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#rockbox log for 2014-10-27

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02:08:20DeadClipZipAnyone here?
02:08:23DeadClipZipI need help.
02:08:37DeadClipZipWith my Sansa Clip Zip with Rockbox.
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02:10:41DeadClipZipAnyone here?
02:10:46DeadClipZipEl Psy Congroo
02:11:09DeadClipZipYou here
02:11:27*Mir whacks DeadClipZip
02:11:56DeadClipZipCan you help me fix my Dead CLip Zip?
02:12:00DeadClipZip100 percent serious.
02:12:02DeadClipZipIt died on me.
02:12:09DeadClipZipAnd I need it for tomorrow.
02:12:20DeadClipZipI left it to die for 4 days and nothing.
02:12:23DeadClipZipDoesn't turn back on.
02:12:35DeadClipZipTried reset button method nothing.
02:12:52Mirsounds like you bricked it somehow
02:13:00DeadClipZipMy computer doesn't recognize it.
02:13:12DeadClipZipUSB not recognized
02:13:28DeadClipZipI used MSC mode on it and it showed it had 4mb raw
02:13:38Mirwhat was the last thing you did before it broke
02:13:51DeadClipZipI was out running with it while it played music.
02:14:00DeadClipZipThan i switched the songs and it froze.
02:14:09DeadClipZipTurned it off via reset method like I've done before
02:14:18DeadClipZipAnd it never turned on since then.
02:14:27DeadClipZipI've been googling like crazy.
02:14:42DeadClipZipI wouldn't care normally but I have songs on there I've been collecting on it for a year.
02:14:57DeadClipZipDownloading everything again would be torture man. ;/
02:15:01DeadClipZipAnyway to unbrick it?
02:15:37Mirall i have is a clip a clip+ fuze fuze+ and some C/E 200's
02:15:44Miras wellas some non-sansa stuff
02:16:00Mirthe only people i know capable of knowing are in europe
02:16:12DeadClipZipClip+ and Clip Zip are basically the same
02:16:12Mirand sadly it is tomorrow morning in europe
02:16:25DeadClipZipDo you think they could help?
02:16:29Mirkinda and kinda not
02:16:33DeadClipZipMaybe you could give me their emails or something?
02:16:42DeadClipZipIt did this once before.
02:16:51DeadClipZipAnd I left it for a week or more I think.
02:17:05Mirwhat makes you think i know their email
02:17:10DeadClipZipThan I went back to it and it turned off but it was very low battery.
02:17:18DeadClipZipI[21:16] <Mir> the only people i know capable of knowing are in europe
02:17:25DeadClipZipI thought you meant on the internet lol.
02:17:33DeadClipZipIn real life then?
02:17:41*Mir points to the channel list that DeadClipZip just pinged (‡▼益▼)
02:18:10DeadClipZipIf they can't fix it, anyway to take out the music than?
02:18:20Mirthey would know
02:18:21DeadClipZipMaybe open it up and take the internal storage or something?
02:18:27Mirand who specificly i dont know
02:18:38Mirthis isnt something that will be fixed now
02:18:42Mirlike right now
02:18:52Mirso hold your horses and lurk and idle here
02:19:04Mirif your music is that impotiant you must have patience
02:19:12Mirthis is how the IRC works
02:19:22DeadClipZipI will check again in the morning. I will leave the computer on.
02:19:32DeadClipZipDid you ever fix a bricked sansa?
02:20:10DeadClipZipHow did you do it?
02:20:20DeadClipZipAnd does bricked = dead and unresponsive?
02:20:36Mirbricked == as useful as a brick
02:21:14Mirand my Fuze+ had a bad OFW flash
02:21:55Mirdont remember how i fixed it
02:21:58Mirbut i did
02:22:05Mirwith rockbox <3
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02:35:53DeadClipZipheavy breathing hello saint
02:37:07*[Saint_] feels he's missing something
02:41:54[Saint_]But, realistically, you just learned a very valuable lesson on removable storage.
02:42:19[Saint_]Never, ever, ever ever ever, rely on a digital audio player as a means of primary archival.
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02:48:58[Saint_]DeadClipZip: I feel I should point out that either way, your NOT getting your audio back.
02:49:10[Saint_]So, if that's the only reason for the crusade, give up.
02:50:37[Saint_]If you follow the restoration procedure linked above there's about an 80% possibility you'll make the situation even worse, probably damaging the hardware irreparably, a 20% chance of it actually succeeding, and a 0% chance on getting any data that was on there back.
02:54:37[Saint_]I realize that's not what you want to hear, but, them's the breaks sorry.
02:57:44dongsI got a dead clip+ but i suspect I wore flash memory out on it
02:57:59dongsdaily 3gb writes for year+
02:58:10dongsnot evne gonna bother trying to unbrick
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03:06:03DeadClipZipI'll just wait another week and see if the battery dies out and it resets itself.
