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#rockbox log for 2014-10-31

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09:57:59pamauryTheSeven: here ?
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10:03:21wodzpamaury: Is hwstub on rknano working?
10:04:25pamaurywodz: no, it enumerates but on the first transaction, it fails to send back the data, that's very weird: I correctly receive the SETUP packet, but then in usb_drv_send, it the length is nonzero, the packet is never sent, whereas it is sent if it's of length zero (I checked with the USB analyser)
10:04:51pamauryI have *no* idea what's wrong, the code matches perfectly the dissasembly of some rknano stub I have so I don't know what's wrong
10:05:10pamauryif you want to have a look at the code, please do !
10:05:25pamaurymaybe some register #define is wrong or I'm missing something but what ?
10:06:44wodzpamaury: Regarding atj hwstub - you could tweak linker script and load it as first image. The reason there are two stages is that first image is supposed to init dram controller but nothing prevents you from using just iram.
10:08:50pamauryI have a problem with hwstub on atj: the old toolchain fails to build it (some linker problems iirc) and the new toolchain fails to build on my machine (some problem with the documentation), I need to spend some time trying to fix this
10:10:39wodzyes, mips toolchain is way outdated. I build new version on a few machines without a problem however, so this is a bit strange
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11:28:42dongsstub more like stab
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12:36:48wodzpamaury: I am looking at rknano hwstub - why usb_drv_recv() always retuns -1?
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12:55:54pamaurywodz: it doesn't matter, the code never reaches that part
12:56:42pamauryit gets stuck at GET_DESCRIPTOR(device), where the usb_drv_send() of the desc never have any effect
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13:29:27pamaurywodz: by the way, usb_drv_recv works for ZLP,I haven't tried with non-zero length
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14:10:52wodzah, so it doesn't finish whole enumeration process, I misunderstood you before.
14:11:53pamauryah sorry, I used "enumeration" in the sense of USB: when the host detect device plugin and speed, but has not sent any request yet
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14:34:56wodzpamaury: This on top of g#982 makes it possible to build atj hwstub with official rb mips toolchain.
14:35:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #982 at : hwstub: atj213x support WIP by Marcin Bukat
14:35:23pamaurycool, i'll try tonight or tomorrow
14:48:36wodzpamaury: You can try to link it @ 0xb4040000 and upload as first image
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15:51:38[Franklin]foolsh_: there has got to be a virtual code wheel for this game somewhere
15:51:51[Franklin]as in software, not just pictures
15:53:41*foolsh nods "15 * 20 is a shit metric ton of combinations"
15:54:13*gevaerts reminds people that rockbox' goal isn't to help people circumvent copy protection
15:55:07[Franklin]foolsh_: you're becoming [Saint]!
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15:56:22[Franklin]aw cmon
15:56:40foolshgevaerts is right we'll just leave it as an exercise for those who what it
15:56:52foolsh*two workstations*
15:57:47[Franklin]foolsh: the game is largely functional now
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15:59:12*foolsh admits a large part of his day went to trying to get it compiled for actual target hardware
15:59:34foolshI rotated it for the fuze+
15:59:38*[Franklin] hasn't tested for real hardware yet :)
15:59:43[Franklin]does it run nicely?
15:59:50foolshfails to compile
16:00:03foolshassert.h gives me tons of trouble
16:04:45*[Franklin] has a crazy idea: antialiasing!
16:06:29[Franklin]it'd be crawling slow, but it'd be cool to have as an option
16:06:38foolshon these screen sizes? that is crazy, no the first time [Franklin] has had one of those
16:07:34pamaurywodz (logs): I think I've figured out the format of the RKNano firmware
16:07:59[Franklin]foolsh: why not
16:08:04[Franklin]here goes...
16:08:47foolsh[Franklin] I see now it's scaled up from the original size to teh screen, but if the framebuffer was scaled to the screen, now then you wouldn't need it
16:10:57pamaurywodz (logs): g#1028 if it's indeed what it looks like, it means the actual amount of memory is indeed small
16:10:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #1028 at : rknanotools: fix rknano stages processing by Amaury Pouly
16:15:50pamauryas crazy as it sounds, I think it does some sort of swapping with a mpu only
16:18:25foolsh[Franklin] I purged PLA from xworld and defined more keymaps, and rotated the view for fuxe+ targets, and now I'm off to bed \o
16:18:37[Franklin]aww... gnite
16:26:11[Franklin]foolsh: anyway, 16x antialiasing is working!
16:26:24[Franklin]as I said, crawling slow, but who cares?
