franklin]most likely
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18:10:50pauldgrootSoa ny more ideas?
18:11:16*[Franklin] thinks something's not being built
18:15:10pauldgrootSo how do I check this?
18:15:19pauldgrootI dont get any errors
18:15:39*[Franklin] suspects that its a different keymap
18:19:25pauldgrootHow can I check, I read that the dx90 uses the dx50's keymap
18:19:35pauldgrootAll keymaps are located in apps/keymaps right?
18:19:42pauldgrootthere is no specific one for the DX90
18:20:07[Franklin]then I'm wrong
18:22:49pauldgroot#define CONFIG_KEYPAD DX50_PAD is specified in /firmware/export/config/ibassodx90.h
18:26:53pauldgrootReally have to go now, pls let me know if you can help me.
18:28:05[Franklin]sorry, can't help much
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23:37:10foolsh[Franklin] miniz.c missing?
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