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03:09:17*[Saint_] hates being the bearer of bad news
03:09:36[Saint_]...depending who it is.
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03:13:00Mir <[Saint_]> bad news Mir.... you are an incurable cancer.
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03:13:10Mirbest news evar
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08:43:16TribarrelI was looking for information on the status of the iPod Classic 6th Generation build-has there been any major progress? What about the architecture of the device prohibits dual-booting, while earlier iPods can do it fine?
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08:59:43TribarrelIs there a better time to ask?
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11:05:02dongsyou ask and get ignored
11:05:08dongsor submit patches.
11:06:34pixelmaTribarrel: best one to ask is TheSeven, currently away though
11:16:16 Join wodz [0] (
11:16:28wodzpamaury: did you try anything on e100?
11:16:48pamauryno I was interrupted unfortunately, I successfully disassemble it though
11:17:50wodzpamaury: When you have it in pieces could you get a photo? The one on IriverE100Internals is horrible
11:18:06pamauryyeah I took a few pictures, I will upload them
11:18:22pamauryby the way, the wiki is missing links between the relevant pages for the E100/E150
11:18:54wodzpamaury: I get in touch with s1mp3 developer and he expressed interest to look at BROM dump from atj213x.
11:18:57pamauryfor example from ATJ to E100 or E150, I'm not even sure I know all the pages
11:20:41wodzpamaury: yeah, I know. There are 4 relevant pages I think : IriverE150Info, IriverE100Internals, ATJ213xFirmware and IriverEseries
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12:08:32TheSevenTribarrel: there's no architectural issue with dualboot
12:09:11TheSevenjust that we had problems with the original firmware making some weird assumptions about hardware state when it takes over control, making it crash when booted through our code
12:09:16TheSeventhat has been solved in the meantime though
12:09:57TheSevennow it's just waiting for someone to wrap it all up and make it usable for end users
12:12:23wodzTheSeven: When you are around - have you found out whats wrong with recentish ata driver?
12:12:36wodzTheSeven: I mean on 6g
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12:12:51TheSevenwodz: the error number that was posted in the forums isn't conclusive
12:13:08TheSeventhat number implies ceata == !ceata ;)
12:13:22wodzTheSeven: We are not flooded with failure reports so I would suspect it has to do with particular hw revision or disk or something
12:15:31TheSevenyeah, but it still doesn't make sense
12:15:42TheSeventry following the code path yourself if you want to
12:15:46TheSevenI might be overlooking something
12:15:58wodzTheSeven: I guess you didn't find time to play with usb core also
12:16:14TheSevenyou can backtrace where the error occurred by looking at the PASS_RC macros
12:16:42TheSeventhose basically take a return code, shift it by a number of bits to the left, or some bits on the right, and set bit 31
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12:17:23TheSevenso the rightmost bits tell you which PASS_RC (or similar) statement of the outermost function contained the crash
12:17:46TheSeventhen look at that function, with the error number shifted to the right accordingly
12:18:26TheSeventhat error number is 0x8000006a
12:18:39TheSevenerror 6A decodes to 0-5-x => no CEATA, ata_set_feature(ata_bbt ? 0x82 : 0x02, 0) failing
12:18:39TheSevenhowever that further decodes to 0-5-2-1, and 0-5-2 only exists in the CEATA driver
12:18:50TheSevenso I'm kinda lost how that can happen
12:19:09TheSeventhe logical conclusion is that I'm decoding it wrong
12:20:45TheSevenand no, I didn't have time to look at the USB thing yet
12:21:00TheSevenbut I got my other classic back in the meantime
12:21:29TheSevenso let's have a try with that one
12:21:52TheSevenyour file was named "", and I downloaded it on september 26, does that make sense?
12:22:35wodzyou mean the build with official toolchain?
12:23:08TheSevenyeah, the build that you sent me for testing
12:23:14TheSevenwhich failed on my 160GB classic
12:23:27TheSeventrying it on the CF-modded classic (originally 80GB) now
12:23:47wodzThe date looks resonable. I can't remember if this build was with timeouts or not
12:24:12TheSevenI think [Saint] said that it just worked, even without timeouts, on his classic, right?
12:25:44TheSeventhat's build 30663c9-140922
12:25:53wodzTheSeven: I would take this with grain of salt. All Later tests failed for him even with macro evaluating to pure while() statement. I don't think it is possible as busyloops where the only change in driver.
12:26:30TheSevenoh, I wasn't aware that others could reproduce this at all
12:27:21wodzreproduce what? hard lock?
12:27:33TheSevenand yes, it hard freezes on my other ipod as well
12:28:28TheSevenso, tell me why my ethernet driver doesn't work, so that I get some time to actually look into this ;)
12:30:20TheSevenmost nasty kind of bug ever... I say "start DMA engine", and the hardware says "yes, I'll do", but never actually does it
12:30:50wodzclock gate problem?