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17:13:30jlnHi. just got question - is CreativeZEN port anyway usable at this time? or it is no sense to trying it yet?
17:15:49pamauryjln: it is stable for most people
17:16:34pamauryit seems some people have issues with the screen being garbage but it's quite rare nowadays
17:16:55pamauryhowever the biggest issue is that installing rockbox will wipe out all the data on the internal flash
17:21:01jlnit no problem for me (internal flash) as it was never much usable when trying use it from linux (mtp and whole play around this)
17:21:27jlnthans for answer. :)
17:23:21jlnthanks* the original software on these creative is so non-functional, that i even not belive that it is for real. especialy when the hardvare is pretty fine, and hard to broke even batery is fine after many years now.
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17:26:21pamaurywodz (logs): I successfully built the mips toolchain, see my comment
17:26:25pamauryon the gerrit task
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17:29:56wodzpamaury: nice finds. What I don't get is how .data section works on rknano then? It gets swapped to nand?
17:30:23pamaurywodz: I'm not sure how the OF handles that but my guess is that yes
17:31:22wodzThat would kill flash fast, no?
17:31:40pamauryyeah I guess
17:31:54pamauryI imagine alternative schemes though
17:32:17pamauryfor example, the "data" would be read-only data and the actual r/w data is lost on each swap
17:32:33wodzThere needs to be resident part which handles virtualization of memory
17:32:33pamauryand part of the DRAM is dedicated to "persistent" r/w data
17:33:31pamauryyeah, a quicky glance at some code for the teclast X30, assuming this schemes shows that ~80KB of IRAM and ~80KB of RAM is used by this swapping, the rest would be (I guess) resident
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17:35:49pamaurybut I would really need to disassemble the OF to be sure
17:39:23wodzIts out of my mind how something like this is still done considering prices of dram
17:40:50pamauryyeah I agree
17:43:36pamauryand clearly I'm not so sure I want to implement something like this for rockbox ;)
17:53:37wodzpamaury: From which version exactly you tried ADEC_N63.BIN ?
17:54:06pamauryI don't know which version it is, I just found it on the internet
17:54:12pamaurydoes the atj tool print the version ?
17:55:02wodzwhich? the windows tool?
17:55:29pamauryno, our tool
17:55:44wodzour doesn't print any version info
17:58:12pamauryjust checked, yes it does for AFI files
17:58:26pamaurystrangely, on mine it prints 0.0
17:58:44pamauryfor E100 version 10.40 and 10.50 it prints the correct value and don't have ADEC_N63 file
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18:01:41wodzOn Iriver support page there is info that if OF is older then 10.50 you first need to manually update it to 10.50 and the you can update to whatever newer version you like
18:02:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 791be56, 255 builds, 26 clients.
18:04:58pamaurywhat about the ADFUS.BIN file ?
18:06:56wodzThis is 2nd stage used during recovery. It contains 'full' version of adfu server which knows how to flash nand bootloader to the device. Well, at least that is what I observed on e150
18:08:10pamauryit's puzzling the E100 contains this file but not the other
18:09:00wodzIt may be that 1st stage image is contained in iriver's update program or something
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18:10:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 467 seconds.
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20:34:36wodzpamaury: I compared ADEC_63.BIN (which is uncrypted version of ADEC_N63.BIN) from e100 and e150 firmwares I have and this two are basically the same.
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20:38:37pamaurywodz (logs): ok, so maybe I did something wrong, I'll retry it asap
21:02:16jln[CreativeZEN] one more question, is "sendfirm.c:(.text+0x22a): undefined reference to `LIBMTP_Init'" something known on ubuntu if i've got libmtp and even gcc -Wall -lmtp -o sendfirm sendfirm.o return same undefineds (library is found in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
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21:23:45jlngcc -o sendfirm sendfirm.o /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libmt ok, go this way. [???] but works.
21:24:09jlngcc -o sendfirm sendfirm.o /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ this way*
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22:11:28jln[creativeZEN] works! thanks guys for this. it is pretty job you done, the rockbox.
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23:05:54[Franklin]foolsh: a ScummVM port might be feasible now
23:06:19*[Franklin] takes a glance at the source
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23:26:59[Franklin]foolsh: does the game really need a starting menu?
23:27:10[Franklin]or just a cool title animation?
23:27:37[Franklin]Anything that needs configuring can be done from the pause menu
23:27:50[Franklin](there will be one)
23:28:19[Franklin]so for now, I'm just going to add a cool title animation...
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