12:31:27TheSevenit sure looks like one, but the registers react, and I've enabled every single clock gate that I could find on this chip
12:31:27wodzI saw dma engines with separate clk gate bits for register access and actual transfer
12:31:44TheSeveni.e. just smashed everything with 0xffffffff
12:32:14TheSevento make mattery worse, I have a driver that works on the very same device
12:32:31TheSevenand I fail to spot any important difference
12:32:42TheSeventhe failing one is basically the working one translated to C++
12:32:58wodzthats very frustrating
12:32:59TheSevensetting the same bits in the same regs in the same order
12:33:22TheSevenso it really looks like the cause is outside of that driver... but where!?
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17:29:45TribarrelThank you for the explanation, TheSeven.
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17:36:06TribarrelAlso, thanks for the help pixelma.
17:40:21deadBorgany idea about this problem?,33951.msg230108.html#msg230108
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17:44:55TribarrelI too am here asking questions, so you'll need to wait for an answer. You may be waiting a while-three hours, in my case.
17:45:24TribarrelIn the meantime, if you haven't yet, read this.
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19:52:00eternally_onQuick question for anyone active at the moment, has the USB Keypad Mode/ USB HID been removed from Rockbox on the 80GB iPod Classic? Been Googling for like half an hour on this topic and haven't found anything helpful.
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21:21:41deadBorgwhy wouldn't creative zen x-fi 3 turn on?
21:21:49deadBorgit doesn't get charged
21:22:04deadBorgnon of the buttons seem to work
21:22:26deadBorgwon't turn on so no recovery mode!
21:22:47deadBorgthis happened after i left it on and it used all its battery!
21:22:56 Join lonenode [0] (
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21:24:17deadBorgprobably shouldn't have disabled "auto shutdown after x hours no button press"
21:24:53deadBorghad it on for months but thought it was annoying and disabled it a few weeks ago and now i'm left with probably a dead battery
21:26:04deadBorgwhy would a battery get so emptied that it won't recharge again?
21:26:23deadBorgthe device is just like 10 months old
21:26:35 Quit lonenode (Client Quit)
21:26:54 Join stickyb1t [0] (
21:27:28deadBorgbeen using rockbox on it for the past 9 months but had it auto shutdown after like 30 minutes of no button-press so almost never had faced a drained battery
21:27:42deadBorgjust a few times
21:28:50foolshdeadBorg: I can't say for certain about the zen x-fi, I've never had one, but if I run my fuze+ al the way down, I have to find a usb charger that plugs in the wall to get it back, my PC won't do it
21:29:03foolshall the way*
21:31:25deadBorgi have a charger that uses direct ac from wall
21:31:34deadBorgcreative universal adapter
21:31:45deadBorgbeen using it for many years for many products!
21:32:00deadBorgneither this nor the pc would recharge the device
21:32:15deadBorgconnecting it to the pc is like nothing happened, no change in device manager
21:32:28deadBorgnot even a 'usb device something'!
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22:56:52pamaurydeadBorg: still there ?
23:01:21 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:02:47pamaurydeadBorg: you must definitely be able to enter recovery mode, it can be entered without any battery, but make sure you do it right: plug the player, hold power and press the reset button at the same time while holding power. This should be 100% reliable.
23:03:39pamauryyou may have to hold power for one or two seconds just to be sure
23:13:58 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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23:15:13 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (
23:15:24[Franklin]foolsh: what could possibly cause rb->open to fail?
23:15:32[Franklin](a file doesn't exist
23:15:36[Franklin](b can't read file
23:16:34[Franklin]none of which apply
23:17:40TribarrelTheSeven, you here?
23:20:09TribarrelWhat's needed to wrap up the installer for the iPod Classic 6th Gen? It will now, theoretically, dual-boot yes?
23:20:24[Franklin]it can dual-boot?
23:20:28TheSevenTribarrel: the plan is to get completely rid of emcore
23:20:51TheSevenwhich means basically cherrypicking all the required pieces from it into a rockbox bootloader
23:21:05TheSevenwith dualboot support, and with an easier and automated installation method
23:21:22TheSeven[Franklin]: yes, dualboot has been fixed a few months ago, just not implemented in the boot menu yet
23:21:25TribarrelThat sounds great. Just need to wait for someone to be interested enough?
23:21:45*Tribarrel is looking at Rockbox because his base firmware will only load 3gigs of music.
23:21:58TheSevenkinda... and I sadly don't have the time right now to do this (and I doubt that will get better before next year)
23:22:04[Franklin]what was wrong with dual-boot? (if anything)
23:22:16[Franklin]or just that no one felt like making it work?
23:22:17TribarrelCouldn't be done, as I understand; emCORE just replaced it entirely
23:22:23TheSeven[Franklin]: some hardware state assumptions by the OF that are kinda silly
23:22:26Tribarrelthey figured it out but don't have it finalized
23:22:37[Franklin]not really
23:22:49[Franklin]apple thinks that they're the only one
23:22:57[Franklin]which was correct
23:23:02TribarrelTheSeven, what languages are needed to finalize things, and how many hours would it take?
23:23:10TheSevenmostly C
23:23:20*[Franklin] might try
23:23:29TheSevenand how long it takes depends on a lot of factors, most importantly how well one knows this hardware and code base
23:23:39TribarrelThere's the rub, then.
23:24:21TheSevenanyway, there's a lot of side tasks that people could try to get out of the way to allow me to focus on the real thing once I have time ;)
23:24:22TribarrelI'd try to learn it, but uh, any of my attempts to learn anything are tedious and sisyphean due to anxiety and self doubt
23:24:29[Franklin]but some assembler, right?
23:24:38Tribarrelto clarify: with six months and a very patient teacher I failed to make it beyond basic commands in Lua
23:24:53*[Franklin] is probably not up to the task
23:25:02[Franklin]I can't even figure out why open() is failing...
23:25:08TheSeven[Franklin]: I can take care of the lowlevel stuff, that's not the problem
23:25:19TheSeveni.e. flashing, early HW init, DFU boot, ...
23:25:22[Franklin]what is, then?
23:25:47TheSevenbut there are highlevel tasks like implementing the rockbox bootloader (UI, button handling, decision what to boot, etc.)
23:25:58[Franklin]can't be that hard, right?
23:26:18TheSevenor getting various bugs fixed that are blocking it
23:26:34[Franklin]like what?
23:26:37TheSeven is a good summary what could be done
23:26:55TheSevenwhat's most important at this time is getting this designware driver fixed
23:27:13TheSevenor rather wodz's port of it
23:27:23[Franklin]nah... too low-level for my liking :)
23:29:02TribarrelI think I'm misunderstanding-is the 3G iPod Classic what Wikipedia refers to as the 6th Gen?
23:29:24[Franklin]1G to 3G are all "6G"s
23:29:29[Franklin]it's confusing
23:29:40[Franklin]Classic 1G=6G
23:29:45[Franklin]classic 2G=6.5G
23:29:48[Franklin]classic 3G=7G
23:30:01[Franklin]6.5G has 120GB
23:30:05TribarrelThat's mine, then.
23:30:44TheSevenand back before the classic 3g existed, the 2g classic was called 7g :P
23:30:48[Franklin]TheSeven: there aren't that many hardware differences between the three, no?
23:30:57TheSevenmostly different hard drives
23:31:07TribarrelI let it sit for six months in a window and when I put a charge back on it it would refuse to load more than 3 gigs of music, refuse to load various songs at random, and occasionally hard crash from trying to play certain songs.
23:31:08TheSevenand they introduced that headphone remote thing on the classic 3g I think
23:31:28[Franklin]so that's it?
23:31:30TheSeventhey also used a display from another manufacturer, but with the same specs
23:31:33TribarrelSooo I need Rockbox to make it anything more than an expensive paperweight.
23:31:48[Franklin]Tribarrel: it's good at that
23:31:53[Franklin]6G at least
23:31:58[Franklin]very dense
23:32:03TribarrelAlso the capacity is listed at 111.something.
23:32:16[Franklin]yeah, the old GiB vs GB thing
23:32:17TheSevenTribarrel: sounds like a broken HDD. happens very often on old ipods :/
23:32:31TribarrelOh, and even if I DID activate AppleCare, it would have expired in 2012! :D
23:32:45TribarrelShit like this is why I hate Apple, but it was a high school graduation present.
23:33:42TribarrelSo I'm hoping that when Rockbox gets ported to the iPod 6G it'll be more usable.
23:34:33TribarrelIf that fails, I'll sell it to a pawn shop and use the money to get...something else. Maybe a Sandisk Sansa.
23:34:53TribarrelI mean, it still KINDA works!
23:34:55[Franklin]Tribarrel: rockbox is 99.99% usable on the classic
23:34:59 Nick soap_ is now known as soap (~soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
23:35:07[Franklin]DOOM needs a patch, and metronome doesn't work
23:35:09[Franklin]but that's it
23:35:43[Franklin]after you install, that is
23:36:35TribarrelWellll...I happen to really like Klondike Solitaire. <:D
23:41:00foolsh[Franklin] I'm pulling down your changes, sorry for dropping out yesterday an urgent matter came up suddenly
23:48:26foolsh[Franklin] Nice! it made it to the copy protection screen, congratulations
23:50:32*foolsh sets off the compile gdb
23:57:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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